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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kitty Castles

Written by PETA | June 24, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the Kitty Castles are aMY, Heather, Nadine L., Karin, and Tara. Congratulations!

I’ve never quite understood it when people talk about the cats they “own.” Anyone with a feline companion knows that we don’t own cats—they own us. As soon as they enter our homes, they become our kings and queens and we their devoted subjects.

What could be a more appropriate abode for kitty royalty than a Kitty Castle? A Kitty Castle is a playhouse that Princess Fluffy can retire to after she’s done taking over your house. It’s the perfect size for playing or sleeping, and it’s fun for the kids (or you) to decorate (with her majesty’s permission, of course). This week, we’ve got five of them to give away!


Kitty Castle


How do you win? Tell us why your feline friend deserves to be pampered. The five most touching comments will take home a Kitty Castle and a few other treats.

The contest ends on July 8, 2009, and we’ll choose five comments as the winners on July 10, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Courtney says:

    Fiona is my feline best friend. A friend of mine found her 11 years ago along with 4 of her brothers and sisters in a trash can covered up crying. She rescued all of them but kept Fiona for herself. 6 years ago this friend of mine had a baby who was born severely allergic to cats dogs. She had to find quick forever homes for her 2 cats and dog so I helped. I found homes for the male cat male dog but not Fiona. After 3 weeks of trying she one day decided to jump up in my lap and stare at me with her big green emerald eyes place her paws on my chest and gave me a look that says “I LOVE YOU PLEASE KEEP ME” The rest was history. We’ve been happily best friends for 6 years now and she’s my pride and joy! She is the first to greet me in the morning the first to welcome me home from a long day the first to meow at me that it’s bed time. Fiona has been successfully living with hyperthyroidism. She’s on medication twice daily and is still so agreeable and sweet regardless of constant blood tests and medicine changes. She truly is deserving of a Princess title and thusly a house to fit her status.

  • Isabella Tugman says:

    Betty certainly is a princess. She’s a compulsive cleaner with the thickest most beautiful coat I’ve ever seen on a cat and she looks up at me expectantly for fresh food and water every time she eats. She also demands to share the milk of my cereal every morning. Sometimes I forget she’s not even a cat she communicates so well. I talk to her and she responds…she’s quite the good listener but maybe not always the best obeyer. I ask her “Do you want to go take a nap? And she’ll jump up with a smile on her face as much as a cat can smile I guess and sing “Brrrrrowl!” and run ahead of me to jump on my bed. Or if I ask “Do you want to take a shower?” She’ll jump up again with another enthousiastic mix of purr and meow and run to the bathroom happy to bask in the steam and drink from the drip of the faucet. I’ve known Betty since she was a newborn and I’ve had her half my life. Her youth and vitality still prevails as she plays with every mouse toy bug and pen in sight. She used to be so shy especially when she lived with other animals. The diva she is prefers to be the only pet however. She makes it known that I am her human and I’ve never felt more loved than anybody else in the world. She deserves more than her hot pink collar decked out with a fabulous bow or her expensive food dishes…I know she would love an expansion to her current castle my house by having one a little more her size. Her kingdom will expand and she will reign as no longer Princess but Queen Betty beloved ruler of her entire kingdom.

  • Samantha says:

    I think my parents cat Samson needs this castle. He’s a burmese and such a big softie. Problem is I have a female Himalayan Tinkerbell who does nothing but stalk him and beat him up. He needs his own place where he can go and hide when she is around. The poor guy quickly runs past her whenever she is around hoping she wont touch him or looks around to make sure the path is free. Please help this lil guy out he needs a safe place to hide from the big bully.

  • christy hunter says:

    I have 3 rescue cats sukie my latest resue cat found me walking home and he was flea infested. Worm infested and had a respiratory cold. Sukie needs to b treated like a princess now and a castle would b purfect! I recently got a portrait of my cat belle on my arm so I always have her with me! I love animals sooooooo much and think they all need a castle to live in!

