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‘Win It’ Wednesday: PETA Stencil Set

Written by PETA | September 9, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winner of the stencils is Nina. Congratulations!

Sure, I’m kind of bummed that summer is winding down—no more lazy days at the beach or Saturday afternoon veggie barbecues. But then I remember how awesome fall can be—long walks under canopies of changing leaves, followed by warm apple cider. Bring it on.

For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we’ve got just the prize to help you ease back into work and back to school—PETA stencils that will help you jazz up that plain T-shirt, boring school binder, or blank wall—virtually any flat surface—with a lifesaving message for others to consider. Add a little fabric paint, spray paint, or Sharpie strokes, and you’ve got instant style and action for animals.




You can win a stencil set by sharing your favorite simple way to get others to think about animals. Maybe you’ve got an animal-friendly message on your car’s vanity plate, or maybe you rock a different PETA shirt every time you go to the gym. Share in the comments section below.

We’ve got one set to give away. The contest ends on September 23, 2009, and we’ll choose the most inspiring comment on September 25, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Lizzy says:

    Well im a new vegan and im just starting to tell people about animals and stuff. but how i get people to put down the chicken nuggets and stuff is to tell them about my pet pig. all my friends love pigs. so they will come over my house and play with him. I’ll say that one time before we got him they were going to kill him because he wasnt going to be big enough to eat. they just out and out wanted to kill him and leave him there. so my family and i bought him and his sister. his sister died a year ago and he is 3 now. my family will never eat him or hurt him. i love him. and thats how i get people to put down there meat and think about animals

  • lily says:

    posting links..and just talking to people you dont have to nag just a couple of sentnces to get them thinking. it takes two seconds to do it.

  • Megan Pearce says:

    I actually try my best to not to be too much in other people’s faces frankly. I feel it actually drives them away from vegetarianism and veganism rather than having new people embrace it. Fortunately I found the subject matter comes up quickly when I am asked why I didn’t get meat in a meal or when I refuse meat at a house. When talking about food I often bring up tofu while not being snobby about how all my friends are ‘carnivorous slobs’ or ‘heartless animal killers’. I found this actually works well because tofu is such an interesting food item people are bound to ask about it. Lots of my friends are still meat eaters but they are perfectly happy munching on tofu at my house which at least saves a few more animals. It’s the little differences you make. I do cover my belongings in animal rights stickers and buttons and if someone asks I am perfectly happy to humbly tell them why I have them. What I’m saying is do not come off hostile or rude when dealing with other peoples who may not share your beliefs.

  • Rebecca says:

    i put animalrelated stuff in my status on facebook and put links to interesting articles on my page XD

  • nicole licklider says:

    oh wow…i am always trying to make others aware of the things they can do to help animals…you know because they’re helpless and cannot do things to help themselves…one of my FAVORITE things to do is during my yard sales veggieq’s parties mom’s groups or social gatherings i put out an empty fish bowl literature on vegetarianism literature on an animal charity of my choice and donation envelopes on a table all by themselves…then i make my way around the party or whatever event i’m hosting and let people know that i’m collecting donations for a certain charity and that i also have donation envelopes available if they’re not comfortable leaving their money with me…i also invite them to take any of the literature that’s displayed…this usually will spark a conversation about the charity…that always provides me an opportunity to inform them of the DESPERATE need for volunteers at most animal shelters and charities…i also throw in the wonders of veganismvegetarianism and mention the vegetarianism starter kit that’s available by clicking the link on my MySpace page and also on PETA’s website…these conversations almost always go on for quite a while so i know people are interested in learning more…it’s just a matter of finding interesting ways of reaching them…i do what i can…so that’s my FAVORITE way of spreading that “word…” it’s fun…it’s a great way to meet people at the yard sales… it’s a wonderful conversation starter…and it’s also a good way to make others aware of what charities are out there and what they can do to help…even if it’s just throwing a few dollars into the fishbowl…

  • Odette Cope says:

    I ask people this one simple question Do you value your life? And when people answer yes I tell them that all animals not just human beings value their life. If given the choice to live or not to live they would choose to live. And what I find so compelling is that despite some of the horrid deplorable conditions which they are forced to live in the cruel treatment inflicted upon them despite all of that animals still fight to survive. Their will to live is so very strong and so instinctual and we have no right to take it from them.

