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Win It Wednesday: Unhappy Meal

Written by PETA | February 18, 2009

It’s the second-ever Win It Wednesday here at the PETA Files, and we have a fun one for you this week. To celebrate the launch of, we’re giving away “Unhappy Meals” to 10 lucky commenters. An Unhappy Meal is a lot like a McDonald’s Happy Meal—it comes with toys, anyway—but our version also contains a super-sized order of reality at no extra charge. It includes a bloody chick who’s so drugged up that he can’t stand on his own feet as well as a cow whose throat was cut while she was still conscious—all inside a carton printed with the facts about McDonald’s cruelty.


Unhappy Meal


How do you win? Just leave us a comment letting us know what you’d say to Ronald McDonald if you could. I know you’d all like to give him a piece of your mind, but try to keep it PG-13 so that your comment will be approved. The 10 cleverest commenters will receive one of these limited-edition Unhappy Meals.

The contest ends on March 4, 2009, and we’ll choose 10 winners on March 5, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Denise White says:

    I am a college student w 5 kids my research has led me to what’s in a chicken McNugget Happy Mealw fries and a Hic drink? I’m angry! 40 ingredients in just the nuggets! TBHQ! brominated vegetable oil! yellow6! THE CRAPPY MEAL! I will spread the word!How DARE YOU!

  • Melissa says:

    I would ask him straight up what made him decide to brutally murder millions of innocent little chicks and cows all for a meal. Then I would tell him how he can sleep at night being personally responsible for all the pain he’s caused so many sweet young animals and or how he feels that his restaurant is also basically marketing obesity to young children

  • Khamaya Seymore says:

    i basically get to the point and tell him that his happy meals aren’t really happy. he’s being a liar. to make those so called happy meals bad things had to happen. both cows and chicken weren’t happy in the process of the making on the happy meal. then i would encourage him to be vegetarian. The End.

  • Steve O says:

    I like the central message it is important to respect what the poor animals are going through. Does any one know if we can purchase an unhappy meal I like the toy and the box.

  • Kristiana says:

    I’ve never liked any fast food places. I hate the fact that not only to animals have to die for the cheapness of it but they have to be consious when that happens. Its like going to prision for the death penalty and not doing anything wrong but being themselves. Really this country is pathetic

  • dan wolf says:

    I don’t belive children should be given those meals. It is awful for kids to see those meals. I love animals. Those meals are just pushing it a little too far. I hope you post opposing view points. That will show you are fair and that we are in america. Please find other ways to get your point across. Thank you.

  • Maria says:

    I would tell Ronald that it is companies like his that are making the world more and more cruel very day day after day very slowly until finally the world ends up killing each other because we are so cruel

  • Diego says:

    wow thats great.

  • Tango Cow says:

    Just a reminder Ronald McDonald is not a real person. You all are talking about him like he’s real.

  • Sabrina Herrington says:

    I would ask Ronald…how he has stayed skinny all these years from eating that awful food? And why aren’t the kids on his commericials ever chubby? I mean really.

  • Ryan says:

    This is going slightly too far.

  • Vege says:

    WOW there are a lot of people here with amazing coments about how animals should be treatednicely but when you look at these coments you also see a large amount of people who are only typing what they think and not really helping AT ALL yes mabye someone will see these comments and change but will they do something to stop cute little cows and chickens being killed. All I’m saying is someone on this page should really DO somthing!!!!!

  • Holly Combs says:

    I think the Ronald McDonald is a SOCIOPATH!!! He obviously has no conscious. He brainwashes innocent children into eating socalled “food” that is the equivalant of poison. The “food” at McDonald’s is produced by treating animals in a way that’s so evil and cruel it denys that they are even living beings. And the “food” at McDonald’s causes obesity heart disease it’s poison to one’s health and soul and it tastes like poop!! Obviously anyone who disregards the lives and health of both humans and animals to make a profit has a serious mental disorder!!!

  • someguy says:

    I would say ” Hey everyone this isnt ronald its peniwise and he owns a resturant!”

  • Cor says:

    I would slip the following fake newspaper that I made under Ronald’s door On the front page Studies show clowns and cruelty don’t mix Researchers have recently come out with a study showing that clowns who are cruel to animals have an increased risk of being a pathetic low life. Supporting barbaric methods to kill chickens was particularly noted as being the single greatest risk factor in combination with one being a clown. “Despite their happy demeanor clowns who engage in cruel acts to animals are generally pathetic low lifes” said Chick McGee the head researcher of the study. The future is not entirely grim for those with the associated risk factors. When asked the best way to prevent from becoming a low life McGee responded “If you’re a clown in the restaurant business the best way is to adopt more humane ways of killing animals. Controlled atmosphere killing seems to be a more humane alternative to the cruel practices used by some clowns.”