  • Pam D. says:

    I’ve always loved cats but always been allergic to them. Seven years ago I found Teddy in my building he’s the snuggliest of kitties and I’m not allergic to him. And his owners never respondedsaw my posters…. Six months later I found Lizzie in my building. She was a mess and the only shelter that would take her was a kill shelter so with red tearing eyes I kept her. She isn’t proportioned as she should be because her growth was effected by malnutrition her tongue was gray when I found her she’s missing most of her teeth has food allergies and suffers from anxiety but she is the sweetest kitty. She loves to give kisses and have her belly rubbed and she rules the house! But she doesn’t like to sleep out in the open so a little castle would be the perfect place for my Queen Lizzie to sleep!

  • Ashley says:

    Three years ago I adopted a female black and white tuxedo cat. We named her Bagheera which means panther in Hindi. She was the world of my boyfriend and I by being our companion and making us laugh with her humorous personality. She really did own us because we pampered her like a queen. Not even thinking about getting another cat to keep her company we came across an abandoned kitten in a nearby bush on a walk one day. His cry touched us and our hearts took him in immediately he was extremely ill and was embedded with at least a dozen ticks. We slowly nursed him back to health and he eventually warmed up to us. He was extremely skiddish and eventually grew to love Bagheera and love us. We named him Rajah which is the name of a King in India. We named him this because of his will to survive. He sits at our feet and protects us as a sphinx would and we love both of our cats dearly. They are best friends and we love them dearly. Although we pamper our cats we believe they deserve even more because they are our children and children deserve the best!

  • Annabeth says:

    We just got our cat a few months ago. She is a little black cat with yellow eyes. There is a huge story behind how we got her so i will shorten it up a little. That same day we found her my dad had to euthanize a little black kitten with pale yellow eyes. It had gotten run over in the street and had internal bleeding. Right after my dad euthanized the kitten my mom called about a little black kitten crying so much at Macy’s! We went over there about an hour after my mom called and saw the kitten traumatized in a crack. We ran after her until we got her in a box. Now she’s a sweet little kitten. She falls asleep on our lapps she tackles our feet she licks our noses!! We don’t know much about cats and I saw this Castle and I think it would be perfect for Scout.her name I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet Shes still afraid of our dogs and the dogs are still really excited to meet her so we have to keep them in seperate rooms. I think the castle would be a great hide out for her!

  • Annabeth says:

    We just got our cat a few months ago. She is a little black cat with yellow eyes. There is a huge story behind how we got her so i will shorten it up a little. That same day we found her my dad had to euthanize a little black kitten with pale yellow eyes. It had gotten run over in the street and had internal bleeding. So we had to put it to sleep. Right after my dad euthanized the kitten my mom called about a little black kitten crying so much at Macy’s! We went over there about an hour after my mom called and saw the kitten traumatized in a crack. We ran after her until we got her in a box. Now she’s a sweet little kitten. She falls asleep on our lapps she tackles our feet she licks our noses!! We don’t know much about cats and I saw this Castle and I think it would be perfect for Scout.her name I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet Shes still afraid of our dogs and the dogs are still really excited to meet her so we have to keep them in seperate rooms. I think the castle would be a great hide out fro her!

  • Niki says:

    Hello! I’m Mackie! I’m about 4 years old and a rescue from a local shelter where my my dad’s mother used to work. I was always the kitty rubbing up against the cage and wanting someone to pet me. I didn’t want to be in that cage since that day I have been in the loving home of my mom and dad! I have been through alot. I lost my big brother kitty Datsun to a neurological disorder and was very sad about that. I haven’t been able to warm up to any other cats since then. I have created safe havens in the most bizarre places. My favorite is way on top of my parent’s old mattresses that are standing upright in the spare bedroom!!!! I spend most of my days scaling up and down those things!!! Hence the reason why my parents haven’t gotten rid of them yet I also like to climb on top of my dad’s guitar amps and sleep there. They always take pictures of me when I do that I bet if I had a castle my parents could finally unclutter our spare room and my dad could get back his music gear MEOW!

  • Jenifer Adams says:

    My cat Murray is my best friend and has been with me through so really horrible times and always new when I was suffering and was there to love me. He is 15 years old and you would never know it to look at him. Last year my other cat Sammy died of a congenital heart condition. The week prior to his death Murray never left his side and snuggled up close to keep him warm. This was not usually how they behaved since boy cats and they played rough all the time. Then when I had Sammy cremated and brought the urn home. Murray laid in front of it and would not let anyone come near it except for me. Show his love and devotion and understanding.

