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Win ‘The Pretenders: Live in London’ DVD

Written by PETA | February 8, 2010
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Live in London

The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde isn’t just the lead singer of a rock band and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer—she’s an animal rights leader too. With that in mind, we’re giving you a chance to win a copy of the band’s highly anticipated new CD/DVD box set, Live in London. It includes all the major singles, from “I’ll Stand by You” to “Brass in Pocket,” and it hits store shelves tomorrow.

To enter, tell us what you’ve done to lead friends, family members, community members, or anyone else to help animals. Rise above the “Middle of the Road” and tell us about something that no one else has ever done. We’ll give a copy of Live in London to the 15 readers who share the stories that inspire us the most.

The contest ends on February 15, 2010, and we’ll announce the winners on February 17, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • -/- says:

    I honestly still only have rights abuses to report in the direction of Chrissie Hynde. The situation is very serious. Improvement extremely requires.

  • Charles Vorster says:

    I know this will sound like a little gesture but whenever I am walking around the streets near my home on the east coast of South AfricaI keep a lookout for frogs lizards and crabs that like to lie on the warm tarmac after a rainstormendangering their lives. I check to see that no cars are comingso as not to join the roadkill toll and move them onto the grassy verge or into thicker bush. Always important to remember If you see an animal crossingput it on the side it was headed towards.

  • Saucy says:

    What I am doing to lead community members to help animals is to get them to stop eating them or at least reduce the number of animals they do eat. Good old fashioned fear techniques work health concerns as well as the shocking truth about cruelty visuals. If that doesn’t soften ’em up it never hurts to play the vanity card. ……..”If you could just loose twenty pounds. Do you know how many playboy bunnies pose annually for PETA? You’ve never seen Eva Mendes naked? You really aren’t a part of the AR movement. Have you been living in a cave?” RESPONCE …..”But what do you eat? How do you get your “protein” Yes I want to see Eva Mendez naked!!!” “OK then.” And I’m ready to play my aces. I’ve been doing this for years now. Every time I eat a delicious boca burger or gardenburger a morning star riblet a smart life sandwich or tofutti dairy free pizza health is wealth vegan buffalo pieces every time I finish a container of rice milk or polish off a bottle of veganaise I don’t just toss those lovely carefully crafted boxes in the trash. Nonononono. I cut ’em up and prepare packages for all the vegan wannabe’s out there. Yes sometimes I get backed up yes sometimes they pile up to the ceiling creating a clutter bomb and a fire hazard but who cares if you can save 100 animals a year and win a double box Chrissie Hynde Pretender Live from London CDDVD set. I just keep clipping and clipping and clipping and clipping and clipping and hoping hoping hoping for some musical accompaniment.

  • Alyson Paige Warren says:

    I wear my commitment to AR on my sleeve literally. From the buttons on my coat to my “No Animals in Here” lunchbox I hope to show my students coworkers friends and family a cruetlyfree lifestyle in motion.

  • Anonymous says:

    My friends and I have taken our nonvegetarian friends to different vegetarianvegan restaurants. Not so unique but fun easy and something everyone can do.

  • Erin Trotti says:

    I have a pretty unique story of animal rescue that a lot of people have a hard time believing! My husband and I went on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico back in 2005! I had never seen so many starving stray sick animals in my life. It was so disturbing. I found an 8 week old puppy that was near death and I had 36 hours to get her back to the States otherwise I would have had to leave her there. Well 25 calls to the Emergencias de Veterianios later the vet finally agreed to let me bring the puppy in get her rabies shot and small animal health certificate so we would bring her home. 5 years later she’s happy and healthy a beautiful yellow Lab mix. But that’s not the end. The following year we went on vacation to Myrtle Beach SC and I received a call on my answering machine which I check from the hotel in SC saying that an 8 year old ShepherdDobie mix was abandoned by her family and needed a home. I flew home from Myrtle Beach and adopted her that weekend! 4 years later she’s 12 now and healthier than she ever was eating the best holistic dog food!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Idyllic JudeoChristianity advocates veganism Genesis 129. The founder of the Christian Salvation Army William Booth was vegetarian. The founder of the Seventh Day Adventists was vegetarian Ellen G. White. The leader of Methodism John Wesley was vegetarian. Millions of Hindus Jains and Buddhists are vegetarians.

  • Jerry Elmas says:

    I write this contest comment not for myself but for my daughter. While we provided the inspiration to her the work she has done helping dogs in need of a home makes us proud and in awe. Since the age of 10 our daughter has volunteered her time regularly to 2 different rescue dog centers here in the Austin area. That may not sound like much but this entire summer and the summer before that she spent 8 hours a day 5 days a week in the searing Texas sun cleaning up and taking care of the most in need dogs you can possibly imagine. She doesn’t do it as a hobby but as a labor of love for animals. To have a child devote herself so completely at this age to any task is amazing in itself. My daughter sees her calling in life to help animals. I don’t see it as a pipe dream either even though children change their minds all the time. To the end of my life I will remember this achievement of my daughter’s as one of the highlights of raising her. Jerry Elmas Austin TX

  • Andre Inglis says:

    Like Erin was saying. Animal Right is so interconnected that anyone can bring animals in a conversation. Great example! I’ll be checking The Pretendes out. It’s great knowing that the musicians bands you are listening to corrisponds to your ethics. I find it makes for a more complete experience.

  • moo.lennon. says:

    i am recently holding a petition in my school for a vegetarianfriendly lunch menu.i am vegan but my school doesnt serve any good for i just hope i can win this case.ive already wrote a letter to my principallooks like he hasnt paid attention and now i will make a petition.if my school decides to keep ignoring me..they will hear from me..and louder!

  • Erin Register says:

    I’m not sure how unique this is but I always take advantage of opportunities to spread veganism at my workplace like bringing in delicious vegan foods when we have company events and blogging on the company website. I am also on our Diversity Committee so I use any reason to bring up animal rights. I celebrated National Vegetarian Month in November with blogging and pamphlets in the break room. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake I blogged about how to donate to reputable animal charities. I also posted the menu for a veganfriendly restaurant in the lunch room. I always grab any chance to educate people about animal rights and eating a healthy vegan diet.