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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ Tee

Written by PETA | February 2, 2011

I don’t mean to offend all the other dog parents out there, but I’m fairly certain that I have the coolest dog in the world. I don’t mean to brag (well, OK, maybe I do mean to brag), but my German shepherd-something-something-something-mix, Hannah, is pretty much awesome. And, of course, she’s a rescue. I love it when people ask me about Hannah because then I can tell them how many terrific animals are just hanging out at animal shelters waiting for their forever families to come along. But when you don’t have an adorable rescued dog like Hannah at your side, you can still get people to ask you about animal shelters if you’re wearing PETA’s ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ T-shirt.

Don’t have one? Well, that’s easy to fix—we’ll give you a chance to win one just for telling us about your awesome rescued animal in the comment section below. The person who does the best job of convincing us that his or her dog or cat is the coolest in the world (the coolest dog or cat besides Hannah, of course) will win a tee that can be used to tell others to always adopt and never buy.

The contest ends on February 16, 2011, and the winner will be chosen on February 18, 2011.

Please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Brianna says:

    I think my rescue dog, Ocho, is the best! We took her in as a foster after she was found chained to a tree VERY pregnant. The night she was rescued she had her 8 pups (hence the name Ocho). We got her after the pups were weaned, and got her back to a healthy weight (she was soooo skinny!) and kept taking her to adoption events but nobody ever expressed a real interest in her because she’s a bit skittish around new people, given her past experiences! So we decided that there was no way we could live without her and adopted her. Now she’s developed into an adorable little dog and we can’t wait to bring her back home so people can ask what she is (Oki-mix). We also have another dog (heeler mix) and have rescued and fostered quite a few dogs (& a kitty!), but Ocho is definitely the craziest of the bunch.

  • Tim says:

    one day before xmas in 2006 ,i think, we adopted a 6 years old labrador with 3 legs from romania. hell yeah, 3 legs. we knew that this would be going to be a problem when hes older, but now hes still fine. sure, its quite expensive to get his medicine against his walkingproblems, but its worth. he´s really the loveliest in the world. 3 years later we´ve taken a 9 years old jack russle from our local petstation. he´s maybe the sweetest jack russle ever, but he´s so disturbed. his old old owner was beaten by her son, the dog too. the owner was so mindsick, i think she gave it over to the dog. and well yeah, the dog is biting everything moving arround, even my dad, but not my mom and me. sometimes i really get sick of it, but damn hes realy sweet.

  • Joyce says:

    I have a rescue dog…he was about a year old when I got him and he is 10 now. He came with lots of baggage but with the help on animal behaviourists and lots of reading I have the best and happiest dog in the world. The motto that I keep spurting out on Facebook and to friends is “DON’T BREED OR BUY WHILE RESCUE ANIMALS DIE”

  • Eva Hadert says:

    We adopted a gorgeous heinz 57 from Dogs Trust. He is 10 months and was an abamdoned pup from island probably bred by travellers and not wanted for not being pure breed. He was in a barn with lots of other pups when rescued and brought to england for re homing. He very gentle, very soppy, there isnt an ounce of aggression in him. He wants to play all the time and is a very happy dog. He is wonderful with my children, he lets my 3 year old put hats and glasses on him and he sits with his tail wagging while she dresses him up. I think we should win the T shirt for having the most amazing dog with the most perfect nature. Bodie our dog is beautiful!

  • Eva Hadert says:

    We adopted a gorgeous heinz 57 from Dogs Trust. He is 10 months and was an abamdoned pup from island probably bred by travellers and not wanted for not being pure breed. He was in a barn with lots of other pups when rescued and brought to england for re homing. He very gentle, very soppy, there isnt an ounce of aggression in him. He wants to play all the time and is a very happy dog. He is wonderful with my children, he lets my 3 year old put hats and glasses on him and he sits with his tail wagging while she dresses him up. I think we should win the T shirt for having the most amazing dog with the most perfect nature. Bodie our dog is beautiful!

  • Jenny says:

    As a former shelter worker and an animal rights activist, I feel it is my duty to spread the word about animal adoption. For the most part people are clueless about how many good dogs and cats are killed each year simply because there is no room for them in the shelter. Help me get my point across to everyone I meet by selecting me to receive this awesome shirt!

  • sebbiebass says:

    in my old house, the neighbours had recently moved out and abandoned their 5 week old guinea pig in the back yard. me and my sister climbed the fence and took in the guinea pig. he is the most gorgeous thing, my bothers and sisters adore him! and i got the special privelidge of naming him – Addy.

