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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Humane Mousetrap

Written by PETA | October 20, 2010

With the approach of cooler fall weather, some of you might be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in your attic. That’s because mice and other rodents often start moving indoors this time of year to escape the cold. If you don’t mind sharing your home with these furry little refugees, give yourself a pitter-pat on the back and don’t read any further: This week’s “Win It” Wednesday prize—one of PETA’s perennially popular humane mousetraps—will be of no interest to you.



For the rest of you, here are three easy steps you can take to humanely rodent-proof your home: 

  • Seal any cracks and holes in walls and foundations
  • Keep food and garbage in sealed, chew-proof containers
  • Catch any remaining rodents with a humane trap and release them outdoors.

To score one of the aforementioned humane traps, post a comment below telling us about the creative ways you have humanely resolved conflicts with wildlife. Whoever leaves the response that most makes us want to smack ourselves on the forehead and say, “D’oh, why didn’t I think of that?” will walk away a winner.

The contest ends November 3, and the winner will be chosen on Novemeber 5. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

If you don’t win, never fear: You can still order one of our lean, green, mouse-nabbing machines at

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • phthalyl says:

    I remember when fireflies used to get into our house. We would open the door and wave a towel at them until they flew out. My mother said it was bad to kill a firefly.

  • PETA says:

    @Frank Booth – Seal up all cracks and holes, so the mice can’t get in.

  • Céline says:

    Whenever there is a spider in my house I take it with a piece of toilet paper and release it outside. For ants, you can put a piece of lemon that is rotten in the room where the ants are because they don’t like it.

  • Rita says:

    I used to be scared of spiders (and would always scream for my mom to take them out without hurting them!) Lately though I’ve begun to find them fascinating. I had two tiny little guys living on my bathroom sink and I liked to watch them. When I turned on the lights they would always run for a hiding spot. Also, at work, I once saved a moth that was caught in some pasta salad. My coworker just wanted to throw it out, but I pulled it out and wiped if off and it was as good as new!

  • Chelsey W says:

    There were some itty bitty mice at my work that my boss wanted to trap in those generic cruel mouse traps that snap shut. I begged him to let me “catch” them instead. I put down a bag of doritoes and not five minutes went by until one found his way into it. So I snatched it up real quick and collected them all that way. Not wanting to separate or scare the little mice, I took them home with me and released them in the shed in my back yard (I made sure they had plenty of food and water). I love animals so much I would do anything to save them!

  • Frank Booth says:

    When it gets chilly out, i have little critters making their way into my home. However my dog seems to take great pleasure in hunting the little house guests. He usually presents them to me when he is finished with his hunt. How do I get my dog to be more humane to other creatures? I really don’t like living with a killer in the house. Any suggestions?

  • Becka says:

    I had a rubbermaid bin filled with food. One day I heard something inside. I quietly put the lid on the bin and brought it outside. When I got outside I opened the lid, and the little mouse just ran away. No sticky traps needed!

  • lisa garcia says:

    Well i have a chinchilla and well there part of the rodent family so i never kill rodent in my house i always find a way to get them out without hurting them i guess if i get this it will be easier! 🙂

  • Bah_Rumbah says:

    When finding a spider in the house, i like to put a glass over the top of it(careful not to squish the legs) and slide a bit of cardboard under the glass hence sealing them in and then releasing them safely outside.

  • Melissa Finn says:

    This should be the only way to trap a mouse

  • Meredith says:

    When my boyfriend and I moved in together we discovered a little brown field mouse living with us. At first we took a metal trash can and smeared peanut butter and oatmeal in the bottom with a trail of books leading up to it so he could topple over in it, but that only left our house smelling like peanut butter. After trying a few other ways such as shooing him out of the door we decided he had just as much right to live here as we did. He lived with us for about a year until I guess he moved on. His name was Ralph and he brightened up our days when he would sneak out to peek at us.

  • jlovemice says:

    i made a homemade mouse with a jar and a quarter, propping the jar up with the quarter the mice went in touched the tip for peanut butter.once caught i set the little mouse free in the corn field

  • ntiveheart says:

    i have a flock of chickens (from pre-vegan days), peacefully living out their lives. in order to keep our predatory raccoons at bay, i put out large quantities of cat food, at several feeding stations, a good ways from the coop. we’re had NO raids from the raccoons since beginning this practice!

