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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ Tee

Written by PETA | February 2, 2011

I don’t mean to offend all the other dog parents out there, but I’m fairly certain that I have the coolest dog in the world. I don’t mean to brag (well, OK, maybe I do mean to brag), but my German shepherd-something-something-something-mix, Hannah, is pretty much awesome. And, of course, she’s a rescue. I love it when people ask me about Hannah because then I can tell them how many terrific animals are just hanging out at animal shelters waiting for their forever families to come along. But when you don’t have an adorable rescued dog like Hannah at your side, you can still get people to ask you about animal shelters if you’re wearing PETA’s ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ T-shirt.

Don’t have one? Well, that’s easy to fix—we’ll give you a chance to win one just for telling us about your awesome rescued animal in the comment section below. The person who does the best job of convincing us that his or her dog or cat is the coolest in the world (the coolest dog or cat besides Hannah, of course) will win a tee that can be used to tell others to always adopt and never buy.

The contest ends on February 16, 2011, and the winner will be chosen on February 18, 2011.

Please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Beth says:

    I, that’s right, I have the coolest dog ever!!!! We got the bundle of love 5 years ago from the American Lab Rescue. He and his brother were about 10 weeks old and were dropped off at a high-kill shelter in Arkansas. We went through all of the screening necessary before we were able to adopt him into his forever home with us. Finally, we got the call to say we were approved. WE WERE THRILLED! We had to meet in CT, as the dogs were to be bussed in from the south. Originally, we were told we would have my pup by noontime. WELL…a couple of hours past his arrival time, we were told that the bus broke down and we would be updated as soon as possible. Needless to say….EIGHT HOURS (that’s right, EIGHT HOURS) later we saw the brigade coming down the street and turning down the long drive to the lot! It was like seeing a newborn for the first time!!! Everyone was cheering and smiling (and crying), anxiously awaiting their first in-person meeting!! When I got my arms wrapped around my precious yellow lab pup, I knew that he was going to bring us so much happiness, and without even knowing it!!! To this day, he is the BEST!! He is my shadow…wherever I go, he goes. Kyle won’t even go to bed until his “MOM” does; and this little quirk that he has, although it grosses a lot of people out, I just have to tell you about….he completely cleans my feet by licking them whenever he gets the chance to find me with my socks off! He is WONDERFUL and I don’t know what I would do without him!

  • Kelkel says:

    It was the day of my wedding and I was getting my hair and nails done very early in the morning. We finished getting pretty and went and had breakfast. The restaurant was within a block of the animal shelter. My wedding ceremony was only a few hours away but I told my friends I wanted to go into the shelter just for a minute. My husband (who was my fiance at the time) and I had already adopted a dog a month before and I thought he needed a buddy since he was going to be staying with my in-laws for a couple weeks because of our honeymoon. My friends tried to talk me out of going in because they knew that if I went in I wouldnt be “just a minute”. We walked in all dolled up and got a lot of strange looks 🙂 I went to the back of the shelter first. I saw a crowded cage full of about 11 puppies. One caught my attention. A little tan and brown aussie mix that was huddled in the corner by herself. She stared at me but wouldnt come over to the front of the cage. Then one of the shelter employees started feedings from the back of the cage. All of the puppies ran to the back and this little aussie mix came to the front to see me. She melted my heart. I didnt care that I was pressed for time. I sat there and filled out the paperwork and adopted her. Since she wasnt fixed yet I couldnt take her with me. She was sent to the vet for the procedure and couldnt be picked up for two days. So…we spent the first two days of our honeymoon checking in on our new baby. “Maple” was with our inlaws when we got home and she was the best wedding gift ever! Since then, we have adopted 3 more!!

  • caitlin says:

    I adopted my 7 year old pitbull a year and a half ago her name is Zoey and she is the best dog in the world. She was abandoned in a house with two puppies which sadly didnt make it. She was at the shelter for a very long time only because she was a senior and a pitbull. I will never forget the first day we saw her we were actually going to adopt another dog but that day we brought our 3 small children to meet him he was just to rough with them (but he did get adopted that day by another family), so we were just going to come back another day but one of the employee’s at the shelter asked us to look at another dog at first I said we would just wait but she informed me that the next day was the dogs last day she had been there to long and she thought that this dog would be perfect for us , So i said ok, That’s when my family’s lifes was changed forever zoey walked in all 90 pounds of her and ploped right on my lap and started to snore like we had been friends our whole life. I couldnt say anything i started to cry because we just lost our pitbull zeus 2 months before that and zoey looked identical to him. I knew right then that god knew how much it hurt me to loose zeus and he sent zoey to us. So here I am almost 2 years later and I still thank god for her everyday. She is so gentle with the kids she earned the nickname gentle giant she is truely a blessing I pray more people adopt because i know how much it changed our lifes.

  • rnlmathieu says:

    My dog Duke, was rescued as a present for my son, 12 years ago. I still see the day like it was yesterday. Duke, all curled up in his cold kennel. He melted our hearts and has been the very best friend a kid could ever want. He is shepard/lab mix and full of hospitality. Over his years, he has been the welcome canine to all dogs to our home. His first brother is a black lab that was dumped on our street. Duke took him in, showing him the ropes, and how to be a great dog. His name is Blackie. However, Christmas 2009, when my brother passed away unexpectedly, and I took his 3 dogs in, I never had to question if the new dogs would get along with my two. Although, Duke is older now, and a little grumpy, he has been more than patient with the new additions, including the rottweiler puppy, that loves him so. Duke is a loyal companion to our family, and is never far from my side. He knows when to cuddle, listen, and just be there when you need him. He is a great, cool dog!

