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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Save the Seals’ T-Shirt and Water Bottle

Written by PETA | March 3, 2010

With the seal slaughter just a few weeks away, PETA has brought in our buxom bombshell, launched our pietition, and delivered a sweet message to the masses. Now we’d like to celebrate what you have done to try saving thousands of baby seals. That’s why we’re giving away our “Save the Seals” T-shirt and water bottle to three lucky winners:


Save the Seals


Ready to sport this compassionate gear? After you’ve signed our Facebook petition, tell us how you’ve stepped up to raise awareness of the plight of seals. The three readers with the seal-saving achievements that rouse us the most will each get a T-shirt and a water bottle.

Enter by posting your one-of-a-kind stories of kindness in the comments section. The contest ends on March 17, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on March 19, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Jessica says:

    Yon said story of act of kindness now I am not trying to take away from the issue at hand I have signed petitions and I love seals but my act of kindness was savind a very cool puppy that we have named Milky Way she was about to be run over this happend last week and she has blended right in.

  • geoffrey campo says:

    sweet prize

  • Bryanna P. says:

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!….would love love LOVE to win this!….

  • wendy says:

    How disgusting that these poor adorable creatures are put to death in such a violent manner. As if there could ever be any good reason to end their lives… but seriously? in such a brutal way. The seal poachers are equal to sadistic torturers.. should be prosecuted and jailed for this behaviour not paid. I am grateful every day that I was enlightened and do not eat meat.

  • Darlene says:

    I will sign any petition for the animals this seal hunting has got to stop No one has the right to hurt any animals. they are heavens Angels.

  • Jessica Bunghardt says:

    Spring is supposed to bring new life but after hearing about the seal hunt all i see it bringing now is death! and the need for Canada to make a great change. My heart goes out the the millions of seals that have already been taking and the ones that will lose there lives in the future if this is not stopped!! Only we can save them! they cant speak or save themselves! I am a Canadian citizen and i just recently became aware of the seal hunts. I am very outraged and offended that the Canadian government lets this happen!! I would like to do whatever i can to help stop the seal hunts and make them a part of history. I go to Conestoga college and am writing and argumentative essay on the seal hunts hoping that make it will make it into my school paper and raise awareness to the school. Also on march 15th i intend on handing out flyer’s to members of my school community to help raise awareness and maybe find some more concerned Canadians who want to help end the seal slaughter. i want to do whatever i can to make a difference and i think that i can make people see in my area that they should step up and do the right thing by singing the petition to help save the seals and protect them for years to come. save the seals!! 3 keep the hopes of change alive!! I know i will!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Spring used to be my favorite time of year and since I learned of the hunt I now dread it. It’s so hard to go about with your daily life with this going on and it’s got to stop. I’ve downloaded Nigel Barker’s seal photos on my computer at work and lots of people inquire about them. I sport the “Make a Fashion Statement Save the Seals” tshirt every time it’s clean. I recently added a bumper sticker to my car “Protect the Seals” depicting a white fluffy baby. I’ve submitted a request to my local grocery store to boycott Canadian seafood until the hunt ends as well as encouraged people not to watch the Olympics which I did not because it was hosted in Canada. I’ve signed this petition as well as those from Care2 and posted this information to my Facebook page in addition to emailing friends to do the same. I can’t imagine how people that do this can sleep at night because my empathy for these poor creatures keeps me up. It’s abhorrent and I find it difficult to have a good day once it’s crossed my mind. Today’s shot now.

