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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kitty Castles

Written by PETA | June 24, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the Kitty Castles are aMY, Heather, Nadine L., Karin, and Tara. Congratulations!

I’ve never quite understood it when people talk about the cats they “own.” Anyone with a feline companion knows that we don’t own cats—they own us. As soon as they enter our homes, they become our kings and queens and we their devoted subjects.

What could be a more appropriate abode for kitty royalty than a Kitty Castle? A Kitty Castle is a playhouse that Princess Fluffy can retire to after she’s done taking over your house. It’s the perfect size for playing or sleeping, and it’s fun for the kids (or you) to decorate (with her majesty’s permission, of course). This week, we’ve got five of them to give away!


Kitty Castle


How do you win? Tell us why your feline friend deserves to be pampered. The five most touching comments will take home a Kitty Castle and a few other treats.

The contest ends on July 8, 2009, and we’ll choose five comments as the winners on July 10, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • justine crothers says:

    I am currently being entertained by a five month old kitten who’s companion is 16 and in hospital fighting cancer. I have never before been fortunate enough to meet such a special gentle wild and playful creature. Whether patting my five month old daughter sitting alongside his sick companion or running wild with his four year old friend he truly is a prince.

  • Carle says:

    My kitty Missty is such an awesome kitty to live w! She defiantly knows that she is the Queen Bee of the house and doesn’t let anyone forget it! She was abandoned in Dallas and my family found her and decided to adopt her instead of take her to a shelter. Even though she has that famous “cat attitude” she picks up on when I have had a bad at school or something and is always there for me to snuggle w… At night she sleeps right on top of my chest and sometimes it makes me laugh cause it feels weird to breathe w a cat on top of you. I guess she doesn’t like that cause she shuts me up real fast w all those sharp pointy claws of hers… Sometimes if i get home late she goes on to bed wo me and ALWAYS sleeps in the very center of the bed so i have to twist my body around her. Then the very second I get comfortable she hops up to the top bunk! And then there is the throwing up! She throws up constantly! All the vets say nothing is wrong some cats just vomit alot. So i am constantly cleaning up cat puke! It is so gross but I love her and she defiantly deserves her very own castle to hide away in!

  • Pilar Ayende says:

    My baby Chalupa should win the kitty castle she is the queen of the house and the queen of my heart.

  • Anna Gerechka says:

    My kitties are two sisters who were found in a box as kittens by the side of the road. I was 4 years old when my family adopted them due to my persuasions. Even though they are old now I still love them as much as the first day I saw them. However one of them now has advanced hyperthyroidism and she requires a lot of extra care and costly medicine. I get up early every morning to feed her extra and give her the medicine. She also begs more for food and let’s just say her litter box is filled more often and is smellier. However I continue to care for her and love her and I feel bad knowing that she has this disease. She deserves to be pampered as does her sister who puts up with her.

  • Anya says:

    Once shelter adoptees a few hours short of anesthesia Lucky and Thumbs are now queen and king of our household and so far we have not been able to provide them with sleeping quarters adequate for their aristoCATic I mean aristocratic standing. So far not quite right for a real queen and king they are using the servants’ bed occupied by my husband and I. Often when I wake up at night I find my husband awake ready to go to bathroom but unable to do so because he does not want to wake our royal masters. They would love their new palace finally a place that is adequate for our royal couple!

  • Roberta says:

    I read several of the comments. Very sad how some of the kitties have been mistreated in the past. I’m happy to say my kitty Ophie has a very happy life. Aside from not getting as many treats as she wants or not being let outside when she wants or me throwing her off my basket with clean warm laundry. At my other place she did have an occasional runin with another cat who was mean to her and would interrupt her prowling around in the bushes and send her hiding inside. And at my current residence my roommate has a cat who is happy to have a friend which Ophie considers harassment when he tries to be nice. So as you can see she has a nice life. And my roommate’s cat Thor he’s pretty spoiled too. Aside from having to share his climbing tree with my cat and being the victim of a few random “run by” swattings from my cat and he returns the favor he has a good life too. They make a good pair they work together to increase the amount of treats dispensed and teach each other bad habits. They are king and queen. Giving them a castle will most definitely go to their heads but I’m willing to take that chance so is my room mate