  • Dana W says:

    I haven’t rescued a dog, but recently a shelter took in 261 dogs from a hoarding case. Fortunately, 119 have been adopted. I’ve been trying to advertise for people to come help walk/adopt the remaining dogs, and I’m trying to get out to the shelter 4 days a week to help walk all the beautiful labs and lab mixes. I live in a dorm at college so I can’t take in one of the dogs, it breaks my heart every day I leave there. If you would like more information on the story of these animals, read:

  • Katelyn says:

    My family has NEVER bought a dog/puppy. We always adopt them. I had a dog growing up, that we had to put down in 2008 because she old and was having hip problems, she couldnt even stand anymore to go to the bathroom or even eat, it hurt her too much, the vet said it was best for her to put her down. We now have 2 more dogs that are (“Holly” 3 and a half years old, and “Gizmo” 1 and a half year old). We adopted “Holly” from the Humane society when she was 2months old. We were told that her and 6puppies were left in a abandoned garage. Someone was walking by and her what sounded like puppies crying in the garage and called the Humane Society which came and found her. Holly and 1 other dog were the only ones that survived. The others had starved to death 🙁 Holly and the other dog were surviving by eating their own waste. So they were sick when they were taken into the humane society. When I went to look at her, they told me how sick she was, and what medicine she was on at the time. When I was spending time with her in the little room they put me in with her, I was sitting cross legged on the floor. She kept coming up to me and cuddeling up in my lap, thats when I knew she was the one 🙂 So my parents adopted her, we would have adopted the other dog that was with her as well, but someone else was already in the middle of adopting him. Now she is part of my family, and very spoiled ^_^ She is very happy! ^_^ My other puppy we have “Gizmo” we actually did not adpot him, my cousin gave him to us because her and her boyfriend could not take care of him, and my younger brother fell in love with Gizmo when he was visiting so they told us to have him 🙂 He is also very happy puppy, and very spoiled! Holly treats him like he’s her puppy. They are very playful/funny/and very loving and loved! Gizmo is a pekingese/shephard We were told Holly is part Shephard, but they did not know what breed she was mixed with, she looks part rottie and is built like one 🙂 Holly knows how to give “Hugs” she will put her head over my shoulder then put one paw on each shoulder (sometimes only one paw on one shoulder) and pulls me towards her, its so adorable!! Never in my life will I ever Buy a dog, I will always Adopt!<3

  • Tink's Proud Mama says:

    About 6 years ago, my sister who was on the verge of turning 18 REALLY wanted this kitten she saw at the humane’s society. Because she begged and promised to care for the kitten & was still a minor and couldn’t adopt, I went ahead and adopted for her (we lived with each other). This was by far the most precious little kitten I had ever seen & with so much personality. As it turns out my sister decided the responsibility was too much for her & told me to return the kitten. I was heartbroken at how she could just give up on this tiny innocent creature who did nothing wrong & desperately needed a good home. I decided to keep the kitten & named her Tinker, as she is such a tiny little thing. Tinker is now going on 6 yrs. old & is still only 6 pounds (she’s just a peanut). She is the world to me. And despite the fact that she has major seperation anxiety when I leave the house, I know she will always be there for me as I am to her. She melts my heart & can say the choice to adopt & keep her was one of the best decisions I ever made!

  • LaurenB says:

    This past summer my job ended up leaving me with plenty of time on my hands and so I spent it at our local humane society walking the dogs. I worked with abandoned, abused and special needs dogs. I went everyday and can tell you I knew each of those dogs inside and out. They each had very much their own individual personality and I came to learn their favourite walking place, their favourite toys and treats, their fears and their favourite things. It was amazing each time one of them found their new, what we called, forever home. My first dog I ever walked was named Fred, a mix (husky, shepard, hound and collie) and we bonded every day I came to take him out for his walk, he was an amazing dog and by the end of the summer I was heart broken thinking I had to leave him. So Fred joined the family and became my own baby boy. Discovering his quirks and personality were awesome he was instantly loved by the whole family, including our senior dog. Its like having another person hanging around the house he loves the show Go Diege Go, and he loves ice cubes more than treats, he loves walking with his new canine sister and he has his favourite (6ft long) blanket he insists on dragging with him to nap on anywhere in the house. He really is the sweetest and funniest boy and its sad to think no one would have given him a chance. They were all great dogs and I think its so important to promote shelter dogs to people looking for a new family member, they all need a chance and a loving home.

  • Sylvia says:

    I´ve never bought a dog in my life, all the dogs (and cat) I ever had were rescued from the streets. They are the most loving, thankful and clever beings. Now I have 3 female and 2 males, I wouldn´t trade them for any breedy dog!!!

  • Leigh says:

    Ruby is my black lab mix who I rescued 3 years ago. Ruby’s mom, a chocolate lab, was from rural Tennessee and was rescued when a concerned resident found her tied to a tree with a sign that read “take her or I’ll shoot her”. After a few days in rescue, she gave birth do a litter of brown, black, and yellow babies. At the time, I was volunteering as a foster home in Connecticut. I got a call asking if I would foster a sweet little puppy named Ruby. “Of course”, I said, who doesn’t love puppies? As the proud owner of 2 rescued dogs already, I was determined not to fall in love with Ruby who, I noticed, looked exactly like my beloved dog I had to put to sleep 6 months before. I picked up Ruby after her long transport up north, expecting a sweet, cuddly baby. Instead, I found myself with the holy terror of puppies. From the second I put her in the car, she started ripping up papers, nipping me with her shark teeth, and generally giving me the bratty stink-eye. She immediately began to rule the roost as soon as we got home. My poor dogs didn’t know what to do with this thing hanging from their ears, barking in their faces, and trying to eat all their food. Always one for a challenge, I immediate fell in love with Ruby and decided to adopt her. “Mom, why did you do this to us,” my two dog’s sad eyes said as Ruby played a solo game of tug ‘o’ war with their tails. 3 years later, Ruby is still the loving monster she was the day I picked her up. She is wild, and crazy, and not so well trained, but man, she sure knows how to have fun! On the rare occasion I am able to fully tire her out, she is that sweet, cuddly girl I expected when I said “yes”. But, every day, she is the most loyal, beautiful, personality-filled little lady.