  • lynda downie says:

    lol Kniphe

  • Kniphe says:

    Dear Ronald it’s 2009 why do you still rock a perm? Kniphe

  • Jennifer Short says:

    Tofu would probably be healthier than the stuff in a nugget!

  • Gina says:

    Ronald Your just like the clowns in our daily life U can smile all you want with ur custom on but is just that A CUSTOM! let Us see the True!! NO MORE LIES TO OUR KIDS! PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT TO LIFE!

  • Lori says:

    To Ronald McDonald can you look yourself in the eye each day?

  • BEAN says:

    Thanks for the compliment on my writing Mike Q. That was nice of you! As for Chris…It sounds like you are not a vegetarian? Are you? Sounds like you have been force fed this idea? It is your choice. Remember that people on this site are the one who truely love animals. Throwing fake blood and doing live demonstration is “RATIONAL”. An “Irrational” move would be to go “POSTAL” at one of these slaughterhouses or the PERDUE Headquarters. Like you said it falls on deaf ears. I wonder why. Because these people who we would like to get to listen to us are “MEATHEADS”. Hello. They need a visual demonstration because they believe the lies that they were told from childhood. That meat is needed for the health of a person. That was a propaganda created in the early 1900’s by the Surgeon General. It created a mass panic in people. Do your research. We have come a long way since we have become educated on our own. Leave the gov out of it. Their hands are bloody too!There are the people in congress that want you to support the milk egg and meat companies so they can continue to receive their monetary handouts to perpetuate the industry. PETA educated me as a child about the issues that animals face everyday! I seem them as the ones that told me the truth as far as I am concerned. My parents lied to me and so did every person that thought it was okay for me to eat high fat cholesterol laden artery blocking churned up sick animals. I will forever be thank full to PETA and all that they have done over the years for animals. I think they should all give themselves more than a pat on the back. Why is it that whenever anyone stands up for those without a voice they are immediately shunned in society? PETA has literally changed some of us forever. I only hope that they could change more of us.

  • Saucy says:

    I would ask him to remove the mask and reveal the HORNS. The devil likes to keep himself well hidden you know. Like the pigs birds and cows abused far away from the viewing public whose dead and dismembered carcasses are the centerpiece of the Devils Table. The Devil also known as the FATHER OF LIES likes to decieve children and tell them hamburgers are grown in a garden. Liar Liar is that your pants on fire? Devine Providence Broken Decietfull Deadly Lies to Children. Finally I would ask….. WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?

  • Jammie says:

    How can you kill the poor chickens Ronald. Go veggie.

  • Kristina says:

    To Ronald McDonald Please stop churning animals into food. Instead sell veggie burgers fruit smoothies icetea and sweet potato fries. Everyone will thank you for it. Sincerely Concerned Vegetarian

  • Rose says:

    slits his throat How do you like it? haha just kidding as inhumane as he is i wouldn’t be able to do something like that anyways i would say “Besides from destroying our rainforests so you can have cheap farm land your treatment of your cattle is highly unethical and cruel. Your slaughter methods are so medieval and inhumane and produce meat go into products which consist of about 2 meat cos its packed full of a load of other cp that people don’t need in their diets. How would you feel being taken from your family and being hung upside down by your legs whilst we’re on the subject of legs your pants are hideous and having your throat slit thrashing about bleeding writhing in pain screaming oh yea they scream too. How would you feel being packed into tiny confined spaces which are probably no bigger than your puffy clown shirt with others? Suffocating from the weight of others on top of you smelling the rotting flesh of others dying about you? Being unable to walk because you can’t support your own steroid enduced weight having your beak cut off so you can’t preen yourself? How would you feel being one of them?” That’d wipe the smile off his face don’t you think?

  • Farren Rapp says:

    Ronald McDonalds you and your whole franchise are nothing but scummy dirty liars. Clowns wear paint to hide and that’s just what you do. Coward from the truth that you are cruel plain murderers. You rip beautiful animals from a serene environment turning it into pire terror. Watch out because if you see me I’ll have a pair of shackles and a knife waiting just for you.

  • michael woods says:

    I would tell him kudos on the houses for those sick children but what about all those that he’s making that way through poor nutrition and obesity?

  • Cil says:

    There is a reason your job is to pretend to be a clown! Its that McCyD’s needs a coverup! Clowns are supposed to be funny! You sir are not a funny guy! You spend your days making children think that it is okay to eat the animalsThat they don’t feel a thing and that they want to give their lives for our lunches. I am a child and you are one of the reasons I will never eat at McDonalds! How can you sit there smiling about how they cut up cows to stick them on bread and eat?!!? This is 2009 Ronnald! We have the technology to be able to be vegetarians and vegans and be perfectly healthy! Healthieractually than the Standard American Diet! Heylook at that SAD!!