  • Alex says:

    Hy, I write you from Croatia. We have a puppy named Dexter, saved from a shelter where my 5-years-old daughter is volunteering at. Dexter is very special and everybody wants to cudle him because he has a strange colour,brown like choccolate 🙂 He is our baby 🙂

  • R Cogburn says:

    I just rescued for the second time. Such a rewarding experience to know that I have a little guy (chihuahua-rat terrier-jack russel)who has already won over my heart and I’ve only had him 3 days. To think that he was sitting in a high kill shelter not too long ago is just so sad. He is absolutely FULL of life, and brought so much joy into my home. His name is Bicho Biscocho, and he is my little Bug Biscuit!

  • Amy says:

    i do not actually have an adopted pet but i rescue animals. I have rescued a house finch named cookies. I found him in a bush an dwas chirping he fell out of his nest and his body was completly covered in dirt and dust. He was so bony. We took him in for two weeks. We kept him safe so no predators can get him, but just low enough so his family can visit him. We also rescued a lost turle named Cabbage even though she only ate lettuce and carrots. We found her owner three days later. p.s that shirt is super cute

  • Jacq says:

    My shelter baby, Jazzy, was given 2 -3 weeks to live and I couldn’t stand the thought of her not having a good home ever in her life. That was 9 months ago. She amazes me everyday and I am the lucky one for having her in my life. ADOPT these babies!!

  • ariela says:

    My cat is the best! I look at her now and I just can’t imagine how different our family might be without her. First of all, my mom and I had been planning to get a kitty for quite a while. Back when we got her I had made it clear to my mom that the cat we were going to get was going to be from an animal shelter. When we got there, we were surrounded by cats big cute eyes who wanted us to them them home. I’m surprised that out of all those adorable cats I picked the sleepiest, grumpiest cat. I’d say she was about 4 months old at the time so she wasn’t very big. The first cute memory I have with Zelda, my kitteh, is when we were taking her home. I’m not quite sure how exacly I was carrying her but I remember that she was sitting like a baby in my coat and she was stretched comfortably almost like she was laying in a hammock. I was hugging her to keep her away from the cool breeze and that’s when she started purring for the first time! It’s was a big thing to hear my grumpy kitty purr. I was so happy I couldn’t even tell my mom what was going on. She still loves sleeping on my lap. Her eyes become big and dark and once she hops on, she starts purring. Another favorite place for her to sit is my shoulder!!! YES, she tries to sit on my shoulder like a parrot!! All I have to do is get to her level and she will just hop on to my back. She does it every time even though she can’t sit comfortably up there. I know my Zelda is the coolest cat and I always tell my friends about what new tricks she is learning. I think they hear more about my cat than they hear about me! Oh my gosh I so need to hug her right now!

  • Jenny says:

    Joey showed up on the doorstep 8 years ago next month. Fed him, posted an ad in the newspaper, but no body claimed him. We think that he had been dumped in our neighborhood. Decided to keep him. Took him to the vet and had him checked out, the vet thought that he was about a year old. Had him neutered and he got his shots. He is a wonderful boy! Dog of a life time!!! Couple years later adopted Ellie from the pound so he could have a friend. They are best friends:)

  • charlotte17 says:

    my first and only dog I ‘ve had has been quiet an expirence. shes (I think) an austrialian shepard mix with cattle dog and something else. she is very timid and quite protective of the family. we adopted her form a program called FAIR. she had been abused so that explains why she is afraid of everyone and everything. even though she may not seem like the most friendly K-9 in the world she definetly is the bravest in my books. For having to go through tourture and cruelty and still wanting to be with a loving family like ours.

  • Amanda Williams says:

    My baby kitty Datsyuk is the coolest cat (and of course he’s adopted) because every single day, no matter what time it is or how sleepy he is, he ALWAYS protects me form bathroom monsters. Need I explain?? Well he knows if I go in the bathroom and shut the door, I am obviously in danger. So he sits on the other side of the door and meows, howls, scratches, digs, paws….whatever it takes to make his presence known to what I can only assume are the bathroom monsters that would get me if not for him. What a helper, huh?!

  • valerieg22 says:

    My very best friend is a shelter dog. We didn’t save her….she saved us!

  • GG says:

    I recently got my pup “Bunny” from a shelter and she is the most perfect dog I have ever owned (except for the teething/chewing and house training issue!). We have only heard her bark 3 times and it was when someone was behind our house. She is a staffy cross something, white with a black nose. She has freckles on her belly and has one eye that is half blue and half black with a black patch on it. I cannot imagine my life without her and even though I am a newlywed, I rush out from work so that I can spend time with her….my husband understands where he stands in the pecking order and he is fine with that because she had completely won his heart too.

