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‘Win It’ Wednesday: The First Dog’s Gift Basket

Written by PETA | December 15, 2010

In the spirit of the holiday season, PETA is sending a gift basket full of treats and toys to the Obamas’ “son,” Bo, as a reminder to his human family that millions of dogs who are every bit as deserving of presidential perks as the first dog suffer cruelty and neglect. This gift basket, which is full of the kinds of goodies that dogs’ daydreams are made of, also happens to be the prize for this week’s “Win It” Wednesday contest.

Want to win it? Of course you do. Tell us what animal protection measure you’d immediately sign into law if you became president. The first thing that pops into my head? I’d pass a law requiring that all dogs be allowed inside—no more shivering 24/7 on chains or in filthy backyard pens. Give it some thought and then wow us. The person who comes up with the “law” we think would deliver the biggest punch in the fight for animal protection will score the prize.

The contest ends on December 28, 2010, and the winner will be chosen on December 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Diana M, says:

    I would make puppy mills ilegal. Then i would make fur ilegal. Then i would make all animal experiments illegal. Then i would make chains ilegal. Then i would make circuses with animals ilegal and animal abuse will be extremely shunned upon on more than it is now.

  • Brandon J says:

    I would start with some basic necessary laws such as no dogs or cats being allowed outside with no shelter for more than a few minutes in temperatures that are too hot or cold for any animal to be comfortable in. I would also enforce stricter animal farming and breeding laws and try to ban the sale of dogs and cats at petstores as well as making animal abuse more of a serious crime. I wouldn’t do anything drastic right away like banning all meat or something like that because it could create lots of protests and anger among people but hopefully by starting small the world will become a better place for animals and people and soon they will all be happy.

  • Brenda says:

    I’d sign a law immediately, stating that there will be no more leaving pets in cars while people go shopping; no matter what the weather or how short the shopping trip is!

  • Amanda says:

    Ban all of animal abuse for good!

  • Lindy Oliver says:

    The first thing I would do is institute is an “Animal bill of rights” much like the ones each country has for their citizens. My dreams for this are numerous,but the main ones to start with would be more government funding to be used for salaries,shelters etc etc,I could just go on and on. In my town we only have one shelter which is only sponsered by donations. The suburb where I live is overrun by dogs and it is so sad to see them not being protected. Some of them run in packs + seem quite dangerous but there are some gorgeous friendly ones that Let in my yard to have sorta play dates with our dog. He loves playing with them 4 a while then when I see hes had enough I give them something to eat + send them on their way.

  • Janet says:

    I would make puppy mills illegal. I believe there are enough animals that need to be adopted, only to people who truly want a furry addition to their family though. I would offer former puppy mill owner/operators the chance to become humane no-kill shelters with government funding. There are a lot more logistics to this but I’ll keep it short.

  • courtney says:

    no more puppy mills!

  • Jessica Pearce says:

    I would pass the law that every company would have to properly euthanize animals instead of killing them in cruel ways. I would also make it illegal for people to test on animals. I love animals so much, God bless PETA and all it’s supporters!<3

  • MuddyMae says:

    I’d pass an act outlawing all intentional companion animal breeding. All persons wishing to own a dog or cat would be required to adopt from a local rescue group or shelter.

  • TaraD says:

    The first law that I would pass would be one requiring all animal owners to register their pets, effective immediately. A permanent adress, an people to be held accountable for the treatment of domesticated animals would be written in stone. From there, standards of living for domesticated animals would have to improve as required by law and a new understanding of neglect and accountability for animals that we own would be ‘bred’ into our cultures. There would also be a basis for starting to have ‘social workers’ working on behalf of animals as well. (I fully believe that pet owners should be required to have ‘licenses to own’.)

  • GlitteredCupcakes says:

    I would make A.L.F. a legally recognized institution w/ alloted government funding. Allowing for laboratories and any place where animals suffer to be shut down and animals freed by any means necessary.. While at the same time making it illegal to collect insurance for loss and damages.

  • kriskief says:

    I would pass that no one can preform animal testing anymore. It is cruel and unnecessary and should never happen. How can people do that?

  • Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    If I was President I would make it illegal to breed a dog more than once. One batch is enough for certified breeders and if the person is not certified they should not be breeding. There will be a 10,000 fine for any person owning an animal that shows signs of pregnancy and for any breeder who’s animals show signs of being breed more than once. This law would be passed to limit the amount of animals being sold so that animals in shelters can be adopted. I would take any measure necessary to see that animals in shelters are given homes first before any animal is breed and bought. There are so many cases of animals being abandoned and found dead that it is unbelievable. Also, this would also help animals who are put in No-Kill shelters because being caged up for more than 10 yrs is absurd. The isolation and depression hurts more than knowing that a person would rather buy a dog than adopt one who really needs a home.

