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Wimbledon, Amelie Mauresmo, and John McEnroe

Written by PETA | June 26, 2007

Sportinglife/Creative Commons

This week, one of my favorite sports events of the year is taking place: Wimbledon, the grand-daddy of professional tennis tournaments. I love it for several reasons: it takes place in England (I am British after all), they play on grass, which is the absolute height of civility if you ask me, and this year marks the first year that the prize money for women and men is equal, which is pretty cool. The main reason I’m so into Wimbledon this year, however, is that they are offering a live webcast, so I can keep up with the action (read: watch Amelie Mauresmo) while I slave away over this blog.

So now that you know that I love Wimbledon—and Amelie Mauresmo—more than is healthy for any man, I guess you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. And one of the high points for me is always the fact that John McEnroe is the commentator. The guy had an amazing career as a player and now brings perfect balance and a nice edge to his coverage of the genteel sport of tennis. It’s just plain fun to listen to the man.

IMGSpeakers/Creative Commons

And in case you haven’t seen it, McEnroe starred in this amazing spay/neuter PSA for us. I think he’s perfect in it.

So yeah, don’t call me on Sunday afternoon. I’ll be watching my girl Amelie kick ass and listening to McEnroe talk about it.

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  • dave says:

    So will the author be boycotting future Wimbleton matches due to the latest “crime” being committed there? This latest issue at least according to PETA a pigeon shoot to get rid of annoying pests is just one more situation where PETA is showing how ridiculous they can be sometimes IMHO. If it were rats running across the court or sitting on the tables at the nearby restaurants what would PETA have them do? Invite them to play a match or have lunch? Pigeons are really just rats with wings….vermin who drop feces and filth everywhere they congregate. Does PETA also think its inhumane when people exterminate cockroaches using poison basically a nerve agent that kills them painfully ? Come on PETA. I agree that animals shouldnt be put through aboveandbeyond means of cruelty….its just not good karma. But when pests are given the same rights as people Houston we have a problem.

  • The Don says:

    Dear steve everyone of us Peta friends and members does everything possible for the animals one is a vegetarian one doesn’t wear fur one rescues dogs one treats his farm animals well one doesn’t go to the circus one eats no meat but fish and so on you see what I mean nobody can do everything for the animals because the human being is not perfect. so even if one doesn’t wear fur he still wears leather shoes. So as I see that you are very busy with Peta please take a little time and tell me what you are doing for example for the animals because I guess that you are also an animal friend as you are spending much time on this Peta blog if not what’s then your motivation? so please take a time and tell me!!!

  • steve says:

    you forgot my original comment in regards to all petaphiles disavowing all sports as they all use animal products… we wouldn’t want you to be hypocritical would we? tennis leather grips on racquets leather sneakers golf leather glovesgolf shoes grips on clubs baseball gloves balls cleats football ball cleats etc etc etc!!!!!!!!

  • steve says:

    and don’t forget the leather tennis grips either….

  • Joan says:

    I must say that as usual I agree with every word you say in this posting Jack. Tennis is my favorite sport and I love Wimbledon even toured the grounds on my honeymoon 3 days after the tournament ended in 1995. While my office does not allow be the capability to watch the web casts I do TIVO the entire day’s coverage and watch when I get home. Trying to come down to PETA to volunteer for a week in August a highlight of the week would be the chance to meet you Jack ! Keep up the great work ! Joan

  • steve says:

    petaphiles are not allowed to enjoy any sports because all sports use some type of animal product…. or you be the hypocrite that the majority of animal rights extremsits are tennis players wear leather sneakers golf leather shoes gloves baseball balls gloves and cleats football ball cleats shall i continue…….

  • Maya says:

    Aaaah that was the best freakin’ PSA ever!! Thank you McEnroe! You totally rock. People making fun of THEMSELVES is way funnier than making fun of others. And I promise Jack I won’t call while you’re watching your girl Amelie she looks like she’d kick my butt if I disturbed her match!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    What a great voice for the animals….. This man rules…. Enjoy the game Jack and I promise not to call….. Judith

  • A says:

    Good for McEnroe…Lot of people know the recognition. I didn’t know men were paid more. Hmm. You should invest in the Nintendo wii..You can play interactive tennisand bowling you break a sweat and your arms will hurt the next day but it rocks when you cannot play outdoors and get in good practice!!!!