  • Brittany Bannerman says:

    All of my pets are rescued animals. I have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and three ferrets. They are all the best pets. They are always here for me, albeit in their own ways. Domingo (dog) always up for cuddling, going to the park, greeting me when I get home. Daisy cat is always ready with a wake up snuggle when it’s time for me to get up in the a.m. She is also great to bury my face in her fur, and listen to my woes. Harrison is perfect for his rabbity playfulness, always wanting to play and show off his impressive jumps. He also inspires and reminds me to eat my veggies. The ferrets are cool for their harmonious sleeping arrangements, always looking so peaceful. And then, going nuts during their play time, and inciting regular laughter from me.

  • Annette Lindholm says:

    When my husband left me – I felt alone, unloved and abandoned. I now have a new man in my life “Zeke” a shelter rescue dog – he loves me unconditionally and I no longer feel so alone and abandoned and if “Zeke” could talk I’m sure he would say the same … this is a message for all those lonely and abandoned souls out there whether they be people or animals.

  • Carolyn says:

    I live with 5 dogs…all from shelters. The most recent is a foster we had for the Michigan Great Pyrenees rescue. It fell in love with her the minute she walked through my door….I love saving dogs!

  • Uzma Ali Ruffo says:

    You could say our family home was an animal shelter of sorts. It all started with a cat given to my sister named Tubsy. He was a beautiful mild mannered cat that my mother insisted go outside during the day. (At that time our family was not familiar with the hazards of the outdoors to cats) Subsequently, poor Tubsy was struck by a car. Our family was devastated especially my mother who felt the guilt of having put poor Tubsy outside in the first place. Then it began. My brother brought home a sweet store bought kitten named Nunu. But that did not fill the void of Tubsy for my mother. She started a mission to save all homeless cats. My mother began putting a dish filled with dry cat food out in the backyard for strays. In came Tilu and Gimlet, both abandoned by their owners and swept up by my mother. She dropped Tilu off at a local animal shelter because our house was getting crowded, but the very next day she went back and picked him up! My sister also brought in a stray named Pinchy. I also found a beautiful stray kitten trying to enter a grocery store. I named her Delilah. This made 5 cats in all! Our cats were treated like Kings and Queens and happy to say they were all kept indoors. As for my mother, the dish filled with dry cat food still sits in our backyard waiting for the next little furry dependent to come and fill our home with love.

  • taylor says:

    My rescue kitty is the SMARTEST cat you’d ever meet. She knows how to open anything, knows about 7 different names for her, knows the name of our other kitty, knows the word for water, treats, her twisty tie toy, her mice toys, and and goodbye. However, she wasn’t always the successful kitten she is today. When I first met Kasumi, she was a very underweight (like…close to death underweight), had huge ugly (but endearing) ears, a broken tail, and a meow that would scare a lion. No one wanted to adopt her, until I came along. Now she’s the center of attention at my house. <3

  • Anne Lantz says:

    Hey folks! Don’t forget bunnies! I’m 49 and my hubby and I have adopted our third rabbit from a shelter. He was owned by a hoarder (2nd offence). They are the last critters adopted out and usually end up in a lab somewhere, so please adopt bunnies from a shelter too! Noah of the neighborhood, Anne.

  • Ashli says:

    I have 2 dogs I rescued. They are both poodle-mixes. The one boy, Toby, I rescued from a shelter in Virgina. Luckily he was only there for a short time. He is the best! I love him so much I don’t even know how to explain it. I can’t think of one bad thing about him except that I have spoiled him so bad! haha. 🙂 My other one, Lexie, had a less fortunate past. I adopted her from the Woman’s Humane Society in Bucks County, Pa. She was badly treated, malnourished.You could see her spine and missing some teeth from not being nourished properly. But now she has a brother and she is doing great! She is more social and active. I think a lot has to do from watching Toby and the way he acts – he is a great role model! I love her just as much. I treat them like kids. I don’t think it is healthy of how much I love them. haha 🙂

  • Jeanette says:

    We currently have three dogs and two cats, but over the years we’ve had four adopted cats all of which have had entirely different personalities. Our first love was Sasha, a black and white long-haired cat whom we were told was harassed by her “dog” sibling. She was truly the perfect cat…and she would be the beginning of what would become a lifelong love of cats. She was followed a year later by Misty, a one year old Smoke Tortoiseshell Persian who sadly was used to breed. Luckily for her the breeder decided to get out of the business. She was a timid little girl and remained that way throughout her life. Our third cat, Dinah, upset the bunch. This short-haired blondie turned up from nowhere and suddenly started “living” on our front porch. Somehow she knew ours was a “cat house” and used her lovable qualities to join the household. She started showing her true colors, however, in no time. She turned out to have quite the dominant personality. Our fourth was a black and white feral kitten. She turned up in the maintenance shop where I work under an Alamo bus one day when we were experiencing torrential downpours. She was extremely sick and emaciated. I brought her home and off to the vet she went the following day. Before you know it, Ally (named after the bus) was strong and to this day is the most easy-going laid back cat imaginable. Sasha and Misty have since passed on but both lived long wonderful lives with us. It’s been ten years since Ally entered our lives. She still takes a load of crap from Dinah but good-naturedly lets it roll right off her shoulders. Our lives have been fulfilled, and I cannot imagine life without them.