  • Kristen Johnson says:

    My kids would LOVE this gift basket!! My law would be to subsidize organic farming, so that more people could afford to live as vegans. Then, the factory farms wouldn’t have as much business, thereby helping farm animals! It’s pathetic that my tax-money subsidizes corn, GMO-soy, etc. I’d much rather subsidize healthy vegan foods!!

  • Susan Taylor says:

    As President Taylor I would make it law that every animal be seen the same as human beings, and every crime of violence and neglect against them treated the same as a crime of violence or neglect against a fellow man or woman. Also, the practice of consuming meat or any other animal derived ‘food’ would be strictly prohibited and seen legally and socially as an act of cannibalism.

  • K says:

    We actually had a project like this in the 12th grade. Of course, the subject of the bills weren’t limited to animal rights, but that was my subject. I wrote a bill that outlawed the sale, use, and import of fur and exotic skins in the US. I stand by it to this day and if I were president, it’s definitely the first bill I would sign into law.

  • Katie says:

    If I were to become president, I would pass a law to completely ban animal testing on any product or cosmetic.

  • bev says:

    I would pass a law immediatly banning animals from being used in the circus. Wild animals were not meant to entertain us in the BIG top -this is cruel.With all the laws we have protecting animals from cruelty -I just can’t understand why we still allow this abuse. I think the world has enough things for entertainment, it makes me cry to see the way these animals are treated .I hope we win this one before too many more of our furry friends are made to suffer. The elephant videos- I can’t even watch them in their entirety-makes me cringe as if I were the one being beaten. Please keep up the work on investigating those who cause them harm, the world needs to know.

  • Deb Dettone says:

    If I were elected president, I would enact mandatory jail time for ALL people that commit animal cruelty crimes. No more slap on the hand, then you walk sentences. There would no longer be fines for crimes against innocent animals, instead, all that are proven guilty of a cruelty crime would have a choice – mandatory jail time or…….the first hand experience of the crime that they committed, passed along to them, (eye for an eye) their choice. I bet that there would be alot less crimes against innocent animals.

  • A. Gifford says:

    The law I would enact if I became President would be a Companion Animals Protection Act which would punish abusers at the same lengths we punish child abusers. It would enforce more responsability on pet owners by increasing punishment, and taking away custody rights for current and future animals whether the offense be neglect, abuse, exploitation or murder. We would no longer live in a country where a man can neglect a dog to the point of starvation and death, only to receive a fine. He would be punished to the full extent of the same laws that would applied had he done this to a child. This Act would ensure animals be seen in the same light as children; creatures of the world who cannot protect themselves, and therefore require protection and care from us. The breeding of animals would fall under this act, as we cannot sexually exploit our children, and should not do the same to animals. Following the breeding ban would be a law forbidding the sale of animals in pet shops or anywhere else, as we do not sell children, we adopt them. I believe actions like these would be the first step in regulating companion animal populations, reducing animal abuse and a stepping stone in the fight to give animals equal treatment and care as humans.

  • Jasmine Berglund says:

    First law I would sign would be to make breeding for money illegal. (I wouldn’t want to be forced fucked and give birth to children and then lose them.) I would give this basket to a relative who needs to treat her dog with some more love. We all need alot of love!

  • Angie says:

    My first law that i would pass would be to stop the usage of rawhide and force people to use organic treats and bones.

  • steffi bril says:

    If I were president, the first animal protectio measure I would sign into law is to before breedig any pet, make it an obligation to find a home for one who’s homeless. So, if you can’t find a home for an animal, this will desincentivate the breeding (less abandoned animals) and will be more awareness about this animals living in the street free to use on any experiment because they don’t have an owner.

  • Bev says:

    I would pass into law that no animal ever be made to do “trickS” in the circus, I think it is disgusting and sad. These animals should be allowed to be free as God intended-we preach humanity, have tons of shelters and laws against animal cruelty, yet this is legal. I do not ever plan on being elected president ,but I hope one day soon one of them will be smart enough to end the cruelty.The world is in desperate need of empathy when it comes to our beloved furry friends.Merry christmas everyone.