  • laura says:

    My cat Friskie completely deserves a new kitty bed because My cat just got out of the animal vet for getting shot. I have a really bad neihbor who does not like animals so she shot poor Friskie when he wodered on to her property. He got really sick from an infection from the bullet and was so weak he could not walk it was so awful. He needs a nice new home to lounge in since he can’t go outside as often as he used t

  • Jennie Weer says:

    My family has six cats Pheobe Adolf Woolsey Vladimir Natasha and Murray. Pheobe was an abandoned cat that my sister brought home. Pheobe and her brother were very close and when he died she got really sad. She is 14 years old. Adolf Woolsey and Murray are all brothers from the same litter. They are each 11 years old lately they have been very sick and going through a hard time with each of their sickness and growing up. Vladimir and Natasha came from the same cat shelter. Vladimir is 10 years old and Natasha is 8. They each deserve a cat castle because without our cats I would have the wort life EVER! My cats are my heroes I would do anything for themother then cleaning the box brushing and an occasional bath… They have gone through SO much and really deserve this! They have never had a catbed or a scrath postthat most cats normally do because we have not been able to afford them with so many cats. They would love it!

  • jennifer says:

    I’ve adopted 7 cats over time and have loved them more than anything. We currently have 2 females that are not really happy about having 3 siblings and one is plucking her fur out. If we knew our situation would create stress on her we would not have taken her from her situation we would have tried to find her a better home…anyway we absolutely LOVE her and can’t give her up now. She deserves a place of her own in our home to escape the neverendingplaytime of our other cats. I have never seen a catcastle and think is is perfect for our Miss Chito. We donate to our local Humane Society and if we ever saw something like that there we would definately purchase one. I think it would be a great way to raise money for the local Humane Societys!!

  • Farah says:

    My girl Ally deserves the Kitty castle for several reasons. Ally was found on a busy intersection in NYC and was brought into my home as a kitten. Now Ally is the only girl cat in a house of 4 other boys. Ally prefers to be on her own and sometimes get frustrated by the presence of her 4 male companions. She occasionally urinates in the house and there really isn’t much I can do about it. My parents get upset about the urination but they would never let her go. the 4 boys are all rescues and I cannot let any of them go either. I think Ally will appreciate the privacy she will receive from the kitty castle. She of course will get first dibs on it and she can share the castle with them but only if she wants to.

  • Kate Gnetetsky says:

    I’ve had my owner kitty Uma since she was a baby. I got her out of a batch of kittens when she crawled in to my lap and decided that I would be her bed from now on. But when she was around 1 she got out in the evening time to go munch on some grass when she was brutally attacked by a coyote. When I heard her screaming I ran outside and bolted after the coyote who by that time had grabbed Uma by the head putting it entirely in his mouth and turned the corner in my apartment complex. I ran after him with little hope that she was still alive or that I would ever even see her again. After some frantic searching I was about to give up when I saw her bloody and wet sitting on someone else’s staircase. Overwhelmed with joy I picked her up and hurried her home. When I took her to the vet there was no visible trauma which means she wasn’t covered in her blood and that she ultimately beat up the coyote. But she didn’t get away without injury she had brain trauma and couldn’t close her eyes for weeks because her brain was swollen. Ever since that night she can’t stand to be picked up and is always trying to hide in little spaces. It’s been four years since the incident and although she hasn’t been the same in certain respects she still lives a happy and very chubby life. Because of her love for little places of her own to get away from the scary world at times I think my little survivor coyote beating up kitty deserves her bravery to be honored in a castle.