  • Chelsea says:

    My family and I have one cat named Dixon. He was a “give away” cat. We welcomed him into our home with an older dog who’s very easy going. They got along amazing. Years later we introduced a new puppy and Dixon always seemed to feel left out and became quite grumpy with all of us. He’s very finicky and that’s just his personality.. he is also very sweet and loveable on his own time. Just a few weeks ago our older dog had to be put to sleep. Since then he’s taken up being an older brother to our youngest dog that once he wasn’t so fond of. He has an amazing kitty heart and I think this Kitty Castle would be a great gift to show our appreciation.

  • Diana says:

    Let me tell you something about my babies story.. I’ve always like cats and during all my life I’ve been enjoying of their company by havind one or two at the time.. Musty and her daughter Misty were making my life better six years ago but unfortunatly Musty died.. a couple of months latter i found at the front door of my house 4 kittys and i just couldn’t resist to them so i decided to made them part of my family and passed from having in home 1 cat to 5 and i was so happy.. but then things started to happend.. i’m pretty sure my neighbors must know how much i love cats because during all that same year many kittys started to “misteriosly” appear in front of my door.. and i just couldn’t let the on the street so i took them inside of the house.. the number of cats got to 20.. i did what i could feed them took em to the vet.. they were really fine playing with each other and climbing in the threes of the backyard.. bot i just couldn’t have them all it was a lot of money.. thank God the vet told me about this new assosiation for homeless animals were they find them a new home and they helped me really kindly with the situation.. i thank them every day.. by the day of today i have 7 cats Felina Camila Cuchi Bugambilia Donatella Pistache and Misty they are almost the same age around 5 and 6.. everyone but Misty remember her? i talked about her in the begining or this story.. she’s 14 years old.. and i know this process it’s been really hard for her because she used to be the queen of the house and she must think that now i have to split my love into 7.. but in my heart she will always be the queen of the house and of our family.. that’s why i’m sure that Misty would be the perfect queen for this kitty castle.. and in case we don’t get it she will always have my bed

  • wendy says:

    portia is 18yrs old on my 46th birthday on 27th june. she has been my companion since she was 8 weeks old. i got her and 11 other kittens that had been abandoned i found homes for the others but fell in love with her. i believe if it wasnt for her i wouldnt have survived this long. she is the only thing constant in my life. my mental health goes from being ok to suicidal but she reminds me to stay. she is the only thing that keeps me here. without her my life is pointless. i love her more than anything or anyone. my portia is a princess and deserves her own castle.

  • Stephanie & Saki says:

    Saki insisted on helping me write this comment so she could critique my writing… she says she really wants this house! She adopted us 4 years ago and has went through 2 kitty houses because she choose not to be declawed and likes to practice her scratching skills Saki is not particularly social and has her usual hideaways when visitors come over and this would be a great addition to her under cover secret locations to hide. She is quite the control freak though and would probably insist on directing he exactly how to decorate it. Could make for some good mommy and daughter time!

  • Doreen says:

    My kitty is loveingly waiting each day for me to return home from work…..always happy to see me Anjo only has 3 legs after a car hit him but is still 100 cat and deserves a castle to nap and play in.

  • Melissa says:

    Hi I have 11 cats living at home each one with different needs that means a lot of time consuming. However I more than enjoy being in their company as I’m sure they love being in mine I would like to comment about the affective needs one of them has Moe is his name. Recently he had been operated and has been quite down for the last weeks but that hasn’t taken away his urge to play with ‘my teddy’ his toy pal! The curious thing that he does is hide mr teddy on top of the fridge and then starts howling for you to get it to afterwards hand it over to him wherever he might be. He must love the procedure as he does it quite a few times a day and it makes me think that despite the pain he must be enduring lately at least mr teddy keeps him at ease! Some of the other cats don’t care about toys but they do indeed have a profound fascination with playing inside a card box I just got them funny enough just a few hours before reading about this commpetition! I’s curious how the silliest of items can give so much pleasure and game to my kitties!