  • xSavviex says:

    I rescued my cat Quazy last year when I was 15. His adoption started a chain reaction of my animal activism. He’s the coolest cat because he’s a very strange looking cat.The left side of his skull wasn’t fully developed when he was born, and was like a giant soft spot. He only has half of his nose. He has one nostril, and the left side of his face is a little misshapen. His left eye is smaller than his right eye, and his left tearduct is a little swollen. Hence the name Quazy. Just like Quazimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame! He was a happy addition to my family’s little rescue squad: our 8 year old Rottweiler, our 1 year old pitbull, and our two cats Little Critter and McCaila, who came from the Humane Society. He fit in like a glove. He’s been the inspiration for all of the activism I’m a part of, and he’s part of the reason I went vegan this past summer. His story caused me to do a speech in my English class on adoption, and he’s the reason I’m going to try to start an animal rights group in my school this year. He’s one of the reasons I wake up in the morning, and he’s my best friend. He’s my proof that adoption is the best choice.

  • Katie says:

    We have a family of rescues in our pack, but one special rescue I would like to talk about is Simon the cat. He was about to be put outside or taken to a kill shelter that was already jam packed with kittens and cats, Simon was 4 at the time and a very shy cat. He wouldn’t have made it either way. The person who was about to their Simon away, told me his story, and said they were doing this because he peed on their bed. I knew something wasn’t right. I asked when they were planning on doing this, made suggestions, researched online solutions, contacted the cat people I knew who all said they had too many rescues. They were still dead set on doing it that night, the shelter or outside. I asked, can I please have Simon? I went to pick him up right after, about 30 minutes later. I didn’t know much about cats but figured how hard can it be, I’m vegan. He cried the whole ride home. I talked to him the entire time trying to comfort him. We got home and he was scared. He went from being a shelter kitten, to a home for years, then they just give up on him, and he didn’t know me, he was frightened. He would hide in his litter box, so I made him housing spots, did lots of cat research, and sang to him every night. Every day he liked me more and more. I taught him how to play with toys bc I was told he didn’t have any and didn’t know how to use them. He was quick to learn to play and enjoyed it a lot. He began treating me like another cat, gentle head bumps, nudges, love bites, the loudest purrs I’ve ever heard. Hes never had an “accident” outside the box in almost 2 years we’ve had him. I clean his box twice per day and if he had an accident, oh well, I would never give up on him. In this short time I’ve watched Simon turn into a proud panther, when he started as a frightened and not properly treated cat. He has lots of toys, treats, holistic food, comfy beds, a window perch, and the happiest carefree life he deserves. I am happy to give him this second chance. Underneath what he was going thru is the coolest cat ever, tough, playful, lovable, and so sweet. Simon deserves to win because he cheated death and is a little panther! He couldn’t be more loved than he is now.

  • valarie1 says:

    While I like to support various charities, children and animals are the ones I am most passionate about. They have no voice. I once visited a shelter and was heart broken at these ex-pets being discarded once they are no longer cute. Although I do understand that sometimes it not something they could control (financial reasons etc). God bless all the people who adopt these animals from shelters.

  • Kim39 says:

    Throughout my life, I — or, rather, my family — had several dogs, all rescues. I had wanted to get my own dog for a while, but for the past few years, life was in flux and the timing was not good. For example, I moved several times and had to spend four months out of the country. My husband, also, was not interested in having a dog, and I think he had been hoping I would fail to follow through on getting one! One day, a friend was visiting and explained that his wife wanted to get a second border collie. I immediately hopped on the websites of local shelters to see if there were any border collies available. I saw no border collies, but I did see the most beautiful dog I had ever seen before: a picture of what turned out to be my bluetick coonhound, Maggie. I fell in love on the spot, and decided that I just had to see her. The shelter was in the neighboring county, so I drove there the next day. She was as lovely in real life as she had been in the photos, but I was both crushed and relieved to learn that someone else had already applied to adopt her. On the one hand, I was happy that she had found a home, but on the other hand, I was sad it wouldn’t be my home. The shelter employees told me, however, that the adoption might not go through, and that I should fill out the paperwork, just in case, and they would call me. I asked my husband to come see her, before I took any further steps, and he agreed. He admitted that “Maggie” was a beautiful dog, and that she looked sweet, and he said it would be alright if I proceeded with the adoption paperwork. I think, in his heart, he never expected it to work out for us. A long weekend passed, and I heard nothing. Again, I felt like some other person would be taking home “my” dog, but I was so happy to know that the sweet animal I met would be leaving the shelter. She had been there for two months already, and it had been the second time she had been surrendered by her family. The ending of the story is obvious: the shelter called me, and I went to pick up my new Best Friend Forever, my stunning bluetick coonhound, Maggie. When she first came home, she did not want to go for walks, because she was terrified of cars, and she would cower at every loud noise or if someone swore around here. If she did something wrong and you looked at her, she would cringe and pee in fear. It took many months for her to relax and open up and relax with us, but a year and a half later, and Maggie is the “sister” I never had. She is happy and joyful, and gets so excited at the prospect of walks that she stands up and dances around; my husband calls her “circus dog.” And speaking of him, it took him a while, too, but he loves Maggie and is happy to have a dog in the house. She is so beautiful, that strangers often stop to compliment her; even people driving by in cars have stopped to ask me what kind of dog she is. Coonhounds are goofy and obsessed with “critters,” but they don’t have a mean bone in their body and Maggie is the most loving, loyal, and sweet-natured dog I’ve ever lived with.