  • Mia Blankensop says:

    I’m looking over all the other kitty stories and they might deserve the castle more than my giant Maine Coon cat Marshall. He’s not a prince or a king…instead as my disgusted boyfriend has said numerous times Marshall is a princess. He’s a delightful intelligent and yes spoiled cat that should have a section of my tiny apartment all to himself. You know besides his “toy corner” and “food station”. If nothing else Marshall should have a castle as a reminder that he won’t be given up for a third time and as a thank you for turning his owner me vegetarian.

  • matt says:

    i got my cat when he was half a year old and his parents were abused and he was abused a it would help

  • Nadine Buehre says:

    There was a little boy with a big black cat named Lion. “Why do you call the cat Lion you wouldnt call a snake Mouse or a dog Fox!” But the boy didnt want to tell the people what it was about. He knew that Lion was king of the cats and there for deserved a royal name but he also knew that people would laugh at him if he would have told them. Prove to us that he is king of the cats they would say and it couldnt be proved just felt. The boy felt that Lion was less his cat than he was his boy and he liked the thought of being a cats son.

  • April Sievers says:

    I have two babies that are both rescues Prince Kohl and Princess Pnut! We have had to move a few times in the last couple of years and we have finally found a home that suites us all! We have been through many hardships in the past few years but not once did I ever give up on them nor them me..they are my prince and princess as I lovingly refer to them..they deserve a place to call their own that can travel with us! In May we will have to move again and it woudl be nice to always have a lil piece of home for them to be comfortable in.. Good luck to all and I am so happy to see all the love for our furry and some not so furry friends! Keep up the great work PETA!

  • Kelli says:

    If I won this wouldn’t be for me I have a dog but I would give it to my brotherinlaw and his family. They have a wonderful cat who just turned 12 and survived cancer treatment. He also lost his companion when their other cat passed away last year. I think he definitely deserves some pampering!

  • Jessy says:

    I have three adopted kitties and they are all deserving of such a castle but perhaps none more than little Eggy. When we got her from the shelter she was labeled special needs because she was deaf. The second I saw her she rubbed her little head on me and I fell in love. After adopting her we learned she had parasites. Shortly thereafter we learned she had ringworm something she passed on to her new kitty brother. Because of her rough early life she was 6 months when she was found as a stray she is rather small but is the sweetest cat you could ever meet. And you know what? She hears fine. I think it was maybe a case of her being afraid at the shelter and them not taking the time to understand why she was not responding to their “clap” hearing test. Eggy would be a pretty princess in this castle although when she is in it I would certainly miss her being in my lap! She is the kind of kitty that just brightens your day.

  • MeLoni says:

    I rescued my kitties at about 6 weeks of age from the middle of a 365 acre winery. I noticed that they were “special” when the mother brought them over at about 4 weeks to the little restaurant located in the winery. They are now 3 years old. They are blind since birth have what I like to call the “kitty version of IBS” and Tabby has been through a couple bouts of hospitalization. While Grey is seemingly healthy minus the IBS and lack of sight Tabby has seen it all. He went through a terrible bout of fatty liver disease but succumbed all odds with only a 10 chance of survival. He has gone from barely 6 pounds to a whopping 18 pounds in the past year. As for the blindness they get around just fine but still bump into things on occasion and are a bit skiddish as would be expected. They have gone from itty bitty malnourished kittens with a very slim chance of survival to living the life of spoiled “mama’s boys.” As for their brothers and sisters they all found loving homes. Unfortunately their mother left us shortly after bringing her young to me with a nasty case of FIP. They are my little spoiled princes and would love to share a castle. I think I wrote too much. Haha…sorry about that. I just love my babies…

  • Janet Constantino says:

    Here is why our cat Gigi should win the kitty castle. First he is a cat and there really is no explanation for why cats should have castles it’s just a given. Second his privacy is critical to his having a good day. Even though my son has been stripped of his favorite blanket so it can be folded just right on a trunk on which Gigi will sleep or my daughter’s favorite black sweater has been carelessly thrown on a chair upon which Gigi might make another bed for a midday nap even though my daughter is dieing to wear that sweater. And even though my middle daughter is Gigi’s rightful companion and if my daughter is not up by a certain time every morning to let him wander the backyard before too much sunlight disturbs his privacy he will lie so close to her face on her pillow that she moves and relinquishes ownership of the pillow rightly so to Gigi. He knows his place. It’s anywhere. And he knows the pecking order in our home Gigi my children and me. I deserve a castle but I know Gigi would be a perfect ruler over this one.