  • zaharachambers says:

    I currently have 5 rescues: 3 dogs and 2 cats. I will write about one of those today. I found my Harley dog in the road with a rope knotted around his neck which had obviously been used to tie him out. He had chewed through that and was now wandering the streets. I stopped as did a couple. I asked them if they were going to take him which they said they were. I then went to do some shopping. Several hours later I passed thru the same area and found him basically in almost the same spot. I began trying to catch him. He ran. I first chased him on foot and then in my car. He began to slow and eventually stopped. I then opened my car door and much to my surprise in he came. He had a lot of issues the first few years, but the worst was terrible separation anxiety any time I would leave him. He chewed a hole in my sheetrock and ripped off half of the wood on my door frame. Many years later (he is now 11yo), he now goes and puts himself up in his lsrge crate condo in my bedroom (no door needed nowadays on the crate), lays down with no anxiety whatsoever, and waits happily for his cookie. He has come a long way baby!

  • Heidi says:

    I adopted my rescue, Munchie, from a no kill shelter when she was 2 years old. Munchie came from a hoarding situation and was found starving and flea ridden. After much love from her rescuers she found her way to our home. It’s amazing that what she endured in the beginning of her life hasn’t stopped her from being the most playful, silly, lovable dog she can be. We are blessed to have her! 🙂

  • elaine says:

    My best friend is a lab mix. Her name is “promise” The first month she lived with me she chewed up a cell phone, a book and ate a hole through my bed- when I walked in the room and her cute little face was looking up at me from all the mattress fluff, I knew she was for keeps! We been best buds ever since!

  • madmoisellezilla says:

    I don’t care about winning the shirt, I just want to say I adopted my baby leila from the vet clinic I used to work for after her previous owners brought her in sick and staving and never came back for her. She is one of two parts of my soul. Best friend doesnt really do it for us, she is literally my child. I just wanted to post this to show my support for what PETA does and for the message on this shirt. I cant imagen the pain an aminal goes through loseing a loving family because of financil reasons or any other, but I can imagen being locked in a cage with a hundred other strange animals only makes that pain worse. Finding a new loving family is probably a dream come true for a shelter animal. Please adopt.

  • Janita McLeod says:

    I work as an animal attendant in my local shelter and ensure they go to a forever home. Their eyes say it.

  • LoveMyDogs! says:

    Our dog Stewey is an elderly greyhound mix who was supposed to be put down at a kill shelter, I guess because his age and lack of applications for him. Stew came to my house as a foster on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized – (luckily someone at the kill shelter contacted the rescue group I was volunteering for earlier that week). We adopted Stewey shortly after he came to us as a foster. We discovered that he has advancing arthritis in his hips, however, today with the right medication and therapy, he acts years younger. He is our Joy and is absolutely in love with our other foster turned adopted dog Daisey. They play and wrestle and keep all of the squirrels in our neighborhood entertained. We feel very lucky to have not one, but TWO rescued animals who are incredibly smart and funny. I hope to one day have enough land so I can make room for several more dogs that may be facing the same fate.

  • Rossana says:

    Woochie found us. She was sitting in our bushes shivering and shaking from the cold. Very timid. Fast forward 3 years. She tells the older dogs (also rescued) how things roll in our house. Did I mention she weighs 20 lbs and the other two over 60? And, she smells like Fritos! Cool dog…

  • giannag says:

    I adopted my cat 2 weeks after I found him! I had just moved into my apartment and woke up early on a sunday morning to take the dog out. when i opened the front door there was this cat curled up on the top step, I pet him and then walked the dog. When I got back he was still and seemed a little freaked out, i picked him up and took him inside. Because it was early I did not want to knock on any doors, so I waited a couple hours. While I had him in the apartment I noticed that he was de-clawed and had no collar – which is cruel and irresponsible. Anyway, none of my neighbors said that he was theirs, but they had noticed him arouind lately. I was not in the place to be getting a cat, though I was planning on getting one in about 2 months, so I took him to the local human society. when we got there they checked for a microchip and did not find one and they put him in the back with the rest of the cats. I could not stop thinking about him, for 2 weeks I kept going back and forth on it, when I finally decided to go back to the human society and if he was still there then i knew it was meant to be. Well he was there! He got a sort of kennel cough that most cats get when they get into shelters and he was still recovering, i was able to take him home that day! that was almost 6 years ago, and he is the hugest (15lbs), best cat ever!

  • mariapandita says:

    On a late night close to 10:00pm, I was working at a little general store about 10 minutes from my house. I was closing the store up and I had been outside. It was pretty cold, being that it was late November. I heard this loud meowing noise from afar, and I realized it was coming from across the street from Beatty’s, an abandoned car lot. I kept hearing the loud meowing, but I couldn’t find from whom it was coming. Two ladies that were customers came to help me look for the noise. Eventually it became super close. I peered down a random hole in the lot, and I met with my new kitty <3 She was soaking wet, maybe from the early rain. She looked terrified. It took a little while to reach her out of the hole, but we finally did it. The two ladies told me that they could not take her home. So I offered; not only do I love kittens, but I couldn't resist her wide blue eyes. I put her in my truck, ready to go home. I've never heard a kitten meow soo loudly in my life, she must have been terrified ! But I took care of her immediately when I got hope, and showed her to my mother. She's brown and had big blue eyes, but her eyes are now a yellowish-green. I named her Augen because her eyes were owl-like and huge, and in German, Augen means Eyes <3

