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Will You Nip Just One Birthing Machine in the Bud?

Written by PETA | February 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic photos below.

This blog post may shock you with its bluntness, but it is the truth. It’s also a call to action. This is your chance to weigh in and help the unloved, the unwanted, and the throwaways from our convenience-oriented society. I want to ask you to look at some photographs that may haunt you, but they may also prompt you to act.


After crawling inside a car engine, this kitten suffered gruesome injuries but was still alive and screaming in pain.


PETA never turns away an animal for being “unadoptable.” Ever. In fact, in our area, as is likely the case in yours, the “no-kill” facility is usually full—full of dogs and cats who have been sitting in cages for months and, in some cases, years. And that facility, while basking in the glory of its “no-kill” pledge, often refers animals to us and to the city pound. We receive calls from desperate people who cannot afford the “no-kill” shelter’s admission fee or can’t cope with its waiting list. We do not turn our back on these animals. Never have and never will. So we take in the animals no one wants, and we ease their pain so that they don’t languish unaided or fall into the wrong hands—which often would mean going right back to where they came from. We will always be here for animals who need and deserve a kind hand, a loving word, and a peaceful exit from a world that has treated them like trash.


A passerby called PETA after spotting this dog, who had a chain deeply embedded in her neck and reeking of infection.
embedded chain


Last year, PETA did many things: We helped countless dogs and cats in “our own backyard.” Our phenomenal mobile spay-and-neuter clinics sterilized 8,677 animals (562 of whom we picked up for surgery and then took back home in PETA’s Animal Birth Control van). We built and delivered more than 300 sturdy doghouses and delivered about 5,000 bags of straw to warm up cold dogs who were chained or penned outside in all weather extremes. We provided free veterinary care for animals with infections, wounds, and illnesses. And we did something else that made a difference: Our shelter of last resort took in 2,352 injured, ill, elderly, and unwanted animals for euthanasia. Our Community Animal Project staffers showered each of them with love and affection in their final moments, gave them their very first soft caress, in many cases, and told them, “Good puppy!” often for the very first time.


These two starving, abandoned puppies were suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange covering about 80 percent of their bodies. They were surviving off scraps that neighbors and passersby left for them. A veterinarian recommended immediate euthanasia to end their suffering.


No one feels anything other than crushed to euthanize animals; those who hate euthanasia the most are the truly kind people whose job it is to perform it—people on our staff and in other animal shelters. It’s so easy for some people to turn away, to condemn, or to create the very problem that these brave souls deal with, but they are only cleaning up after the people who neglected those animals; who never showed them a shred of commitment or an ounce of compassion, who thought nothing of crating, penning, or chaining them up with a tractor-trailer chain because it was inconvenient to walk them or secure daycare for them; who didn’t think twice about leaving them behind when their house was foreclosed on or dog food became expensive; or who left the door open and let the dog or cat get hit by a car. Our staff is grateful that people in our community know to call upon us when someone needs to do what’s necessary.


This rat’s guardian came to PETA to have the terminally ill animal euthanized after a local animal shelter turned her away.
hit by cat


The animals who come through PETA’s doors are but a tiny fraction of the estimated 6 to 8 million homeless dogs and cats who are handed over the counter in animal shelters nationwide every year. These animals are abandoned, and many are left to languish in cages—waiting, looking up anxiously and hopefully at every person who enters, in the hope that he or she will save them and take them home. A whopping half of them will be “put to sleep” because that someone never showed up (the girl who stopped at the cage and giggled, the man who said, “Isn’t he weird-looking?”—they moved on with their lives). The people who are kind enough to hold these animals and stroke their fur as they take their last breath are not to blame for any of it. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of each person who refuses or “forgets” to have his or her cat or dog sterilized and everyone who has purchased an animal from a pet shop or a breeder instead of adopting from their local shelter.


After being hit by a car, this cat suffered a prolapsed eye and serious internal injuries but was still alive when a passerby found her.
hit by cat


PETA is calling on the governors of all 50 states to endorse mandatory spay-and-neuter laws that would require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless their owners purchase an annual breeding permit, the cost of which would fund low-cost spay-and-neuter services. You can help—you have a governor, and you may know a state senator or council member—or perhaps you could get to know one. Please join us in this effort, and please recruit everyone you know to do so as well. We will provide language for model legislation, but please, talk to everyone in the dog parks, at the vet’s office, and on the street. Download our posters and fliers and hand them out and put them up; pick a low-income block and help the people there spay and neuter their animals; and please, go down to city hall or up to the statehouse and lobby so that next year the nation’s homeless animal population will be lower. Individual dogs and cats would ask you to do this if they could.

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • Beverley Extonb says:

    Well, I rescued a little jack russell female from my ex partner. He was going to ‘get rid’ of her & she was on heat. She was always being attacked by another dog (her mother who is now on her 4th litter) & I didnt want to see this poor timid little thing also become pregnant because the owner was neglectful. However, I have booked her in twice to our local & wonderful vet, who bought down the cost of spaying (AUS $180) BUT as I am a single mum of 3 girls on Govt payments, I have had to cancel twice because of bills rolling in. The little dog will not fall pregnant as she is inside all the time, but just to let others out there know…even the best or kindest of us all can have probs spaying pets….I will phone vets today to see if they will let me pay off the surgery. I’d love a free spay van to visit tho….!!!! ^w^

  • jayda says:

    In the Yukon there has been a year long “trial” for a poor dog. He has been, and continues to literally on death row. See article here..…/trevor-case-receives-final-adjournment

    This last attempt to place Trevor depends upon, “The Ibex Valley’s local advisory council [holding] a meeting in the next two weeks to find out if residents would accept Trevor into their neighbourhood, the court heard Tuesday.”