  • Chris says:

    We..the cats pretty much think they are the Kings and Queens around here..why not a castle?..They are all abandoned cats that we have taken in..and now just part of the family. The vet down the road even gave us a discount to get them spayed if we brought them all in on one day…so no more unwanted kitties from this little group!

  • marisa says:

    my baby kitten whiskey used to be an indoor cat until i moved and my mothers husband said he hates cats and made her stay outside. so now she is an outdoor cat that used to have a sister but got killed by an owl because of being an outside cat. now whiskey is alone and is trying to share a bed with a dog that hates cats. she needs a bed to herself. and unfortunately we cant afford to give her one. pleaseeeee help my baby whiskey with a castle.

  • Eve says:

    My roomate Lola would love this castle as she would consider it a formal acknowledgement of her place in the apartment. I adopted Lola about a year ago when I kept finding mouse friends in my apartment and I adopted her because she was a playful curious girl although not so cuddlyfriendly she was ‘returned’ to the animal rescue league only a few days after being adopted! A year later she’s really opened up to me and coming home to her chirping “hello mama” is the best part of my day! Plus her name when I adopted her was Princess!

  • jamie taylor says:

    I have 10 kings and 2 queens residing in the castle. I have a TNR trapneuterreturn nonprofit and cat rescue org. My royalty are all 2 years old now. Two summers ago I had an FIP outbreak with the kittens I was taming and trying to find homes for. A couple kittens that I found homes for passed away before I knew there was an outbeak so I decided since they couldn’t be adopted because of the possible disease and since I couldn’t kill them that I would take responsibility for the last 10 kittens that possibly had been exposed. And they all lived. And then I picked up 2 more kings along the way. My kitties deserve a castle because their mommy is always busy trapping cats relocating cats taking care of cats trying to raise money for cats trying to finds safe homes for feral cats to be reolcated etc etc.

  • amy says:

    Hi my name is Amy and I would like to introduce you to my amazing cats Casey Jody. I bought them from a local rescue group called C.A.R.S. I first saw Casey at a local pet store C.A.R.S. brought pets that were looking for homes. It was love at first sight. I grew up in a small town with lots of animals and have always had a soft spot for all God’s creatures. Casey is a big guy for a cat he also has a broken tale which he probably got when he was just a kitten. Casey had been rescued from an elderly lady in a small single wide mobile and she was not able to take care of the 50+ cats she had. I brought him home on my birthday the best present ever it took awhile but he warmed up to me. When he was younger I taught him how to play fetch just like a dog. He’s 3 now and he doesn’t fall for the fetch game anymore he probably thinks it’s beneath him. He also doesn’t like to drink out of his water dish so I have to turn on the bathroom faucet. My water bill has taken a few beatings but if Casey likes it I don’t mind. After about a year I decided it was time to get Casey a friend. So I once again called the amazing people at C.A.R.S. And fell in love with a tabby named Jody. Jody was also a rescue and was found in the ceiling of a school. She is crosseyed which only adds to her silly disposition. Her and Casey have a good time chasing each other up down the stairs. They both sleep with me at night Jody like to burrow under the covers and always has to lay right next to me. Casey sleeps on the pillow next to mine and Jody pretty much hogs the rest. I have had many uncomfortable nights but I don’t want to wake her up and move her. So I just deal with it. Again I taught Jody how to fetch she never seems to get bored with it. Every morning Jody wakes me up by licking my face as if saying “get up it’s time to play”. I give them tuna every once in a while in small tuperware dishes and one morning I woke up with one on my pillow. One of them dragged it all the way up stairs and onto my pillow. I guess they wanted some more tuna. I’m 30 yrs old not married and have no children. So my cats are my world and would do anything to protect them. I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into our life. sincerly Amy Casey and Jody

