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William Shatner Gives Tax Advice to PM

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 28, 2011

Just in time for Canada’s tax day, William Shatner has news for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: He’s living in deep space if he thinks the annual seal slaughter is fiscally responsible. In a letter to the prime minister, Canadian-born Shatner says, “Not only is it cruel to bludgeon and shoot thousands of seals every year, the slaughter also costs taxpayers millions more to support than it actually earns.”

Canada spends millions of dollars in taxpayer money propping up the commercial seal slaughter, even though income from the massacre accounts for less than 1 percent of Newfoundland’s economy. A study in 2010 at Canada’s University of Guelph found that ending the slaughter would save Canada at least $7 million each year.

Why does the slaughter continue? As Shatner puts it, “At a time of massive budget cuts in Canada, when many Canadians are struggling just to pay their bills, the government continues to defend this dying industry because both the conservative and liberal parties crave the region’s seven swing seats in Parliament.”

Please e-mail Prime Minister Harper and ask him to “boldly go where no man has gone before” and put an end to the unprofitable, barbaric seal slaughter immediately.

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  • CKW says:

    Whilst the seal hunt continues I will never visit Canada; I’d really like to as it is a wonderous place but taking a stand is more important. We must get this slaughter put to an end for good.

  • Paola says:

    I quote Carla: I will never visit Canada.

  • Save animals save humanity says:

    I hate this. This is the god who make us human. It is possible, next time we may born as this poor animal. Save animals save humanity.

  • Jo says:

    Seth…I dont suppose William Shatner goes out and bludgeons his horses with a club…so what is your point..

  • carla says:

    I will never ever visit Canada. Murderers.

  • Jay says:

    Canada goes to the voting booth on May 2nd. The Green Party has vowed to end the seal slaughter once and for all. Read more at: Thanks for speaking up Bill Shatner!

  • Daniel Land says:

    William Shatner really has gone were no decision makers have gone before….where there is compassion and caring for all living thing, please follow his lead.

  • Seth says:

    Doesn’t William Shatner have over 70 horses enslaved on his property?

  • Leslie says:

    As a US Citizen with deep roots in Maritime, Canada, I continue to be appalled by the blatant acts of stupidity surrounding the seal hunt. If the economy can not support the inhabitants of Newfoundland, then do what some of my ancestors did…MOVE! Find work elsewhere. Surely there is no logic in the Canadian government putting millions of dollars towards the industry and not getting an equal or higher return. Plus, the entire world condemns the hunt. Wake up and join the rest of the civilized world for the sake of what little reputation Canada has left.