  • shannon says:

    I love handing out leaflets. People seem really interested and most of my teachers put the leaflets i give them on the wall of their classrooms so everybody can see and read them One teacher was so interested he read it out to the whole class. Loads of people told me they never knew about the suffering animals go through but now they do know.

  • Laura Lewis says:

    I usually wear my PETA shirts the gym such as “My Cat is a Rescue” and my favorite “I Am Not A Nugget” Also when I mail a letter I use my PETA return address labels so when people open mail from me they might think twice about animal cruelty

  • Ahmad Arip says:

    I live in Malaysia and most of Malaysian has no idea about vegetarianism and veganism. So I have my own way to promote this lifestyle by put Stop Global Warming Go Vegan D.I.Y sticker at my lanyard and put Meat Is Murder button at my shirt. Every time at cashier counter people will ask me why I turn vegan my experience and what is vegetarianism or veganism. Off work I wore a cap with I Love Tofu button every time and always wearing a jacket with Im Not a Nugget patch. I have Vegetarian tshirt and I love to wear it all the time. Anybody will notice that I am a vegetarian by just looking at me. Plus I ride my bicycle all time to workplace or anywhere and people who before think vegetarian are weak will change their perceptions about vegetarianism and veganism. I also do a fanzine that promote animal rights Radical Review Fanzine start animal rights collective in Kuala Lumpur Tofu Youth Collective and Animal Liberation by Peter Singer is the best book I ever read. Veganism is the best thing that ever happens in my life.

  • Sheila Cal Bravo says:

    Being a teacher to children aged 6 to 10 I try to “slip” animal welfare lessons everyday. But what they like the most is the prize giveouts on Fridays where they obiously get PETA stickers colouring books about FREE animals and more!

  • emma eustace says:

    its for my 12 year old for school. it was him who turned our family vegetarian and he has just started his own “against animal cruelty” project for english. to be honest he has inspired me more than anyone just simply because he is the most compassionate thoughtful and selfless person i know which is cool because he is also gothic and his peers think his scary!!!!. i think the stencils would help him to inspire more people.


    I purchased a copy of the film “The Witness”. The statement “Licensed only for Noncommercial exhibition in private homes classrooms and community education venues for audiences of less than 100” appears on the film cover. I lend my video to any friend willing to watch it. Some are not willing to see it because it is upsetting if you are a meat eater. If it doesn’t turn someone into a vegetarian it will surely turn them against wearing fur. When I am less busy and get a friend to help me I would like to get permission to show it at the public library.

  • bnicegogreen says:

    When people ask me why I do not eat meat I simply ask “Do you know what’s in your meat?” Then I educate them

  • Mary Rapp says:

    I live and work in South Texas where being vegan is like being from Mars but everyday I take a vegan snack to work and the kids 20 somethings have to know what it is and continue to ask me questions about being a vegan. Questions today..maybe a different lifestyle tomarrow.

  • Sarah Fraser says:

    Simple I answer every question I get in the most simple easy to understand nonbiased way I can. Broaden other’s horizons.

  • karen wall says:

    I wear my PETA t shirts order really good veggie dishes when I am out with my meat eating friends and educate them leave my PETA magazines around the hospital where I work put VEG stickers on my laptop that I take everywhere and most of all just talk to people around me about animals and how good I feel to be veggie.

  • Claudia Cerio says:

    Bringing a kickass vegetarian dish to picnics or dinner invites. I just let ’em try it and love it and when asked for the recipie explain that it’s a healthy veg meal.