  • Sherri Riddle says:

    I have two cats named Princess Sophia and Crawl the Warrior King what appropriate names for a castle! Both cats love to play with my yellow lab and I even believe they think they’re dogs. My cats are the loves of my life but me and the dog could both use the break while they lounge in thier new castle

  • Tracy K says:

    We rescued to beautiful cats Briscoe and Curtiss 8 years ago. While they would both love a kitty castle I’ll explain Briscoe’s our princess’s case. She was born with a heart murmur that turned out to be Hypertrophic Cardiac Myopathy HCM. We were told she would not live to 7. With the aid of a wonderful cat cardiologist yearly ultrasounds and daily medicine Briscoe is our miracle kitty. Most of her disease has reversed itself and she’s doing great. The most wonderful thing is how she takes her medicine. Every night when we shut off the TV for bed Briscoe waits in the middle of the floor for me to give her her pills. She just opens her mouth and takes them like a champ. How is it possible that we haven’t gotten her a castle before? She deserves one!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    My family took in a cat but and we were going to get her fixedaborted because she was pregnant but my grandma’s wake was scheduled for the day of her abortion so we changed it. Its sort of ironic. Coming home from a wake to see new kittens that are new to the world and stuff. So now they’re all fixed and are running around the house doing something they probably shouldn’t as I type this. So in all honesty I think my dog deserves a doggie castle for being such a trooper when it comes to dealing with new kittens in the family at his age. All those sterotypes about cats and dog not getting along in the media is bull.

  • Christine Connallon says:

    I nominate Sam the Tabby to win a Kitty Castle! This amazing bundle of fur came our way 8 years ago when his humans were breaking up. We would cat sit for Sam as his humans would leave him for a week with newspaper and a pile of dry food while they boarded the beloved dog who by the way used Sam’s head as a chew toy. We had a pet cockatiel and I wanted Sam to live with us more than anything but was so afraid of stressing the bird out. While my husband and I were at work we’d keep the bird in a locked bedroom and all was fine. About 2 and a half years ago Sammy wasn’t looking great and our vet determined that he was suffering from hyperthyroidism. He has been on medication since which has been working beautifully. He’s a smart one and the pills are bitter so it can be a challenge to make sure he is actually getting the pills but his loving way and kind disposition make it all worth it. My parents stay with us in NY during the summers and go to their condo in FL in the winter. Sam is my parents’ grandcat. He pleads with them to take him “mrout” which is what Sammy verbalizes for “outside” and they treat him like gold. My beloved Dad died suddenly on May 22 2009 and it has been a shock to the whole family. Having Sammy around has made all the difference in our day to day worlds. He makes sad days sunnier and makes us laugh. Recently Sammy was sick throwing up and dehydrated. He spent 3 days at the vets having IV fluids. We coudln’t bare the thought of losing him in top of this difficult time. Sammy pulled through is home and back to his old self and we coudln’t be more thankful. For a 15 year old this boy is spry and curious…and I know a Kitty Castle would brighten his spirits and help him in the way that he helps us every day.

  • Jordan Holmes says:

    My family adopted Sasha from an animal shelter in Alaska. Her and her sister only a few weeks old had been left on the front steps in a box. The people at the pound took her and her one sibling in and for the next few weeks they lived at the pound with a teddy bear with a heart beat Poor baby was too little to be alone in the big bad world… Eventually though we got to take her home. She has the funniest personality I have ever met. If she wants to go in the next room she sits on her back legs and knocks with her paws. She chews dog bones. And has not consistently used her litter box in the past 9 years we’ve had her We think because the pound may have spayed her too young to get rid of her and make more space. When we moved to Florida Sasha came with and is now enjoying watching lizards and birds out the windows. But we love her to death and she really does RULE the house. Sasha deserves this award because despite her rough “childhood” she gives love and affection to all people and a little attitude too. She IS the queen and she knows it!

  • Christine Konicki says:

    My kitty was brought home from the Flea market. I cried for her my husband gave in. She in turn LOVES my husband literally bites the hand that feeds her! But I love her since we brought home a rescued little dog she spends her days trying to to stay out of the grasps of the little dog. She would so love a protected home to run to. She currently has an old box from a dishwasher we got 3 years ago! It is pretty lopsided but she still runs to it for cover!

