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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Dog Window

Written by PETA | August 5, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the dog windows are Michael Essi and Nicole Linklider. Congratulations!

How much is that doggie in the window …


Dog Window


… loving his view of the neighborhood?!

Regular walks are essential to a dog’s physical, mental, and social well-being, but chillaxing with you in your shady yard is nice too. Now those breaks in the backyard can be a lot more entertaining for Fido, thanks to the Dog Window, which offers curious dogs a window to the world beyond the privacy fence.

Sure, you could order one today from PETA’s Catalog, but wouldn’t it be more fun to win one? We’ve got two to give away, and you can score yours by describing the perfect day, from start to finish, from your dog’s perspective.

The contest ends on August 19, 2009, and we’ll choose the two comments that really get tails wagging as the winners on August 21, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • veronique says:

    The article says you can order it from the PETA catalogue but when we run a search for window nothing comes up. Does someone have the direct link? I can find it in other stores, but I’d like to buy it from here if it can help.

  • Kellye Roberts says:

    How CUTE!!

  • Renee Weiner says:

    Are dogs are three amigos who make each other’s day. They are so perfectly happy together in the backyard.

  • Maja Meza says:

    my skippy would love it

  • hazel hunt says:

    Thats so cool!

  • Tricia Andrews says:

    My dogs’ perfect day would start with food first thing in the morning a game of fetch then a walk around the neighborhood then a midafternoon nap then barking at the school kids that walk down the street in the afternoon then dinner then play with daddy when he gets home from work then sleep on our queen sized bed and take up more room than us!

  • Gianna says:

    Food petting running outside food food bark at cat food!

  • susan smoaks says:

    my samantha is very nosey. she would love this cute little invention!

  • ann says:

    A few years ago we had an old Victorian with a bid pay window. There was a comfy chair there and my Golden claimed it. She would put her little feet and snoot over the back edge of the chair and watch everybody walk by. It was the cutest thing in the world!

  • Paula Harmon says:

    In Chance’s own words “I come from what the news calls House of Horrors in Dearborn MI where over 100 chihuahuas were found alive 150 dead in freezers. My perfect day is the day a family comes and takes me from the shelter invites me into their home and surrounds me with hugs kisses and kids to play with! …that perfect day happened yesterday! Yippee!”

  • oneangel says:

    My dogs perfect day would includelots of fun lots of food lots of car rides and of course lots of playing!

  • steve stone says:

    my dog love this

  • christa d marteny says:

    my girls would love this

  • Tammy Kennedy says:

    Ohh boy ohhh boy my masters woke me up with a beggin strip bacon flavor treat and it sure was good. I had a good night sleep and I’m ready for a day of fun. I get to enjoy the morning playing fetch with my new toy now its time for my bath and shower to keep my white curly coat clean and and smelling good my body is clean my nails are trimmed and my flea medicine is put on and boy they love me as they know I hate bugs. a nice warm bath makes me tired but first my lunch I’m eating soft beef tips with some crunchy cheese snacks they we got from the pet store and guess what I got a dessert of the new doggie ice cream we also got. After we go for our walk its nap time for me. Well my nap is over and I’m a little hungry so I went to my bowl and had a snack of my chewy and crunchy dog food those cheese strips that are mixed in are so good. I like drinking the cool refreshing water in my bowl now out to potty and play in the yard I like chasing the lizards but the always are getting away. Its so much fun outside and playing my master kids like to walk me around the block playing fetch but I also like to crash on the couch and watch tv as there is action to be scene on that screen its been a big day for me so time to go to bed to rest and protect the house. I like being me so many treats all for me I’m as happy as can be. Thank you so very very much camper223atlivedotcom

  • Melanie says:

    Wake up! Mommy lets me outside and then FOOD! and then Naptime and when I wake up FOOD! ..and then another nap. and then outside again. AND THEN FOOD!!!

  • Leann S says:

    I wake up in my boys bed and after breakfast and some private time in the backyard we pack up the car to go to the beach. At the beach I chase the yellow ball till I plop down exhausted and we share a sandwich or two. We drive back home and watch some animal planet together on the couch. Then we take a walk to the dog park where I see my buddy Rex. Then I prowl the backyard for squirrels until bedtime. Life is good!