  • katrina seguine says:

    I pass out flyers and say rude things in the meat isle and by the lobster tank when my kid asks 2 them!!! I will turn around in the middle of a highway if i see a animal in troublethe other day i rescued a snapping turtle and the same day I seen a officer shooting a bearso i turned aroundkid and all and got out and asked why he was shooting the … Read Morebearthen i said “dont you guys get tranquilizer guns?and then the offier smugly said “mamthat bear had a broken back”.so i got in my car and left.I bring cans of food for stray cat whenever i head up to the country 2 visit my relatiives freinds.I dont throw bread awayi throw it out the window or in streams.My cat of 13 and a half years SPIKE orange tiger male just passed due to cancer. me and my daughter painted him a rock from the land with his portrait and words.The rock is over where he is buried as with every other animal that has died at my parents house with the same tradition!we had a mini funeral and cried about spike around his gravemy whole familyhe was a part of the family too.I have a pittbull tattoo that i get omments on and i bring up pitt bull rescue.I also am a advocate of “HOT CAR”placing flyers in ar that have dogs in them when they are in the store.I do something everyday to show my love protetion for animals.

  • Jade Firestone says:

    I’ll keep it simple guys which in turn is also the best method for effective demonstration! My life’s calling is to help the abused and overlooked and liberate them and spread love. Every aspect of my life is for them.

  • Emmy says:

    I like to ask “would you eat your dog?”

  • Celine says:

    Well I always wear animal rights tshirts which almost always gets people asking questions. Also I’ve decorated everything from my backpack my locker my room door the walls my binders and other school stuff too. People always ask me “Oh what’s that campain about?” It’s a great way to get people’s attention on animal rights. Whenever someone talks about dairy fur leather meat etc. I always bring up where it comes from and what’s in that food the misery the animals go through during their lives in the factory and all that jazz. I like drawing. Alot. I do alot of doodles and sometimes I draw cute little animals for people but I always include an animal rights message on there. My favorite way of getting people’s attention on animal rights issss…. I write on my wrists. I write animal rights messages veg messages and I even draw sometimes. People never fail to look at my wrists. They always ask me “What’s this about?” and I always get to expIt’s really fun for me. And on Sept. 2nd I held a vegan birthday party. We ate at a vegan restaurant I handed out some vegan stuff Including plenty of Peta stickers! and we even left a message at our local Brookstone about their FrogOSpheres. D

  • Sydney says:

    well all these people do a whole lot more than me but why not give it a go? I’m 13 and I’m a vegan. I try to get all my friends vegan or vegetarian and so far I got one vegan and one vegetarian. but I’ve got plenty to more to change. I’ve also gotten my mom vegetarian. the other things I do is that I always tell my friends the horrible things to happen at slaughter houses and also the things that PETA has on their website. I can tell that sooner or later it will get to them and they will be vegan. D thanks PETA3

  • Dale says:

    For the last month I have been twittering and posting to my Facebook wall about my family’s pending adoption from the MidAtlantic Pug Rescue. In addition to notes that share in our excitement these postings have generated a dozen or more conversations about the benefitsfor animals and humansof rescue adoption vs. buying from breeders or pet stores.

  • katie kerber says:

    i would love these stencils. ive always covered my books with peta stickers and had petitions signed at lunch while eating my favorite vegan snacks. i would definately put these stencils on my moms car on my locker anywhere legal and on my car as soon as i get it

  • Joy Cantor "Animal Joy" says:

    I write a column on a sort of local women’s web magazine that was started recently may be the only one of its kind in the country. The column is called “Animal Joy” and it’s found at I have written a number of articles some with links to Peta to bring about awareness for the every day individual that cares about animals but has no idea for instance that Uggs look perfect because of Museling. Or that a cow has to be pregnant in order to gie milk. Or that Peta is fighting to save seals’ lives and that by boycotting their maple syrup you can help!!! It’s such a thrill to be able to help people by sharing knowledge in this way. I have gotten so busy with it that I have taken a hiatus from the University I go to. Anyway that’s my story and if I don’t win that’l okay as long as you go read some of my articles and give me your feedback! I would love that!!! Thanks “Animal Joy”

  • Nina says:

    I sticker everything. My phone my calculator the door to my room and my entire room are covered in PETA stickers. I also make sure everytime I go somewhere like the grocery store or the mall I’m wearing my PETA shirt. I get lots of looks and comments when I wear them.

