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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kitty Castles

Written by PETA | June 24, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the Kitty Castles are aMY, Heather, Nadine L., Karin, and Tara. Congratulations!

I’ve never quite understood it when people talk about the cats they “own.” Anyone with a feline companion knows that we don’t own cats—they own us. As soon as they enter our homes, they become our kings and queens and we their devoted subjects.

What could be a more appropriate abode for kitty royalty than a Kitty Castle? A Kitty Castle is a playhouse that Princess Fluffy can retire to after she’s done taking over your house. It’s the perfect size for playing or sleeping, and it’s fun for the kids (or you) to decorate (with her majesty’s permission, of course). This week, we’ve got five of them to give away!


Kitty Castle


How do you win? Tell us why your feline friend deserves to be pampered. The five most touching comments will take home a Kitty Castle and a few other treats.

The contest ends on July 8, 2009, and we’ll choose five comments as the winners on July 10, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Lisa says:

    I would love to win this for my two cats. I need my bed back! They sprawl out over my bed and I barely have any room to sleep in it myself. They get excited over new things that they’d take a break from my bed to try and hide in their “home”!

  • Faith Beebe says:

    My Kitty Lovey is a princess and she needs a castle to be princess of. She hasn’t been feeling very well lately has the sniffles and a Castle to call her own away from her brothers and sisters might be just the thing to perk her up.

  • Teresa says:

    Wow! my cat would love thisShe already thinks shes the queen of the castle.

  • Jenna says:

    I am always looking for sweepstakes that involve cat towersfoodlittertoys etc. I am the proud owner of 37 resuced cats that I have rescued when they were just kittens. I always own 3 dogs and 4 horses. My cats absolutely love hiding in these kinds of towers. Even though they are all declawed they think they have claws I have them all in our huge open basement so they can roam around freely. They absolutely love hiding in boxes and play houses that the kids have outgrown but they still love the kitty towers the best

  • Nadine L says:

    Our guy was orphaned as a baby. we took him and bottle fed him slept with him to keep him warm wiped his little bottom so he could go potty which they cannot do on their own that young He is the sweetest most loyal and loving pet ever and also king of the roost. He’s boss and he lets everyone know it. He’s had the same cat tree for years and it’s old and worn out. A new one is just what this king needs.

  • Kendra says:

    ohhh…my 7 year old that I have raised since he was 2 wks old is so loving and has added so much to me lifehe would so love to be King !

  • Theresa says:

    My kitty Lucky almost died of liver disease and after a month and a half of intense nursing she pulled through and is happy healthy! She’s a little princess she needs a castle.

  • Yvonne Huff says:

    I have cats and they are the best cats. They don’t get into very much so they deserve a new toy! Plus my daughters 4 cats would get a chance to play with this.

  • anna burdette says:

    my last cat disappeared. I live alone and sometimes I yearn for something I can talk to. the cat castle will encourage me to get one that is scheduled for death and give it a happy life.

  • Kelly Ann T. says:

    I volunteer with a local animals shelter nokill. We have kitty city where the cats are free to roam around and sit on a bed if they want to. We have a few cats that cannot be with the general population and they have a large cage I would love to be able to donate this to the special needs kittys. Thank you for a wonderful contest.

  • Kathryn says:

    My cat Miaka would love to have this. She came into the animal shelter I was volunteering at 6 years ago and I decided to foster her. She was only 2 weeks old at the time and I had to feed her with a bottle. Needless to say I fell in love and she’s been with me since. I just graduated from college this year and have been hit hard by the weak economy. While I’ve been blessed here it’s time for me to move on I’ve decided to go to grad school. I would love for Miaka to come with me but I worry that she will become bored. She’ll be moving from a decent sized house to a very very small apartment. She has her own “chair” where she sleeps scratches and plays on but I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring it. I’d love for her to have a little place of her own to hide and play in.

  • Richard Hansen says:

    Kitty cozy.

  • Estelle says:

    My kitty deserves to be pampered because she’s a great companion. My daughter brought Bella our cat home last summer and since then it’s like she’s always been a member of our family. Bella’s mother was a feral cat and my 13 year old daughter talked the people who had her on their property into taking care of the momma cat so they could eventually find homes for all the kittens. Bella is the sweetest sassiest cat there ever was and we wouldn’t give her up for the world!

  • susan varney says:

    win it

  • Mark M says:

    Our little kitty Milo came to us just 4 short weeks ago and already he is an irreplaceable member of the family. How silly I must have looked when I had to leave work in the middle of the day last week when the family told me how upset he was after being placed in his pet carrier for his first trip to the vet. I had to rush home a little tearyeyed just to make sure my “little boy” was ok.