  • Audrey M says:

    My doggies fav. day First hit the yard for potty time then come inside and get dried off from the dew. Next they usually eat their breakfast and play with my daughters I think that is their favorite activity. They also love to just run outside and act wild. thankyou for the contest!

  • Melissa Thomson says:

    Sophie’s Perfect Day I wake up and go out to do my business in the back yard. There are many squirrels to chase! Yay! I come back in eat some take a drink and go to take a nap. Wait there is the cat chase the cat. Now take a nap. I wake to the mailbox banging closed and bark at the mailman. Back to sleep. Oooh there is my human boy Timmy he wants to play! He pulls the toy I pull the toy. I get the toy he takes the toy away. I pull the toy he pulls the toy I love this game. Uh oh . . gotta chase the cat again. I go outside to play for a while. Then it’s dinner time and off to bed.

  • Zaneta says:

    When my owner would wake in the morning on 9 am she would get me ready for a new day and of course a walk! Afterwards me and my owner would have breakfast and the rest of my day would include more walkstoys food and tons of fun until 530 pm of course. At 530 one of my most favorite people would come home after a long day of work. Then the whole family would go outside including me to the backyard. I run around freely and wildy and also take a look at the pet rabbits for a while. Later I would right away go to the new doggie window and enjoy my view. When I go to bed to sleep with my owner I will think of the fun day I had today and the more fun I will have tomorrow.

  • Thomas Gerber says:

    My baby would love this!

  • AB Smith says:

    my dog’s perfect day 4am yes they’d LIKE to start their days at 4! yard patrol and pee 6am belly scratching and pancake breakfast 9am hit the dog park early before all the good sniffs are gone 11am lunch at outdoor cafe where policy is humans put their plates on the ground for licking when done. 1pm long lazy dog nap outside but on fluffy bedding in the shade but within eye sight of humans at all times 4pm dip in neighborhood park pond and non biting ducks and other water fowl to harass 6pm dinner of steak and eggs served on the coffee table 8pm rousing game of Frisbee and ball toss follow by another 20 min belly and ear scratching session 11pm sleep between favorite humans on big bed! my dogs would LOVE an observation bubble in our privacy fence!!!

  • nicole licklider says:

    rahhhh…stretch…waking up is ruuuuffff…stretch…i think i’ll sleep in a little while longer with daddy and my bestest friend kizzy the newest member of my awesome family…she will be four months old on sunday august 16th…yeah i’ll sleep in while mommy gets my breakfast ready…my furry brothers and sister can keep her company for the while…what’s that??? oooo…i just heard my bowl hit the floor…tippity tap tippy tap the sound of my paws on the hardwood floormmmmmm…breakfast…num num num num…can we all go out and play potty and pitter around outside for a while??? our backyard is soooo big with lots of apple tree to pee on…it’s the best!!! now it’s time to come in cuddle with mommy and kizziah while kizzy nurses…i love this time…i get the best cuddles while my tummy and paws relax…mmmmm…so comfy…i get to rest a little longer while mommy has her toast and honey…she buys it from the local bee keepers!!! cool huh??? ooooo…i see mommy getting the stroller ready…mmmmm…the coffee smells good…i guess daddy’s up now…he better get ready fast looks like mommy and kizziah are ready for a WALK!!! sniff sniff sniff pee pee pee…i love walking and sniffing and peeing and making little piles for daddy to pick up…i must be really special because i’m the only doggie that gets hooked to kizzy’s stroller…did i mention she’s my bestest friend??? i LOVE keeping her safe and warm!!! back at home!!! more cuddles and nursing time…more play time with my brothers and sister…frisbee and bouncey ball time with daddy…little snacks from mommy…did i mention i LOVE toast and honey too??? teehee…i also LOVE grapes…mommy shares them with me when she has lunch…ahhhh…car ride!!! can you believe we all fit in explorer??? mommy daddy kizzy borris charlie gracie and me baxter!!! wait a second…where are we??? what’s this??? i see…i see…LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER DOGGIES!!! DOG PARK!!!!!! run play bounce bark run play bounce bark bark bark bark!!! look at my mommy and little best friend…they look so happy sitting on the bench watching me…ooops gotta go catch that ball…daddy’s so much fun!!! back at home now…time for a nappy…we’re all so exhausted…i’ll sleep while mommy cooks dindin…num num num num…dindin was good…let’s watch a movie and go to bed…it’s been such a long day…i hope we get to watch 101 dalmations again…i LOVE that movie…smiles bedtime…come on mommy…kizzy goes in the bassinet and i get helped onto the bed…unfortunately mommy and i have to share the bed with daddy and gracie but i think mommy likes it…but i get to spoon with mommy all night long and share her big ole’ pillow…she cuddles me and holds my paw…raaaahhh…off to sleep…what a day!!!

