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‘Win it’ Wednesday: PETA Porcelain Bowls

Written by PETA | April 14, 2010

OK, we know that your animal companions already have you eating out of their hand (er, paw), but wouldn’t it be nice if they could eat their kibble out of a cool new bowl from Daisy Dog Studio?




Almost as cute as your animal companion, these handcrafted porcelain bowls offer some serious fine dining for Fido. Speaking of the name “Fido” (does anyone really name their dog “Fido” anymore?), let’s play the name game. To win this prize, leave a comment telling us the story behind your dog or cat’s name. The most compelling name and story will score one lucky dog or cat lover a set of these must-have dishes. Personally, the best dog name I’ve ever heard is “Lunch Box.” Not only is the big guy shaped just like one of those old-school metal lunch boxes, but he also has a habit of stealing your peanut butter sandwich when you’re not looking.

Before you try to top that, here’s what you need to know: The contest ends on April 28, 2010, and we’ll pick the winner on April 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Robert Noble says:

    Mr. Scribbles my cat was given to me shortly after the death of my dog Jake. A very smart friend knew that Mr. Scribbles was a name to laugh at and after Jake’s death laughing is what I needed most.

  • HD says:

    So I really love monkeys. Like a lot. I found an abandoned cat outside my school so after cleaning him up and feeding him I realized…he sort of reminded me of a Howler Monkey. So I started calling him Howler Monkey and that was that. I have five cats all rescued! and it’s funny to see people’s reactions when I tell them their names Jack Jean Andy Henry and Howler Monkey.

  • Pamela says:

    My fiance and I rescued our pug fgrom a puppy mill out in Kentucky. We named her Annie like “little orphan Annie”. Plus we thought the name Annie sounded like it was a name from an “out west” state being that we’re from Jersey o

  • Jolene Ramsahai says:

    my cat’s name is “Clark” after Clark Kent from Smallville…i was obsessed with Tom Welling…mmmmm…oh yeah my 2nd kitteh is named Lex!Lex Luthor to match.

  • Patti Kurtz says:

    My beagle’s name is Maia. When I adopted her she was named Stimpy of cartoon fame. But she was so beautiful that just didn’t work. It seemed fitting to name her after Maia one of the 7 Pleiades goddesses of the stars. According to Spenser Maia is “the most beautiful of the pleiades” and boy does she know it. She’s my beautiful baby girl beagle.

  • Heather Nelson says:

    We have two dogs. They are named Max almost 3 and Ruby 5 Months. As most of you have probably figured out by now they are named after the cartoon show Max Ruby. My son was 3 when we got our first dog Max and at this time the cartoon was his favorite show. That is all he would talk about. So here we are almost 3 years later and he just named our 5 month old Ruby.

  • denisse Guerra says:

    My dogs names are Lupe and Mucca they are 2 pomeranians. I wanted a dog when I got married and I always loved poms but my husband said it was to girly and he always wanted a dog so he could name it lupe and I did not love that name so we decided that we were both getting what we loved a pom named lupe. a year later we got mucca a black and white pom she looks like a cow and mucca is cow in italian and that’s how my doggies got their names.

  • Yoli says:

    I have birds a White Capped Pionus names Domingo and a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrott named Chiquita. They feed out of human dishes or dog dishes. Also Chiquita does not like showers so she insists taking a bath in her ceramic water dish so a nice PETA bowl would suit her needs

  • Jessie says:

    I rescued my Dog from a shelter down in Sarina. She came from an Animal Horder and was in bad emotional shape. She couldn’t stand to walk on the same street as a stranger. She has gotten much better though. Well anyway to her name.Her name is Kimi Keyme and it is Algonquin for Secret because she is always so quite.

  • Leslie W says:

    My dog’s name is “Ranger Rover”. We chose his first name because one of his litter mates was bought by Walker Texas Ranger. We chose his middle name because at the time we got him we had a Range Rover and he loved to jump up into and ride in the front seat on my lap. It was also kind of perfect because he turned out to be a huge dog. He also has the tendency to climb over things without a second glance and bull doze his way through situations.

