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Win an iPod by Helping Stop Deadly Training Exercises on Animals

Written by PETA | August 27, 2009

The U.S. military has declared war on animals by burning, stabbing, and shooting them in unnecessary training exercises, and it’s time to fight back! Animals need you to enlist in the army of animal lovers willing to speak out against these cruel exercises. If you go above and beyond the call of duty for this mission, you’ll be in with a great chance to win an iPod shuffle.

Enlist Now
Join the battle for animals by signing our Facebook petition to end military trauma training on animals.

Recruit Your Friends
Click “Ask Friends to Sign” on the petition page to recruit your friends to this cause. The more invites you send out, the more people you will recruit. Tell them how live pigs are shot, stabbed, and burned; live goats have their legs broken with bolt cutters and cut off with shears; and live monkeys are poisoned with harmful chemicals.

Facebook Petition

Go Home Victorious
The individual who collects the most petition signatures by September 10, 2009 wins the iPod Shuffle. We’ll announce the winner on September 14, 2009.

Share the petition on your Facebook wall and everywhere else you can. The harder you fight, the larger the impact you’ll make, and the greater the chance is that you’ll go home with an iPod in hand.

Please take action today for all the monkeys, pigs, sheep, and other nonhuman victims killed in military training. Humane, responsible training is essential in our effort to work toward a peaceful world. Learn more about this campaign at

Heads up: By entering the contest you’re acknowledging that you’ve read and agreed to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Good luck, soldier!

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  • Shelly says:

    I am currently serving in Afghanistan and prior to this I went through training. I can tell you that while I don’t agree with hurting animals, a plastic dummy does not give you the kind of training you need for the real thing.

  • Bruni Boyden says:

    Torturing animals is cruel and experiencing on animals is outdated. Causing an animal pain is not acceptable. Please stop!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  • Alex says:

    u.s. army is sucha bunch of heartless … CAN’T they see animals feel pain? they’re so material and… saving human lifes? excuse me? when they’re going to iraq they TOOK AWAY human and animal lifes.

  • Deborah Pope says:

    I was an EMT medic in the Army Reserves. In the 80’s I was assigned to one of the so called “goat labs” and witnessed where goats were horribly injured for the sake of training special forces soldiers. Was horrified then still horrified that this practice continues. I urge all veterans and military members to speak up for these animals!!

  • Jancarlos Figueroa says:

    Why torture these animals? If only animals could talk they would tell you what they feel but all they can do is cry for mercy and try to run away! ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! stop the Trauma!!!

  • nikki Trexler says:

    This is bullst. Our government is disgusting

  • Michelle Carter says:

    I signed the petition and would like to be entered in the contest for a free iPod!

  • Yu Hsi Chen says:

    Animals are sentient like humans. Their sfferings are not different from ours. When you treat an animal with cruelty just imagine you are being treated in the same way.Being human means we have compassion and empathy for all sentient beings. Stop abusing animals now.

  • nikhil says:

    i like this site very mutch becose i love animals…

  • Jessica H says:

    i sent them an email and this is the reply i got. Dear Jessica Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to the Defense Department’s use of animals in medical training. It was good to hear from you and I appreciate the opportunity to respond. I believe that animals should not be subjected to gratuitous or unnecessarily harsh treatment. However military medical personnel gain very valuable training when working with animal subjects. Simply put this training saves human lives on the battlefield. While simulated training using advanced technology has replaced live training in many cases experts say that nothing prepares a medic to treat battlefield trauma as well as working with a live patient. Simulators simply cannot replicate battlefield conditions adequately. Military medics are some of the biggest advocates of this training and I value their expertise. It is a privilege to represent you and I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me regarding any matter where I might be of assistance. Please visit my website where you can find more information on current issues share further thoughts with me via email and subscribe to my enewsletter for updates on issues you care about. EMAIL.BEGINHIDE.MERGE Sincerely A nbsp! W. Todd Akin Member of Congress WTA emb Sincerely W. Todd Akin Member of Congress

  • Korey says:

    This makes me really sad! I still support the troops but I definately do not support there training ways! They need to find different ways to train!

  • ratking says:

    save the world from these criminal ruthless perverted killers! animal torturing people are ALWAYS ready to torture people in exactly the same way! this is the best example and i refuse to look up to such a rascal state! by the way who is sanctioning such criminal orders????? AND FROM WHICH HIGH PLACE ARE THEY COMING ?????

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Every American organization and citizen who tortures brutalizes maims and kills innocent animals should be prosecuted and convicted for felony animal abuse.

  • Melissa says:

    I did sign the petition and sent out letters. I received the form letter back from my senator and it was a bunch of crap. It’s the same BS they always say. Here’s some of it “For example ferrets are used to practice infant intubation rodents are used for microsurgery and goats and swine are used for combat trauma training. In response to your letter I asked a member of my staff to contact the DoD to ascertain what efforts are being made to eliminate or limit the use of animal testing. I was informed that a departmentwide policy is in place to prevent the use of live animals for training and education except where after exhaustive analysis no alternatives are available. Animal testing must also be justified by written proposals which must consider alternatives that may reduce refine or replace animal use. Further according to DoD any approved animal testing must be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws directives and regulations and include accreditation by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International AAALAC” It’s retarded…it’s the same like they always give about only using it when there are no other options available. My assumption is that they aren’t going to stop any time soon and we need to do more than just writing letters to get them to end this inhumane practice.

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    I also unfortunately Don’t have Facebook live in The U.K. But I have still done as much as I can to help end the inhumane revolting practises that the U.S. Military enforce on these poor beings. Good Luck with the Petition PETA!!

  • Rachel Romero says:

    Consider this an official act of petition against the use of animals for the selfish training exercises of armed forces that with a little imagination could be done even better with other methods not taking lives of innocent creatures we share this world with. Disgusting and shines a very bad light on the military. So much so I have changed my longtime wish that my daughter enroll after graduation which was to be next year. You’ll lose alot more great minds by resorting to this middle ages tactic.

  • Aneliese says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have face book and I live in Canada. But I have emailed and written letters to the American military and have emailed everyone I know to help.