  • Donald Martin says:

    cool window! Bow Wow!

  • Dree says:

    Wake up. Eat. Take a nap. Play with mommy. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Eat. Go to bed.

  • Mitzi says:

    Im 8 years old and my name is Siren and my perfect day would include 1 Canned beefy food 2 If only those 3 silly cats would just let me play with them 3 If the big guy would sit on the floor when he got home so I could welcome him properly 4 If the brown dog next door would notice me. 5 Wallowing on the big guys bed all day when hes gone and not getting caught 6 A new bed once a week for life cuz theyre yummy! 7 Spying on the brown dog next doorI DO know what his nose looks like 8 Playing on a freshly mowed lawn then running indoors to nap on the kitchen floor while the big lady cooks. 9 If I could just catch a squirrel on my ninight potty run Ahh..that day would be the best!

  • Domenico Buono says:

    Hello my name is Domenico. My dog’s name is Ryo He’s a German Shepherd. The perfect day for Ryo is 1 Play 2 Eat 3 Sleep! Bye!

  • scarlette says:

    This is too cute! Our dogs always wonder what is going on beyond the fence

  • Reverend Chong says:

    Hello my name is the Reverend Isaiah Chong. My dogs name is Chance. A perfect day in Chance’s perpective would be relaxing in the hot Hawaiian sun in Hawaii where he lives And occasionally playing in the water! Chance loves dog food the CrueltyFree kind. Chance loves running around playing and overall just being an awesome canine companion. I bet he wants Armani to leave sheeps be… KFC to leave chickens be… Ringling Bros. to leave elephants be… Canada leave seals be and AnimalHuman peace!

  • cassandra says:

    My name is Tyson the dog boxer. My perfect day is is waking up after a night of sleeping on the couch and eating out of the garbage can. My surogate mommy Cassandra gets me some dog food and mixes in some vegetarian dog gravy which is a special treat. When i finish i play with my tugofwar toy and a squeaky kong wubba. Then i sleep again for a while and wait for dinner to be done hoping for some treats. I lick dropped food off the floor which Cassandra cheers ons o she doesn’t have to sweep. Then i get to hang outside fro a little while and lay in the sunshine. Then i travel up the hill in my backyard and look out on the bay and run all the way down. Then I go ona walk with my fmaily and play at the park for an hour. Then we see another dog and we played tugofwar together. Then we meta stray mutt and took him home and fed him and THE CAT ACTUALLY DIDN’T SCRATCH MY MUZZLE. Then i fell asleep ate my dinner and fell a sleep in Cassandra’s bed.

  • JAMES LYNAM says:

    Cute only for well trained dogs who will not bark at every thing they see.

  • Sandi Seegert says:

    We’z pugz..everyday is a good one for us. We spin and snort and wait for our bowls of organic dog food mom insists. we’re spozed to learn the “doggy door” but we decided that it was more fun for us to make mom get up open the door and walk us out into our backyard!