  • Jules says:

    The first thing I would do is strenghten the existing animal cruelty laws and increase penalties by a landslide. Then, I would tackle experimentation on animals.

  • Eddie Schott says:

    My first law would be establishing a cabinet level position, Secretary of Animal Rights. I would appoint Ingrid Newkirk to fill the position.

  • Alice says:

    This one is difficult… I’ve always thought that fully nationalized healthcare is better than the half-baked system they’re putting into effect, so I’d put forth a bill calling for fully nationalized health care. Insurance systems already tack on extra fees if you smoke, are obese, or have a dangerous occupation; why not tack on extra fees for those who eat animal products, since we all know how unhealthy they are? I would love to ban the eating of flesh entirely, but that isn’t practical and could potentially create a black market; we all know what the black-market trade in animals does to them. At least this way there is a practical incentive for people to stop eating animals, and the lower the demand, the lower the supply through ALL forms of animal harvesting. And since pork barrelling is still legal, I would pork barrel onto this bill an update of the Animal Welfare Act banning toxicity and human medicinal research on animal subjects; there’s simply no sense in the government continuing to allow such things as AIDS research and medicinal trials to continue on the animal model when it causes unnecessary suffering and gives useless results.

  • mykel5 says:

    I would pass ‘no chain’ laws like they have in Austin,tx. Poor pups left on chains all day without access to food and water is just sad. Go outside with your freinds take them on a walk to your local park! At least with a leash they know you want to spend some quality time with them!

  • Brittany says:

    Just one law? I can think of so many. First, though, I’d pass a law requiring that cats be kept indoors in cities so that they wouldn’t end up dead by the side of the road so often anymore.

  • Dana Weinstein says:

    I would forbid animal testing for the use of household products, cosmetics, and food. Animal testing for medications needs to be severely restricted as well. I think animal testing is unnecessarily cruel and needs to be regulated. PS I think it’s very smart to send a basket to Bo.

  • Shell says:

    The law I would immediately pass is a ban on commercially breeding and selling ALL pets. This way people who want pets would go straight to shelters and adoption centers, and instead of having more pets go in than out of shelters, the numbers would flip. It would also stop the disgusting practices of commercially breeding and selling pets.

  • Veggiegirl of the mountains says:

    My law would be that people who eat animals, wear animals, believe in animal testing, are mean to animals or use them in any way and don’t love and respect animals would have to be spayed and neutered.

  • Heather M says:

    I would love to see a law that requires anyone ” surrendering” an animal to a shelter to pay in order to do so, but as I thought about it, I realized that would mean more people would just abandon them on the streets. So, I think I would want to see a law requiring companion animals be spayed or neutered. If they wanted to breed them, they would have to pay a fee in order to do so.

  • Grace Garner says:

    I would make factory farming illegal. I live in a state where a lot of hunting goes on, and while I hate it, I think it is more humane than “growing” animals for food in cramped spaces where they don’t even have a chance at life. Having been born a vegetarian I don’t know how any human can take the life of an animal. And I think there a lot of people out there who can’t actually stomach the killing of animal and wouldn’t be able to do it. And if they do, at least they know what it is to take a life, and often have more respect for those lives. If you buy a burger or chicken in a packet, you can pretend that it is in no way connected to death. But if you’re forced to actually participate in the killing, or be closer to it, you really have to stare what you’re eating in the face. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.”

  • Blaze says:

    In a perfect world i would make it a law that all shelters are to be “no kill” shelters. Every animal would have a chance and recieve the medical treatment necessary to save there lives. No more time limits on how long they can spend in a shelter before they are euthanized. The animals would be welcome until they die of natural causes or are adopted.

  • Anna says:

    Seeing as I just spent several months in Africa working at game and nature reserves I can’t help but wanting to make a difference there. As the president of South Africa I would make a law against Canned Hunting of lions in particular. Culling in some cases is necessary as the Elephants in Kruger are ruining the habitat for other animals and the lions with TB were not put down so TB has spread and is threatening the entire wild lion population. The animals should not be put down by rich tourists who want to show off the tame lion they murdered. The animals should be put down humanely with respect. Trophy hunting is extremely cruel, seeing as the hunters want a clean taxidermy they shoot for places like the stomach, which is not a quick kill and the animals suffers multiple shots before passing. The country considered euthanizing all captive lions (which would include Jagger and Adam, the two I raised from birth). The captive lions at Game reserves are great education for schools and tourists, and killing them all with not solve the problem. As president I will send officials to All lion reserves and any that participate in the canned hunting industry or sell lions to that industry will be shut down. The current government is not stopping canned hunting because it brings in a large profit to the country, this is not a good enough reason to bread lions for a painful death.