  • Anastasia says:

    After my mom’s cat and only companion for years died unexpectedly my mom refused to get a new cat. She was very sad but insisted that when the time was right the cat would come to her. A few months later her and I were doing some shopping while we were driving past an animal shelter. I told her that I was really in the mood to go see the animals. To my surprise she agreed to stop and look. We instantly made a beeline to the cats. There were cute kittens and noisy adult cats. We saw lots that looked playful and fun. Finally we came to a cat that was neither playful cute fun or noisy. He was a huge orangeyellow long haired tom cat with eyes that matched his fur. Unlike the other cats who were clamoring for attention he looked at us calmly and seemed to demand respect. The woman helping us told us that people didn’t want him because of his standoffish attitude and because they thought his eyes were creepy. If someone didn’t take him soon he’d be put to sleep. Something drew us to him and no matter how fun or cute the other cats seemed he was the cat that felt right for my mom. And what made it truly seem like fate was the fact that his name was Marmaduke. There was a book character my family loved named Marmaduke and we had always said that would be a great name for a big orange cat. Without any hesitation my mom made the necessary arrangements to take Marmaduke home. He has been the king of my mom’s house ever since. It turns out he isn’t as standoffish as everyone thought he was he’s just more dignified than most cats. Fate seemed to have a hand in bringing my mom and him together.

  • Heather says:

    Noah was with a cluster of other kittens when I first met him at the shelter. He came to the edge of the cage where I placed my purse and acted like he wanted to dig out and jump in. I knew he was the one. I had to wait a week because they wouldnt let me take him home without being neutered. When I came to get him the vet took me aside and said they were going to put him to sleep because he wouldnt eat and they thought something was wrong with his spinal cord he kept slipping in the cage which had a steel surface. She then told me that shed already talked to the shelter and I can go pick out another kitten free of charge. I wasnt going to be that easily swayed and I asked to see him. Noah clawed up to the top of my shirt and clung on for dear lifeliterally. The vet was surprised and said that maybe the jewel on my necklace caught his attention. I asked if I could take him home and bring him back in two weeks. She didnt want to but let me anyway. He started eating right away bouncing around and acting like a typical kitten. After two weeks I took him back and they couldnt believe he was the same cat saying that the spinalthing must have been a fluke. Ive now had Noah for eleven years and hes the best friend Ive ever had. He definitely deserves his own throne!

  • erin says:

    I have four cats but I need the Kitty Castle for the one that receives all the smacks from the other cats. Not sure what he’s done to deserve it but he definitely needs a place to hide where he can feel good about himself

  • Angela Rivera says:

    We brought home a new family member on June 1st and have scarcely seen her since. Madeline is a rescue cat and even though her new home is safe and loving she still is afraid to emerge from under the bed. Maybe if she had a castle she could retreat to she could get out from under the bed and expand her horizons a bit.

  • lissette galvan says:

    i got my kitty 5 months back from a coworker who was gonna give her and her brother away to a humane society. my kittys name is gravy and she lost her brother a couple months back. i believe she deserves the world and even though the death has inpacted her emotionally she is starting to get back to her old playful self. i would give anything to see her active again and the kitty castle could give her that jumpstart she needs. im starring at her now and she is the darnest thing but what cat isnt.

  • JenH says:

    Olive was rescued from the streets of Columbia Maryland. She had a kitten in tow. While her rescuer spayed her and kept her safe Olive was kept alone in a small room in the basement for two years. For a feral cat that was used to her freedom and her own rules this must have been excruciating. After my special needs cat reached the end of the line I was able to bring Olive home where she has the run of the house birdfeeders in the windows for entertainment and two other cats to socialize with sort of Olive is still learning social skills. Olive deserves a Kitty Castle

  • Xanthe says:

    My father has always wanted a cat since he moved over from England but our family never actually got one. I started horse riding with someone who owned 3 cats and every time my dad would pet them while he was waiting for me to finish. Soon it came to the day before fathers day and I was out riding. When I came to the barn I saw my dad snuggled up with one of the cats and he looked so at home. Later that day I asked my mom if we could get a cat for my dad. We ended up with two beautiful kittens Simba and Nala who we rescued from the humane society. My dad was so happy about the kittens he has even let Nala sit on his desk chair with him. These kittens deserve to be pampered because no one knows what went on before they were rescueed.

