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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kitty Castles

Written by PETA | June 24, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the Kitty Castles are aMY, Heather, Nadine L., Karin, and Tara. Congratulations!

I’ve never quite understood it when people talk about the cats they “own.” Anyone with a feline companion knows that we don’t own cats—they own us. As soon as they enter our homes, they become our kings and queens and we their devoted subjects.

What could be a more appropriate abode for kitty royalty than a Kitty Castle? A Kitty Castle is a playhouse that Princess Fluffy can retire to after she’s done taking over your house. It’s the perfect size for playing or sleeping, and it’s fun for the kids (or you) to decorate (with her majesty’s permission, of course). This week, we’ve got five of them to give away!


Kitty Castle


How do you win? Tell us why your feline friend deserves to be pampered. The five most touching comments will take home a Kitty Castle and a few other treats.

The contest ends on July 8, 2009, and we’ll choose five comments as the winners on July 10, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Sarah says:

    My little Max had pericardial hernia surgery last year and now lives with a constant cough. He’s had it rough and the surgery and recovery has been very expensive but he is worth every cent.

  • amanda says:

    My kitty Zeppelyn loves to be pampered. She is my only child and needs entertainment when i’m not home. She already considers herself queen of my castle so it would be nice if she had her own castle to rule. I adopted her from a shelter she was sick and weighed only 3 pounds at 6 months old. Now when people see her they are amazed since she is healthy and beautiful. No one thought she would turn out to have long hair and be the size she is when the first saw her. But shes a year old now and rockin.

  • heather says:

    I have 3 cats that are the best cats ever so loving and sweet! Two of them always have to make trips to the vet more often than normal and the vet is not exactly their favorite place to be lol bc they both have really bad allergies. They have to deal with a lot! I love them tons and they so deserve this!!

  • Marie says:

    We have three rescue cats MacKayla Joel Gray and William the Orange and they deserve to be pampered because they have been there for me in the past year when I was terribly sick. They have provided companionship comfort love and purrs they’ve been the best!

  • Lia Casson says:

    My kitty deserves the castle I think as shes an old gal now going on 21 and has seen and been thru many things especially fighting to stay alive. I say this cause she has her problems being old such as bad arthritis and memory losswe think but she tries to stay alive for us for all of us here in the family because she knows how we love her so dearly and cherish and adore her she feels our love we constantly talk to her to keep her mind working and pet her and pick her up etc. She would love this castle even being an old old cat she still inspects every new thing we bring into the house and she even goes outside yet to see who’s in her yard.We have to watch she doesnt run away so we keep an eye on her but that doesnt stop her from exploring her outdoor world yet still curious and mischievious as in her young tender years.We have a vet prescribed medicine for her joint pain and arthritis and she has been doing better since on it. We want her to last forever but we know the time will come … Please enter me thank you

  • Gianna says:

    Snowball II loves to be pampered.. Please enter me

  • Donna says:

    Oh how my girls would love this. I have two kitties Polly and Rose. They are both polydactyls. For those who don’t know my fur babies have lots and lots of toes!! They are spoiled rotten especially Polly! Their precious large feet have never touched the ground outside! They are terrified of outside. They love running around in the house and hiding and would love the Kitty Castle! I would love to win it for a Christmas gift for them!

  • kathy pease says:

    my baby kitty yes thats her name we have to change it though to babymama kitty because she just had 3 kittens.they are cute as buttons and are sooooooooooo playful.she is a good mama and is very protective of them when someone walks near their basket she stares at them with daggers in her eyes..i think her and her babies would love this to play in

  • Betty C says:

    I found Tinker at the local Humane Society when she was about 5 months old. I don’t know what she went through before they found her but it must have been very traumatic. She is terrified of everyone. When she hears footsteps outside the door she runs and hides inside the closet. When I have visitors she hides inside my bedroom until everyone is gone. My grandson stayed with me for 6 months and only got a glimpse of her one time. When it’s just the two of us she is a love bug. She love to be cuddled and sleeps with me every night. She deserves to have a castle of her very own.

  • Kimberly Long says:

    My home is ruled by 3 torties. Thumper Cali and Fig. They are all rescues. Thumper was found on the street when the neighbors were trying to get her out of their shrubbery on their property. They were using a hose to get her out. I took her home. Cali was adopted from a local rescue group who traps feral cats and kittens. She has a loving home now. And Fig. I got her just a year ago when I was volunteering with ‘No More Homeless Pets in Utah’. She came in as a feral and I fell in love. She’s been with me ever since. My 3 rescues and my life revolves around them.