  • Michelle Stoklosa says:

    This is horrible..My heart aches for these poor seals and not only for them but for all other animals too. No one has ever been able to answer my question on what type of person it takes to be able to treat something living so badly for their own personal gain. I dont understand it. It goes to show how our world has become full of barbaric selfish people that dont care about anything. I to spread the word and people quickly change the subject. Ive written to news stations and people of Canada. And all thats ever on the news is stupid stuff about the governor or something about hockey and football. Ive started a group on facebook in which not one single person has joined but if it has something to do with farmville scams and stupid groups like “i bet this pickle gets a millions fans” they jump right on it to join it. yes…a pickle but not an animal that gets brutally killed in front of their mothers every year. What have we become? While most people are selfish i feel useless I dont know what else to do

  • Alex says:

    I live in a town called Scottsdale. It’s considered the “Beverly Hills” of the desert. Everybody here loves their murderous fashions they love the leather they love the fur even though it’s too hot here for it! and the love their cashmere. In all my classes I eventually get an assigned seat to sit next to one of these people. I keep a picture of a baby seal in my binder cover and whenever one of those lovely furwearers ask me about it I tell them about it. I also tell them how mother seals mourn and cry over their baby seal’s dead bodies. Most of these people drop the fur and the cashmere and the leather and I’m so happy to make some kind of difference!

  • Megan says:

    I got my friend to make ‘save the seal’ tshirts at a discounted rate and sell them at her stall i then donated the money to the save the seal charity. I started a group on facebook where kind people donate moeny to save the seals and i have also put some posters up in my hometown. STOP THE BRUTAL MURDER OF SEALS! xxxx 3 3 3

  • Lauren Holt says:

    Short and blunt For being a member of PETA I get bullied at school. I get laughed at and people shout stuff at me or make stupid jokes about meat and fur. Even some of my teachers join in the taunting. However I hold my head high in the corridors and carry “Save the Seals” leaflets and petition forms around with me. I have left over 100 in various places such as dentists coffee shops and I even dared to dart into the staff room when no one was about!! I think I later saw it in the bin… so I’ll stick another one in soon. It’s not much but I’m proud to say I support the seals. I’m proud to ask people to sign. I’m proud to say “I’m a member of PETA.”

  • AAG says:

    On Thanksgiving Day ten years ago it was exceptionally cold. I had been feeding some poor strays and knew they would not be fed even though they hid near restaurants that were closed that day. I went out that day in search of “my” poor orphans and found the cats. The two were huddling together. It was brutally cold. I decided to just pick up “Buddy” as I had named him and put him in the car. The girl cat escaped me I would rescue her later. I got Buddy neutered bathed and paid big dollars to have him boarded. I visited him every day brushed him and played with him. He was adopted two days before Christmas. From a skeletal cat to a loved companion Buddy had made it out of hell.

  • eMILY dIAZ-bURNS says:

    WE NOT WEAR FUR. ENCOURAGE OTHERS NOT TO WEAR FUR. WE DO LOVE TO WEAR IMITATION FUR AND LEATHER. CRUELTY HAS NO RIGHTFUL MORAL ETHICAL OR WORTHWHILE VALUE AND UNTIL WE STOP BUYING THESE ITEMS THE UNTHINCABLE WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN WITH OUR SUPPORT. The Roots of Violence Wealth without work Pleasure without conscience Knowledge without character Commerce without morality Science without humanity Worship without sacrifice Politics without principles. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated You may never know what results come of your action but if you do nothing there will be no result. Mahatma Gandhi

  • Cindy LeQuire says:

    This is torturous treatment of animals. Would hate to be these people when the day comes they have to answer to God!

  • Jennie Weer says:

    I am currently doing a petition I only need three more signatures!! for anti seal slaughter! I read Cleveland Amory’s book “Mankind?” and got all the information I could about Seal Slaughter and Animal Cruelty so I can spread the word!

  • Alexis says:

    My friend bri and I have devoted this week to the seal slaughter because it’s about to take place though there is still time! I have passed out all my little leaflets and filled out over 4 petitions D All I gotta do is send ’em in! But I saw this humane society commercial on tv yesterday and I saw the seal about to be clubbed that always gets me. I had to change the channel and then I called the number on the flyers I was handing out. No animals deserves this seals are cute and cuddly but you can’t cuddle a coat!!!

  • Janelle Morarie says:

    after all these years this sick killing is still going onI first became aware of baby seals being clubbed to death for their fur in 1970 when I was 15! 40 years imagine how many of these babies have died in those 40 years!