  • Robbi Jean says:

    I have two cats both of wich were rescued. I adopted mr. bojangles when he was 3 because everyone always wants the kittens and I hate to see the old guys passed up like yesterdays news. He was found behind a shopping mall and was hurt pretty bad he had a fracture in his back leg and not mention all the fleas and such. I know he was some ones cat becuase when he was found he was fixed and the first night I brought him home the next morning I was making a sandwhich for lunch and he came running at the sound of the deli paper! I hate that some one just threw him away. I have had him for a little over a year and we rescued another kitty last year that was being abused at a local 7 eleven I saw kids hitting it with rocks so I scolded them and picked up the 5 week old kitten that I had to bottle feed back to help his name is Leo. My kitties would love this castle becasue even though I am a single mother and can not afford to buy such a thing as a kitty castle they still deserve a little break from their hard lives that they have lived so far.

  • Thomas says:

    My kitty deserves the castle purely for how warm he make smy heart feel. When he is alseep and i enter a room he opens his eyes rolls over and makes that cute little “Puurrp” noise. My heart melts. He is like my surrogate child i love him dearly. And he ha sme wrapped around his little paw!!

  • Corey says:

    I believe my cat “Mister” would love one of these great castles. We adopted him from a Craigslist ad that listed him as “OneEyed Jack.” At only seven months old he was found with a severely infected eye that was probably damaged in a fight with another animal or human. A vet had to remove his left eye and he was then neutered and given his shots. Not a great weekend for this feline. However we have since been taking great care of him and despite his distraught young life he is very sweet and extraordinarily grateful. He has been a great friend and I am sure he will continue to be so all his life.

  • Aileen Vila says:

    I have a cat named “Sugar” and it’s my first time owning a cat. I have been going through a very hard time with my dad because not only did he try to commit suicide but also broke his ankle in pieces. Why “Sugar” is so amazing ? He does not let me cry. If he sees me starting to even consider a tear he will jump up beside me and comfort me like human being. He begans to pace back and forth watching my every move to make sure that I am okay ! Do you see how special he is ? He is truly amazing and I call him my son from another life………He really deserves to be treated like a “King in a Castle” he makes my life much easier with his comfort…..I adore you Sugar…. Thanks.

  • Stephanie Herdman says:

    We have 3 kitties that we adopted from the No Kill animal shelter. We have a King a Prince and a Princess. The princess hates the King and would really prefer her own castle. The King bites her in the butt and it makes her really nervous and jumpy. She could back in and never be at risk!

  • Dara Shapiro says:

    My story I discovered Denis in June 2006 awaiting adoption at a local pet store chain. He was the only adult cat amongst many kittens and on his cage was a sign that read “Very upset Do not touch!” Curious I approached a worker in the adoption program to ask how this extraordinarily large cat had come to be placed there. She told me his previous owner had adopted him from the same program several months earlier. He had been fixed vaccinated and microchipped but he persistently eliminated outside the litterbox and so he was returned to the shelter where he was having difficulty readjusting to his caged lifestyle. As she stepped away to assist another customer I walked over to his cage for another look. Despite the posted warning I could not resist putting my fingers through the bars of the cage and stroking his head as he lay there on his back. He barely looked up or moved at all in response to my touch as though he had already given up on finding someone who would care for him. For the rest of the day and all of the next I could not stop thinking about the sad overweight kitty in the tiny cage. The following day I called the store to find out whether anyone had shown interest in adopting him over the weekend. I spoke with the same woman who had answered my questions in the store and she advised me that no one other than myself had inquired about him and that while they were a nokill shelter due to his size and related complications i.e. poor hygiene frequent matting etc. they had no choice but to send him to be euthanized by an affiliated organization the following day. I asked if they would postpone doing so if I were to return to the store that day and adopt him and they agreed. Denis has been a part of my family ever since and while I love and adore him I can say without hesitation that there have been many times it has been trying to live with him in my home. He is currently 22 pounds down from 30 when I adopted him on account of a strictly grainfree canned food diet but continues to experience frequent matting and skin infections due to his inability to properly groom himself. As I am unable to find a local groomer willing to take on such a large cat with claws I routinely have to remove large mats along his back and sides using professional grade animal clippers which I purchased online along with several books on how to groom at home. It has been rewarding to provide a loving home for a special needs animal as Denis is one of the kindest and most affectionate cats I have encountered but I also must acknowledge that caring for him at times has proved to be trying for us both. It breaks my heart each time I have to put him through the ordeal of being bathed and shaved knowing how stressed he becomes and I would love to have a place for him to retreat relax and recover once our grooming sessions are through. I can already picture him peeking his head out from one of your lovely kitty castles and hope you will choose us!