  • Marjorie says:

    Leave me some cheese but dont squish me please

  • jess says:

    I just love them little buggers!

  • ashleystrain says:

    My favorite way to to trap a mouse is so simple. I put a tablespoon of peanutbutter on a paper plate and place the paper plate flat on the botton of the bag and lay it out. Once the mouse goes inside all you have to do is loosely tie the handles on the bag and bring the mouse back outside (I live near the woods so that’s where I always put them). No harm, no foul and the mouse got a nice treat out of the experience!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I used to work in a kennel that had a real problem with tree rats and eating the dog food. Here is how we solved the problem: We politely asked the owner of the kennel next door to please trim his trees. The rats were using the branches to walk over from his roof to ours. He did trim the trees while we sealed up every hole, crack and every other possible entrance to the house and the kennel. We swept rodent droppings out of the house and the kennel, removed rats nests, humanely removed any rats we found and drove them out of town into a vacant field, sterilized the entire house and kennel, threw out all the dog food and treats and bought new supplies of both. We bought huge containers with lids that could be screwed tightly on, and stored the food and treats in those. When clients brought their own dog’s food, we kept that tightly sealed in the bag, put the bag into a container, and tightly sealed that. Then we inspected everything EVERY SINGLE DAY. It took a lot of work but we solved the rat problem.

  • animalpal says:

    We used these where I used to work. They are great!

  • Cheryl Abbott says:

    My dogs like to chase the squirrels that come to feed at my birdfeeders, so we converted the “dog run” in our back yard that someone else had used (ours are indoor pups) into a safe haven for squirrels and birds. Now the dogs can look, but not touch and the squirrels are finally comfortable enough to feed even when I let the dogs out.

  • emily reynolds says:

    my sisters cat caught a mouse that was in the house and i caught it and put it in a box and let it go in the tall grass

  • Celeste says:

    i place all of my garbage and recyclables in locked garbage bins and containers so animals cant get hurt or get sick from consuming the garbage, it works well since i live in a heavily wooded area!

  • Angel Neal says:

    To kindly rid yourself of racoon families in your garage or attic, just set up a radio and play loud continuous music. Just as it would be annoying to you and your young, the racoons do not like it and will move along to a quiet place elsewhere. Works wonders. Bet it may work on skunks too.

  • Kayla says:

    Well, I’ve only ever had two encounters with wildlife that needed resolved. The first was a bat that got into our house, he was flying around the living room so we took all the pets into one room and made sure we kept him in that part of the house so he didn’t get lost, then we opened the front door incase he made his way out the door on his own. When he was relaxing on the kitchen table we just took a box and carried him outside and let him fly away. The second was a mouse, he was so little and cute. I just picked him up and took him to the backyard so he could go back to the field, rather than just throwing him on the front lawn where he could possibly make his way to the street.

  • adrienne says:

    The skunks were getting under my hubbies garage.. He was going to *take care* of them but I decided to do something a bit different. I made a *mock Garage out of a few Pallets and some tar paper. I plugged the holes up at night of the real garage and led them to the *mock* garage with jalapino flavored cheetos.. and they still live there…

  • Kara says:

    I always capture spiders in tupperware and then set them free… 🙂

  • Molly Jane says:

    I just found mouse doodoo in my kitchen and this humane trap would be great for me. Otherwise, he will live happily ever after in my kitchen. 🙂

  • rosemaryanna says:

    This is a great design! Much better than snap traps. I wish that they were more widely available and used.

  • Gillian says:

    A perfect little mouse staircase made of books which leads up to the top of a sand pail (with a layer of shredded tissue at the bottom to break the fall)which in turn holds a delicious peanut butter feast ….works a treat x

  • Crissy Barnett says:

    I don’t like seeing any animal “trapped” so when my boss used those nasty glue traps, I would pick them up and carefully free each and every mouse. He was sooooo mad! But I didn’t care! That was way too cruel to let the little guys starve to death. I’d love to get some of these traps. We’re getting mice and rats creeping in and my dog likes to chase them!

  • Rob says:

    Nothing to add unfortunately, but hoping someone might have a humane way to deal with the raccoons that are living in/spreading fleas to our house. Thanks!