  • Tina J says:

    I pamper my kitty every chance I get. He deserves it! When my neighbors cat passed away they went to their friend who works at the cat doctor to get a new one. It just so happens that she had went to the shelter the week before and noticed a kitten that had a sign on him that said to be euthanized. She put him in her backpack and ran out. She saved him! She gave my neighbors that cat but after spending one night with him they decided they were not ready for another cat. My dog had just died so I was looking for a kitten cause I haven’t had a cat in years. They asked their friend if they can give the cat to me and I’ve had him ever since. He was 4 months old. Currently he is at my sisters with her 2 cats for another month while we fix up our new condo. I just moved in with my boyfriend and even though he is a dog person and allergic to cats he let me keep him cause he knows the story and how much my cat means to me. My cat adores him too! I try to papmper him as much as I can. We are saving to buy a cat condo for the new place they are expensive. I just want a place for him to hang out while we are in the living room cause he usually like to hide under the coffee table. Every time I play with him I feel so grateful to have such an affectionate playful kitty. Just to know what the shelter was going to do to him breaks my heart.

  • Margaret Smith says:

    My furbaby Shadow is one of the most wonderful cats and friend. He’s wonderful with our kids especially our 12 year old son. He’s affectionate and caring and loves to be around us all the time. I really think that he thinks he’s just another kid. He loves to play fetch yes he’ll fetch his toys and come back with them. I’d really love to treat him to this special castle. Thanks so much.

  • Ira Yon says:

    I have adopted two very sweet and loving cats. One is 10 years old and was born without a tail. The other is 5 years old. They deserve to have a little castle of their own. One because the 10 year old is afraid of any new people that come to my house and every time she desperately tries to find a place to hide and doesn’t always have much luck. The castle will give her a safe place to stay low and away from the visitors. I believe that before we got her at the pound that she was abused which is horrible. I don’t see how any one could do that to her or any other animal. Once she warms up to you she is the sweetest little girl and you can hear her purr across the room. Now the 5 year old is always looking for a place to sleep. Usually that means the clean clothes on the dryer that were just washed! He could use a little home of his own. Maybe then our dog won’t try and mess with him! It is amazing the array of personalities cats or any animal can have. That is why I think my wonderful cats deserve a hideout of their own.

  • MRS.MOMMYY says:

    we have rescue kitties and foster kitties and they deserve to be loved and pampered

  • Jennifer says:

    hmmm. What is that castle made out of? I ask because I can envision something made of cardboard lasting a whole 10 minutes with my two cats. Princess SugarButt would be holed up inside cleaning between her toes while FatBob my crosseyed Himalayan would be launching an attack from all perimeters simulateously. I want it! The cat drama bringing it into the house would be video worthy.

  • charline says:

    My little boys cat named Grace desErves to be pampered because she was abandoned on the road we live on. She was only a few weeks old when she began to hang around our house. I really didn’t want my little boy to have her because he has asthma. But he kept on feeding her and finally won her over. And then he came to me one day packing her in his arms and said momma I picked out a name for my kitty Meet Miss gracie may.

  • Shirley Hodge says:

    Whether Lucky was abandoned or dumped by humans or just wandered away from his litter we will never know as he came to us after being knicked by my neighbor’d pruning shears while hiding in the elephant ear my neighbor was trimming. In a panic he brought the bleeding tiny little thing to me and I got the bleeding stopped and hauled him off to the vet. Cuts were superficial but he was badly undernourshed and dehydrated so we knew he was alone for some time. He was so tiny and although 3 now he is still small but he has established his supremacy over the lab and two other cats that have joined us since he arrived 3 years ago and while he does share after he has had his he does need a private place to contemplate the world. It is funny to see when he is eating if one of the new cats comes over they are set scrambling in a hurry if Lucky is still eating but but if he is done he graciously steps aside and lets them eat. As for Zoe the lab she has learned in no uncertain terms not to cross Lucky. It is so funny to see the little black white cat chasing this big blond lab all over the yard. I am sure Lucky would make the castle his own and might even invite the other cats in sometimes.

  • Mickeyfan says:

    I would love for Mr T to have this so I could go and scratch the crap out of something of his instead of the other way around! Oh I love him but those claws of his………

  • sarah d. says:

    I am the proud stepmom to my boyfriend’s cats Bella Peanut. While they both do naughty things throughout the day “because they’re little” as their dad would say at the end of the day they are both cuddled up with me in bed. Bella’s purr is as loud as a helicopter and Peanut “steals” my hair ties and plays with them all night. It does not make for a peaceful night sleep but it’s the love that counts!