  • jordan jennings says:

    I have two kittys and one puppy at my home we rescued my first cat from a shelter and adopted our second cat when she became too much for her original owner to care for. Her name is Patches and she is a calico persian kitty. She has horrible allergies and is constantly sneezing and has a hard time breathing most of the time. She also takes pills for tummy problems. She definitly could use some pampering! While she has to work a little harder than most cat we still love her just the way she is!

  • aMY says:

    It was early April in 1987. I was 21 in college and I’d been holed up in my dingy little student apartment for days with a nasty case of the flu. Finally I woke up feeling almost normal well enough to go to class but young enough not to. Instead I went to my favorite bakery to treat myself to a pastry and then I wandered into the pet shop next door thinking I should buy a toy for my cranky ancient dog who I’d been ignoring while I was sick. I was wearing tightrolled stonewashed baggy jeans and a paisley shirt about as 1987 as you can get. I stepped through the door and headed to the chewtoy section but a writhing clot of fur blocked my path. I was a confirmed dog person my dad was allergic to cats and I’d never really known one but a pile of kittens is impossible to resist and I stopped to coo at them. Before I could even lean down to pet them I felt a teeny tug at my ankle and looked down to see a tiny dark gray creature with a pink nose climbing up my jeans and I experienced the disorientation of love at first sight for the first and only time in my life. Before I really understood what was happening I’d gotten the story from the shop owner a box of kittens left at the front door sometime in the middle of the night and given him some money for kitten chow and tiny bowls and the little thing who’d chosen me was in my lap in the car on the way to the vet before we got home to introduce the dog to his new toy. I was into Egyptian history at the time and I named her Isis. She weighed less than a pound and the vet thought she was about five weeks old too young really to be away from her mom but healthy. The jeans are long gone and the dog died not long after but Isis is sitting beside me as I write this. Together we’ve lived in six cities and more apartments and houses than I can count. She’s been to Grateful Dead shows and driven crosscountry three or four times. She likes sailboats and chicken. She’s indifferent to dogs and catnip but she hates lizards and cigarette smoke. She’s seen me through a wedding a divorce and another wedding. She’s tolerated good boyfriends bad ones iguanas and guinea pigs. She was with me when both my parents died. For all these years Isis has been the steadiest most reliable presence in my life and I love her. She loves me back. The vet is surprised by her continuing health she’s a little creaky around the hips a little less playful and a little more cranky than she used to be and I think that after all these years of adventure and friendship Isis deserves a room of her own for however much or little time we have left together. She chose me 22 years ago and I know she’d love it if you chose her now.

  • Nikki Davis says:

    I have three cats. Our oldest cat MeMe who is 13 years old and two that are a year old. We adopted a male kitten a year ago who we instantly feel in love with. However as curious as kittens are he jumped into my clothes dryer without me knowing. We were devastated and my children cried all night. The next day we adopted his sister Shebe. I was so hurt after losing this male kitten Hebe. I had never had a male kitten and I had bonded so much with him. One day a couple of weeks after we adopted Shebe I came home and saw a small kitten outside of my home I thought Shebe had somehow gotten outside because this kitten was the exact same color and size. However this kitten ran from me when I called her. I soon found out that it was a stray kitten. I began feeding him and after a couple of months he allowed me to pet him. I felt like he was sent to me to help me heal. Another male kitten that needed my help. Well now we have these two kittens that are a year old and like to play…all the time. Mostly in the middle of the night and I would love to have this Kitty Castle that I could keep in the front Den. It might entertain them during the middle of the night while we are trying to sleep. I never expected to have two kittens the same age the like to play so much but would not change a thing. Thank you for the entry!

  • Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    My cat Tim and I recently lost his best friend and he’s lonely. This would help until we decide who will join our family.

  • jennifer h says:

    I have 5 kitties who were all strays or dumped by their owners. They all found my home and of course I would never turn them away. Each of them have their own special needs but they all are my babies and I would do anything for them. Most recently my siamese mix had 2 tumors removed from her tummy. She is very blessed because they were both benign but she is definitely my special princess who deserves a place in the castle.

  • Tabatha Williams says:

    my fiance and i live at home with his mother temporarily and we have together 11 cats. that number includes the 3 kittens we just adopted. this would be a godsend.