  • kattiep says:

    I find that just by wearing a peta tshirt or having stickers on notebooks I get a lot of reaction and incite some discussion. I now own 7 or 8 peta shirts and i try to rock them most days of the week. I am a university student so everything i have is decked out in peta stickersfrom my laptop celphone ipod notebooks etc. so that everywhere i go people are reminded about animal rights. Also i find that keeping a flyer or two in your bag is a great idea in case you end up talking to someone who wants more info. I’ve actually had it happen before.

  • Darlene says:

    I like to spread the word every day by baring my “Live Cruelty Free” tattoo on the back of my calf for all to see!!

  • Ashley Auerbach says:

    I dont have any items that show our point of view towards animal cruelty but i definately would use them if i got any. I love to tell my opinions to freinds and family. but they dont always listen. Im sure that if i wore a animal cruilty t shirt to school that a TON of people would say stuff and that would be my time to tell everyone what i think. My binders are really ugly and boring for school and im sure that the stencils would spice them up!!

  • ana flores says:

    well if i use a simple comment i say ‘well imagine its really dificult and dirty to kill a person its hard to deal with the fighting heavy body now imagine killing something bigger such as a cow that can be mmm twice bigger than a human lets imagine the bloddy scene but noone notices cause they just sit to eat the meat’ …besides i use a lot of stuff from peta suck as stickersposters to tees..

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    In our condo complex we have laundry rooms. Every time I do the laundry I leave anti leather and fur literature on top of the washers so people actually have to move them to open the machines. I also leave literature listing all companies that do not use leather or fur in their clothing and shoes. I also have several PETA tees that I frequently wear. The shirt that gets the most attention is my antiRingling shirt with it’s headline “ABOLISH SLAVERY BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS” with the photo of chained elephant feet and the comment of a former Ringling trainer on the back. I really need to get a new one as the print is rapidly fading.

  • Leslie says:

    My husband and I live a veggie lifestyle by example. At our wedding this May our “minister” my stepfather spoke about veganism and cruelty to animals and that our wedding featured all vegan food no animal products anywhere and no animal testing.

  • Jennie weer says:

    My favorite way is being a vegetarian. people will and do ask “do you want a hamburger” and I’ll say “no way!” they’ll ask why and ill explain it to them! Also the shirts i wear will catch peoples eye! I love it!

  • luke says:

    Hi I have a slightly different method of making others think about animals apart from the PETA stickers on my skateboard I have began to influence a small skating community in Leeds England by a respected member of the skating community alot of younger begginers would look up to our group being vegie myself have been for around 8 years now and loving it i feel it instantly destigmatises their idea of a vegie… just doing my bit .

  • Michelle says:

    well I don’t have a tshirt or bumper sticker but i certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having them and displaying them. What I do to get people thinking is I tell them that I am vegetarian and I get them thinking about why they eat meat. I ask people questions like this “would you still eat meat if you had to kill every animal yourself?” I also when inviting friends over I will make vegan burgers and let them know that their food is cruelty free and show them that it isn’t as hard as they think to be a vegetarian and to help animals.

  • Cassondra Pittman says:

    I have 3 pet chickens who are very friendly and very tame because I’ve given them a lot of love and care. When I go to places like the grocery store or the movie rental place I carry them with me just as someone would carry their little dog why? Because chickens aren’t for eggs and meat they are one of the most wonderful animals and I am so thankful to have my hens. I get a lot of weird looks when I bring them to public places but when people ask I just say “These are my kids” and smile proudly! I have had a few grocery stores ask that the chickens aren’t brought in…I guess the excuse “seeingeye chicken” doesn’t really work as well as a seeingeye dog! Haha!

  • vegancoin says:

    gimme gimme gimmee… oh wait… sometimes i put on my peta frogs shirt.

  • Susan Stewart says:

    I hand out PETA material at the annual “Chicken and Egg Festival” where I live.

  • Mindi Kelson says:

    It is very simple. I bring up that I live a vegan lifestyle people start asking questions then I take the time to share my views on animal rights!