  • careleb says:

    A few years ago, I was living in Golden, BC, it was wintertime and I was walking my dog, Molly, along the river. As we were going along we heard this terrible cry from across the river. I had no clue what might make that noise so we went across the bridge to investigate (Molly looked VERY concerned). So we found the snow-covered bush from which this noise came from and I saw it was this skinny little kitten (probably no more than 3 months old) hiding in a little hole under the snow… She was obviously scared and didn’t want to come out, but Molly poked her nose in there and after some coaxing, the little kitten came out. I tried to pick her up, and she wouldn’t let me. But she was ok with sticking beside Molly. So she followed us home. I can honestly say, my mother wasn’t excited about me bringing a kitten home, but I promised I’d take care of her and find her owners (or a new home), so she agreed. I hung up posters all over town, at apartment buildings, etc… but no one came to claim her. So, finally I decided that I should try to find a home for her. My grandma’s friend wanted to take her and she now lives happily ever after!!! I check up on Gypsy from time to time and seriously, she is the happiest kitty ever! She has a great owner who she gets a ton of love and attention from. I’m so happy to have brought these two together. ♥

  • Krysijo says:

    I am in the ice cream business, sales and merchandising… I know, right? Who doesn’t love ice cream!! One day about 6 years ago, I was behind one of my accounts with the warehouse manager, Carlos. When up runs this little black kitten. Naturally I scooped it up. It was purring like crazy and meowing and rubbing its face all over mine. It was about 6 weeks old and it has the worst eye infection. Its eyes and face was covered in crusties and it was filthy, covered in dirt and oil!! It must have been living in someones engine somewhere. I told Carlos to find me a box!! Carlos babysat the kitten while I went in and worked. I took him to work, to try to find someone to take him home, as I all ready had 2 cats… In a one bedrooom apt. No one could take him so we then ventured to the SPCA. I was brutally informed that the kitten was a male and because of his eye infection, he would be quarantined for 10 days and euthanized. They would not treat his eye infection. As I stared at the volunteer, with this kitten rubbing his crusty face all over mine and said’ “Well, I guess he is coming home with me.” Sigh… one bedroom apartment!! But i did take him home, and my live in boyfriend and I got him to the vet, got him healthy and neutered, and he has been my precious little monster for over 6 years now. And he is a monster, he is equally as sweet as he is evil. Numerous times, everyday, I am telling him,”Snickers, you are such a little ___(fill in the blank with your choice of expletive)___!!!” In between every scolding, he will come crawl on my lap and I forget I was ever mad. A few years ago, I found a 5 day old kitten, stray, at a tow yard. Naturally it also came home with me, after a trip to the vet. We bottle fed that kitten, named it Phoenix. The instant Snickers saw the new kitten, he became a different cat. he is basically Phoenix’s mother. He nurtured her and bathed her and took care of her. He would have nursed her, had he had the right equipment. He would also run off with her bottle the minute you turned your back and tear the nipples off. Again, its that sugary sweet/little monster combo… To this day, he still nurtures and bathes Phoenix. He is still her care taker, even though she is almost 4. The 2 are inseparable. Snickers will also carry on a complete conversation with you, he is very vocal and always under foot ready to be brushed. He makes me laugh, makes me mad, and warms my heart on a daily basis. All of my cats, I have 3, have distinct personalities but Snickers has by far the biggest personality. Snickers is priceless and I cant imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t had the heart to pick up a crusty, filthy, stinky little black kitten on that day a long time ago. On a side note, every animal I have has been a rescue. Three cats, one dog, and even my turtles and a tarantula!! I swear they can all smell a sucker a mile away!! But I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything. So that’s my rescue story!! Of course, there are a dozen that I could tell but since Snickers chose this moment to hop on the desk, block the computer monitor, and proceed to knock everything on the desk onto the ground, he got his story told. **Sigh** He thinks everything belongs inits proper place….on the ground…. And now I will close, pick everything up off the ground all the while smiling and mumbling… Snickers, your such a pain in the butt.

  • Irene says:

    To tell just one story would exclude all of my babies, so I’ll start in order of their appearance into our life. First we have Phantom, that big beautiful chocolate lab that was rescued from a breeder. You see Phantom was a stud dog and because he had broken his leg was no longer useful to the breeder that he belonged to so they were getting rid of him. When Phantom came home to us he needed a lot of work because he was not used to people, was not socialized and was scared of everything. He’s now a well adjusted member of the family! Our second rescue is named Buddy. He’s very old and not long for this world now, but I still remember the day we found him roaming around a local park on 4th of July weekend 5 years ago. Buddy is a gorgeous yellow lab and it was not long before we found out why his owner decided not to pick him up. He’s a barker! But we love him! Trixie, a black lab, was found near a friends home starving and malnourished. It’s hard to believe that she was all skin and bones when we found her because she’s now EXTREMELY healthy looking. Finally we have Rosie, the only non-lab of our family. She’s a chihuahua mix, she’s an adorable recluse who I’m sure will come around. Buddy, Trixie and Rosie were all taken to the shelter so that their owners had time to reclaim them, but for one reason or another they never came, and the shelter was going to put them down as each was deemed “un-adoptable”. Buddy was too old, and had a bum leg, Trixie was just weird, and Rosie too scared. Knowing what extraordinary animals they were we could not let them be put down and now they are all beloved members of the family!

  • Suzie Q. Wacvet says:

    Roscoe was a stray who wandered my neighborhood for two weeks. Several people had called animal control because he had been going through their garbage looking for food. I finally took him in, got him neutered and his vaccinations, and he’s been a wonderful companion ever since then. That was about five years ago.