  • ron says:

    i sign petitions that come to me from various agencies concerning the slaughter of seals esp. in canada. there were more as the winter olympics came. i hope to continue by providing this great looking shirt to a niece to help spread awareness. signed petition too.

  • Linda says:

    After becoming aware of the plight of these beautiful little critters because of a show Larry King had on I have never stopped fighting to end this pathetic slaughter. Some of the things I have done to raise awareness are I had a 6 foot sign made which pictures a stop sign the words BABY SEAL HUNT. I display this in front of my store.On it I have a smaller sign saying “sign the petition inside” and pictures of sealers killing seals.Inside the store I also have brochures about the seal slaughter. I have sent petitions to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I have also sent personal letters to the PM as well as Trade Minister. I have sent emails to the Dept. of Fisheries and called them as well. I have sent emails to the EU. I have enlisted the help of a coworker who has also sent dozens of emails and is spreading the word. I proudly wear my Olympic Shame pin and save the seals tshirt. I put on all of my letters Seal Stickers that I have ordered. I use my Boycott Canadian Seafood tote when grocery shopping and when I go to work. I have started debates with coworkers and circulated a petition at work as well.I comment on a news blog whenever there are stories on the seal hunt. I have signed online petitions as well.I am not on facebook so I am unable to sign.

  • serena says:

    I tell everyone about it! I don’t buy maple syrup or support companies that buy fish from canadian fishing companies.

  • Sara says:

    I actually don’t think I have done ENOUGH. I do avoid buying anything made in Canada. I also have handed out “Club sandwiches Not SEALS” stickers to friends. Being vegan I also had a problem with the club sandwich too though.

  • Alicia Zinz says:

    The Canadian seal hunt is a dispicable display by humanity. It disgusts me to the fullest extent of the word. It is a senseless and extremely cruel slaughter of baby seals and for that reason I have tried my hardest every year to try to help end it through PETA’s efforts as well as my own. I have leafletted going house to house handing out pamphlets and stickers spread the word verbally about the indecency and inhumanity that is the Canadian seal hunt written to the Canadian Prime Minister and the Senator of CT where I used to live about this issue reached out to politically driven Canadian band Propagandhi about this issue and asked them for any informationactivist groups they can recommend in Canada to get involved against the sealers I have also written to many grocery stores asking them to reconsider buying Canadian seafood and pointed out the connection between sealers and the fact they are also fisherman and that by not purchasing Canadian seafood it might help send the message to these sealers that we are serious about saving the baby seals and that the only way to get our point across is to hit them where it hurts their pockets!! I believe that with hard work and activism we can end the Canadian seal hunt hopefully sooner than later. We need to be the voice for those who don’t have one and do everything within our power to help end this cruel and inhumane slaughter of baby seals…thank you!

  • Katie Fownes says:

    In school our whole class wrote letters to primer Gordon Campbell in response to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic athletes wearing seal fur on their uniforms. In these letters we included our thoughts and feelings of how slaughtering seals is an unjust manner to support our athletes as proud Canadians. Our whole class or 32 students put our true feelings in about how awful clubbing is. In the end the uniforms did not include seal fur!

  • Olivia says:

    I try to make every day dedicated to animals some how some way I try to make the world a better place for wonderful animals They have no voice so I will speak for them I became vegan was vegetarian for 9 years..became vegan 2 years ago and now I have talked my family into having “Meatless Mondays” Thanks Sir Paul and what I call Vegan Fridays! Its been a big hit and my mom has gone to being “part time vegan” Im pushing for the full time! I cook all the meals! So many animals are being saved and our health is improving…thats called winwin people! I pass out flyers at my college and ever since the “Tilly incident” I have taken time from a few classes to talk about my feeling on Sea World and other ‘slave trades’ how these incredibly intelligent animals are being forced to live in bathtubs do stupid tricks what a waste of an animal. It brings tears to my eyes even thinking of it but I got through to a lot of kids and now I have a lot of people boycotting Sea World and the Circus thanks teachers for letting me talk! I adopted a almost blind German Shepherd about 5 years ago Shes my constant companion and I love her dearly. Her eyesight may be almost gone but Im amazed how smart she is…and how she uses that sniffer to find the kitty in the house! Thoes are just a few! Like I said every day I make an effort to do something nice for animals. They value their life just as much as we value ours!