  • Andrea Rountree says:

    We adopted our dog from the Peninsula SPCA. When we got him he was a stray and had his temporary name given to him by the SPCA. We had him at home for a few days before we decided to begin to come up with names for him. He was a teenage dog with a ton of energy. When we let him out of our yard for the first time he ran wide open for over an hour!! We couldn’t believe it! My husband sells energy drinks at work which is where we came up with his name “KHAOS”…. named after the Monster Energy drink Khaos. He is the best blue eyed full of energy baby a Mom could ever want in a dog!

  • Amanda says:

    Edward J. Monster my little buddy is a chihuahua that i adopted from a shelter down the street from me a few years ago. in the shelter they were calling him “chico” so typical . he needed a name that was more suited to his personality. so Edward J. Monster it is. mostly i just call him edward or ed….or eddie. he is my best friend my little monster.

  • Bethany says:

    My dog’s name is Bowser. He is a Beagle mix. We got the idea to name him Bowser after naming a previous pet after a childhood villian. We had a cat that was very playful and while playing tended to leave his mark all over your arms i.e. scratches. We decided to name him Shredder and later picked up on the TMNT refrence. Bowser seemed like a fitting name for a Beagle and it just so happened to be a villian from Mario Bros. so Bowser it is!

  • Heather Widzbell says:

    My dog’s name is Kahlua. A few years ago my best friend and I went to the shelter to find me a dog. This guy was running around and I fell in love with him but kept slipping up every time we tried to say what breed he was a Catahoula Leopard Dog. We kept slipping and saying a “Kahlua Leopard Dog”. So it stuck. So every time somebody hears his name they think I’m an alcoholic! He does have Kahlua colored spots though!

  • Stevie says:

    I named my Siberian Husky Apollo. I bought him from one of my friends when he was a puppy. She told me I could go play with him but he just laid down and took a nap LOL. I named him Apollo because I was playing the video game God Of War and Apollo seemed fitting for such a beautiful creature.

  • Bill Mullinax says:

    My dogs’ names are Ramses and Bailey. They are both Basenjis. I got the name Ramses because Basenjis are AfricanEgyptian dogs and I thought it would be cool to name him after an Egyptian king. My plan was to get another Basenji a female and name her Cleo short for Cleopatra. But then I saw this cute red white Basenji that was a male…he was so cute that I had to have him. So naturally I just named him after the hot guy I had a crush on from the show “Party of Five”. And the rest is “history”!!!

  • Tez says:

    Bella Juliet is my little 9 mth old kitten’s name. She was rescued from the shelter when she was 2.4 lbs and according to them she was 3 mths old. Me and my vet beg to differ! She came in to my life after my 12 yr old rescue dog Simba passed away suddenly in October. I met “Juliet” with her brother “Romeo” at the local shelter not long after that. Shelter staff would not let me take her home until she was spayed. Mysteriously she became very ill with an upperrespiratory infection and lost more weight down to 1.10 lb within 3 days of bringing her home. My vet didn’t think she would make it. We were all very sad. After losing Simba not long before this and suffering several other major losses in my life I became more determined to save “Juliet”. I was able to love and feed her back to health and now she is the “Bella” of the ball…..perching in all the window sills for neighbors and their animals to adore! She is the chattiest kitten I’ve ever seen very loving and full of energy and life. As it turns out we saved each other.

  • Sylka Garcia says:

    I got my cat through my aunt when her cat Spice had kittens. My cat was the happiest kitten in the litter she stood out above all the rest its as if she was meant for me and my family. When we got her home we were trying to decide on a name. We thought “well lets name her after a spice since her mother’s name is Spice.” The spice we chose was Ginger. Ginger is my 12 year old cat. Her name suits her incredibly especially with her personality. She reminds me of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. She’s a sweetie but loves her personal space sometimes she can seem a “diva” but she’s my precious angel.

  • Alicia Marie says:

    My puppy’s name is Leia as in Princess Leia Organa. She is a sweet little black chihuahua pomeranian mix. The moment I saw her I fell in love and her name just came to me. She’s very feisty and quite loving and protective of her family much like the real Princess Leia. Her name fits so well plus whenever I tell her Imperial soldiers are coming she runs around like crazy.

  • Keegan Countryman says:

    I named my dogs Cheech and Chase because Chase chases his tail and bugs and anything that intrigues him. Cheech is as goofy as they come. Chase is the big dog with the attitude of a little dog. Cheech is the little dog with a BIG dog attitude. Chase runs from anything and everything and Cheech is VERY protective.