  • Karin says:

    As every cat owner knows each cat needs their own castle but my four girls can learn to share I hope! My little queen Dottie 16 years was adopted from the humane society many many years ago. She put in her service at nursing homes until she was delivered to me when she was two years. This castle will be the perfect place she can retire to and live out the rest of her days. The next ferocious feline to grace my home with her presence is CiCi a loving little princess. However our first meeting was not so lovely. After spending 2 hours under a Ford Mustang at my university’s parking lot I finally pulled the dirty kitten out of the engine and she thanked me with love scratches on my face and neck. My third daughter Liv Tyler was quite literally at the brink of death when I found her one hot Florida morning in August unable to walk or move her back legs altogether. She wouldn’t give up though and after feeding her by hand for three weeks she was finally able to walk shakily and hold her head up with control. Now while working abroad in South Korea Rabbit was busily crying in my apartment building stairs on a cold November morning around 3am lost and alone no older than 3 months. My Korean cat Rabbit named from the lack of tail and her desire to hop everywhere has not formally been introduced to my growing feline family but as soon as I return to the States I hope she will be able to relax in her own castle and enjoy the company of the royal band of sisters! Even if this upsets my highly allergic mother it’s just a price she’s going to have to pay! Each of my girls have treaded into heart I was compelled to have their presence be with me at all times. Their paw prints now also tread on my body thanks to the wonderful world of tattoos!

  • Marissa Gauthier says:

    I have two 3 year old ginger tabbies. They’re brothers and their names are Tigger and Roscoe. My boys deserve a castle so they can become the princes that they’re meant to be. They’re big guys 16 and 19 pounds all muscle! and they need a space that shows off their kingdom known as my house. A great war will consume the land as the two princes fight for the right to the castle. Roscoe will chase Tigger all throughout the land. But Tigger knows exactly where to hide in order to surprise Roscoe pounce at him and swat at his nose. Roscoe is bigger. But Tigger is sneakier. I would love to see this war play out to see who wins! We have to know who is the true heir to the throne!

  • Amy Tavormina says:

    My 10 week old kitten Kaiya allows my 75lb German Shepherd to groom her. Poor Kaiya hates it and always winds up soaking wet when my Shepherd is done mothering her. Kaiya deserves a castle where she can give herself a royal bath to clean off all the drool.

  • Ginny Emery says:

    Our kitty’s name is Gizmo and he is definitely the best kitty ever! We adopted Gizmo one year ago today is his 1st birthday! And ever since he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He watches us leave in the morning out of the bedroom window and when we get home he goes out on the back patio and meows when he sees us. Then when we come inside he comes to each one of us and gives his hugs his own special way with his paws up on your shoulders. He sleeps under the covers next to me almost under me! like a human! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GIZMO WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Patty L. says:

    We have two kittens that we fostered from the shelter a year ago. They came to us in a group of four. Their brother and sister were very healthy and quickly found homes. But no one had realized at the shelter the smaller two our cats didn’t know how to eat yet because the other two would eat all the food. They were emaciated feral and half dead. I had to force feed them and administer IVs for a month to keep them alive. They never moved from the same spot day in day out and it broke my heart and shook my confidence as a foster parent. But slowly they began to gain weight and the first time I caught them bat at a toy was like seeing a baby take it first step. Now they are my forever kitty children and continue to improve everyday!

  • Karen D. says:

    I adopted my baby girl from the local shelter or I guess I should say she adopted me. I had been thinking about bringing a kitten into our home for a few months so I stopped at the local shelter to meet some of the homeless furballs. I was playing with a tiny kitten in one of the kennels I felt a soft tap on the top of my head. This sweet little 8month old dilute calicao was trying to get my attention. I played with her for a minute gave her a treat and returned my attention to the kitten in the kennel below. Cookie was very persistant and gave me another pat on my head with her paw. I started playing with her again and asked the attendant if I could take her into one of the visiting rooms. There was no doubt in my mind that Cookie was the one for me. I picked her up a few days later and took her home. She is the sweetest most playful baby and I am so happy she picked me that day at the shelter!

