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William and Harry’s ‘Secret’ Hunting Trip

Written by PETA | January 19, 2012


The young royals are a delight to behold – such good ambassadors for the United Kingdom with their gleaming white smiles, perfect posture and impeccably tailored clothes. But, like a horror film in which the beguiling love interest strips off his mask to reveal an alien monster’s face beneath, the young royal’s beauty is apparently only skin deep, and more’s the pity.

It has come out, despite the Palace’s “no comment”, that William and Harry have been busy indulging in their usual sadistic pastime: killing animals for the sheer fun of it.

Fresh from blowing birds out of the sky at Sandringham at Christmas, the young Princes spent last weekend on a ‘secret’ killing spree in Spain. It was not their first visit. At a New Year’s getaway in 2005, they and their party apparently slaughtered 740 partridges in a single day as well as numerous other animals, including wild boar and deer at the Finca La Garganta estate.

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Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • la voie de la vie says:

    Okay…I have to bea careful how I word this so that I don’t disappear off the face of the earth. I have it on very reliable authority that Freemasons are Satan-worshippers; and thus commit terrible acts on both animals AND  humans.  And as such, don’t give a darn about the suffering of others.

    OW!!  That hurts!!! I can feel my back breaking under the weight of the taxes that I have to pay fo the Monarchy’s expensive life-style. I CAN’T BREATHE!!!

  • Sheila says:

    i’m english and i am appalled that any member of our royal family feels the need to go out and mindlessly slaughter animals. there is no excuse for it and it has severely damaged my opinions of our country’s two princes. however, at least this is news worthy in england. in america its common place for high profile public figures, and millions of citizens to kill animals on a regular basis. i’m not condoning the princes actions in any way, but don’t be so quick to cast the first stone america! at least hunting is illegal over here.

  • Cassandra says:

    You are not tuning us on, guys! I know the main point is to look like manly men — Not working!

  • Sharon J. Kennedy says:

    I cannot understand why this young man and the other killers from his family are paid out of the public treasury to represent the nation and the church. Firstly, they violate Jesus comannd: “Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate.” All life is here by the design, love, and breath of God, entitled to sweetness of life, and yet the royal family who profess to be Christians offend all the saints of heaven with their perchant for sin, violence,and violence. What part of “Thou shalt not kill is above understanding? The harm and injury they do to God’s earth and His creatures is unacceptable. We are instructed to watch the ant for its industry, the spider for its resourcefulness, the eagle for its strength, the horse for its speed, it is despicable that the royal family disdains the beauty that God has created and takes its thrills from recreational killing. They have never absorbed the lessons of the river Jordan when the Holy Spirit appeared as the Dove, when the animals were bowed in awe and reverence at the manger, when Noah protected the animal kingdom by doing as God commanded by building the Ark. Apparently, they need to reacquaint themselves with the Bible to learn that Christ died on the cross to English people to order this family to cultivate respect and kindness for God’s creatures or resign from public view.

  • Grady says:

    People need to speak up against the so called royal family. They are nothing but hedonistic self serving living the pandering life style few of us know.

  • fla bound says:

    What a shame. Would they be doing this if mom was alive?

  • Erin Kennedy says:

    It’s heart- wrenching to realize that in the 1950’s their grandparent the Queen and Prince Phillip slaughtred 100’s of tigers with high powered rifles in the Rathammbhore Natiional Park of today which has26 remaining endangered descendants.When I saw the stock footage just last weekend.I realized that the monarchy should end for the legacy of the tiger is by far the most. Precious.When I realized that one nation can go on unlimited exploits of annilating another’s innocent beauty…we aren’t teaching what matters.When I can peer at extinction unfoldding before my eyes, I fear that we have tipped the balance irrevocably and I pray that. Our species will be curtailed so that the inherent reverence for life by all other species may thrive for our step has been an extreme over-explosion of our place on this Planet of Life that apparently the Royals in all their Glory have little regard for real Majesty.

  • lisa says:

    I am british also i gave up on the the royal family along time, the Queen will not top using bear fur she will not stop the barbaric killing of bears and Wiliams wife Kate is no better she refused to join the Boxing Day hunt saying it was cruel but not long before that when she and william were visiting Canada she was cooking with a chef there using Foie gras, they all all hypocrites, the only one that would of cared and spoken out would of been Princess Diane.

  • Audrey Hill says:

    How truly pathetic this pair are, to say nothing of the fact that William’s Mom Princess Diana would definitely not have approved.

  • jakilucas says:

    i hope the world doesnt think that all brits are cruel murderers

  • Sonya says:

    These people should be setting an example to the rest of us. Not taking part in elitist blood sports that are outdated and no longer acceptable. I agree with Robert in that I do not want my taxes to go towards this family and their blood sports. Why don’t they shoot clay pigeons if they feel they must shoot at all. What is wrong with them. They also know that the majority of the UK is against this, because fox hunting (another cruel sport they participated in) has been outlawed. Yet they still continue to do this.

  • H Cooper says:

    I am british and it is a massive shame that the royals find this fun. I am a country girl at heart and understand why sometimes animals have to be hunted to keep the numbers managable for the area. However, hunting for fun is inhumane, disgusting and if you find that is the best way to have fun you need a reality check! And for the Royal family to be doing this for fun is disgusting and they need a big lesson in animal cruelty. PETA should teach them!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    The Royals are nothing but a bunch of in-bred, gun-toting, trigger-happy morons. Unfortunately, they all indulge in one sport or another, whether its horse-racing, shooting or hunting. T them, its just fun, sport and entertainment. What does a group of 10 people or more actually do with the hundres of birds that they kill, mostly they just dump them anyway as they don’t kill them for food that’s for sure!!!

  • Aphrodite Kerylidis says:

    Well said Robert Levy.

  • Aphrodite Kerylidis says:

    It just goes to prove that the royal family are still living in the dark ages!!! dont they know what century they’re living in.

  • L Reali says:

    I’m not surprised by the hunting sprees. I guess no one taught them about empathy and respect for those “beneath” them.

  • Robert Levy says:

    This is so hideous ,my taxes contribute to maintaining the opulent lifestyles of these unelected toffs.The Windsor’s have a long and bloody history of engaging in the “sport” of killing innocent animals .This killing is all done in the interests of satisfying a deranged bloodlust.It is very sad that a large number of British people ,put up with this feudal nonsense ,including some who consider themselves animal lovers .We British pay for the upkeep of the so called “royals” ,yet we have no power to stop our money going towards this family’s senseless slaughter of animals and birds .Neither do we have a say over whether or not we keep financing this cruel family at all.

  • Maria Ulm says:

    Shame on the royal family! Despicable.