  • Kimberly Church Yurevich says:

    A couple of ways is to send out mass emails or Facebook mail to friends and friends of friends and so on! Maybe even buying a few minute commercial on tv. another way is to print out TShirts and donate them to Pet stores to give to every shopper and of course wearing the shirt as much as you can!!! The shirt would describe a type of animal in need of help like the seals or cats and dogs in China or the ringling brother elephants with a picture of the animal and a way to help by including an address email or phone number to contact the person who can help the animal on tshirt!!

  • Christa says:

    I share my favorite simple ways to get others to think about animals through my Art. I tend to illustrate a cutesy picture of an animal and give it a little message that will get people to think. I post to on public art sites such as Deviant Art Whenever I sell something on Etsy or at a Convention I put one of my designs as a mini print inside the bag with their merch to also spread the awareness. Art is my way of getting others to think about animals.

  • Elizabeth Lozada says:

    I find it really convenient to share peta tv adsvideos through facebook… it only takes a “click”. It encourages point of view exchanges between my vegan and nonvegan friends and even if they don’t convert to veganism I feel that I have planted a knowledge seed that might sprout later in their life I would love the stencils to promote veggie lifestyle at my kids’ school through their tshirts and others… My kids just recently stated to show interest and passion for this cause.

  • Crystal New says:

    I am constantly telling people how smart pigs are.. I have posted PeTA flyers at my college and I LOVE the “I am not a Nugget” Tee.. I am an advocate and activist.. My favorite quote to say to people is..”Just because theyanimals don’t speak our language Does not mean we shouldn’t listen..” This qualifies for all..

  • Bryn Pennetti says:

    Almost everyday i tell people about how wearing or eating animals is considered cruel and harmful to themselves the animals and the enviorment. I also show people the video about how chickin nuggets are made so that they are aware of what they are eating. This has impacted both mine and my friends life.

  • Maggie says:

    Every time I ride the subway I leave a McCruelty flier on my seat or a “what they never told you” booklet. People always seem to pick up random pieces of literature to read on the subways because it’s so boring so hopefully they’ll actually learn something!

  • Addie Calcagnini says:

    I like to print up facts about animal cruelty and make vegan cupcakes. I offer a cupcake to people for free as long as they take the flyer.

  • Erin O says:

    I have a “vegetarians taste better” bumper sticker on my car and I also regularly repost messages from PETA and other animal rights organizations on my facebook page.

  • Michael Essi says:

    For me the best way to advocate for animalsand get others to think about animals is to “be the change that you wish to see in the world”. I make it clear when I dine out that I am a vegetarian and that often times gets others to ask questions about vegetarianism. When someone asks why I am a vegetarian I respond by asking how many reasons would they like. Whether I am patronizing a restaurant inquiring about personal hygiene products or household cleaners buying clothing or participating in a demonstration I advocate for animals and get people to think about animals in their decisions. People are very curious about why someone makes a point to ask about vegetarianvegan options and being informed and polite not pious and condescending is the the best way to respond with valuable information that would help animals. There is not one person that I converse with that walks away without hearing something related to animals. People find it refreshing when you have a point of view that is objectively sensible and more so when it contradicts the cookie cutter behavior that most people subscribe to without thinking. When it comes to demonstrations I have fine tuned my tactics by taking a less aggressive stance and provide a solution to the problem instead of simply pointing out the problem e.g. circus protests. I have made some amazing demonstration posters that get a better response than ones that shame people. Who wants to be talked down to? I do my best to be the change that I would like to see in others with plenty of room for understanding that most people may not be aware of the many issues related to animals.

  • Aneliese says:

    Simplest wayI put on my PETA sweatshirt or carry my PETA tote bag. If I’m at home I put a link to a PETA video in my msn name.

  • B says:

    I have peta stickers on my car. I wear animal rights tshirts. I would love to have these stencils to make more and also put it on canvas tote bags. I also take the opportunity when I’m out to eat to answer my friends questions about why I don’t eat any animal products. Plus my birthday is the end of this month and I’d love to win these.