  • Cassy says:

    We have 9 cats. First we got Shadow and Pepper. Shadow is black and Pepper is calico. Those were based on their coat colors. A stray cat we named Cuddles she loved to be petted came by a few years later. We found out she was pregnant. She had 4 babies. She ended up running away The four were named Flip she couldnt walk very well so she would fall over it was quite funny Spike he looked like spike from the rug rats Chippy he looks like a spotted chocolate chip! and Pumpkin she is orange her new nickname is doodybug. Another 4 years or so went by and another cute cat came by our property. We initially named her Fredricka just a random name. She was very skiddish but we still fed her. We found out she was pregnant so we started calling her mama kitty. She had 3 babies. We named them Boo she was a scaredy cat she hid from us a lot scooter she scooted her but in the ground sometimes now we call her cootie and runty he was the smallest of the litter. We ended up giving mama kitty to a good home because we didn’t think the mom should be with the babies or with out other cats who did not like her. That’s my story of a 10 year span We still have all 9 cats

  • Nicole DeJoseph says:

    My cat originally belonged to my ex boyfriend. I guess when he picked up this adorable little kitten his friend who’d given it to him told him it was a he’d decided its name would be Cleopatra based on his love of all things Egyptian. A few months later while visiting his apartment Cleopatra was walking away from me and I’d noticed she had a few extra bits man bits to be precise and couldn’t stop laughing at my boyfriend for making such an obvious mistake…and trust me it was obvious! I’ve since had the furry little man neutered and he now lives with me where he is happy and loved. And although I know he’s a boy..I just couldn’t shake the name and I still to this day call him Cleo.

  • Ariana says:

    My cats names are Lavender and Pumpkin. I got Lavender from the Humane Society and Pumpkin from an owner who did not want him anymore when he was about 5 years old. Now eventually we ended babysitting this cat named Peppermint for a few months. We didn’t even realize it at first but eventually we had put together a little “herbal garden” of kitties! Not to mention when these 3 get together we always have to hide the plants or else they’ll be eaten!

  • Stacy Reyes says:

    We have a beautiful little 8 pounds cat named Marley. I really love Bob Marley’s rockin’ reggae music but Marley is a unique Torti colored cat and her coollooking fur reminds me of Bob’s dreads! Rastaman! Stacy

  • Angela Bitetto says:

    I am a 30 year old breast cancer survivor. I have had depression and decided on getting a puppy. Took me a week to come up with his name. Ive heard of dogs being named DOG and it hit me…God was there to get my through my struggle so I decided to name my pooch GeOde…pronounced GOD. Since then I got him a friend to play with…hes 6 times smaller but a whole lot fiestier. His name is Taz…for Tazmanian Devil. Thanks and peace and love to all.

  • Michele M Morales says:

    Well let’s see. I have a dog named LB which is short for little bit. We rescued him from a shelter and when we got him he was 75 pounds and Little Bit just did not seem fitting so it has been shortened to LB.he weighs 110 now We have a cat named Hunnybuns. We thought he was a girl when we took him off the streets years ago but he turned out to be a boy we gave a pink color and a girl name to. We have another cat named Pizza that we rescued from behind Pizza Hut as a kitten and another named Cairo who we rescued from an apartment complex who had no tail and was very ill. Cairo after the Egyption cats because of him having no tail. We have a Parakeet named bird because my daughter says he is a bird so that should be his name and she has refused all these years to call him anything else. There is my story of my little in house farm of saved animals…..

  • Alicia Zinz says:

    My cat’s name is Discount. She has five fingers on each of her front paws she loves to “steal” things when you’re not looking so we called her Five Finger Discount which just got shortened to Discount over time…

  • elisa says:

    My cat’s name is Prince. When we adopted him his name was originally Baby but that changed when we started seeing him sit up in a regal pose. My mom remembered seeing a similar pose looking at a painting of a royal princess and her cat. The name seems to suit him as he seems to be the”prince”of our household?