  • Tara says:

    I have 5 cats that were all strays. My oldest Mali has issues with stress she basically licks her skin raw on her belly and he back legs. She has to have a lot of love to keep her happy and a balanced enviroment. Next in line is Napoleon he was found in a bar when he was a kitten. He is the sweetest ball of love. He always has to be with me. Next is my Dafney I found her eating out of the dumpster where I worked I would bring her food everyday from home but I still felt I wasn’t doing enough. I told myself that if she fights me I will leave her because then I know she is happy but as soon as i picked her up and walked her to my car I think she knew she finally got what she dreamed of a loving home. She sat on my lap all the way home as a proud new owner of a human. She still is kind of wild but she sure is nice. My other boy Brewtus was from a litter that got dumped along with their mother at my moms house. She did the right thing and found them all homes and I took the smallest one and he has turned into the biggest cat I have. Even though he has the mind set he is still a tiny kitten. The goof ball is always carrying around his Mr. Fishy toy even to bed with us. The newest member of our family is Snowball. She showed up at our door crying at 4 am. One of of not so lovely neighbors threw her out she was maybe 34 weeks old. The poor thing was having problems going 2 so she was crying and probably was annoying them. I had to give her a drop of olive oil and she has been fine since. She is our Mini kitty only 2lbs and the cutest little thing. I love my family of cats because they are all different and all different ages which always has them playing and washing each other.

  • Amanda says:

    I adopted a beautiful calico kitty about 5 years ago whom I named Calie. Original I know. lol But since then I have taken in and found homes for MANY cats. And my total count in my home now is 5. I love them all dearly but Calie was my first baby and she has been such a good sport through everything. She treats all of the other kittys as if they were her own…strange because she was spayed when she was 6 months old. lol She is the queen of my home and she truly deserves her OWN castle. lol

  • Aubrey Guilbault says:

    I have 6 kitties Wilbur Tommy Mikey Daisy Rickie and Colbie aka Tiny. They absolutely run my home and make my life complete. Wilbur cries and cries and insists on being petted while he eats. Alpha cat Tommy jumps into bed most nights and snuggles but when he’s ready to wake up he makes CERTAIN that I’m up too by doing whatever it takes to get me up. Mikey is the sweetest soul I’ve ever met be it human or animal. He likes to be carried to bed every night with me and needs lots of kisses before he curls up next to me. Daisy is so funny how she likes anything made of paper and rubs against it and bites it when I open mail or read the paper. Rickie is the funniest silliest cat I’ve ever seen. Everyday he cries for me to get up off the couch to follow him into the bedroom he keeps stopping and looking back to make sure I follow and then he likes me to “explore” with him. And Colbie is so sweet that just giving her pets and kisses makes her day and she shows this by the sweet loving looks she gives me. These happy spoiled kitties would love to have a kitty castle!

  • Joann Judge says:

    We adopted our beautiful kitty Hailey about 1 12 years after losing both of our cherished pets of 14 years within 2 weeks of each other. We never thought we could love or want another pet after that heartbreak but Hailey wormed her way into our hearts the moment we saw her at the shelter. I gave her the nickname “Lady Hailey” so it is only fitting that she have a castle to spend her days in while we are at work.

  • Yaning says:

    I have a small black kitten that sleeps in my bed every night. I love to sleep with her but I think she would love to have her own place to play and sleep. I rescued her in an avenue in the city full of cars with the risk of being hit when she was a baby that just beginning to open eyes. She misses her mom so I try to give much love and consent her. I love Her.

  • Kara Raddatz says:

    We have three cats at home 2 of which are older and have their “safe houses”. These are places where no other animal in the house goes and we dont touch them while they are in there but are easliy accessible during emergencys. They normally retreat to these places during the horible thunderstorms we have been having. The third cat our newest one has no place to go. He wanders the house getting kicked out of the other cats safe houses. He normally goes under a bed. This past weekend tornado sirens went off and we were not able to take mr. dolce with us to our safe spot bc he was hiding so far under the bed. He needs a castle to be able to relax and call home but also a place were we can grab him in emergencys.