  • Cheryl Mayo says:

    ALL my pets are adopted; even a few (3 ferrel cats) adopted me. My dog Magnolia is a 5 pound Papillion whom I adopted from our shelter almost 5 years ago. She had arrived there after spending 7 years in a puppy mill breeding pup after pup after pup. When I found her, she was completely unsocialized. She cowered in the back of the cage whenever someone approached. I went to visit her every day for a week before bringing her home with me. Needless to say, she bonded with me and has relied on me to assist her every step of the way. She had to be socialized to people and other animals, she had to be house trained and she had to be taught to walk on a leash, not to mention, get used to the feel on grass and concrete under her feet. After almost 5 years, she has done terrific. She even loves my husband now! She’s almost 12 and suffers with COPD for which she takes Prednisone and Bronchodilators. We aim to provide her with the best life she can possibly have for as long as she lives. I can’t imagine our life without her. Even my stray cats who adopted me (I captured them and got them all “fixed”) love Magnolia. They walk with her where ever we go. It is a sight to be seen.

  • Rai Cruz says:

    My cat (aka, best friend in the world) is always there when I need him. Throughout all of my preteen drama he has always been comferting while asking little to nothing in return. It is sad to think that at one time, his only home was the cold underside of my school bungalo. When we humanly captured him, he was covered in fleas and dirt. You could see his ribs from under his skinny body. Not used to people, he was a frightened little cat with the heart of a warrior, and it shows in the bites and scratches I have from trying to earn his trust. With love, he has matured into a affectionate older cat. Even if I don’t win the t-shirt, this one is for my cat with the heart of a lion. I love you Oliver. (and you better not be digging in the trash again…)

  • Nancy Berlin says:

    I rescued Jeter (a german shepherd mix) fron the animal defense league in San Antonio. I love him to death. He is my running partner and my life revolves around him and his happyness. When I am sad he makes me happy. He is like a child to me and I would do anything for him. My goal every day is to make him as happy as possible. I would LOVE to represent him and wear a shirt about shelter dogs.

  • Sarah says:

    What about the coolest guinea pigs? I got 2 of the greatest guinea pigs anyone could ask for! Philip and Phoebe. I adopted both of them from my local SPCA. Have had Phoebe for 1 1/2 years and she’s my baby, She is so special, she likes to week on the top of her lungs when I am sleeping in the morning cause she wants her breakfast! Philip I have had for almost 1 year, I decided Phoebe needed a bestfriend. Philip was the scaredest guinea pig I had ever seen, he was shaking and hiding at the shelter, I brought him home and introduced him to Phoebe and they have been bestfriends ever since, Philip now weeks at me in the morning for breakfast too, and will walk over and see me for snuggles. I love them both very much and wouldn’t have wanted anybody else more special. Most spoiled guinea pigs I’ve ever met! They don’t even live in a cage, I blocked off my dining room and they live there. Guinea pig castle! I always tell everyone to go to the SPCA if they want a guinea pig as awesome as mine.

  • Dana says:

    Gray Cat was never intended to stay. It was the neighborhood wild woman, ripping open garbage bags, terrorizing dogs, living in any niche it could find, unloved and untouchable. My big-hearted daughter was the only one who could get near it. It was freezing cold that winter when she convinced me to let her bring it in the house for the night (we were already full up with our own shelter-adopted pets, and this raggedy thing didn’t look like it had a chance anyway.) The night has turned into three years, the skinny cockaburred creature into a gorgeous, shiny pet. I’m not so sure we adopted her, it’s more the other way around. Don’t buy animals, and forget the purebreds… the best pets are those animals that are all around you right now, on the streets and in the shelters. They need you, and perhaps you need them – it makes for a special bond. Like Gray Cat, if you let them in for a night, they are likely to be in your heart forever.

  • Toni S. says:

    I have the BEST rescue dog ever! Her name is Bandit (my other dog is Smokey-get it) and she is part Basenji, part Jack Russel (we think). Though Basenji’s generally are not vocal, this girl loves to talk! If you ask her anything (how was her day, what was she dreaming about, to go find one of her many toys) she will gladly answer you as if you she was trying to talk, all the while shaking her behind as if she is telling you with attitude! I would love to show off this wonderful t-shirt to encourage more people to adopt, however they will never find a cooler dog than my Bandit (:

  • Caroline Hamilton says:

    My cat Casper (who’s a big fluffy white long-hair) was a stray cat picked up in a dodgy part of the city. Named Ken by the shelter, he was adopted by me just a few days before they were considering putting him to sleep, after he’d fallen into a depression from being there so long. Casper is now the cuddliest, smoochiest cat around. His favourite toys are hair elastics and those little craft pompom balls. Actually at the moment he’s orange from lying in our neighbours’ newly landscaped yard which has reddish desert sand in it *facepalm* I wouldn’t give Casper up for the world!

  • BringMacKenzieTheHorizon says:

    I have four kitties and they’re all rescues. My first (Harvey) was saved in front of Walmart. Mittens was saved from the local Humane Society and Popeye and Olive (brother and sister) both walked into our yard as very sick, struggling to live, kittens. They’re wonderful cat and all healthy that love to play and be petted. 🙂 I now volunteer at the Humane Society as much as possible (I’m still in high school) and I wish I could adopt them all! Adopt, don’t buy! <3

  • Trina says:

    That is not fair making us choose just one. I have four rescued cats that are wonderful in their own special way and a rescued dog that is awesome. How can I pick just one to say is the best. In my humble opinion, all rescued pets are the best because the are rescued!