  • Lorri Hogan says:

    i have four dogs and four cats love them all my 1st dog is billy he was adopted from the humane socielty ended up having whip worm had to spend over 10.000 follars to have his stomache and intestines reconstructed to sae his life and worth every penny he is 15 years old now and still going strong my second dogs name is rusty and she is 16 years old also adopted her and my third dogs name is peanut and he was a stray given to me last year he had worms fleas and no shots known of but now he is all doctered up and doing well he is 7 years old and my last dog is 2 years old her name is mrs whiskers and she came to california with me from my daughters house in washington she is in navy and could not keep her so she took an airplane ride with me lol i have for cats my first is dafny he is 8 years old also a stray he is fat and lkoving and drinks water out of the kitchen faucet lol second cat is amillia she too is a big girl lolo she is 15 years old and doing great my third cat was adopted from the vets he was very scared and hid in my closet for two years and i worked and loved with him and now he is a whole new cat he loves everyone despite the cruelty he went threw kids tied rubber bands to his tail and then broke the tip of it but he is doing great now and is so loving his name is kc and my last but not least is ghostrider she came upon us in the most miricles of ways she climbed under my husbands truck and he drove home on the freeway not knowing she was there and when he got home i went outside to see him and i heard a meow and went over to the truck to find her under it what a miricle she survived and she is pretty wild but loves my bedroom so that is her new home right on my side of the bed she is getting use to the rest of the gang slowly so this is my family oh kc is 8 years old and ghostrider is 1 and a half years old the dogs and cats all get along isn’t that cool

  • Michelle says:

    One day I made a fan page on Facebook called “I Am Down With Webster”. It was just a page for fans of the band “Down With Webster”. So one of the guys from the band Cam joined the group and I screamed fell out of my chair and broke my ankle. My sister bought my a dog as a get well present. I named my dog Cam that way I would never forget how I got him and how I hurt my ankle.

  • Tricia says:

    My dog is name Lucky. I know not a very original name. However his name has meaning. We were looking to get a puppy when my friend who volunteered at a nokill shelter forwarded me an email of this adorable puppy that was scheduled to be euthanized on Saturday. It was Wednesday afternoon. I immediately called the nokill shelter where she volunteered but got no answer. So I went to their website and emailed. Then I downloaded information from their site and faxed. Between the voicemails emails and faxes they really had no choice but to return my call. When I spoke with them Thursday they fasttracked my application and background check. Friday afternoon they made the 3 hour drive to rescue this adorable boy. Less than an hour after they returned to the shelter with him I arrived with my family to meet our newest addition. We were all “Lucky” to have rescued our MVFM most valuable family member less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized!

  • Kyle says:

    My little 3 pound dwarf blue merle pomeranian is named Pheona after the Princess in Shrek. She was the runt of the litter and her mom abandoned her. She was hand raised by a lovely lady whose granddauther watched the movie Shrek over and over during this time. The granddaughter named the puppy Pheona after the Princess in her favorite movie.

  • Lisa says:

    My newest dog is named Farkas after the Chilean businessman Leonardo Farkas. Farkas the man is pretty well known for his mullet and after the earthquake this year he donated a huge amount of aid to people in Southern Chile that needed it and even went down with the trucks himself. So when it came to naming my white shaggyhaired street dog I adopted a month ago I named it Farkas in tribute to the man. I saved him from a life on the streets of Santiago and he’s been my support dealing with the fallout from the earthquake.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My beautiful coal black border collie lab mix is named Buck after the much neglected family dog on the sitcom “Married With Children.” A few days before we adopted our Buck we read in our local paper that the dog playing the role of Buck Bundy a 10 year old Briard had passed away. My husband and I were fans of the show we still watch the reruns and the dog on the show was a familiar to us as a canine family member would be so when we adopted our dog he became Buck in memory of Buck Bundy.

  • Naomi says:

    I adopted my jack Russell lola from my local humane society. The moment I saw her all she wanted was attention! She had a inyourface personality and was always putting on a show for anyone who would pay attention to her. I named her lola after Barry manilows song “copacababa” when he sings the line “her name was lola she was a show girl!”

  • Laura Egbert says:

    Zo Francesca de los Angeles she is a ShiTzu with too much personality for just the name Zo so I added my favorite Italian name as she is somewhat exotic. Then my nephew wanted to add “Consuela” I wasn’t big on it and it didn’t really ring for her. De los Angeles was perfect to round out her name as she did come directly from the angels.