  • Carol says:

    My cat Chloe deserves to win because of the rough start she had in life. Whoever thought it was OK to abandon a 6week old kitten with her collar on on a busy street in a city must have had no heart at all. Chloe managed to climb up a tree out of fear and was rescued by the city Fire Department. Upon retrieving her my friend Barbara took her in and called me asked me if I wanted a kitten. You see both of our elderly cats had died within weeks of each other and we were petless for the first time in 20 years. I said no at first then offered to foster her and put her up for adoption. Flash forward an hour and we all fell in love with this scrawny dirty loveable cat Just based on what she gives us every day in terms of love and laughs Chloe deserves to win no question.

  • Chrystal Davis says:

    Even though my pride thinks MY place is their castle they need one of their own. I am the neighborhood cat lady as I feed all the strays and I think they would love this!

  • janet knori says:

    So many deserving kitties! But I believe mine is just as deserving as any! Sumi is 11 years old a Himalayan not HER fault and beginning to have hip problems. Her BIG problem now is that she has to compete with two dogs to get to her food. We have put it on the dining room table but a one dog is not above trying to pull it off and b sometimes guests object. Besides we are putting her to the ultimate indignigy of having a lion cut today for the first time she and I together cannot keep up with her coat and even with meds she has hairballs all the time. She NEEDS a little house to hide and EAT in!

  • Tamara Burks says:

    I have 4 cats inside plus there’s the strays we leave food out for and they give us unconditional love. A kitty house would probably be the perfect way for one to get away from the others for some me time. THough Marmalade seems to do that by sleeping in the bathroom sink

  • Lim BengHock says:

    always wanted a cat but my family are allergic to cats. bumper.

  • Tabatha Williams says:

    My fiance and I have 11 cats. Most of them are older but we recently inherited 3 kittens and a pregnant cat. The kitty castle would be a godsend. Instead of playing with everything in the house and trahsingtearing it up they could have their own space.

  • Shari says:

    Part Two on BoomBoom What I meant to say was..BoomBoom would get up in the middle of the night and walk into the bathroom when I was getting sick from having my tumors taken out and there he was!!! Sitting right next to me as I hovering over the toilet getting sick! He would meow “HANG IN THERE” and rub up on me with ALL HIS LOVE! He even made me laugh threw it some nights! BoomBoom was my night in shining armour! And he did give up his favorite spot on the bed when I saved another kitty and made her the newest member of the family because she felt save sleeping there! Just think I got BoomBoom from a newspaper ad and his “owner” said they didn’t want him because he wasn’t friendly enough! I love my BoomBoom for not giving up on mankind! Because he loves me he never gave up on us humans!

  • Ashley says:

    My kitten Anubis is only 8 weeks old but already he has had a rough life. At 3 weeks his mother was hit by a car. He and his three sisters were given to my coworker at the vet office we work at. I took him and one of his sisters and my coworker took the other two little girls. We bottle raised them and brought them to work every day to feed them on our lunch breaks and to let them play together. At 5 weeks my little girl Sekhmet came down with aspiration pneumonia and despite frantic hours of doing everything to save her she passed away. Then just last week another of his sisters passed away. She was my coworker’s baby and again we did everything in our power to save her but she died of unknown complications. In the 8 weeks that Anubis has been alive he has lost his mother and two of his three sisters. But he is still a happy hyperactive kitten who just wants to run and jump and stalk and play. In all my experience with cats I have never seen a kitten as rambunctious and full of energy and spunk as he is. He never rests! So the kitty castle would not be for him it would be for my 6 other kitties all feral rescues who love him but need a break from him every once in a while! I think they get tired of babysitting him for me while I’m at work.

  • Carol Silvestri says:

    A Castle would be a wonderful gift for my 5 little kittens and 4 adult cats at home. My 16 year old son found a female cat in labor in the woods by our home she was emaciated and terrified being only a kitten herself he gently brought her home to me where she proceeded to give birth to 5 kittens the kittens thrived but alas nobody wanted them. We kept the mother and the kittens all are well and neutered or spayed I think these little guys would love to have a special place to hide and play.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Why do I think my Ollie should have a a Kitty Kastle? Well to start with he was born in my dog’s house and spent the first 8 weeks of his life there under the watchful eye of Buck my good and faithful dog. When the kittens were removed to be adopted Buck anxiously followed the kittens out to the rescue worker’s car. My neighbor who’s cat gave birth to the kittens kept Ollie and one other kitten. They shortly got to be too much for him so he threw them outside and refused them food or water hoping they would find their own way to greener pastures. The greener pastures turned out to be my side of the porch where Buck and I resumed their care. This neighbor and his family moved. I found a home for the friendlier of the kittens but Ollie refused to let anyone touch him and severely scratched and bit anyone who tried. Eventually with a lot of patience I won him over. He now cuddles with me and is one of the delights of my life. He now sleeps in a cat carrier donated by another much kinder neighbor cuddled in his very own Humane Society blanket and still protected by Buck who is still very vigilant in his cat guarding duties. Im sure Ollie would love a place that is just his own and never used by any other animal. It would be like a human moving from a homeless shelter to a brand new house made just for them. After his uncertain inconsistant start in life with homes and owners coming and going this would be a sign of his permanance in someone’s life.

