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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Written by PETA | May 6, 2009

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winner of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain is Taylor Loscialpo, along with Poopy the cat. Congratulations!

As summer approaches, humans aren’t the only ones drinking more water. Our feline friends are sweating too, even if it is only through their paws, and we have a fun way to keep them hydrated and happy: the Drinkwell Pet Fountain.


safepetproducts / CC


In nature, wild cats drink from running streams, so why should their domesticated brothers and sisters have to drink from a stagnating puddle? This water fountain for cats keeps the water moving, which encourages persnickety kitties to drink more and helps them stay healthy.

How do you win? Tell us how your kitty companion changed your life for the better. The most heartfelt comment takes home the prize.

The contest ends on May 20, 2009, and we’ll choose the most touching story as the winner on May 22, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • gail stein says:

    I rescued the most beautiful pug from the humane society .he had a seizure disorder order ,eventually he lost the use of his. Back legs but no one has ever loved me more .I got him a set of wheels he never complained of anything .he was the happiest little boy .I lost him April 6,2013 .my heart is breaking so bad .I. Have three others and they look for him.I adopted him and saved his life .it was the best thing I ever did for him and me.maybe he saved my life too because I have medical problems and he showed me that life was tough but giving up was not an option .he was the best thing that ever happened.

  • Catherine KingChuparkoff says:

    We have a rescue minpin who has just learned that he no longer needs to hoard food but water is a different story I am always trying to keep the water full for him and this would truly be a wonderful gift for him.

  • Gwenolyn Pilcher says:

    Our cats live to about 20.

  • Sarah says:

    Max my adorable orange tabby came into my life after a horrible breakup six years ago. I had talked about adopting a cat and went with a friend to Denver’s Dumb Friends League. While I was looking for a kitten they showed me the adult cats. I was set on viewing other cats but the way he was pawing at the pen as the assistant was writing down my information just melted my heart. Last year he was having trouble breathing and I took him to the vet thinking that it was possibly asthma. After several tests he was diagnosed with Peritoneoperiacardial Diaphragmatic hernia which is a hernia where his small intestine omentum a liver lobe and the gall bladder were all herniated into pericardial sac. Surgery was scheduled for the following morning but the outlook was grim. I was a wreck the entire day until they called to say that the surgery was successful. While recovering he also caught an upper respiratory infection which made his healing process take even longer than expected but nearly a year later he’s nearly back to his fighting self. The surgery itself was over five thousand dollars but every single cent was worth having Max around for more head butts and kisses.

  • georgie c says:

    My best friend my darling my love of my life a black cat named maamaa who dies suddenly and without warning on my kitchen floor beside his water bowl some 8 yrs ago was the BEst thing that ever happened to me in my life and I mean it. He was always by my side to comfort me as im a sickly person with disabilities and he never complained about me wanting to hug him to death and hold him all the time he was just the opposite he loved each second I could tell he loved me just as much as I loved him maybe more. I still cry so hard over him all these yrs later he touched me like no other ever has and made my life better I still cant understand why he had to die so abruptly so quickly I never even got to tell him good bye im starting ti cry right now I mean it its so ahrd without him I only hope when im dead and gone I will be able to see him again my hole in my heart just feels like it was yesterday when he fell over and let out his last little yelp in the kitchen but I will never be complete again.I never knew I could love something someone so much. Please maa maa know that mommy still loves you Sincerely