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Will Sammy’s Pizzeria Chicken Out?

Written by PETA | January 26, 2009
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Our local Norfolk, Virginia, pizzerias, like others in the country, offer all sorts of vegan toppings, so when PETA heard that Sammy’s Pizzeria in Niagara Falls was planning a buffalo wing boycott (No, Jessica, they actually come from chickens) that gave us an idea. Sammy’s is boycotting buffalo wings because of the increased prices and a shortage of wings, but we have offered another suggestion: Serve soy chicken wings instead!

Sam Musolino, owner of Sammy’s Pizzeria, is calling on all pizza places to join him in the buffalo boycott, and while it’s great news that diners might not be buying into any chicken killing now … we think going faux would be perfect!

We’re even offering a few “chicks” of our own to help serve the new menu item.

Please join us in telling Sammy how easy and delicious it can be to go vegetarian by posting a comment below.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Saucy says:

    Yeah Sammy please please please add fake wings to your menu. They are delicious. I love them. Your on the right track Sammy. God bless you for even thinking about it. I really wish there were more vegetarian options at restaurants. You know us vegan veggies like to go out too. We like beer and we like veggies we like wine and we like tofu and the secret thats not so secret with fake chicken is …….you can’t even tell the difference. So please please please Sammy put fake chicken on the menue. Those real bird wings are costing you more then you know. If you do I’ll make the trip up from the city this summer God Willing just to try some. You do have beer don’t you?

  • dylan says:

    i think soy chicken wings would be better for the animals. why kill poor little cute chickens for such a stupid purpose. killing the chickens wouldnt do them anygood anyways!!!

  • Joel says:


  • Maggie says:

    That would be awesome this is a great opportunity to try an alternative. I hope they take you up on it!

  • Debbie Jaffe says:

    Start selling some soy wings already!! Come you’ll get alot more customers too. I’d patronize your pizza shop in a heartbeat if you did. Debbie Philly

  • Canaduck says:

    Soy chicken wings are better for everyone involvedus the chickens and the planet! I was born near Niagara Falls and if I was still there I’d definitely check Sammy’s out…!

  • Curtis says:

    Hey that would be GOOD!