  • Alison says:

    My cat, Maggie, likes to forget that she’s a cat. She frequently reminds me that she is, in fact, a princess. When she’s not a princess, however, she’s a dog. She enjoys chasing my adopted dog, Tanner, and never gets enough belly rubs or games of fetch with her favorite tennis ball. She is a truly unique cat-dog-princess.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi, Nady, my cat, is the best cat in the world! She is the offspring of a wild cat. I was only 11, and I had taken care of the litter (and the mama) till they were old enough to be taken to the animal shelter, but I kept one kitten, Nady 🙂 That was almost twelve years ago!! Growing up with her in my life was the best thing that ever happen to me; no matter how many ups and downs, or how many people hurt me, Nady was always there to comfort, no matter how many obstacles, Nady and I would get through it together. That is the reason my cat is the coolest cat ever

  • Anne says:

    We have 2 dogs, both adopted, of course. One is from our former local shelter in Germany (sadly closed now due to stupid politics), the other one is adopted from a small shelter in Spain, run by a friend of ours. They are both awesome, and could not be more different. I want to talk about Leopoldo from Spain now. He is a Sabueso, a typical Spanish hunting dog. Imagine him like a basset but with long legs. He never got enough sunlight and vitamins when he was young (probably kept in a dark ditch somewhere by a hunter, only to be taken out for hunting), so he is suffering from dysplasia now while only being 4 years old. He is the most gentle creature on earth, well, all those poor hunting dogs are. He has not one bit of aggression inside him. He endured surgery and physical therapy for his hips, he never complained. Humans never gave him anything and still he gives us all his heart. His hunting instincts are amazing, sadly. When he has a scent he starts howling in his deep, full voice, trying to tell us: Stupid two-legged creatures, the deer is that way! And he is so disappointed when we go the other way. He also likes to conserve energy. When he is begging for food, he just sits down on our feet and falls asleep there, sitting. His head slowly falls down more and more, but oh, when we just move a tiny little bit, he is there, 100%, waiting for a treat. He is not the kind of dog who likes to learn tricks, he is very independent, like Sabuesos are supposed to be. He has the lovliest snore at night. People think we’re crazy when we tell them we only have 1/3 of the bed to ourselves because Poldi (that’s what we call him) likes to sleep across my pillow. But who could wake him up when he is so peaceful! (And it is so easy to just pick him up, move him a bit – he doesn’t wake up. :-)) He loves all the other dogs we meet on walks. When he sees other dogs from afar he starts making funny noises of anticipation and joy and wants to play and run with them. He was very lucky to find his way into a private no kill-shelter and not into a perrera (public “shelters” where they kill the dogs after 2 or 3 weeks). Huntings dogs have no chance of getting adopted in Spain, they are not considered pets but working animals, they have no right to live when they are no use anymore due to whatever reason (the difference between pets and working animals is arbitrary anyway). We are very happy we adopted Poldi, despite the vet costs of EUR 2000,- in the first year. It is not his fault nobody ever cared for his health, and he gives us joy, peace and gratitude every single day. It’s always worth it. He did not choose to be born in Spain and as a hunting dog, it is not his fault people are cruel and indifferent. He is a much better being than I will ever be, his heart is pure and good. He is our hero, a model how to become a better person who sees with heart and sould and not with the eyes.

  • SmokeyLadyBentleyBellaMickey says:

    I have a total of 5 rescued pets at the moment!! Three cats and two dogs!! Since I can’t pick one of them as the best I will have to briefly explain each of them and their awesomeness!! Smokey is our oldest cat. He is just over 10 and we’ve had him since he was a kitten. We rescued him from a local TSC farm store that had taken in a little of kittens whose mother was hit by a car. Smokey was by far the sweetest kitten, we would have loved to take them all but at that time we were just moving into a new house. Sadly, Smokey’s brothers and sisters were killed by a dog the day after we adopted Smokey. Smokey is the most loving cat. He loves to eat and we have him on a strict diet, but most of all he loves to cuddle with anyone in the family. Lady is a dog we found on our road (we live in the country and have a lot of dogs dropped off by their owners who no longer want them). She is a sheltie and chow chow mix! She is the cutest dog ever! She’s not overly big, but she has the biggest fluffiest tail ever! She is always the leader and she doesn’t take any crap from the other dogs we have/ had. Bentley is a 4 year old cat that we adopted from the spca. We got him as a kitten. He had just been fixed and had all his front claws taken out because he got them caught on the cage he was in. Bentley is a bit of a baby because he lets the other cats take advantage of him. And although our cats are indoor cats Bentley loves to go outside and he will sit by the door and whine for hours. Because of his love for the outdoors, he has developed a special ability: he can open unlocked windows and screen doors. He uses his whole body to pull the windows and doors open and if we forget to lock something, we often have to go searching outside for all 3 of the cats! Bella is our newest cat addition to the family. We found her and her brother as kittens at my brother-in-laws workplace. We brought them home and decided to keep Bella. Her brother Willy was adorable as well, but we found him another home. Bella can be described as a cat with a split personality. She was the runt of the litter and we have had her for over a year, but she is still tiny. Even though she is the runt, it doesn’t stop her from getting into everything. She loves to climb up high and and knock everything off my desk and night table. She also loves to steal my nail files and chew on my purses!! She can be quite the annoying kitty sometimes, but at other times, she loves to be held. When she is in the mood, she will either beg until you pick her up or come and lay right on top of you if you are sitting down somewhere. She is a ball of energy and we all love her to pieces. Lastly, but certainly not least, is our yellow lab Mickey. We got him from some owners who could no longer care for him. He was so overweight that the fur on one side of his body had actually worn off from laying around all day and night. We decided to take him in and get him into shape. Because we live in the country and have property up north, it was easy for him to shed a few pounds and get down to a normal weight. He loves to swim and he is crazy about any toy that squeaks. His fur has grown back and he is very happy to have the company of us and Lady. He is still a little overweight right now because it is winter and he hates the cold. He refuses to stay outside for very long, but as soon as spring/summer rolls around, I know he’ll drop a few pounds and get back into shape. Mickey is about 3 and 1/2 yrs old and we’ve had him for about 9 months!! These 5 pets that we have right now are awesome! We’ve rescued many animals in our time and I know we will rescue more in the future!! I love animals and I can not even imagine what kind of person it takes to harm something so innocent!