  • alison says:

    THE PERFECT DAY FOR BUSTA my mom called in sick to work. yea! we get to spend the whole day together!! we’re going back to bed so I’ll just crawl under the covers and curl up next to her legs. OK. time to get up! we need to get to the beach before 9 AM so I’m still allowed to play. we have an hour to spare. i know it’s annoying for my mom but I keep barking and barking with excitement to get my mom to keep throwing my ball over and over again into the surf. man… I’m awesome! ok time to go home but that’s OK bc I’ll get to have my 1st treat of the day. I love that my mom buys the treats for ‘large’ dogs even though I’m ‘medium’. WAIT! where’s mom going? oh no she leaving!!!! 1 hr and a few errands later She’s back! YES!!! And she’s making lunch. A turkey sandwhich and some chips. My favorite. I love that she can never resist giving my adorable little self a piece of her lunch. Yumm. Now I think I’ll lay down for a bit and nap on my favorite perch that sits in the sun. Ahhh… feels so good and relaxing. 3 hours later What’s mom doing? Oh! She’s grabbing my leash. Let’s go! While walking we pass my favorite yard. I smell tons of worms!! Mom lets me sniff for a while and then… I find a dead worm. As I rub my face and body into the grass all over the dead worm I grab it with my mouth and toss it in the air! We keep walking. That’s when I saw a cat. Even though I’m scared of an actual encounter with a cat I know mom’s got me on a leash so I totally act tough and scare the sht out of it by barking and growling. haha!! When we get home mom gave me four HUGE scoops of Beneful. And then… I SAT and started at her while she ate pasta and didn’t even get mad at me or try to make me lay down. She even let me lick the plate. Then we went into her room and she threw on the TV. We snuggled together in the warm bed and she kept rubbing me and telling me she loved me until we fell asleep. That night I had the most wonderful dreams.

  • Doreen Disbro says:

    Hello my name is baby Kiko. Since I am newly adopted to the Disbro household I am still getting used to the way things work around here. My first day was long and I was tired. My new parents drove nearly 4 hours to get me. It should have taken 3 hours but apparently there was a lot of construction on the way. When they finally got there my tail was wagging and I just couldnt believe I was going to my forever home. We stopped often on our way home. Dad kept me in his lap gave me lots of toys and held me close. I could tell right away that I was going to be so loved. When we got home we went straight to the back yard where mom and dad have a 7ft privacy fence. They kept me on a leash which was really annoying but I was ok with that. Mom went inside for a few minutes and came out with my new sisters Riley and Millie. Riley is 5 and Millie is 6 . I was so excited I wanted to play but all they wanted to do was smell me. Im sure I didnt smell very good since I was recovering from being spayed and the Vet told my parents I couldnt have a bath until my stitches came out. Mom finally let me off my leash and away I went. WOWgrasstreesflowersbugs. Im in heaven! After getting to know my new yard and meeting my new big sisters we went inside. Its a small house but I am only 4lbs so I think I can handle this. I ran around exploring my new den my new house. I accidently peed on Millies bed but mom said it was ok. I was hungry so mom asked dad to make me some food. Oh..yummy yummy yummy! After all the excitement I decided to take a nap. When I woke up I thought I was in a dream but no! They are still here and I am still in my new home. It wasnt a dream. HOORAY! I got up and ran around like a crazy dog. I was just so excited ..I didnt know what to do with myself. So more play time more toys more back yard more playing with Millie and Riley more food. Ohthis is the life. The night was pretty scary. I was in a new place and it was different than what I was used to. Mom held me in her arms gave me a kong and I chewed on it until I fell asleep. This was my perfect day.

  • Loren Palmer says:

    maybe this will keep her from tring to tear it down!