  • Natasha says:

    My cats deserve to be pampered because they are my very best friends who are always there for me kind and are so funny. Everyday they make me laugh and smile with all the crazy stuff they do. Trev will jump in the bathtub and wait til I fill a cup of water for him everyday he will run around in the hall only when nobody is watching really fast and it’s quite loud lol and he will jump on the kitchen table every morning waiting for his water mixed homeopathic medicine drops for arthritis to lap up. Angel will lick lotion Freeman off of my hands when I try to pet her she tries to lick lipglossBonne Bell off my lips too when I kiss her sometimes she like to sleep under my covers on my bed and sleep beside me while purring extremely loudly I honestly never heard a purr that loud before and when I sit on the couch with my legs on the floor she will run to me and go under my legs back and forth like it’s some kind of game until she gets tired and has to lie down. My kitties would love a castle. Trev can be a prince and Angel can be the princess!!

  • Amanda says:

    Just wondering if my Thumper boy who is actually an indoor bunny would love a castle!! He sure is king around here … any chance of bunny prizes in the future???

  • Shari says:

    My cat BoomBoom. Because he got up out of bed everynight when I was ill with tumors and was getting sick in the bathroom and he meowed”HANG IN THERE!” He also gave up his favorite spot on the bed when I rescued another cat and made her the news member of the family.

  • roxanne says:

    opps I forget to mention that they motivate me to be brave and speak out against animal cruelty. i speak for them I am one of their messengers.

  • roxanne says:

    Boy and Mami 2 rescued cats live with me and they should be pampered because they bring out the best in me. They motivate me to be kind and loving. They motivate me to wake up in the morning. They teach me to love.

  • Amanda Goodwin says:

    I have two kitties Chibi and mooshoo. Chibi came to me about two years ago from an animal hoarder. She was in extremely bad shape and was very skittish and i was told that they had planned to put her down. I was told she would never be social and that there was no point in wasting my time. I refused to let them kill her and took her into my home where i started to rehabilitate her. It took a few months but finally she calmed down and now she is an extremely loving cat who every morning comes and wakes me up by licking my arm. Mooshoo used to be one of my friends cats. He wasnt fixed and was allowed to roam the streets. The poor guy would always come home with deep bite wounds. One day i was talking to my friend and she told me mooshoo had disappeared a week before. I was extremely upset she didnt call me and tell me he disappeared and went and checked the humane society and thats where i found him. So that same day i adopted him and he has been living with me ever since of course as an indoor cat now

  • Katia says:

    This would be the perfect purr palace for my blind baby Scooter. When I found him and the rest of his litter last summer under a dirty trailer in a parking lot he only weighed 6 ounces at 6 weeks of age! He’d been suffering from a nasty infection which destroyed his eyeballs. The rest of his littermates were adopted into loving homes and I kept Scooter under my wing. For the first 2 weeks I had them in my bathroom for their isolationmedication period I would construct little cat castles out of old boxes. I remember the first time I saw Scooter really gain a hold of his surroundings was in one of those box castles. Even though he can’t see he runs and plays with the best of them and enjoys showing my new foster kitties his favorite toys and hideyholes. I’m sure he would love to have a proper castle to lounge around in since he truly is king of this household! I’m sure the rest of my resident and foster kitties wouldn’t mind having a neat castle either

  • Jody Keating says:

    Are you kidding this is designed for my amazing cat Czar yes that means King I don’t think there is a more deserving cat of such a treat as this fabulous Kitty Castle. We have been together for 15 years in November and he is truely an angle. He taps on my leg with his paw to be picked up he actually cuddles me when I do pick him up one arm around each side of my neck with his head snuggled in to one side and his paws clenched just ever so slightly and he looks into my face and touches my face with a paw. He loves all people and all people love him. I would so love to give him this castle.