  • harpo says:

    Avalanche, our husky/bichon/mastiff mix (I know, what???), was rescued from an animal hoarder in Virginia who had almost 300 dogs and countless other animals (and unfortunately still has many of them). He was a feral animal who I worked with at the animal rescue where he was placed. He would cower when anyone tried to pet him and would run the opposite direction from someone who looked him in the eye. If staff were able to get him on a leash, he would flop around like a fish out of water. Such a sad sight to see, when we know dogs deserve so much better than to be tied outside in all kinds of harsh weather, which was the case in his previous life in Virginia. “Lance” as we call him today now LOVES to go on walks and explore the nature around our home. He requests affection by gently nudging my arm with his head. He wakes me up every morning by jumping on my bed and giving me sweet little kisses. If I don’t wake up right away, he barks to let me know it’s time to party. He is so full of life and has so much to offer – he’s a funny character who makes me laugh out loud every single day. He continues to challenge me and my knowledge of fearful dogs, but I will always be thankful for having the opportunity to share my home with him.

  • Cat Woman says:

    I have 3 cats with soo much personality! Tiger (7 years old) Is the sweetest cat around, his purr makes you think there is an engine turned on in your house! Don’t get me started on Jimmy and Shelby (the twins 2 years old) they run the neighborhood and my home! Everyday is an adventure with them! Jimmy is a menace! He steals food when Im not looking, his hunting abilities are on point, yet he is very affectionate, he shakes his tail like a rattle snake to show off while he meows. He also follows me around the block while Im walking Travis the dog. He loves to play hide and seek as we are making our way around. Shelby is a princess, when Im getting ready to go out and i’ putting on my make up and brushing my hair in front of the mirror, she right beside me on the counter paying very close attention to everything I do, she is so curious! She doesn’t like to be handled but still finds way to be next to you and show love in her on way. I love em’ all!!!

  • the champion says:

    I first fell in love with Cole, a 4 year old black lab when I met him at the local humane society. While all the other dogs were jumping and barking, Cole was curled up with his tail tucked in close, obviously stressed to be in this new situation. We waited to meet with him in a small “get to know you” room. When he entered he immediately headed to me and placed his muzzle on my thigh. I pet him and let him know that I would be taking good care of him for the rest of his life. Once at home, he had his first bath and a good cuddle by the fireplace. Over time his fear of men and leaves and the dark faded and he learned how to play, love, trust and leash walk. When I experience the trials and tribulations that life doles out to everyone, I am comforted by my dog; the walks and fresh air, his unwavering commitment and love and the reminder that sometimes we need to just stop and watch the squirrels. 🙂

  • Shanon says:

    My dog Kona PICKED US as parents! Kona is not only the coolest shelter dog, but he has truly changed our lives. Kona, who was Gordon & Gator before we brought him home had been to shelter after shelter. He came into my husbands work with the shelter worker to showcase this little sweetheart with two different colored eyes. He sat @ my husband’s door & kissed him, and basically said, ” do you want to be my daddy?” Of course my hubby was over the moon but when we went to get him from the shelter another family was there & had just reserved him. We were sad, but thought we’d find another family member & resucue another dog since we were there. We spent all day meeting dogs, and went home to think about it. The next day we returned and looked again. We just were not sure. Then the shelter worker came up to us and said “remember Gordon? He’s STILL here!He did not get along with that other family’s dog” We could not believe it! He came running up to us tail wagging and saying “I knew you’d come for me. so I waited for YOU!” It’s been nothing but happiness ever since!