  • Jesse says:

    My dog’s name is Moley. When people ask me why I named her what I did I usually give them 1 of 3 stories. I either say it’s because of the spot on her face because I like guacamole or because she always does thing that make me say “holy moley!” None of them are true but much easier to explain in short. I named her Moley because I saw a picture of a french bulldog years ago and he was looking into the sun and his eyes were all squinty. As a joke I always referenced him to my mom as Moley because he looked like a mole. The joke turned into reality and I knew I was going to get a frenchie and name them Moley. Well I have and it fits her perfectly!

  • Stephanie Thune says:

    We rescued an abandoned Boston Terrier who was given the name Spotty by the rescue. We didn’t care for it so we changed his name when we adopted him. We decided to name him after a beloved 80’s sitcom character Richard Milhous Stabone better know as Boner from Growing Pains. We think Boner fits our little guy perfectly. He has a wonky eye deformed floppy paw and the goofiest personality of any dog I know.

  • Heather Estrela says:

    Hey Peta! Well I have two little dogs and the ones name is Eve because I went and adopted her on christmas eve she is a pomeranian. and my other dogs name is Friday. His name is friday because the litter our family had had 7 puppies and each was named monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday and of course not only if friday the best day of the week but he was the most adorable long haired jack russel !

  • emily reynolds says:

    i have a cat named Shorty but his actual name is Misty 2. he responds more to Shorty so i call him that. even thought hes an outside cat i love him like a childsince i hate kids…hes been my baby ever since my other cat got put to sleep bc of Feline Luekemia…that was the hardest day ever

  • Rachael Cumbee says:

    My cat is named Mononoke after the movie we were watching when we heard her crying in the street. She was the runt of her litter and when cars began to drive by the mother took the other kittens and left her for dead. We took her in and feed her every two hours day and night from an eye dropper. I guess that’s what makes her the sweetheart she is today

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Though she is unfortunately no longer with me we named my little farm rescue piggie Kahlua because when she was first born she was so tiny she could fit inside a Kahlua bottle according to my uncle.I miss her so much.

  • stephanie blaising says:

    My dogs names are harley and ditto. I adopted my first bichon harley and after watching “Ghost” I thought my second bichon was a “ditto” of harley. She looked and acted just like him and they are inseperable. My rescued cat’s name is Callie and that is what it was when I adopted her. I loved it and thought she should keep her name. They say cats don’t come when called but she certainly does.

  • Kayla says:

    We have three dogs Keisha Kylie and Kobe. My Grandma started naming her kids with K names and her kids kept it going. So when we got dogs we decided not to break the tradition

  • Chelsea says:

    My adopted dog Bella got her name the moment I laid eyes on her! ..she had been named “Annie” by the humane society but I found it far too plain. She is a husky mix and has one blue eye and the other is brown. Some people think it’s “cool” or “weird” but I think it’s beautiful.. along with everything else about her so she was named Bella!

  • kris says:

    wow.i never really looked thru this site…….but hat info you have listed here……..i will be a daily surfer from now on thats for sure!

  • Erin Register says:

    I adopted my cat from a local rescue organization when he was about 3 months old. Being a typical kitten he was very active and playful. The rescue had named him “Rambunctious” because of this and called him “Rambi” for short. I thought that sounded a little too much like Bambi for a boy cat but I didn’t want to change his name too much. So I decided to name him “Rambo.” It turned out to be fitting as he is a big guy and is always ready for a fight if another animal tries to get too close or eat his food.

  • Grace says:

    My little black toy poodle is named Noodle because when we got her as a puppy all she did was lay down we tried everything to get her to come to us but not even the tasty puppy treats lured her! Then at night I was enjoying a bowl of beefy Top Ramen when I realized she was right next to the chair I was in giving me puppy eyes for some noodles. I gave her one and she devoured it! The next morning she had a piece of noodle sticking out of her little black nose! Hahah She still loves ramen the most to this day.

  • Essie Oxendahl says:

    Our doggie’s names are Lily and Petunia. We named them after flowers because they are so lovely and they always succeed in bringing color to our lives even in the long North Dakota winters where no actual flowers are seen for many months! I also think they deserve new pretty bowls because they have recently gone from vegetarian to vegan along with me and my husband have adapted wonderfully and are bringing even more good to the world than they were before!