  • Erin Register says:

    I’ve always had cats in the family. We had our family pets Frisky and Sage then my sister’s cat Phoebe and I’ve had my rescue cat Rambo for almost ten years. We’ve been through a lot together but one of the most special moments was when we brought the cats to visit my mother at the hospice when she was in the late stages of cancer. She passed away a few days later but I know that having her cats and grandcats there helped to ease her pain and put a smile on her face. I still think of that visit every time I use her favorite blanket a fleece with kittens printed on it.

  • Ivelisse says:

    He is the Sun of my days the Moon and stars of my nights. I could not imagine life without my Oddy!I simply adore him!

  • christina moschella says:

    I have four cats that are officially my companions but two more have adopted me. I keep food outside so that “Felix” and “Butler” can also have regular meals. The four that are mine are all rescue catsone was rescued from the middle of the road as people just drove right by…or OVER her. I have a one income househould really and I have become a haven for unwanted animals all of whom are spoiled and loved and cared for as though they are my own children. I think Willow Arwen Abbey and Loki would love a kitty castle to call their own giving them a reprieve from the three rescue dogs that also call my house their home.

  • Caitlin says:

    We adopted our 4 year old male tabby from the SPCA 2 years ago. He was the only cat at the shelter in a room full of baby kittens. I just knew he and I would be great companions… I myself was adopted at 3 and 12 well past the cute baby stage. We call him Buddha Baby since he is always living in the moment and became a wonderful protector teacher and friend as we adopted 2 more beautiful cats Sam and Gremlin a year back. He is the king of our house and is the glue that keeps our family together. I would love to see his face when he realized this kitty castle was for him!

  • Matthew Cameron says:

    A couple of years ago my parents and I were in our backyard and we found this little kitten crying in the tree. The kitten fell down luckily the tree wasn’t that tall and came over to see what we were doing. We had been seeing it around for a while and decided to bring it inside. We moved recently and still had some boxes left so we got a big box some blankets and put the kitten inside. We had some food because we already had a cat and let it eat a little. We didn’t find a tag and so we put up flyers to see if it belonged to anybody. A month had gone by and nobody had claimed her so we decided to keep her. We named her “Mittens” because she was all black with little wite paws that looked like mittens. I personally thougth it was a stupid name but my mom liked it. Mittens has been a member of our family now for just over 3 years. She’s not the cuddliest of cats but she’ll come around to see what’s up every now and then. Usually she sleeps under the stairs on a whole bunch of old blankets. She makes then really furry. She sheds everywhere all the time but we still love her. She’s big and…fluffy. Unfortunately our other cat passed away after a month of Mittens. She’s really nice and…I’m done now.

  • Carolynn Peaytt says:

    I am owned by six lovely cats four of which are at the dawn of their “golden years”. They really need a nice relaxing castle to retire in especially for my threelegged cat Sophie. It has been a hard knock life for the sweetie and she deserves to be pampered in her senior years.

  • Patrick says:

    I have had my darling Leopold for a little over a year now since he was abandoned at about two weeks old. I spent the first two months bottle feeding him and nursing him back to health fighting malnutrition and some dehydration from his previous situation as well as severe nasal congestion. He loves the outdoors more than anything and has always been leashed trained. During the first few months I had him I learned that he has a rare case that leaves him allergic to grass. He can still visit the outdoors but for short periods of time while avoiding contact with any grass or plants. Because of this I have tried to make the best indoor area I possibly can to keep my precious baby entertained as well as having places all his own to sleep hide and play. I feel this castle would be the perfect addition to Leopold’s world and would help him stay entertained while I am at work and school.