  • Melanie says:

    Im currently watching my brothers cats Komi and Honda Civic. He’s a marine and has been in Iraq for the past 8 months and is soon to be shipped off to Afganistan. They hate that their daddies away and that they have to share the house with my two dogs. I would love for them to have this! They deserve it.

  • melinda says:

    All I can say is my husband is a dog lover and I love my cat. My husband has 7 hounds that he hunts and I have a cat named gremlin that i have loved for years. She tolerates the dogs for the most part and hides in the house where she always twitches her tail and gives loves to me while we complain about the chaos outside!

  • nancy stevens says:

    I have five active cats who would love this castle

  • Julie K says:

    Jinx is a saint. She deals with the dog and the kids trying to play with her constantly. I see her sitting in the window sill dreaming of chasing the birds like her wild ancestors. I would love for her to have this great space to take a break from us all.

  • vicky says:

    My baby girl Cali was sent to me for a reason. The day that I went to get her I had just gotten out of the hospital for trying to kill myself. I thought that I was worth nothing and that my life was not important. I went into the shelter that day just to look and she stole my heart from the first time that I saw her. It took us awhile to trust one another but in time we have. She has been with me for 4 years and I have been clean for 4 years also. They day that I saved her she also saved me.

  • Samantha says:

    My four kitties are all rescues and shelter cats two of whom where on their last day at a kill shelter. The oldest is 12 years old. I walked right into that shelter and told them to hand over whomever needed a home right away. They sent me home with two great kitties I still can’t understand why they weren’t snatched up they are the sweetest cats in the world! and I tell all my kitties they were worth every penny of their “bail” money as I call it. LOL I know my kitties especially the oldest one we call the Queen of Sheba because she acts like it would just love to play in their very own castle! I wonder if all four could find their way to squeeze into it at the same time knowing them they’ll find a way!

  • Christina Zawadiwsky says:

    My Kittica Kitty deserves the castle because she lost her mother who was also her best friend CuddleLisa a few months ago. Her mother was blind in one eye and Kittica always stayed near her helping her even when CuddleLisa batted at her with her claws or was mean with her. Sometimes they lay on the bed facing each other with both sets of paws touching like a huge heart. Cuddlelisa the mother died she was 15 and Kittica had stayed with her since her birth and then was beside herself not knowing what to do. She’s still lonely and I want to do anything I can to help her.

  • Neil says:

    I am fortunate enough to be allowed to live with my 5 kid kitties. Though I recently lost my best friend in the world Tao! He was 20 and lived his life at my side through many relocations for work different relationships as I grew up he was always there and I cherished him! Because of him we opened our home to any cat that he and I felt needed needed our help and was a good fit. Anyone else that wandered through was held and placed in great homes that matched their personalities. Since he passed I did go to the Humane Society to open our home in his name to just one more I prayed he would approve and and help pick the right guy. I have been fortunate enough to see a little of Taoser’s personality in him. Simon is my new friend that is showing the signs of being that reallllllly special cat that just “knows” you in every way. I thought that this kitty castle would be great for my cat pals and honor their mentor Tao.

  • Denise says:

    We took in our male Mistah Fluff after he was born to a stray in our neighborhood a year ago. He is such a sweet kitty. He loves to have his belly rubbed and will stretch out when we pet him. Love this cat.

  • amber c says:

    well I believe that all 3 of my babies deserved to be pampered. We share their space a 12 yr old Tabby named LB who is fiesty as ever a 5 year old Tabby named Bob who I believe is atleast 22lbs and Frank our new arrival who is 8 months. Frank came to us from the Humane Society after our 14 year old Gurr Gurr lost her battle with illness.

  • Melissa O. says:

    My kitties deserve this castle. I have 3 cats and they are the world to my little girl. Two are rescue cats and one is a cat from a friend’s litter. I have seen my daughter come in crying from outside especially if other kids are picking on her and she just scoops up one of the cats and hugs them. After a rough day she said to our cat Alice the other day with tears in her eyes “You’re my real friend you would never tease me. I can always count on you. You love me and I love you and I don’t need anyone else.”. It was sweet and made me shed a tear of my own. The cats just sit with her and listen. You can see that they really do love her. Those cats are her best friends. She does everything for them and they love each other. If our cat Jackie O. sneaks outside I have to chase her and try to get her back inside for quite some time but all my daughter has to do is call her when she gets out and she comes right in! Our other cat Spyder sleeps in her bed with her every night. It’s amazing the bond they share. I think my cats deserve this castle because of what they do for my daughter and how much they love her. I think she would love to put this in her room for them and it would mean so much to both the cats and my daughter to win this.