  • Jackqueline says:

    Cool…I have a cool shelter dog. Where do I enter?

  • Cami says:

    My cat Lady Vivian is just the grandest. When we adopted her, she was real low-key (which we found out was because of a cold). She went through the crazy kitten phase, and we wondered why we ever thought it was a good idea to get a kitten – haha! Now, she’s the purrfect balance of cute and crazy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • theheathenvegan says:

    Our Rottie, Genie, died in 2002. We couldn’t bear to get another dog; we were grieving. A few years later, we decided we were finally ready. After searching some rescue sites, we saw Rogan, another Rottie. Rogan was “advertised” as a big couch potato who didn’t do much but lie around. Even so, we somehow knew he was the one. We drove four hours to the “rescue”, only to find it was some woman’s house. Turns out, the city didn’t have a shelter at all, and big stray dogs were normally shot on sight. But Rogan was so friendly that the cop couldn’t do it. He took him to the local vet, who called up the only “rescue” place in the city, which was a cat-only rescue. The owner took him in. When we arrived, we were met with the filthiest house I’ve ever seen. Dirt, cat poop, cats, hair, baby toys, and fur were everywhere…in the house. A tall, scrawny, filthy, clumsy, but happy and friendly thing walked over to greet us. I finally recognized it as Rogan. I didn’t want him to touch me, he was so filthy. The woman told us she was feeding him six cups of food a day, but he just wouldn’t gain weight. I decided then and there that I had to get that dog out of this environment. He could have bit my hand, and I would have made the same decision. So, we put him in the back seat and drove the four hours back home, stopping along the way to let him out, give him food and water, and pick up shampoo and a brush. The first thing we did was bathe the poor boy. What a difference! Only now we could really see how malnourished he was. Every bone was visible. And remember, this is a Rottweiler, which is usually a stocky breed. After a few short weeks (yes, just weeks) of feeding him four cups of food per day, he was up to normal weight and looked fantastic! Almost five years later, he’s still healthy and happy. Oh, and the couch potato thing? No idea. This dog only relaxes when everyone else does. So, why is my dog the best rescue pet? Because after being abandoned to fend for himself, he overcame certain death only to be placed in a “facility” that was no better than if he’d stayed a stray. A facility that lied to people wanting to give a loving home to an abandoned animal and took in strays for profit alone. Luckily, we came along for him just in time. Now his true personality can shine.

  • izzyscarlet says:

    My bailey is the best dog in the world…hes the coolest dog out there and travelled all the way back from Spain with us to prove it! His mum was a stray out there when she was found and was passed on to a spanish farmer who claimed they would care for her but in fact abandoned the puppies when they were born and sadly i don’t think they would have made it..:( they kept bailey at the time as he was the only white puppy! but about a week later abandoned him too until we came alone! so not only is he the coolest dog i know i think hes probably one of the luckiest 🙂 I would never in a million years buy a dog when there are so many amazing animals out there who need our help that are either being looked after in shelters or the unlucky ones who have nowhere and are strays out on the streets. 🙂 xx

  • Lisa Henson says:

    My dog, Autumn, is the absolutely coolest dog imaginable. My husband and I found her walking down a busy road 13 years ago. Although, if she could talk, she might say that she found us. We called the shelters to see if anyone has reported her missing but no one was looking for her so we permanently made her our fur baby. She has continued to be such a wonderful part of our family as we had 2 human children, who love and adore her. She has always been gentle and patient with our kids, allowing them to dress her up like a princess and have tea parties with them. She seems to like the attention. I think she might think she really is a princess. A few months ago, she had a back injury that prevented her from using her hind legs. We got her medical treatment and nursed her back to health, walking her while holding up her back legs for her until she could heal. Thank goodness, she’s back to normal now as we can’t imagine losing her. She is resilient and still as sweet and loving as the first day we found her.

  • Maddy says:

    All my life growing up I begged my mom for a dog. “Please please please please?!” I begged as I tugged on her sleeve any time we walked by a pet store with puppies in the window. The day eventually came when she agreed, for my 12th birthday, but she insisted that we check out the pound and shelters first. Our first stop was the city pound, a sad and miserable place, full of dirty cages and howling animals. I was heart broken to see all the dogs and cats huddled in their small cages, and wanted to take them all home with me. We continued through the rows until one small puppy caught my attention. She was really tiny, small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, and was all alone in a barren kennel between two large snarling dogs. She was cowering against the back wall, trembling in this terrifying prison. I asked the man working there about this little beagle-mix, and he informed me that she was scheduled to be euthanized in a day or two. I had made up my mind. “I want her,” I said boldly, only to be disappointed to learn that she wouldn’t actually be able to come home with me until she went to the vets for a few days, to get vaccinated and fixed. The countdown was unbearable! Finally the day came when my mom drove me to the vets, and when they brought her out to me, I cradled her in my arms. I had thought of a name for her, Alex, not too silly or girly, but a good strong name for a strong little dog. Within a few weeks she grew like a weed, and ended up being twice as big as we had thought (guess she just needed that extra TLC!) She’s turning 9 years old at the end of May and I can already see some grey hairs on her face, but she is still full of energy, curiosity, and love! I haven’t seen her much these past two years since I’m living at a college 300 miles from home, but I’ll be moving off campus into a pet-friendly place at the end of this semester… I can’t wait to be reunited with my bubby! I love her more than anything, and strongly advocate the adoption of dogs and cats from pounds and shelters <3 Here's a pic from our trip to the beach over fall break!