  • Catherine Tingley says:

    My adopted Chihuahua Minnie was rescued from a backyard breeder when she was 6 months old. At 3 years old she is now an ambassador for the Puppymill Awareness meet up group, she wears a tee shirt that tells people “Puppies aren’t Products at all the tabling events to educate the public to adopt don’t shop stops puppymills. her pictures are all over the Puppymill Awareness website. She also went to a rally to educate the public about Crush Videos with Senator Gary Peters, we told the media our favorite Ghandi quote: You can judge a great nation by the way it treats its animal, we believe this is a great nation so we need to get the Crush Video bill passed in Congress to stop this horrific crime against animals. she loves to represent all rescued dogs and those still needing to be rescued when she educates the public.

  • Cassie Vasquez says:

    My family and I adopted Milo in March 2010. He just turned 4 years old on Christmas day, and he is the love and happiness of our lives. Milo is energetic, handsome, intelligent and so funny. He makes anyone smile with the tilt of his black, tan and white head. He’s a gorgeous jack russell and my life would not be the same without him. I suffered severe anxieties that lead to depression, I attempted suicide one night and if it wasn’t for Milo’s nose trying to push my door open or clawing at the door, I would have taken all of those pills in my hand. Milo stopped me from leaving earth and I’ve never tried since. He’s a beautiful spirited dog and he isn’t our pet, he’s our family member. Wherever we go, he goes and that’s how it’ll always be. The most rewarding thing about adopting Milo, was Milo adopting us. Accepting us and loving us as much as we adore him. We love you Milo! Thank you so much for coming into our lives.

  • Marisol Pineda says:

    Roaming the streets, a lonely chihuahua, feeling sad and confused as to why he was abandoned by his family that moved away and left him to fend for himself, found his way to my sisters house. She rescued him from the dangerous streets but could not keep him. On the verge of sending him to the shelter she asked if I can take him, I honestly said no because I had 3 cats and I know they are a big responsibility. But I made my way down anyway, one look at him and my hear melted, “how can anyone abandon such a sweetheart?!” He has been with me for a little over a month now and he is a HANDFUL! But I LOVE HIM! His name is Travis, he is a mix chihuahua, and he is about 9 mo old now 🙂

  • lyndal says:

    Woody is the newest, cutest, loyalist member of our family. After constant visits to our local shelter we noticed our soon to be baby sitting in the far corner of the enclosure. Woody is a quiet and gentle soul that was being picked on by the other larger dogs in his enclosure. We asked a staff member if we could take a closer look at him. After a very short time we realised he was ours and he seemed to know that we were his. There are countless amazing traits I could state about his personality but to be honest nothing I could write here would ever come close to depict our beloved Woody. Though it is sad for animals to find themselves in a shelter I thank the staff for looking after him until we found each other.

  • Jeanne says:

    TWICE RESCUED I had a friend who adopted a dog from a shelter. She was 3 months old German Shepard/Pitt mix. Beautiful dog. Her name is BabyGirl. Life happened and he couldn’t take care of her anymore. Even though I had 2 other dogs one at the time 17 years old Pom mix and a 10 year old Cocapoo i took BabyGirl in anyway.I couldn’t see putting her threw shelter life again after she thought she had a home.She is 5 now and is happy as can be. Unfortunlly my Pom mix had to be put down at 20 years of age . My Cocapoo is still with me at 14 years of age.BabyGirl and Felix are having a wonderful time together especially sense we finally made the move to the country.They love it out here and have a great time being able to run in the field. I have no regrets about taking in BabyGirl even though I had 2 other Dogs. She has been a joy to have.

  • Islanddoglover says:

    We adpoted our rescue dog Coco (a coconut retriever) about 5 years ago and she is the most awesome dog ever! A little history about her, she is from st Martin’s island and they use these dogs as shark bait!!!! Yes, the st martin people catch these dogs and use them as actual bait to catch sharks!! It is awful!! But anyways I am super glad we have her. At 5am sharp (when I need to get up to get ready for work) she is sitting on the bed right next to my face staring at me for breakfast with her tail wagging. She is super energetic and loves to go hiking with me! Of course i live in CT and can’t hike in the winter, but she loves to sit by me when I work out at home, she is the bestest best friend in the world! She is always sitting by the door waging her tail when I get home from work, and loves to cuttle in bed. I really think she thinks that she is human. She is the cutest most amazing dog in the world. She knows when I need comfort or when I need to play with her. I love to adopt because these animals (whether it is a dog or a cat) really appreciate what you are doing for them and love you so much because of what you did. People say they don’t know or care, but they really do. The way Coco looks at me I know she is grateful for what I have done for her and I am super happy that I choses to adopt her. You get the whole personalty of the dog and they really REALLY love you! I wouldn’t trade adopting for the world, and i wouldn’t trade Coco for the world either! Why purchase a dog that will probably cost a lot of money, when another dog is in desperate need for your help? It doesn’t make any sense, you should always adopt and never buy! I’m ending with this…. I LOVE MY MOST AWESOME ADOPTED DOG COCO SOOOOOO MUCH!!

