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Will ‘Turncoat’ Gaga Be PETA’s Next Target?

Written by PETA | August 13, 2012

Lady Gaga has plenty of fans—especially in the gay community, which she has embraced so fervently. Gay Gaga fans at PETA loved her all the more when she came out against fur, telling Ellen DeGeneres, “I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.” But recent furry Gaga photos show that the Lady may be a turncoat. So PETA VP Dan Mathews has written to Gaga to find out if she’s become a “Judas” to animals:

Dear Gaga,

Many of your gay fans, I among them, have long admired what you told Ellen: “I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.” I included a link because these recent photos of you in fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass make it appear that you have amnesia. I’m also including this brief video hosted by Tim Gunn showing the violent cruelty that you promote when you wear fur. What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake, or are you a turncoat? Many gays are animal advocates because we recognize that the same arrogance and indifference that some have toward animal suffering has at times been directed toward us personally because of our orientation. PETA has long participated in Pride events around the country, and just last week, we helped lead protests against Chick-fil-A. But by wearing those dumb furs in a heat wave, you’re making yourself a target just like the mindless Kim Kardashian. As we plan our fall campaigns, please tell us whether what you gracefully told Ellen was heartfelt or just a pose.

We await your reply.


Dan Mathews

Senior Vice President


What You Can Do

Gaga has refused to say whether the furs that she has been wearing are fake, so won’t you chime in to try and get her to reply?

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  • migs says:

    I wonder if she is under mind control or forced to be on heavy drugs. She may not be responsible. Whoever has control over her is. Probably some billionaire. She always looks confused and frightened. When she talks it’s like she’s in pain. We need to find out who her puppeteer is. That’s the animal hater. Does anyone know who that might be?

  • margo says:

    it stands to reason that she is an animal hater and a turncoat. she worships the devil. he’s everything bad.

  • Victoria says:

    I do not agree with the above statement that people are only bothered about fur and that it is a normal way of killing. The fur is often ripped from the living creature with the aid of implements and knives or it is electrocuted, it also takes 15 times the amount of energy which is responsible for extending the carbon footprint with consequences for poorer countries and rising sea levels? In addition people from William Wilberforce (Abolition of Slavery/RSPCA founder), Gandi(human rights/compassion to animals) to Morrisey have challenged abuses of animals and people?

  • carl says:

    I have just seen gaga wearing a white fox fur draped around her shoulders…i am beyond sickened. i will never buy her rubbish music again, she can go to hell. i always had a sneaking feeling she was a fraud and a money hungry fake and now i know it. she is pro cruelty and utterly repellent. i am an EX LITTLRMONSTER. i now despise her. I feel conned by her, she is a fraud

  • ex_monster says:

    I used to love her- but she is out of it now. I love that she stands up for gay rights, but suffering is suffering. She could be so much smarter and better than she is acting now. I feel like she has really changed since the early days. I have lost almost all of my respect for her.

  • sara says: animals are killed all over the world out of necessity, is it better to throw away the fur? I think all animals should be killed humanly, but we need to remember how sensitive we are towards animals in developed nations. More people in English speaking countries worry more about animals rights than human rights, which is very disturbing. You don’t want to help the sick, the dying, the old, the poor, the homeless, the abused, or hungry children but oh my god one person is wearing fur! we need to make an example out of them quick!

  • JackAShepherd says:

    She’s so [expletive] cheesy!  Gay rights is trendy but animal rights is not… She’s about street cred, not compassion.

  • Johnson says:

    Shes disgusting and fake and does not care about rights, never has, shes clearly mocking everyone including YOU, only cares about FAME.. spoken from her own vile mouth. ewww..Anyone whos stupid enough to follow this ugly rat witch, deserves to be just a follower and never anything more. Take away her fame, destroy her, abolish animal cruelty and killings. Support REAL artists, and Faux animal skins and awareness of her blasphemy for promoting such heinous acts. Along with all other celebs who buy and wear fur, you ought to be slaughtered and skinned alive as well:). NO SYMPATHY! feel what they have felt. But most importantly we must do something massive to stop this fucked up industry. We DONT NEED FUR!!!!! There is clearly far superior options out there…for artists to support and animal faux fashions if you must.