  • Julie C says:

    Hope some of you watch Oprah tuesday she mentioned PETA and thats a good thing!! being a member it was nice to here that we made it to oprah.but anyways cool shirt!!love it.I adopted three stray cats and spayed them and released again. I try to do what I can.Thanks for all you do!!

  • Melissa says:

    My rescue cat, Stone, thinks he is a dog. He follows me around the house, plays fetch, begs at the dinner table and comes when called. He is even learning to walk on a harness & leash! His adopted brother, Tom (also a rescue cat), on the other hand, while fully cool in his own right, is the epitome of a cat. He is loving and purry when he feels like it, but is generally happy to be on his own. Unless there is food, then he is your best friend.

  • Isabelle says:

    I haven’t bought my cat in a pet shop, my neighbour gave it to me. But it’s about a friend of mine I want to tell you about… not about me. She lives in a house away from the city, we could call that place the country. Well, she already had 3 cats when she realized that there was a cat wandering alone around her house. She tooked care of him, brought him to the vet and paid for all the treatments, vaccines and other things she had to take in charge so the cat could be healthy. Once back home, she continued to food him and pet him, let him go outside when he likes. I thought it would end up there… Well no, ever since that day, she rescued 4 other wandering cats, the same way, takes care of them, with another friend. (See she’s not a freaky-crazy cat-lady!!! She has a few friends, she’s very normal!)Some cats go outside and come back a couple days after and some prefer to stay with her on a daily basis. On my opinion, she is a real rescuer, I admire her a lot for that.

  • VeganMomToVeganDaughter says:

    My Kelsey doggy is the best – when I got her she didn’t know what toys or treats were, and she was afraid of doorways, loud noises, and especially of tall human males. I consulted with a doggy psychologist at Tufts University who diagnosed her as having been abused and/or neglected, and we concluded that the best therapy for her was to provide love, shelter, food, toys, and treats without forcing interaction, and she’d come around in her own time to realize caring humans exist. It took a lot of patience from both of us, but now she loves her treats and will seek affection from the humans she’s familiar with. Evil Abuser – 0, Kelsey – 1!

  • Lauren k says:

    I have 3 adopted shelter dogs, a pom with alopecia x named munchkin, a chihuahua terrier mix named miley, and a toy poodle mix named gnarley. They are all three amazing and literally other than my husband my absolute best friends. Munchkin just recently was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and only has a limited time left with us, I cherish every second we share together and I love spoiling my little goofy pound puppy more than anything else. Ill never buy from a breeder because my rescues are worth more to me than an authentic breed or some paper, they are worth the world. 🙂

  • Ann says:

    My shelter dog is by far the cutest/coolest dog on the planet, I mean really she is. It is too bad I cant submit a picture or video for evidence, however my little Corgi/Border Collie/whatever dog is brilliant, friendly, happy, good with children, athletic, tough, and dare I say, proud of her self? She seems to know that she beat the odds to find her way to me. The funniest and cutest thing she does is she likes to hide her “Ballie.” Ballie is a mini tennis ball, and she demands that me or her other mom lay a blanket flat on the floor so that she may hide it in the contents. She will take one corner of the blanket and cover the ballie in a mass of blanket and then go after it. I love this dog with all my heart, and she wants me to wear this tee shirt to support her!

  • JalinMarieC says:

    In February 2007 my husband and I adopted a boxer-husky mix from the SPCA; think Boxer with ice blue eyes! She was so underfed and her little ribs poked right through! When we took her to the vet her lungs didn’t sound right and the xrays were disturbing, at first they thought it was going to be the end of our little girl. She also had kennel cough, and a bad case of it. A friend of mine joined in on the responsibilities of caring for little Delta, and we pulled our finances together to pay for all expenses necessary. It was slow progress but even the vet was amazed at her recovery! She is not a baby anymore, but a big healthy 3 year old. She loves her dog brother and cat sister and is quick to show affection. She might like to get a little crazy sometimes, but she is alive and healthy and that’s fine by everyone!

  • Tonnina says:

    Well my dog, who just turned 11, was found by my mom at her place of work at the time. Jake was about 20lbs underweight, had road rash and cuts all over but still wanted nothing but to give kisses. My mom took him to the only no-kill shelter in the area (now no longer running) and told them his story and if no one came for him in a week or two to call her, she liked him. A week and a half went by and my mom got the call. They said no one’s been in for him and that if no one came with in the next 3 days they’d have to transfer him to the kill shelter because they were running out of room. Mom said “I’ll take him!” and went to get him and took him to the vet. Jake was neutered, given shots, and some pain pills for his road rash and cuts and was sent home with us. He was a rambunctious pup who just wanted to play and give kisses all the time. We soon found out that Jake had problems. He cowered when you put your hand over his head (he still does that now)to pet him, he hates baths and will whine and cry and try to escape them, and even if he has food and water outside he won’t eat nor drink. We concluded that he was abused with water and possibly used as a bait dog (He is an American Staffordshire Terrier, more commonly referred to as a Pit Bull) as well as not given the basic necessities when chained outside. Jake Boy, now a senior, lives out his last few years like he always has: on the couch sleeping or playing tug of war with me, his person! I will be sad when he dies. Pit Bulls only live for about 12 years max, but Jake is very healthy for such and old pooch. I love him and will keep loving him forever and ever. He is the best rescue dog we’ve ever owned!