  • azil87 says:

    What a beutiful t-shirt!! I adopted a cat,Edvin, not a dog, but it’s the same. In his position I would have taken him if it was a dog too. It was nothing wrong with him, they were allergic, they said he was fat. But he wasn’t and had a pimple on his nose. He was adorable!!! She said it was very lucky that they found me, they were about to kill it.

  • mybeloved16 says:

    My pug Napoleon is the best dog in the world. I never expected to get a Pug but he just kinda worked his way into my life. we heard about a litter of pugs who were going to be put down because of a genetic eye disease and we wanted to rescue them! They were in Pennsylvania and we live in Michigan. we wanted one so we went through a couple who knew the “breeder”. $700 plane ticket later, we ended up with 2 pugs, one with only one eye named Pedro, and my lovely Napoleon with an exceptionally long tongue. We found out that where they came from was run by a person who couldn’t take care of them and was told to shut down her operation because she continued to breed pug with this genetic disease. She was also in a wheel chair which made it harder for her to care for the dogs and they were left in dirty kennels and such. We did everything we could to get her name and more info so we could turn her in. We never wanted a breeder dog but when we heard about the situation these poor dogs were in we had to get them. I always urge people to rescue and i am a huge advocate of working with adoption agencies and local shelters to save as many dogs as we can. Napoleon is a wonderful dog, he is caring, and plays great with his brothers who are also rescues. Gadget the ferret and Gizmo, the kitty. I would never trade his for anything and whenever people ask where he came from i try and give them one more reason to adopt. It’s a choice they will never regret.

  • astral_sakura23 says:

    Someday almost three years ago, my boyfriend and I found a little puppy roaming around a big big avenue >_< She was very lucky because she almost got killed by a car before we got her out of the road >_< I took her home and fed her, cleaned her and played with her. She was (and still is XD) very social!! At times a little bit enthusiastic XDDDD but soooooooooo smart!!! In one week she learned the "gimme-five" command XD and in less than a month she even learned how to play dog kung-fu with my boyfriend!!! *w* He gets in the 'fists-up' position, and she instantly gets in position too, two legs up and ready to rumble!!!! XD Of course they only pretend to fight XD they don't harm each other XD but she gets pretty excited and playful everytime!!! =D That's why I think my rescued dog is the best dog EVER!!! *w*

  • ledafrost says:

    Well, I don’t own a dog or a cat – I have something better, PETA! I own RATS, lovely, charming, trusting, caring, smart rats. I have rescued three so far from shelters, but one is especially special. Her name is Tara, and my former high school teacher rescued her from her neice. Her neice bought a rat to feed to her snake. This rat was in the snake’s habitat for two entire days, no food, water, shelter, scared to death, before the owner realized the snake was not eating her, that the snake was ill. The owner was about to throw the rat outside – in a Nebraska winter – when my teacher stepped in. I took the rat off my teacher’s hands. A tiny baby, she was only about a month old, the size of a mouse! After weeks and months of gentle handling, patience, and a couple of feces-stained shirts, Tara came around. Now, at a just over a year old, she has full reign of the house! I have kept her as a single rat, which I DO NOT recommend, but our case is special – someone is always home, she goes into her cage when we sleep, and no part of the house is off-limits (unless its not safe, of course). I wish I could post a picture. ALWAYS RESCUE, no matter the species! Rescued animals know what you have done for them, and repay your kindness with love and affection ten-fold.

  • pepsigirl says:

    My sweet little Pepsi is a 9 year old aussie/border collie mix. Can I just say she is the smartest dog ever!! We rescued her three years ago and I am grateful everyday that we found her. She was neglected beyond belief. She had no fur on her back, she had been malnurished and she has no front teeth. But a little love and tlc and now she is the most beautiful pup. She even gets compliments when we take walks. And as an added bonus she knows how to herd up my kids!

  • jennkc says:

    I adopted Zero from a local shelter. She won my heart when she walked up and rolled on her back for a belly rub. She want nothing more than to be loved and to please. I think she knows she was rescued and is appreciative every day. I am also appreciative of her every day and the unconditional love she provides. She reminds me that every day is a gift and we should be thankful for those we get to share it with.