  • korn_germanotta says:

    I’m one lilmonster and I fell very sorry about the animals and I but any one can make mistake I hope fully gaga won’t do this again

  • kris says:

    “Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake” hahaha. so you know peta, gaga may have stylists, but she choses what she wears. they don’t tell her what to wear. gaga said she is trying to challenge herself and the rules she’s made for fame. part of challenging yourself is to break your own social taboo’s. part of challenging your rules for fame is to break what other have come to expect from you.

  • Joey says:

    I used to be a big fan, but she sorta “jumped the shark” after the “Bad Romance” video and it was never the same. She just got too weird – and I like weird, but this was way too much (even for me). She was cutesy and unique in the beginning, but like I said, it all fell apart right after “Bad Romance”. I think she has some major mental problems; she lies and contradicts herself all the time. Now she’s wearing and defending real fur? Hey, Gaga, if you’re so against bullying why bully animals? You should know better. You have zero class and I am no longer a fan. Grow up.

  • Cathy McNeal says:

    I thot (hoped) the meat dress was a demonstration meant to show how revolting it is to wear any dead animal tissues, I so wanted to be a fan. She would feel differently if someone chose to torture and skin alive her precious little dog because his fur would look beautiful as one piece in thousands for a coat. That is HYPERCRITICAL!

  • little_monster says:

    For gods sakes it’s fake fur! Get over it

  • sandra says:

    It is a huge disapointment to see you wearing that ridiculous fur coat…shame on you for encouraging torture and suffering.. animals do not deserve these atrocities….your fans are talking to you so wake up and give us some proof that you at least respect us.

  • Shawna Pevec says:

    So disappointed! She was a voice for the underdog – And now she is just another 1% rep. She obviously can’t handle the ‘fame’ – It’s gone to her head.

  • Verdandi says:

    I’m not surprised. This is the same woman who wore a meat dress.

  • Allison says:

    I am totally against fur-wearing, gay marriage ,and Lady Gaga.

  • Wendy says:

    Gaga! What have you done?! I was just starting to respect you, your style and believes. But your lack of self-respect (by wearing fur) disappointed me so much! Your an monster in my eyes now! Dump the fur!

  • Sam says:

    It’s fake. If you look at this:,0,0#7 It says high-pile fur which is fake… By the way, gaga meant, give hermes the credits because he designed it perfectly and managed to fool people and made them think it’s real fur… 🙂 Good day everyone

  • MonsterNoMore says:

    Sickening. I hope Gaga (she’s no lady!) career suffers a death as agonizing as the animals who suffered and died for her “fashion”

  • Curtis says:

    I just saw Lady Fur Haga’s sarcastic response to the fur flap on Twitter. Why is she being such a [text cut]? First she wears meat dresses, and now turning against her word and wearing fur? Lady Gaga: Fur Shame.

  • Cecly Corbett says:

    Please use your compassion and creativity to help suffering animals. Your fans will copy your appearance with out realizing how animals die cruel deaths, suffer and often are skinned alive. They don’t understand that faux or fake fur is more often than not real fur. Thank you for expanding your efforts to bring kindness and compassion to the forefront for animals as well as humans.

  • Jeanna says:

    I’m a Lil Monster but this is disappointing. Dump the Fur!

  • Gordie says:

    Dump the fur, Gaga. Count me out as a fan until you do.

  • Sarah L. says:

    THe gay community has long supported progressive social movements such as animal rights, familiar as most gays are with unethical treatment and disregard, and even violence. Furry Lady, get with it and get with your fans – disown fur! It’s so, so ugly, by the way.

  • Anna says:

    I don’t get why gay community fans are being brought up into this issue? It’s not necessary. I hope she’ll stop wearing animal fur…but now, who knows /: