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‘Win it’ Wednesday: Galaxy Glow Dog Toys

Written by PETA | April 21, 2010

Where is my dog Henry’s ball? If only it glowed in the dark like a Galaxy Glow dog toy from Premier!


Galaxy Glow


Sure to please your pup, these easy-to-find-even-in-the-dead-of-night toys are perfect for an after-hours game of fetch. Want to fetch one? Just tell us about something your dog does that makes you glow (with love, of course). The two people whose comments most make us go “aww” will score a football. Your comment should also include the size of your dog, so that we can hook him or her up with the right-sized weird and wonderful toy.

While I’m checking under the couch cushions for Henry’s ball, please read the fine print: The contest ends on May 5, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on May 7, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Jessica says:

    My dog is a Jack Russell terrier and weighs about 20 lbs. She had never seen a swimming pool before my sister got one installed in her backyard and ended up falling in. We scooped her out and later on when we went swimming she was circling the pool trying to grab onto us with her mouth to pull us out and “rescue” us like we had saved her. Now we put her in the dog run when we go swimming so she doesn’t try to save us!

  • Cristal Rodriguez says:

    My dog Oliver Ollie for short is such a sweetheart. He makes me glow because he follows me everywhere I go and he is so sweet to his favorite animal in the world…my cat Onyx. Right now she is having kittens and he is not leaving her side. He is the most caring dog I have ever had. He is a SchnauzerYorkie mix and he is Schnauzer sized.

  • john sutton says:

    Dogs would love it!

  • Dayna Winge says:

    I have a labshepherd that is just over a year old that loves to steal the kids balls especially when they are playing catch. It would be great for her to have her own football and one that glows in the dark is even better

  • Erica C. says:

    My pup is a pit mix from our local shelter where I volunteer. He was the craziestmost energetic dog there which scared away most adopters. I had to take him home! His name at the shelter was radiator…but we had to change that so now he goes by Radar. Despite his name he’s not the best at finding toys at night so this glow in the dark would be great. Radar is a large dog

  • Carrie M says:

    I have two german shepherd mixdoggies that love to play and play and play. Seeing as we rescued them from being put to death breeder didn’t approve of this pregnancy it’s nice to see how much love and playtime they need and get. This would be great to have as the little girl likes to hide all the toys on the boy dog a toy that glows in the dark might just help him find it.

  • Terri L says:

    Our dog Cody is a pomeranianpapillon mix so he is a small dog maybe 1012 pounds once he’s full grown. When we go to bed at night he gets on our bed and then I have stuff to do like turn on the fan turn off the light close the door etc. He sits at the end of the bed and waits for me to finish my stuff and then has to come by me for some attention once I get in bed before he can go to sleep. It is so sweet!

  • Helen says:

    Heinz is in love with my daughter. Besides following her all around the house he just can’t get close enough to her. When she is sitting on the couch he climbs up on the back and head butts her. It is really cute.

  • susan smoaks says:

    my dog will be lying or sitting down and wag her tail when i talk to her it’s the cutest thing.

  • Danielle says:

    shadow is my “adopted” pet in the sense that he belongs to my best friends and not me. That does not stop him from loving me any less. Whenever I show up at their place they tell him I am here and he freaks out. He jumps up and down and runs at the door until they open it and he runs up to me practically knocking me over with kisses. You would think I never visit but this happens several times a week. He is just the coolest dog ever. He is a giant black lab that thinks he is the size of a yorkie.

  • Sammantha says:

    I glow every time I see his sweet little face sleeping I am in awe of his cuteness. Tuck’s a corgi.

  • Angela Winesburg says:

    I love when his leg goes crazy when I hit that special spot on his tummy! Thanks!

  • Charlene says:

    I have a small dachshund. It makes me smile when I come home from work see her looking out the window for me