  • Nicole Sutton says:

    My cat SIC deserves to be king of this castle because he’s been through a lot. I rescued him from a shelter when he was 14 weeks old. At such a young age he had already been badly abused by his previous “caretakers”. This year on June 10th we just celebrated his 8th birthday! He’s got a urinary disease and has been in the hospital twice. the 2nd time he was in the hospital he went into cardiac arrest while being put under anestesia. His little sister who just turned 6 months old deserves to be the princess of the castle. We rescued her when she was 6 months old. Her mom’s “caretakers” abandoned her while she was pregnant during the extremely harsh Washington state winter. Her name is Nala and she’s really put up with a lot from Sic. He’s stubborn and a big bully to her sometimes. She serves a big helping of attitude right back to him though. The cats are already royalty in our house and now they just need an actual castle to reign over.

  • Renee C says:

    I got my cat less than a month after my childhood cat passed away from a stroke we always say he was meant to be. I got my cat when he was only a kitten. I work at a veterinary hospital and a woman came in with this tiny kitten. He was found approximately two weeks after his mother and siblings had been captured. He was the smallest little kitten and had ringworm parasites and fleas. He was treated and is now one extremely spoiled little cat but he hasn’t forgotten his past. He is still petrified of the outdoors. However he is the most trusting and sweet cat in the world…he loves everybody! After everything he has been through I feel he deserves a “kitty castle” of his own. He only deserves the best!

  • Ashley says:

    My cat Yoda is 2 years old and his whole little world turned upside down. When we adopted him he and his brother were almost dead but thanks to the spca they were nurtured and are healthy. When we got him he had a massive eye infection and still gets them quite often but that’s the bulk of it and we’re thankful because we know it could be worse. Yoda has grown comfy in our house but in the next few months the cat who hates change will have to put up with a lot. My husband who is active duty is going to Korea for a year and that is Yoda’s best friend. They snuggle and when Matt is away little Yoda’s life crumbles. He’s a daddies boy no doubt about it. He also hates to travel but when my husband leaves we are driving 14 hours to my parents house in Indiana. Then once my husband is back we are moving to Italy or England all of which include a ton of testing for him and a 1215 hour plane ride and possible quarintene. And to top it all off he is on the brink of diabetes our vet says we’re praying with a little weight off it goes away so fingers crossed. He’s a wonderful kitty and had a rocky start in life and deserves everything we can offer him because he does make our life better. Thanks!

  • Lauren says:

    I have rescued three animals Jack Thor and Finn. Jack my adult male cat was my first and only companion for years until my fiance and I decided to adopt Thor little rascally male kitten. Jack tolerated Thor and has grown to love him but we recently also rescued Finn our enormous boisterous Parvo puppy from a ranch in LA. And although he means well he is just too big and too young for Jack’s liking. Since the arrival of Finn Jack who has access to pupfree parts of the house but who is very social has spent more and more time on the couch or in crannies of our house inaccessible to Finn. His social nature comes out mainly at night now when Finn is sleeping. It would be truly lifealtering for Jack to have a place to call his own free from the attentions of an overexuberant puppy yet still within the line of sight of the rest of his family.

  • Jodey says:

    I’d like to see our orange tabby Willie be the recipient of a kitty castle. Willie is nearly 20 years old and originally came to us from the street. He was in such bad shape 18 or so years ago that the SPCA even suggested he might not be put up for adoption so as far as we were concerned he was coming home with us in spite of the fact we lived with 4 other cats. Now years later Willie is somewhat arthritic but he gets along in his own way. What makes Willie unique besides his incredible personality he likes to trumpet his arrival through the cat door and his will to survive he’s made the trip across the country twice while were moved for work is the fact of his knowling exactly what he wants. At the beginning of every summer he makes his trek across the back alley to sit for the three months of summer on the neighbour’s front porch where there is plenty of activity to be seen on the street. Once a week he comes home checks in and has a nap on the bed. Then he’s gone again. We bring food to the neighbour’s for him during the summer months and we can always tell when the season is going to change because Willie makes his migration across the alley to home where in the fall the gas fireplace is lit and his mat awaits him. Willie is cat who knows what he wants and we think that being pampered in his senior years is what he deserves because sooner or later the trek across the alley may not be feasible for him. He’s a very loving cat yet a strongminded individual. Willie knows what he wants and we honour that in accordance with his seasonal preferences.