  • Rachael Pahl says:

    I joined Peta 2’s Street Team and ordered some flyers about the seal slaughter and petitions.During my school’s annual Earthstock a festival to promote being environmentally friendly I handed them out to everyone and collect more than 75 signatures. I wanted to do something different since we never had an animal rights booth before. I put flyers around the school on lockers bathroom mirrors and in classrooms. It turns out many people at my school never knew what was happening before.

  • Cher says:

    I have been appalled by the seal hunt for YEARS so during an International Environmental Law Class I had to get special permission to make mine about an internationl ANIMAL issue the seal slaughter. 50 pages and an “A” later I got to present it to the entire Environmental Law department of the school which I embellished with disturbing enlarged photos of the slaughter. Quite a change from the other environmental issues that were usually discussed and I definitely got their attention!! Encouraged by my professor I also submitted the paper for national publication in a legal journal. Was advised that it wasnt chosen bc it was not “environmental enough” but it was an opportunity to get even more people to read it and look at those pictures!!!

  • Laura says:

    I am happy to have signed the petition! While recently researching seals for a class assignment on an animal of choice one of my students asked me about some disturbing info she found the seal hunt. Since I am not supposed to teach my opinions just facts and I didn’t want to upset a 10 year old I let her take the lead in the conversation. She was obviously upset by the reserach she did at home and wanted to know why it would be allowed. I explained to her in simplified terms the Canadians’ side of the story. Of course she disagreed most children would see it’s wrong to kill innocent animals. Why can’t adults see that so clearly?! So she asked what could be done. I turned the question around on her and asked her what she thought could be done to Canada. Obviously the Olympics was a big deal and it has been talked about in my classroom and I was just waiting for her to put the pieces together. Well she did! She didn’t think it was right that Canada got to host the Olympics because “that’s like telling them it’s OK to hurt the seals their country has an honor of hosting the Olympics.” She couldn’t understand why countries and people from all over the world would travel to Canada and spend money there when something so bad was happening there. I told her MANY people agreed with her. She told me she wouldn’t watch the Olympics anymore and she wanted to write a letter to “some important official” to tell them they were wrong. I encouraged her to speak with her parents whenever she discovered something upsetting and to talk through what differences she could make. Well apparently she lobbied all her friends and family to stop watching the Olympics spreading the word about the plight of the seals! Who knows maybe I just inspired the next Ingrid! But the best part was that she put 2 + 2 together on her own independent thinking at its best!

  • Cheyenne says:

    Well I write a lot of articles for my school paper as editor in chief and i convinced my advisors to have an ‘animal rights page’ for most issues. Anyways I address a lot of animal liberation issues in my article including seal clubbing. I also have one of you shirts that I parade around my high school a lot. anyways the newspaper gets out to a lot of people they love it at my school. a lot of people have come up to me after reading my articles and promise to never go to the circus of mail lawmakers in canada. lol. im really i could make a difference!

  • Addie H says:

    I don’t have a facebook so I’m really sorry but I can’t sign your petition. I would if I had one! I recently boycotted the Canada olympics to help stop the seal slaughter there. I got my family and most of my friends to do the same. I even convinced my sports team not to watch it at the hotel this weekend! It’s appalling that people club seals for sport and I want to do anything I can to stop it.

