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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Shibue Couture Stylist Kit

Written by PETA | March 23, 2011

Ever wonder how the stars look so perfect on the red carpet? OK, good genes and personal trainers play a part, but so do the right foundation garments. One of the companies that stars’ stylists love is Shibue Couturewhich has donated its go-anywhere-and-stay-in-place miracle underwear for PETA to use in our nearly naked campaigns. (Taraji P. Henson wore them in her PETA anti-fur ad.)

Now, Shibue wants to give 10 PETA supporters their own stylist-in-a-box with the Shibue Stylist Kit. Whether you’re prepping for the prom, a demonstration, or another day in a taffeta bridesmaid dress, Shibue will have you covered.


To enter, just tell us what animal-unfriendly activity you would rather go naked than do, and the 10 people with the most moving, animal-friendly answers will win a wardrobe-malfunction prevention kit.

The contest ends April 6, 2011, and the winner will be chosen on April 8, 2011. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • citra fernandes says:

    Where do I could buy those things?

  • Ashley says:

    I’d rather go naked than have anything to do with animals being killed and skinned for hides. It’s disgusting and seeing what a pile of animal skins looks like is enough to make me vomit. Learning about what’s done to the animals exported, and to the poor sheep in Australia shows the lowest type of people, and it is something I’d rather go naked for the rest of my life than have any part in. No thank you!

  • Heather says:

    I’d rather go naked than boil a lobster alive just for one night of so-called “gourmet” eating. I’d rather go naked than subject rats and mice and other innocent animals to unnecessary testing when there are better alternatives (It’s 2011, people)!

  • Quagmire of Fun says:

    I’d rather go naked in Alaska than kill unsuspecting animals for no reason and stuff their dead bodies in a dumpster a la Peabrains Euthanizing Treatable Animals (who says the “I’d rather go naked” argument can’t be used against peta!).

  • Signe L. says:

    I’d rather go naked than: *Eat meat again *Wear fur & skins *Dissect (God,I’d NEVER do that! I mean – how can U cut open an animal?? ) *Work on labs & Do tests on animals *Wach or support bull’s run or rodeo *Leave my garbage at forests, road sides, streets, etc. ( I dont wanna hurt the planet…) *Use animals for my joy (Ew, that’s not joy…That’s sickness’s feeling when I think of circus or something like that) ETC. I mean, I would rather go naked than hurt, eat, kill, humiliate animals & nature.

  • Ana Rosario says:

    I would walk naked than be brainwashed by the AQHA to support horseslaughter using abandoned horses as a pretext to Bring back this deadly industry inside the U.S. When they have contributed to horse over population & continue to do so for their lucrative horse trade slaughter outside the U.S. It makes me sick!! Now people everywhere are thinking like they want them to!!

  • Vanessa says:

    I would much rather go naked through Central Park in New York, then go on a horse and buggy ride…It’s just horribal how they are treated for our amusment, people don’t understand what we do to them or what they are supporting.

  • Nicole says:

    I would rather walk naked in the snow than watch a person euthanize an animal because it wasn’t a perfect specimen of its breed. It happens at many animal hospitals and at breeders’ homes quite often.

  • Aneliese says:

    I would rather go naked than go to the zoo.

  • Jinx says:

    I have a 15 month old son and I will NEVER take him to a circus. I will raise my son to understand animals are NOT for our entertainment. I would much rather be naked in front of a whole town then subject my son to witnessing animal cruelty. I am teaching him that animals aren’t for food, fashion, or fun.

  • Amy says:

    I would rather go naked than be a part of ANY industry that exploits and abuses animals of all kinds for financial gain.

  • Mary says:

    I am brand new to the vegetarian world. I would rather go naked than to ever support eating, wearing, or buying dead animals ever again.

  • Briana says:

    I would rather go naked than attend any event where an animal is being mistreated. Calling places like the circus, sea world, rodeos, horse races, zoos, etc entertainment, hurts my hurt. Animals deserve better. I want to be the voice for those who cannot speak. I would rather go naked than go to any form of animal “entertainment.”

  • kathy says:

    I’d rather go naked than attend a swim-with-dolphins program, or captive-dolphin or whale show.

