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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Kiss My Face Skincare Basket

Written by PETA | July 14, 2010

Fun in the sun means beach towels and bikinis, but forget your sunscreen and you’ll be singing the sunburn blues. But there’s no chance of that for the clever person who wins a basket of cruelty-free summer skincare lotions from Kiss My Face:


Kiss My Face Sunscreen


Want to win it? Just let us know what you are doing to help animals this summer. For my part, every time I visit the beach, I pick up each piece of litter I see so that animals don’t end up ensnared like this.

So what about you? Have a go and let us know how you are helping animals in your neighborhood or on your summer vacation. The contest ends on July 28, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on July 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Kayla Rodman says:

    oh the normal stuff picking up hurt or lost animalsunless they look mean the i call the professionalsand ignoreing my friends if they don’t want me to pick up a lost dogcan you beleive they told me to just leave it?!?!i accually picked up a sea gull one summer and tried calling everyone i could but no one would take it.That pissed me off. oh its just a bird…….a garbage that doesn’t feel every broken bone in it’s body from being hit by a car.Yes someone just hit it and left it.unfortuneatly it died two days later.I mom wouldnt let me toutch it or wouldnt drink or eat.i don’t think it could.ohhhhhh sorry i got so off topic.but i feel really bad ‘ anyways. I’m going to try to keep loking for animals that need help and this time i won’t give a insert word hereabout what my mom says. someone DIED because i didn’t do what i felt like i should.I might build a little shelter in my front yardnothing fancy but better than nothing just incase i run into a hurt animal. there are stores near me where i could get food so i wouldn’t need a ride to get stuff i would need. and I hope i can get enough of my friends to want to be in an animal rights club and get it into school when school starts.I have my ways so i accually might have a shot XD all in all I’m going to do EVERYTHING i can to help animals. not only during the summer.Year round.

  • Stefanie says:

    for the summer i have picked up trash from the streets and the time I went to the beach. i follow peta on myspace facebook to find out anythin new on anything that is happening here to help these poor defenseless animals. these animals need to be helped and im helpin them as well my friends help me with this and we go around telling what people do to these animals and especially in front of mcdonalds and KFC and i hand out pictures panphlets to let them know what they are really eating and how bad animals are treated just so that we can get food. i just recently became vegan and i am enjoing every secod of it.

  • Kelly says:

    My mother n’ law and I shelter homeless animals. We spay and neuter them and then we find them good loving homes. We are both members of PETA The Humane Society of the United States of America ASPCA World Wilflife Funds and several other animal outreach programs. We spend our down time reaching out to others about the cruelty to animals and encourage taking appropriate actions against it. We are vegitarians and are woking on turning our house hold vegan. I am becoming a cosmetologist and do NOT buy products tested on animals and encourage my fellow cosmetologists to do the same. It is the wag of a dog’s tail or the purr of a kitten that makes all of this worth our blood sweat and tears.

  • Shauna Saling says:

    PROTEST….PROTEST…PROTEST! Any time I witness an act of cruelty against animals no matter how big or how small I say something It’s our right our obligation it makes a difference!

  • Zoe says:

    Im doing my part by being a veggie and also spreading awareness about NOT keeping pets in cars on a hot day. As I work at an animal hospital and I know what heat exhaustion looks like and its not pretty. Step 1 Have someone stay with the pet check local businesses to find the owner Step 2 If no owner is found call you local Animal Control or even the Police it IS illegal If at any point the animal seems to be in distress take the necessary measures to extract the pet from the car but make sure you have witnesses stating that the pet was distress for legal matters you don’t want to get sued!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Ringling is coming to our town soon the ads are on t.v. and I am distributing antiRingling DVDs and literature to my neighbors in my condo complex. I also bring out my bullhook and let them handle it showing them how it is used by touching the point to my own ear behind my ear at my neck and behind my elbows and knees. I tell them “Now imagine this being done to an elephant with enough force to cause extreme pain which is compounded by fear and magnified by loud music and screaming people. That loud music used during circus performances has a purpose beyond entertainment it is used to cover noises the audience is not supposed to hear such as painful screaming by animals injured by their trainers as well as human performers injured during their act.”

  • Sarah Peak says:

    I’m helping out this summer by working to legislate antichaining and penning out of dogs in my area. Thanks PETA and Kiss My Face! for all you do!