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Will Phish Change Its Name?

Written by PETA | June 19, 2009
brooklynrecessionista / CC

Caravans of caring Phish phans are sure to put their phins, er, hands together and cheer when they learn that PETA has asked the legendary jam band to change its name to Sea Kittens.

After all, sea kittens are phriends, not phood—they are intelligent beings who have unique personalities, and they feel pain, just as puppies do. People would be outraged if billons of Phidos were dragged out of their homes in massive nets and left to suffocate to death.

I’m crossing my fingers that Phish will agree. Check out these lyrics from the band’s live track, “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing“:

(Run away, run away, run away, run)
A song I heard the ocean sing
(Run away, run away, run away, run)
Shining light in darkness deep

Swap “run away” with “swim away” and it appears that Phish is warning sea kittens to escape the fishing trawlers, doesn’t it?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • shemjaza says:

    I think its cruel to drown kittens in seawaters.

  • Tracey says:

    I know it’s good for drawing attention to your cause but your money might be better spent elsewhere. Some out there may take this seriously… Sometimes you’re hard to love but thanks nonetheless on behalf of all those unable to speak up for themselves.

  • Squidward says:

    Should people who have a last name of Fisher change their name to “Seakittener”? Should the Fisher Price toys change their name to “Seakittener Price”? Wow what the flip?

  • Jesse says:

    summed up perfectly Peter My thoughts exactly.

  • Peter King says:

    Your organization does a lot of good in the world for our furry friends. But why do you keep making illthought headlinegrabbing moves that just make it easier to ridicule the animal rights cause?

  • Matt says:

    Fucking hilarious.

  • John says:

    Wow…just wow…Really?

  • Uegeth Urbina says:

    You might want to look into the band Widespread Panic as their bassist is pretty obese and probably eats everyones fair share of pork products.

  • chocodog says:

    Kittens? I don’t really care much for them as they eventually become the selfcentered creatures known as cats. But hey I guess a lot of people do like them. So yeah maybe the boys would do it for one show … why not? Although I suggest “Knittin’ Mittens for Sea Kittens” … has a nice ring to it. Did “Lake Trout” get the same offer? Maybe “Cats” would also be into this for one performance? Good luck

  • Jackie says:


  • Nate Triplett says:

    Really? Seriously? PETA has done alot of good in a world where animals are abused and mistreated but the whole sea kitten thing is garbage and so is asking a band not in anyway named after an animal of any sort to change its name.

  • John Williams says:

    This is insane. The name Phish has nothing to do with actual fish they’ve never promoted the killing of fish so how would changing their name help your cause at all? You’re taking good peoples money and wasting on useless crap.

  • mike burton says:

    Phish and it’s fan base our some of the most veg friendly of all touring bands out there. I should know as I have vended many vegetarian only food items at their show for years. Calling out people for no reason now are we? This does not seem like the peta I know…

  • jon fishman says:

    phish isn’t named after fish at all. there are several variations of the makeup of the name…one being the sound a plane taking off….the band thought it would be cool if people said they were going to see pphhhsssshhhhhh. another story is that it’s named after the drummer jon fishman who according to treylead singerguitarist fishman was such a character in university they thought to name the band after him. peta i hope this is a joke. between you going after obama for swattingkilling a fly and asking phish to change their name is utterly ridiculous. maybe you’ll start going after me since i used the word utterly…after all we all know that cows have utters. PETA LEAVE PHISH ALONE!!!

  • Alanna says:

    Uhhh…PETA this is sort of ridiculous.

  • John says:

    Should Pearl Jam also change it’s name ?

  • Ian says:

    please tell me this is a joke. PETA you are a great organization but please use your time and funds for worthwhile causes.

  • John Denver says:

    The band name has nothing to do with fish. At all. There are several explainations most of them involving a certain person’s name or the sound of a jet taking off. The name Sea Kittens might make the Deadheads more entheusiastic about them though.

  • Kevin says:

    I think you all are confused. “Phish” is named after the drummer’s last name which is Fishman. He gies by the name “Fish.” It’s a proper noun and has nothing to do with “fish” at all.