  • Kerry says:

    I’d rather go naked than have animals killed for fur.

  • Michelle says:

    I’d rather go naked and walk through my city’s main tourist area than ever see my government allow another baby seal be killed for the selfishness of fashion.

  • farhiya92 says:

    I would rather go naked than taking part or even watch bull-fighting. It disgusts me to my core that some people can even THINK about being a part of such an inhumane act. A lot of things about the way animals are treated always upset me, but this always makes me cry – the idea that they would anger a bull and then KILL it purely for entertainment purposes!?! This is a life that’s being taken away. I really wish some people could think about that before they do some of the things they do!

  • Adriana says:

    I would rather go naked than wear animal fur …only the thought of it touching my skin gives me chills …

  • veganita says:

    I’d rather go naked than eat anything that supports an industry that brutally tortures animals for selfish, fleeting, human gain.

  • Mary-Kate says:

    I’d rather go naked than contribute to the suffering of animals via the foods I consume, the products I buy, and the companies/organizations I support.

  • Daiva says:

    i would go naged if i would need to take skin from the life animal.

  • Becka says:

    I would rather go naked than buy a dog from a breeder or a pet store. ADOPT!!!

  • Irianna says:

    I would rather go naked than sit by and let the hunting dog trainers poison foxes because they constitute barriers to the training! Actually, I would rather go naked than allow hunting training or hunting in general!

  • Stephanie says:

    I’d rather go naked than ever eat meat ever again.

  • Rachele says:

    I would rather go naked than tether my dogs to anything. Pets = companion animals = nonhuman family members. They should be treated as such. I live in the City of Boston and it absolutely drives me insane when I see dogs tied up outside of Starbucks (or anywhere for that matter). My dogs are rescues, but I often wonder if they actually saved me 🙂 10 years later, they are my best friends, by children, my family. I wouldn’t tie my sister to a poll, why would I tie my dog to one?

  • JesseBlevins says:

    I’d rather go naked than buy a pet from a breeder or puppy farm. Shelter animals are the way to go <3

  • Jessica says:

    I would rather go naked then participate in any sort of animal fighting activity, such as dog fighting or cock fighting.

  • jesssayde says:

    I would rather go NAKED then be a part of the intentional cruelty done to Chickens. They are the most abused animal on the planet and deserve the same respect/love as dogs & cats. How would you like your “beak” and head chopped off? Or Would you like your dog slammed into crates? tortured? I didn’t think so Try lentils and beans if you really want Protein. Don’t eat chicken or any other meat that supports animal cruelty. I personally would rather go NAKED 🙂

  • Elissa Pappalardo says:

    I would rather go naked than to watch shelters or the humane society humanely kill feral cats just because they are wild and cannot be adopted. I think it is a terrible excuse and reason to kill them. There should be another alternative rather than putting them to sleep. Obviously it is not the cats fault that they did not have owners within their lifetime- they were simply just born into that situation. Would orphanages kill children because no one wanted them and they are misbehaved? People compare animals to humans all the time. It just doesn’t make sense that shelters and hospitals will ‘rescue’ these feral and wild cats and instantly but them to sleep based on their temperment around humans. I’m pretty sure if they’re healthy enough when you quote on quote ‘rescue them’ you should just leave them be and let them live your life. I have watched so many ‘animal rescue shows’ on the Animal Planet where the humane society will find feral cats and bring them back to ther shelter basically just to kill them. Why can’t we just leave them be? If you’re going to do anything with them why don’t you spay and nueter them and set them free? Its unfortunate that people don’t see the cruelty in humanely euthenizing and animal because of the way they are. I would rather go naked for the rest of my life than see that happening everyday- on public TV. I beg of some organization to pass a law inquiring that these wild cats will not be put to sleep. Its a shame that it is even an option in the first place.

  • alex_xyx says:

    I’d rather go naked than ever go to the rodeo!

  • Lilith says:

    I would rather go naked than wear fur or eat meat!!

  • Stephanie Schill says:

    I would rather go naked than go hunting!! It’s for losers!

  • Christy says:

    I would rather go naked than passively sit by and witness an animal being abused or neglected by a neighbor.