  • zaharachambers says:

    I just sent you a message about a street rescue dog I have when it dawned on me that you wanted shelter dog stories so I want to tell the story of my beloved Prissy who died 3 yrs ago this Valentine’s Day. I already had a male rescue back in 1997 when I decided that he needed a friend. He was about 9 months old. We ended up at the SPCA where I almost overlooked a vibrating mass of black and white fur crammed into a crate way too small to live in 24 hours a day. We got her out and she crawled right up into by lap just relishing being petted. She was 8 months old and sadly had already been given away twice for chewing. I just knew she was the one, but they wanted me to bring my other dog Buddy in to meet her first. We did that and to my delight he fell absolutely in love with her. The shelter where she had been for several months called her Millie, but that just didn’t suit her. I thought I might call her Patsy. However, I got her home and she quickly became the queen of my condo. Back at that time the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert had been quite popular. I christened her Priscilla Queen of my Condo and nicknamed her Prissy. Prissy was an Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix (best we could determine). She was indeed a crazed chewer those first couple of years. The shelter had thankfully forewarned me and advised me that I would definitely need a crate. I had never crated a dog before that and wasn’t exactly sure about doing it. It became very clear, very quickly though that I would in fact have to do that after my carpet got ripped up, an expensive pair of sheets got shredded, the remote got chewed up, and I came home to find every bit of recycling I had chewed and scattered covering my entire floor. Prisssy made crate training easy though. I got an enormous crate so she abd Buddy could be together which they loved. Prissy actually loved her crate and would often go lie down in there even when I was home. It seemed to give her a sense of security. We went through countless toys and bones those first few years, but eventually she outgrew all the chewing and became the sweetest, smartest, best dog that I have ever had. She loved people, dogs, and cats. She never met a stranger and even adored the vet and.the groomer. She was the kindest, gentlest soul I have ever known. She lived to be 10 1/2 yrs old before finally succumbing to cancer. I still miss her everyday. She was one of a kind – truly a gift from heaven straight to my heart.

  • Bambi says:

    I had to do some community service for a traffic ticket I thought was stupid. HA So, I chose the humane society. During my ‘time’, a lady came in with 7 newborn kittens, no mom. The HS desk person said they couldn’t take them unless they were weened. If they took them now, they would be euthanized…no time to bottle feed. PLUS, they were going to charge her $125.00 to take them, either way. I said, I’ll take them and I won’t even charge you!! So, my husband and I ended up with 6 yellow and white kittens, each individually named, and one pure black boy we named Oddball. They were all bottle fed, altered, immuned, and eventually went to good homes. You see, we already have 4 rescued indoor cats, 3 rescued dogs, 2 rescued horses plus a mini, 2 rescued pigs, and 2 rescued steer. We already have our hands full. lol My husband said I can’t do community service anymore, he’ll just pay the fines if it happens again. 🙂

  • nancy says:

    My living situation prevents me from having a dog. However, I would never buy a dog. I would only adopt. Just go to any shelter and look at all the loving faces that just want a home and family of their own.

  • Cash102189 says:

    For many years, I have volunteered at the two local animal shelters. I had seen animals after animals come through, and I of course wanted to adopt everyone I saw. In September 2005, I was working at one of the animal shelters and was told by another volunteer that because Oregon had made a “puppy mill” law there was a bus full of dogs that were being dropped off. I was preparing myself for the horrific conditions these dogs would be in. When the bus showed up, we began to unload the dogs and there was one in particular that caught my eye. He was a one and a half year old Pomeranian mix with only one eye. He was shaking and scared, huddled in the back of his carrier. After multiple failed attempts by my supervisors to get him out of the carrier, I volunteered to lure him out. After 42 minutes of sitting on the ground “baby-talking” and trying to persuade him with treats, he began to trust me and he walked little by little to the front of the carrier. I put my arms out and he just leaped right into my lap. He had a horrible flea infestation and was breathing funny. After he was examined and checked into the system, I asked a supervisor what would happen to him. They explained that because of his eye deformity, his malnutrition, his fleas, his worms, and ear mites it might be in his best interest to put him down. I was NOT convinced that he should be put down at just a few months old, so I made a few phone calls and convinced the shelter advisor that I was going to adopt him no questions asked. After 4 days of deliberating, they decided to adopt him out to me. After almost six years together, and thousands of dollars spent to keep him spoiled, I can say that he is the greatest and most awesome animal ever. He brings so much happiness and love to my life. He has such personality and never lets his deformity get him down. He lays on the pillow right next to me at night and constantly wants me to hold him. At just 5 pounds, he tries to scare off anyone or anything that tries to come near me, even my 15-pound cat. His vet now can’t even believe it’s the same dog, but I assure her that he’s the greatest and most unselfish animal that anyone will meet. My neighbor always brags about her pure breed black lab and tries to convince me that there is nothing special about a rescue, but I look at my dog and smile saying to myself, “he’s my rescue and that’s what makes him so special.”

  • Jenelle says:

    I don’t just have one amazing rescue animal, but 6. One dog Stitch who a neighbor no longer wanted, a cat Rocket who showed up on my doorstep as a scrawny kitten with ribs showing & very hungry, and 4 more cats who were all adopted at the local Shelter; Captain Jack Sparrow, Princess Jasmine, Tinkebell, & Penny (notice the Disney theme?). I would never buy, and love teaching others about the wonderful animals up for adoption.