  • Michelle Draveski says:

    my perfect day is a big hot breakfast a walk with mommy her locking up those pesky kids while we had some belly and me time and then I get to point and laugh while those kids get a bath. Lunch followed by a rub down then some ear scratching then a nap. with Mommy Dinner some animal planet and another walk. If I feel really relaxed then I might let mommy let the kids out before I have a snack and head off to bed! with Mommy

  • sandy says:

    well since I stayed up late last night with master playing video games we munched on all kinds of goodies….slept on the recliner farted real loud mom thought it was dad haha…. heard a truck pull up the road so I stretched and barked and stepped over hairy sister who was yapping like nuts mom answered door and I jumped out and made the delivery person poop in his pants haha. Nothing good in package went for water…ate some kibble went out back and chased the birds and the cats out of the backyard..then dug up alot of holes I was looking for the other end of the earth….ok another truck pulls in and I run inside and run to the front door to see who it is and its the mail man nothing good still..comeon mom next I take a nap and mom brings me some frozen paws to lick since it is so hot. After my nap I get up and the kids want to play outside and they decided its time to turn on the house and slip and slide haha I got wet and then ran inside and left paw prints all over mom is so cool she hugs me and dries me off and to my recliner I gohey I am 13. nap time but fedex brings a box and its yummy yummy treats for me she ordered natural treats from etsyshop just for metotally cool mom. Time fora run in the backyard ok I was dogpiling it and barely it made it all the way back. Ok so I have been guarding the house and family all day dinnertime mom feeds everyone and we all eat at the same time….Itake a nap then mom brushes me and gives me my pills and some yogurt and I go run for awhile while its cool ok so I wrestle in the grass with sis and lay in the breeze and come in when master comes home to play video games and watch movies and I sit back down on my throne…yep I get the hugs and the kisses and all the love too but thats the basic gest of my exciting day

  • Michael Essi says:

    Our daddy delivers a perfect day for us every single day! We start our day crawling out of the comfort of Daddy’s bed and get big hugs and kisses. We then get a good sniff poop pee and walk around the block. We return home to eat our vegetarian kibble from Natural Balance our Daddy ensures that we only eat food from compassionate companion food companies that do not test on animals. We like to get back in the bed and under the covers until our Daddy comes home for lunch. This is when the real fun begins! We get to play ball and we mean balls to the wall play ball! Our Daddy has a ChuckIt! mini and he makes sure that we take turns to show off how fast we can run and bring the ball back to him. Whew! We are ready for another nap! We come home and lap up filtered water that our Daddy gives us and then relax until dinner. At dinner we get more vegetarian kibble mixed with vegetarian canned food Evangers. Off to another walk through the neighborhood! We love to explore check out the fountain at the end of the block and sniff our neighbor’s butts! At night our Daddy gives us a good brush down and then makes sure we get comfy and snuggly in the bed with him. He never forgets to tell us how important we are and always talks to us throughout the day sometimes people look at him like he is nuts but we think he is top dog! We keep Daddy’s feet warm at night and when we have a bad dream there is nothing better than having our loving Daddy to comfort us. This is our day and we aint having it any other way! By the way we get to go swimming at the dog park on weekends! We rule the park! Macho Bella

  • amanda h says:

    My name is Lulu and my mom is Amanda. My perfect day would be one I’d have at our summer house in Maine. It’s very different up there than it is at our Boston MA home. So here comes my perfect day We wake up at 530am and run the beach for about an hour or so. After I’ve had my exercise and fair share of fresh air And also have done my duties we go back to the house and she serves me some breakfast. I then like to lay on the couch with her to gain my 2nd wind. A few hours later we head back out to walk in the fields since dogs aren’t allowed on the beach during the day. I love to smell the grass and roll on it. Then we go back to the house once again where I chew on my chicken fillet treat as others eat their lunch. I also peruse through my bowl of dry food here or there. Then I take a nap. When I wake up dinner is waiting for me and then we head out for our night run on the beach! I see “the usuals” out on the beach for their nightly run too and we catch up on the latest happenings. We then head back to the house where I get my belly rubbed for a good half hour then its off to bed to curl next to Manda

  • Kelli says:

    The perfect day for my Cooper would be sleeping in all cuddled up to my husband and me. Then we would get up and take our morning walk during which he would meet lots of other dogs and people who shower him with attention and compliments about how cutefriendlywellbehaved he is. Then he would have his breakfast his perfect day would probably consist of a much BIGGER or multiple breakfasts!. We would play ball frisbee and tug rope. Then we would go to a store where he can come inside like Petco or Petsmart and again meet a lot of other dogs and people. He would have some new toys and treats purchased for him. We would head home for a nap. Later he would have dinner then we might go for another ride in the car his absolute favourite thing! to some cool neighbourhood we haven’t been to before. He would see lots of dogs on this ride too. We would go home and go on another walk. Then we would do our practice he’s currently in intermediate training so we practice at home a little each day too. He enjoys this because he can show off his new skills and get some little training treats in the process! We would wind down the day by relaxing as a family and watching some TV followed by one last walk and then some cuddly sleep.