  • Claudia Contreras says:

    “Why do you think that you can make a difference? not only one person can make a difference!” My brother always says that to me everytime I bring up animal cruelty. I just say “one person CAN make a difference just by becoming a vegan I can always save an animals life.” When I wear my “Mcruelty” stickers My I show my teachers Aome of them get disappointed and some of them like it The ones that dont approve of this sticker I wear Eat Meat and go to Mcdonalds. Although they dont like it I share my awarness of animal cruelty is wrong when I walk in the halls! The people who hunt seals have NO hearts Appearantly they dont get what pain the go through when the slaughter is happening I wish that the people that slaughter them were able to experience the pain they cause to the seals! I always Try to do whatever I can to help out ALL the animals that Are being slaughtered For their fur and for their meat! Lets Help Stop Animal Cruelty Claudia Contreras

  • Robbin Baker says:

    I have handed out literature on boycotting CDN seafood and literature on seal FACTS in the Vancouver airport and in restaurants and grocery stores. I made my own very tight “Boycott Canadian Seafood Save the Seals” tanktop and have worn it on my 36D chest to various locations on and off for more than 4 years. In fact… it’s time to get it out and on my body for this hunt season… Each March I begin my friendly email bombardment to everyone for which I have an email address updating them on the slaughter ways to help reminder to not eat CDN seafood etc. OH! And I had a baby seal face tattooed on my back next to the maple leaf I got when I left Canada so everyone will ask my why and I can tell them about the hunt.

  • katherine says:

    i received a olympic seal slaughter pin from a peta contest on twitter. i literally wear it every where i go! i am constantly asked about it. even though its a small deed it bring great awareness!!

  • Carla Bramlett says:

    My story I hope is not one of a kind. I live everyday thinking of animals. I have resuced 100’s of animals over my life and I currently have 6 rescues living with me addition to my own personal 6 rescues There’s always room for more. I am new to the area where I am living. I have already compiled a data base of “kill” shelters near me and I am doing weekly checks to see if there are any animals that I can rescue from them. I have called each given my name and information to them and requested that they contact me if any animal comes in with exceptional needs or abilities that they feel is worthy of a second chance. At the same time I contact them weekly to check in and inquire about the status of various aniamls. I just took in a litter of six kittens that someone dumped on my doorstep. I am happy to report that each of these babies already have forever homes to go to when they are old enough. It only takes 15 minutes a week to save a life from a kill shelter. Make contact check in inquire thank. Done! I am going this weekend to actually “find” these places and see about making regular visits. If nothing else maybe I can make my presence known and make there aware that there are people out here who care. Just call they will listen.

  • Dominique Jackson says:

    This really breaks my heart. I can never bring myself to hurt any animal.This needs to stop. These innocent animals deserve to live.

  • BUSMEY says:

    So agree with you

  • Frannie Tull says:

    I have got my PETA2 Olympic Shame stickers flyers and petition yesterday and I am going all over my school and college campus ti get signatures to send in. I want to try to get 100!

  • Tasha Gibert says:

    I would first like to thank peta for bringing this issue to my attention. I never really knew the details. After reading this petition I decided to do some research on the topic and I now know why it is so important. Now I understand that for 4000 years the First Nations people hunted seals as a rite of passage for food and warmth. There is a circle a continuous flow to life that requires one species kill another for survival. The commercial slaughter of these animals however is different and can be stop by a lack of market for the product these murderers are pushing. Boycotting all Canadian sea food will not do it. We must boycott the companies or products that are or include seal in them. If no one is buying it there is no reason for these hunts. I feel for this movement to be more effective the tshirt design should include the word boycott and the names of the products that are made from seal. If the tshirts are available for purchase peta would have additional funds for the cause and there will be more of them out there for people like me to see to learn and do something. For my part in this I am educated which of course is the first step in many. I will look out for those products and avoid them. I will inform the people around me. I can only hope that little part will help.

  • Amanda says:

    I think it is a terrible crime and it should be illegal. The best thing we can do is make people aware and be careful of what products we use do they test on animals? do they use animal biproducts? Many many terrible discustig things happen to all animals we need to make a stand and keep fighting!

  • Aneliese says:

    Canadian here! I’ve signed petitions written emails sent letters to the government and prime minister joined protest groups and organizations donated to causes to stop the slaughter and last year went to a demo in my city that PETA hosted. I let everyone I know how to do something to help stop the seal hunt.