  • Elyse Biscottini says:

    Let me tell you about Harley. I started fostering kittens three years ago through my local county shelter and in through my door came Harley. They thought he’d be blind within months and I couldnt let him go so I kept him. And his eye cleared up. Unfortunately he contracted an immune definicieny Herpes virus and the poor thing gets sick whenever he becomes stressed. Harley is my hero because since he was little he has allowed me to bring over 80 foster kittens through my doors and never once hissed or was mean. He immediately bathed and accepted each as his own. Harley allows me to continue to foster and save more heros like himself. Castle or not he is my prince.. but I know he’d love the castle!

  • Heidi B. says:

    I would love this kitty castle for my brood of cats! I have six cats two of which were wild feral kittens. My four older cats were so loving patient and sweet with the kitty monsters and slowly taught them how to be loving beautiful lap cats. As a gift I wish I could buy them a cat tree to the sky. But since I can’t I think they would be pretty happy with a castle out of a fairy tale.

  • isa says:

    i have two kittens. the female Magarella is older she’s 3 years old the male kirikou is just 1 year. magarella is pregnant and she’ll have kittens soon… i thing my cats need a kitty castle! i can figure them and the baby kittens that will be born soon playing in the castle i can figure magarella milking her babies in the castle and kirikou watching the loving scene through the windows. they would be very happy to own a castle in their home! they’re the gods of home they must have a castle!!!

  • Mary Sowa says:

    I have 6 save kitties who are the master of the house….Maybe giving them a castle will give them swollen egos? ehI let it get as far as they want it. until I get demand written in littler around the house

  • erica says:

    My Ricky has been sad since his big sister Lucy died in January. His new little brother Mouse is slowly getting into his good graces but I can tell he needs a sanctuary of his own. Ricky is a big majestic cat that would enjoy a castle!

  • Bonnie Corno says:

    I think that my cat Pounce should win this castle because when she was a kitten she was an alley cat I think it would be a purfect rags to riches story. She could be Queen of her Castle

  • Deena says:

    My three cats Oliver Laurel and Kip all deserve to have a Kitty Castle to relax in. All 3 of them were strays that I adopted. Oliver was left in a cardboard box in a thunderstorm with his siblings. Laurel was abandoned in the drop box of our local shelter. Kip was found emaciated and covered in fleas and flea bites outside a nearby county’s jail. All 3 of them have been through a lot. Although they now live in pampered luxury in my home they deserve something special for being such wonderful cats. All 3 of them are seneitive to my feelings and know when I need cheering up. When I was going through treatment for cancer all 3 seemed to intuitively give me a lick or a nuzzle or to lay on my chest when I needed it most. They are 3 wonderful cats and they deserve something special for all they do and all they’ve been through.

  • Mike Batho says:

    My cat sits patiently when we comes back with the shopping waiting for it all to be unpacked when we’ll put down an empty carrier bag for him to sit in.

  • Shannon says:

    My boyfriend and I are proud parents of two male cats Mack is about 3 years old and Murray is about 9 months old. I say about because we adopted them from a local rescue group and aren’t sure exactly when they were born. We know that Mack used to be a feral cat but loved people so much they took him in and now he is truly the most loving cuddly purring cat I’ve ever known. And Murray was found in the middle of a Minnesota winter on the side of a road when a Good Samaritan picked him up and took him into rescue. He is filled with energy and his purr can be heard from a few rooms away! Both of our cats have lived a very hard life before being adopted by us and we’re so lucky to have found them. They make us smile when we come home from work they cuddle with us when we’re sad and never ask for anything in return. If I’ve ever known two cats that deserve to be pampered it’s definitely Mack and Murray!

  • Beth says:

    I have 2 kittys at home my big boy who is 9 years old I rescued him at approximately 4 weeks he and his brother and sisters were ferral I worked with them until about 8 weeks then with the help of my Vet found new homes for all but one and then my baby girl who is 12 weeks old. My old man kitty needs a castle that he can relax in to possible get some peace from the baby who of course is full of engery. This is why I think that my Prince needs a castle so that he can rest peacefully in the splender that he deserves and of course my little princess as well.