  • Annie Wilson says:

    My female Siamese is 18 years old. She has always been the Queen of the house but has never had her own castle. I would love to see this happen…thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lana Frye says:

    My cat Area is twelve and an insulin dependent diabetic. She’s adopts a cardboard box each time the groceries are delivered so we made a space so she always has one. A kitty castle would serve the same purpose and look so much nicer!

  • Erma says:

    I have one rescue kitty and four cats and they all have their own personalities but they are all are so sweet. They never do anything wrong and are so cudly.

  • Leigh Nichols says:

    My Cattywampus is such a good friend and comfort to me. I suffer from severe anxiety and social anxiety disorders as well as depression and she always seems to know just when I need that extra snuggle or legrub and trilling “meow” she gives. She exudes unconditional love and I love to spoil her rotten!

  • Sharon Fairclough says:

    I am owned by 2 wonderful furbabies both are stray C.J the oldest was found outside a Mexican resturant she is a Garfield cat feed her and let her lie in the sun and nobody gets hurt she is also a very picky eater. The baby Razzy a stray I found huddle in a water drain after a very big rainstorm she is a Mommygirl she sleep with me on a pillow and she make herself comfortable under the computer table until I am done. I know my boths cats deserve a castle because I they are inside cats and I work during the day in the evenings I let them run around or lie on the balconcy I am very glad for daylight savings. Money is very tight right now for additional thing for them beside food and litter. Thanks for the giveaway sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

  • Bambi says:

    We took in the street stray after she was kicked out of her home when her old owners moved. Everyone has a different name for her but we know her as Catface my hubby’s fault!. She’s a lovely old mog nearly 12 by our guess and already acts like queen of the house! Being an old cat she spends a lot of her time sleeping and resting and it’s hard for her to jump up on our bed when she wants a snooze so a little castle of her own would be perfect for her

  • gloria mckellar says:

    My cat named Mouse is a good cat. She always is there in the morning when my husband gets home from work midnight shift. She stands in the kitchen with him and he talks to her and is a good companion when everyone else is still sleeping. She looks for a treat and is such a good and friendly cat. She lays on the back of the couch and could use a little castle of her own. Thank you!

  • hj mcnaron says:

    We have 3 rescue kitties 2 are special needs with severe allergies and digestion problems. We have to serve them a very special diet and feed them separately 2 times a day which they hate. They would love to win this so they can play and forget about the dreaded wait until feeding time.

  • Jennifer M says:

    My poor 15yearold cat is tortured by her 7yearold “brother.” He’s very big very fat and very fast…and he chases her like crazy. She is very skinnyshe has kidney disease that can only be treated with special food. But last week we went away overnight and he chased her into the office and somehow the door closed behind her. She was stuck for 24 hours with no food water or litterbox. She’s now taken to sleeping in the bathtub the one place she feels “safe.” Please note we do EVERYTHING we can to keep him away from her and keep up her healthbut he’s stealthy!

  • Pamela S says:

    My son was only a toddler when we went into a pet store. They had a cage full of kittens there so I let my kids play with them. When we put one particular little kitten back he started meowing and so my son cried saying “He wants me” and was so distraught that we bought him and brought the kitten home. My son will be 17 next month and is a muscular lineman for his HS football team. But he still LOVES that cat and the cat sits on his lap anytime he sits down and sleeps with him at night. It’s so touching to see the delight he’s brought to my son’s life for the last 13 years and how much my son still loves him. Maybe he was crying for him!!

  • Daniel M says:

    our cat is upset since my sis left overseas to be with her husband how the poor kitty doesn’t have anyone to nap with he deserves his own castle!

  • Candie L says:

    Meow Meow thinks he rules the house. It does not matter what time we come home at night we still have to wake up at 6am to her meowing and reminding us it is time to wake up. Meow Meow’s cat house has been ruined recently right when he was getting used to it. Thanks

  • ky2here says:

    We have 6 cats indoors. They would have all been outdoor ferals and probably not around long in our neighborhood. They deserve a castle.