  • Daniel Fernandez says:

    My oldest cat Pandora came home as a rescue with prolapsed rectum she healed to become companion to my dog. Two years later she welcomed a calico kitten born under my house. New kitten’s name is Toluca and they both let me clip their nails brush their teeth and Toluca even attempts to let me walk her on a leash. neither have ever shown me their nails in a threatening way and have become inseparable which cries out for a castle in which the two of them can escape from the dog from time to time.

  • Jennifer says:

    Nora the princess deserves this more than anything! Nora my shelter cat was a foster mom who took care of many baby kitties including her own for 6 months before we adopted her. From the second we walked in the shelter we knew she was the one. She gave us that stare and melted my heart instantly! Nora is a two year old tortoiseshell with green eyes that can make you do anything for her She likes to be pampered and I think she would really love the kitty castle being she is royalty and all. Nora really likes to watch movies with her mom. And share tuna with her naughty meat eating father! She also only eats organic food which i recommend she is feeling so much better after getting off of dry food which contains chicken heads and feet. Shes the most loving companion I could ask for and I don’t know what I would do without her 3 Nora’s Human

  • ila Ratterree~ says:

    This is too cute! and my three girls are total princessesso they would luv it. Relationships with felines are based on “trust” SOME humans being so egocentric definitely do understand that cats are not into blind followers but those that they can trust. Why do you think feral cats form such strong colonies….

  • Charlene says:

    My furry kids all deserve the very best…and if I was rich I would buy them a real castle…but til then this one will certainly do The King of the castle would be my big boy Spun Kee. He was my first cat and all by devine intervention. Born with Asthma I never was able to be around cats. One day a friend called and said a little kitten just got hit by a car. Well off I went with the intention to save him and find him a home. Things didn’t go as easily as I planned. When I arrived there he was a tiny little Siamese kitty that was downright ferocious. Four men wouldn’t even get near him. Finally I managed to grab him in a towel and get him in the kennel. Off the vet I went. Again men! the vet! wouldn’t touch him. He told me I had two choices put him down or let him go. Neither were acceptable. So begins our wonderful time together. It took me three days of practically living on the floor next to his cage before he would even let me touch him. As days went by I was just waiting for my Asthma but praying it wouldn’t come. On the third day when he was sleeping….I reached over slowly and touched him lightly….he just melted and started purring. And the most amazing part is I am no longer allergic to cats! Spun Kee deserves a castle because he rescued me and helped cure my Asthma

  • amanda marie farrer- freeman says:

    i have 2 cat i love them both so much. hunter will be 6 in august and he so sweet he cuddle with me when i sleep. he is an attention hound but i dont mind. little black is my other cat and she will be 5 in july she is named after my cat i had growing up we had to put her down due to diabtats. she acts alot like blackie did. both cats get alot of attention and are very loved by me and my husband both. we have no children. the cats our our children. we both enjoy making sure they get treat every night before bed. little black wont let us forset she has a way of reminding. she gets very excited. they are good cats and could not imagine not having them in our lives.

  • Tonya Banchetto says:

    We rescued our kitten from the parking lot at walmart. We saw something on the ground and at first we thought it was a stuffed animal until we saw a truck drive over it and it crouched a little further down. My husband jumped out of our truck and ran over to her. She crouched down real low and started hissing and “growling” at him…lol. She was so scared. When he got her into the truck she tried to climb up under our dashboard. My husband grabbed a shirt and wrapped it around her. Despite her hissing and trying her best to chew his hand off he just talked to her and pet her head until she started to calm down. It took her about 3 days to calm down fully. She was quite emaciated when we found her but now she is fat and happy and it feels like she has been here forever.

  • Heather Draht says:

    My cat Hannah deserves a castle because she is the passive cat of the three I own. She is always hiding from the other cats and every little noise scares her. It would be nice for her to have a little special castle to hide in and feel safe in.

  • cher says:

    In October of last year my 22 pound gigantic marmie Madison who arrived as a stray in 1995 started losing weight. After 7 months of unsuccesful treatment for Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease a tumor was discovered which had gone undetected. By this point he was 8 pounds of pure bones. The odds were bad. Really bad. But I scheduled the intestinal surgery anyway being advised that he likely would not survive the surgery let alone the recovery after having portions of his intestines removed. Well I cancelled EVERYTHING and began saying my goodbyes. As he went to sleep in the O.R. I told him that he had made me very happy. I did not expect to ever see him awake again. I stood with him during every second of the surgery just in case he passed. He didn’t. That was 5 weeks ago and while the cancer is of an aggressive type and may return right now he is tumorfree. He is a kitten again. I had done my best to say goodbye but he wasn’t ready to go yet. He is now 10 pounds and gaining. He is DEFINITELY the KING around this house.