  • desiree kelley says:

    my dog would like it

  • courtney s says:

    the perfect day for me bella would be sleeping in right between mommy and daddy waking up to my favorite pegetable treats going on a nice long walk around the block coming home taking a nap. Mmm then i’d wake up to a yummy lunch of carrots and roast beef!! then maybe mommy and daddy would play with me and my favorite ducky!! then would look out the window at all the people going by maybe nap a little more. Then i’d patiently wait for dinner!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Hello my name is Buck Schramm and my mom is Rev. Meg Schramm. Here is my version of a perfect day with my mom and dad First it’s a Saturday when they are both home. I get up at 7 A.M. and my mom serves us breakfast. I get my favorite dog food Beneful with my tasty glucosamine and fish oil treatments added and a big bowl of water with a couple of ice cubes. While I am eating I notice my folks are loading the car with the cooler beach towels drinks and snacks and then I notice my travel bowls and a special container of food being loaded…this means….this means….YEAH BABY!!! We are going to Huntington Beach Dog Beach!!! We get in the car to go to Santiago Dog Park to meet the Doggie Bus to ride to Dog Beach. A really kind man bought this bus and retrofitted it to take dogs and their families to Dog Beach for are you ready? absolutely FREE!! It makes two runs to and from the Beach on the weekends. My mom and dad have offered him donations but he always refuses. He says this is his calling. During the ride to the beach with my folks and my friends we watch dog themed movies on the DVD player and enjoy bisquits and drinks. We get to the beach and check in. Mom and Dad set up our spot and let me run down to the water. I have this trick I use to freak people out I run into the surf and lie down letting a wave wash over me. When onlookers think I am going to drown I leap out of the wave like the whale on Free Willy and start paddling. My mom follows me but I think she goes out too far so I start circling her and pushing her to get closer to shore. My dad is standing in the surf with a tennis ball in his hand so I shake off and indicate I am ready. He loads the ball into a toy called a ChukIt and lets it fly….I chase it for miles catch it and swim back to shore. We do this about 10 times and then I look around for mom…she is way out there again!! Mom is a devoted swimmer and loves to bodyboard too but it worries me when she is too far out so I go and bring her in. It is now time for lunch so we return to the blanket where mom and dad have Subway sandwiches and I nibble my dog food and bisquits. Maybe if I look deprived enough a piece of moms Veggie Delite will find its way into my mouth. And of course it does. I love tomatos!! After lunch and a nap its back into the water and I discover a friend from home Cecil is also at the beach today! Cecil is a Great Dane and when we are together I look like a puppy walking with his daddy even though I am 8 years old and 70 pounds. In the middle of a game of Keep Away Cecil’s mom and my dad are throwing a tennis ball and we are supposed to catch it I notice my mom swimming way out at the end of the pier again!! What is the attraction?? I swim out and bring her in barking idignantly at her all the way. We play 3 way keep away until dad says it’s time to go meet the bus for home. We pack up rinse off and we are soon in an exhausted sleep on the way back home. Back home dad gets in the tub with me and scrubs us both until we are clean. I go into the living room and stand in front of a big fan until I am dry. I am then served my dinner more Beneful and my supplements. by then it is 5 P.M. and I am bushed so I flop on the bed and sleep while mom and dad eat dinner. When they are done I wander out to see if they left any scraps for me. Dad sneaks me a bite of something delicious I don’t know what it is but it is REALLY good I go get a big drink of water and that’s it for the night. THAT IS MY PERFECT DAY!! Love Bucky Schramm.

  • Tara McGovern says:

    Oh my god Spot do you see what the Wilson’s Chihuahua are up to?