  • Ericka Shimkonis says:

    If I were President, I would make Veganism a Law. Animal abuse more than a slap on the wrist; & slaughter houses & testing labs burnt to the ground. My Goddess moves mountains; so you better bring a shovel!

  • Kayla says:

    I would definitely making any form of animal cruelty absolutely illegal. Any word of animal cruelty to a person would result in a home search to find evidence, if proven guilty they would be sentenced to 10 years – life in jail based off what their crime was. If found guilty and were free after their 10 years they would not be allowed to have any companion animals or work anywhere where they would be near animals. There will be home searches periodically with no warning for the rest of their lives to ensure they are following their court orders. They will basically be treated like a criminal for the rest of their lives as they should be. Anyone that would have given evidence to this arrest would get a $2,000 reward and a home cooked vegan meal 😉

  • Scott says:

    I would put a No Usage of Animals act which would take down zoo’s and SeaWorld and Circus’s that use animals as show performers. This would also eliminate the abuse of any animals and not allow humans to “use” their pets in dog shows, etc… and This would take away the right to test animals for science.

  • melB says:

    I would pass into law a mandation that all pets MUST be spayed/neutered – including the animals of private breeders (Especially the animals of private breeders). This would include an allocation for funding to spay/neuter strays, and pets whose owners cannot afford it. I would also require that any animlal adopted out or sold must be spayed/neutered before leaving the facility. Less animals reproducing = more homeless animals placed in homes.

  • Sherry says:

    i think an important law to pass is that animals be allowed into stores on a leash. seeing dogs chained up, sometimes totally stressed out, waiting for their owners to return is awful.

  • Signe L. says:

    umm…the law: “All animals ust be treated the same – loved.” the ones who doesnt take that as a law – punished in jail for ~1-10 years. 😀 another one “all animals must be sprayed/neutred, to stop them from overpopulation.” the ones who doesnt care about that – in jail for 3 years. 😀

  • Airreall says:

    i’d make a law that no animal would be murdered. all shelters would be required to do their best to get the animals adopted. plus, all animals would be spayed and neutered to help control the pet population and keep from illegal selling and breeding animals.

  • Michelle Peronek-Seipel says:

    I would ban all dog breeding until there are no more homeless animals! Then I would end all animal testing!Then I would make severe laws punishing animal abusers!

  • Becky Allan says:

    I would give animals the same rights as children. No fines for animal abuse or neglect, if you harm an animal, you get the same punishment you would get for harming a human child, period. Animals are just as helpless if not more so as they have no voice to tell us what has happened to them.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    If I am ever elected President Schramm, the first animal protection measure I would sign into law is the Animal Protection Act of 2012, making the hunting of animals, whether wild or confined on game ranches, a federal offense punishable by 5 years in prison, 500 thousand dollar fine, and a permanent ban on owning both firearms and companion animals, including dogs trained to hunt, and the permanent requirement to register as a convicted hunter in whatever state one lives in or visits, even if the visit is less than 24 hours. There would be periodic unannounced home visits to check for the presense of animals or firearms, and frequent monitering to see that registration is up to date. Violation of any of these would mean a return to prison for a term of not less than 10 years, and another 500 thousand dollar fine.

  • marjorie carabajal says:

    my first law that i would pas would be all animals be kept indoor,s in the winter then no animal should should be kept out door,s in the summer and no food or water or shelter and left on a chain link to be kept in the heat billed a fex to be off chain,s mandatory to have rabbies shots and medical pappers on the owner at all times get medial pappers once a year,……

  • Aneliese says:

    First law would be to make any type of animal cruelty a crime and all charged. Canada has pathetic laws when it comes to animal welfare. If I won, I would give this basket to the local shelter since I don’t have a dog, and those dogs could use it.

  • Kristin Martin says:

    I would create a bill that would make factory farming illegal–in it, vegan friendly farmers would receive a significant tax credit, and any remaining farmers who raise animals for food would be governed by very strict laws and regulations to be sure all the animals have a decent life and are only killed in humane ways–these regulations would be enforced by monthly undercover inspections completed by animal rights activists. Anybody who broke the rules would be immediately SHUT DOWN!

  • Pacefour says:

    My dog would love this. Thank you for taking a stand against animal cruelty. You guys are the best!