  • Sherri B. says:

    Biscuit claimed us as his family 3 years ago about 6 months after the sad death of Dumpling who had been with us for 14 years. After losing Dumpling I was determined not to have another cat. The heartbreak was just too great. Well my SO took our youngest to a cub scout meeting one night and when he came home he was telling me about the kittens the scoutmaster had at his house. He said there was this one kitten who came running out with all of the adult cats like he was king of the crowd. He said it was kinda dark outside so he couldn’t get a good look at him but he laughed at how brave the kitten was. I jokingly said to him “So when you going to bring him home?” Nothing more was said about it. Two weeks later they went to another meeting. I was at home sitting on the couch when they came in. My youngest reached over the back of the couch and handed me this tiny kitten. I took one look at him and couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like he was Dumpling reincarnated! They look sooooooooooooo much alike!!! My SO came in the house and told me when the kitten came running out this time and he got a good look at him he knew that Dumpling had sent him from above for me. Not only did I know at that time that this was meant to be I knew that I had a great man in my life! Biscuit has been such a joy!!!! Unfortunately 2 weeks ago he got very sick and we had to take him to the vet. After many tests they determined he had a blockage in his stomach. During emergency surgery they found all sorts of things in his stomach he had swallowed that a cat shouldn’t swallow. Shoe strings tinsel you name it. The tinsel had cut his intestines and they had to remove 2 inches of his intestines. The vet really didn’t think he would make it. After many tears and prayers I am grateful to say that Biscuit is now home and doing very well. I know that Dumpling told him he had to come back to take care of me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. sherri419 at gmail dot com

  • Katharine D says:

    Because all 4 of my cats were ‘throw away’ animals to someone else but they are royalty in my house. Our latest rescue was placed for rehoming on craigslist a pure bred Bengal and not fixed advertised as available for breeding. We were not planning on adopting but we couldn’t let her go to a basement breeder so we acted fast and took her in. We have two from last summer Persian cats who didn’t meet the breeders standards so they were dumped off at a dog shelter. And out wonderful 15 year old tortie left in front of a pet store in a box injured and underfed. They are all healthy happy neuteredspayed cats who rule in this happy home.

  • Holly B says:

    I’d like to win this for my mom’s kitties. My parents wanted to get a cat so we went to a shelter. There in a small cage were two brothers one black one gray year old cats that were about to be put down in a couple of weeks. They were maine coon mixes so they’re very fluffy and loveable. They’d love this castle!

  • Trish Harris says:

    My friend Jen has 2 rescue kitties one of them only has one eye and recently she found a kitten in her landlords barn this kiten had been abandoned by his mom so at 3 weeks old Jen has become his forever mom and has faithfully been feeding jack every 2hrs. Jen could really use this kitty castle forher growing brood

  • Diane Vescio says:

    Both of my cats are indoor and would love to be spoiled and live in a castle. They are both rescued cats one from a shelter and one from “outside” that was abandoned last year from her mother.

  • Amanda Hellen says:

    I have 2 kitties. One is my kitty Rylee he’s a Maine Coon and amazingly gorgeous. The other kitty is Princess a gorgeous white kitty with blue blue eyes. She belonged to my Granny. She and my grandmother were inseparable. My grandmother passed away in March and my mom took in Princess afterwards. Even though Granny lived below us in the same house.. Princess is still adjusting to life without her.. She used to sleep every night at the end of my Granny’s bed. And now she seems to wander through Granny’s empty apartment somewhat confused. I can tell she wonders where her old bed is and where all the other furniture is. I think she’d love a kitty castle. A place she can call her own. Rylee would also love it but every Princess needs a castle

  • Karen P says:

    My kitty Imp needs some distractions now. She lost her sister 14 years old a few months ago and she could have fun with this castle.

  • Monique Rizzo says:

    My Kitties Charlie and Boris would LOVE this castle!!! They actually try and sleep in my daughter’s Dora Castle!! LOL. Thanks for the chance.

  • Michael Mallard says:

    Our cat Milo is such a special little kitty. He is about 3 mths old He is such a pleasure to be around. He is very loving and affectionate. He is very playful and I know he would just love to have a Kitty Castle for his very own. I hope I can win him one because he really deserves a

  • hallie says:

    We have what some call a cat sanctuary here at my home! On the large screened porch we have 5 cats that were homeless and wondered in to be fed. we say that they have some sort of six sense and know we’ll love them! Also we have 4 family cats formally strays that come in the house and sleep with us. Our cats and 2 dogs run this house! They are always jumping in the baby’s playpen crib and carrier! I think this would be a great addition! Something to snuggle and play in! Sometimes its hard to support such a large animal brigade considering my mother is the only one that is currently employed. But we always find a way!