  • Risa says:

    All of our cats have been rescues whether they be from the streets or a shelter we have always taken them in. We currently have 2 cats and one of them in particular Lego has has an especially difficult time. We discovered him after he became a frequent visitor at our house during the Winter of 1994 when we had an ice storm that shutdown our area for 3 days straight. We made him a “home” inside one of our window wells with blankets and put a board above the hole to keep the warmth in. Suffice to say he became an indoor cat after that and vowed to never be thin again. About a year ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and has to be on insulin like myself for the rest of his life. He recently had a bad reaction and suffered a seizure and was rushed to an animal hospital. The Vet told us that he may never recover from such an episode due to his age and his medical condition. Despite all odds he did even though he probably only has a couple of his nine lives left. He is believed to be 19 years old which makes him the not only the oldest but the luckiest cat we have ever had. He is such a loveable cat and even purrs when you give him his shot. We are so glad to have him in our lives and know we have given him the best life he could ever have.

  • lindi says:

    princess pyewacket came to live with us around 12 years ago when her previous owners moved some place that cats weren’t allowed. from the very first day she took her place as ruler of the house so it would be just fitting for her to have her own castle. if she wins i hope that she would allow her ‘brother’ prince dolphin to share. we found him in the street around 10 years ago all thin eating an old potato in the gutter. since then he’s been our loyal friend.

  • Elizabeth says:

    My cat Tigger is my best friend. He is a beautiful orange tabby who is very playful and affectionate. He deserves to have the best. I adopted him from a farm and he became part of the family at once. Since my husband is gone during the week he keeps me company when I am sad. I don’t know what I would do without him right now.

  • Nari Darst says:

    I really would love this! My cat has a very wornout homemade castle right now that consists of two cardboard boxes duct taped together!

  • Toni-Anita Edwards says:

    Spare a thought for Patrick a 5 year old enormous ginger FIV rescue cat. Patrick lives with SoldierBlue a 10 year old grey tabbey also FIV rescue Splodge rescue kitten and two mad rescue yorkshire terriers called Mabel and Ernie. Patrick wants to be the dominant male. He feels it is his right to be the most important man in the house. However no one else is prepared to show him the respect he deserves and he has been usurped from this role by every single cat in the house. The last insult was Splodge the kitten a 6 month old upstart found living wild in a local garden. She pounces on his tail when he is asleep eats his food when he is not looking and is trying to steal his human’s pillow first thing in the morning. Patrick has had enough! It is time to fight back. He feels that he has suffered enough and would like a kitty castle to bring across the point that everyone is missing…. Patrick IS king of the castle.

  • beth colonna says:

    I brought them home after they had been dumped near my friends house feral and neglected. During the first 2 weeks with me they hid in the closet by day only coming out to eat drink and explore while we were asleep at night. Now 6 years later they are happy secure fun and lovingbut only with me and my kids! They don’t trust too many people but they are still the best kitties in the world and I thank goodness for them everyday. They have helped me as much as I them and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Buzz Trumpet and Sesame Eggrollhere’s to you! You deserve the whole KIngdom!

  • Rachel A says:

    My feline sister Misty is eight years old this year. Every single morning without fail for the last seven of those years she has insisted on following at my heels to wait for the taxi at the end of the path. In a morning she is waiting for me to be ready so that she can go outside with us and wait. Normally she’s an indoor cat but the path is fenced in and she has never once strayed from near to us. She is the best sweetest most tolerant creature I know and that’s why she deserves a treat.