  • VINCE says:


  • Crystal says:

    I belive that people who do this to these baby seals deseave to be treated back the same way its unfair what they do and they need to learn there leason that instead of hurting them or killing them they could be saving them and enjoy there beauty and kindness …

  • Jenna says:

    I immediately signed the petition and repost all of peta’s articles related to the cruelty of the seal slaughter on facebook. I try and get as many of my friends to learn about it as possible. Their is strength in knowledge!

  • eena says:

    I don’t believe in hurting an ant.Any slaughter depresses me a lotand worst of all you cannot turn to people who fill their bottomless pit with flesh.Soi have initiated an awareness program.i have been working on some articles for our local newspaper about the cruelty people carry out everyday.I am trying my best to tell people to go vegetarian.i have been collecting videos on animal abuse so that people can realize where they are goingbecause we are losing the identity of a human and turning into monsters.

  • leah allen says:

    stop all seal slaughter

  • Julie Sheridan says:

    While it might not seem like much I sign every sealsaving petition and I forward them to all my contacts and post on facebook twitter. My friends must be sick of hearing from me all the time but I don’t care!

  • nicole says:

    I got all my classmates to sign it and start petitions of their own by making small presentations in my classes and convincing people why it is wrong and showing them pictures. i also got some of my teachers to join in too! SAVE THE SEALS!

  • Lisa Burnach says:

    This senseless slaughter has to stop!!..this is my annual passion!! to stop it!

  • Kayla Barbaretta says:

    I wear my ‘Club Soda Not Seals’ shirt very frequently to school. It seems like every time I do someone new notices it. I keep leaflets and my petition sheets with me at all times so that I can teach them about the seal slaughter and have them sign the petition so they can be contacted with more information. I also have a Canada’s Shame pin on my purse and get a lot of questions that way. I have taught a lot of people about the seal slaughter and all of them agree it is completely unnecessary!

  • Brittlee says:

    I HAD A DREAM! I had a dream that one day seal slaughter will be illegal all together and the hunters will be punished accordingly! But sadly we have a long way to go till that happens. So until then im am going to fight for the voices that cant be heard. As long as they are being brutally murdered and robbed then I will fight for them! March 15 will not go unnoticed at my school! I am making a deal with the kids at my school if they go to peta and sign the seal petition then I will make them a “club soda not seals tshirt! Im setting up a table at lunch and every break in between classes to try to educate my school about the wrong doings in Canada! I am writing an article in my school newspaper informing them once again! Canada you are making a massive mistake! Think about what youre doing for the price of making an extra buck on the side. Many seals have not yet eaten their first solid meal or learned how to swim before they are beaten and skinned for a product that no one needs. Fur is dead! Its not ours to take. We are not cavemen! So why do we stoop to this level of brutally murdering these innocent animals. They feel like we do. They have the same urged to live as us. Yes we are on the top of the food chain and yes we do have the power to take their lives away. But why! So we can have a coat that every time gets wet will smell like death. And isnt that what a coats for is to protect us from the wind rain and snow? But yet we cant wear it for what its supposed to be used for. So now we have a murdered seal a useless nasty fur coat and we are still cold! We take gods creatures and rob them of their rightful skin. There skin is not ours! Please think about what youre doing! Just a ruff draft Im going to add more facts and maybe even a pic. Leaflets will be on every business window in town and the halls of my school will be decorated with them too. I often get this question from many people. “you wont make a difference” and right there I know there dead wrong because I will then explain the stupid reasons for the seal slaughter what Im going to do about it and I will tell them that every life deserves a life worth living and I know that they at least once during that day will think about what I said and if we continue to do that then we are bound to make a difference. As long as you and I are in this fight we can and will make my dream come true!

  • kristen fernandez says:

    Well i hate the fact that people club seals for sport so i got a seal costume and ran around the streets of my city while my brother chased me around with a canadian flag tshirt and he was holding a bat with a hook on it. we also passed out flyers that talked about the seal slaughter to all the people that we passed. save the seals! 3