    Trevor Really needs a loving caring home, but in the Yukon the apparent focus is on, redtape, “The adjournment was granted, but both the city’s lawyer and Justice Ron Veale made it clear this will be the final adjournment on the matter.

    “The city does not want to keep coming back to this,” said Whitehorse’s lawyer, Lori Lavoie.” Time and money appears to be the courts focus, as highlights by Lori, “I don’t even want to get into the amount of money.”, yes, this is more important than Trevor’s life apparently. Again animals get the short end of the stick.

  • Melva Rooney says:

    I’m a member of PETA and would like to know if PETA is planning to do something about the starving bears and their cubs. These bears are attacking people because of hunger. Man created the situation and man should solve the problem.

  • Lauren says:

    I think it’s great that PETA takes in animals that need help but I don’t think that euthanasia is necessarily the answer. I say it’s better to give animals more time to be adopted out.. maybe their new family was right around the corner and just needed a little longer and would fall in love with this animal but we took it out of the world. Euthanizing pets that are VERY ill or are dieing is completely understandable I just don’t think it’s needed for shelter pets. I dont know just my opinion.

  • adriana says:

    i am so sad and sick to my stmach i just remember comig home from the store there was a familiy of ducks crossing the road and the perso in front of me cund no stop and she or he wiped out the mom and a baby i stopped

  • maureen says:

    Tesa castration done as an in home procedure creates many risks number one INFECTIONS in females there can be alot of complications 1. if she is pregnant there are alot of blood vessels that are apart of their anatomy connected to the unborn your pet could lose it’s life.While on the ferrel side most ferrels that were born were not wild at the time either the owners did not want a pregnant cat and tossed them out or got a novelty pet and let it stay outsidewhere in turn not having very much human contact made them anti social. Unfortunately we live in a society that does not take the responsibility as a pet owner seriously. I know people that get a pet then get bored with them give it away and get another until they get bored again. Parents get their children hamstersbirds and fish when their children aren’t old enough to take care of pets and some fall to their death at the hands of small children.Instead of new parents getting their pets used to the smell of their newborns blankets before introducing themthey give their pet away. There is alot wrong with our society and one starts in the home and how people are taught and raised about another life other than their own.

  • tesa says:

    I think that lay people should be taught to castrate cats and dogs. Spaying is a much more complicated procedure but castration is a virtual nobrainer. If PETA is so concerned about neutering I think it should offer training and supplies so that anyone who wants to learn will be able to neuter their pets as well as populations of feral cats.

  • Keiko says:

    My gosh… I am so disturbed. These poor innocent animals need help. I am even more inspired to help out the sweet and innocent animals more than before. We need to stop treating animals so cruelly.

  • Jo says:

    I am beyond myself grieving for these poor babies….These poor babies were put to sleep to put them out of their pain. PETA and the nokill shelters can’t do it all. Let’s get in the shelters and help to feed walk clean do whatever we can so that these poor babies did not die in vain…I don’t listen to the radio driving home some days because I’m lost in thought….thinking planning hoping and praying..praying that God will forgive us for our treatment of his creatures praying for the clarity to make a difference and for the strength needed to combat these murders at the hands of irresponsible neglectful and evil “pet owners”.

  • Christina says:

    I’m with you all the way PETA! PETA 3

  • Haye says:

    How shocking al these pictures how very bad those injuries how can people be so cruel and careless! It’s so bad all

  • Lynn says:

    What I saw and read upset me a great deal. How can anyone do this to any animal? I have seen pets that have been abandoned by their previous owners just cause they moved and couldnt take them with them and what did these animals do but ever give their love to their owner and look what they got in returnthrown away and abusedif you can’t keep your pet then at least try to do the humane thing and find himher a home. How would you feel if this happened to you? I agree with Angelinathe people who cause sufferindeath to animals should have to go through the same things themselves!! I think that everyone needs to remember that the animal that they throw away may one day save their life!! These lovingcaring creatures are gifts and they give their love and care to use without restrictionswe all should do the same for them!! PETA thanks for all the great work you are doingyou all have great hearts.

  • Pauline says:

    I applaud PETA and my prayers not only go out to the animals that are suffering but I pray for all of those that are doing this work for PETA. I pray that God gives you the strength and the endurance to do the work you do everyday. I pray that God keeps you in his arms when your grieving for the animals becomes too strong You do unbelievable work Pauline

  • Lee Myers says:

    Euthanasia in Greek means peaceful death. PETA provides a peaceful death and ends a tortured existence humanely. They should be receive accolades not criticism.

  • Michelle Mannering says:

    God bless the people who have the courage and the truly great hearts necessary to care for animals so terribly hurt. You have my heartfelt respect and admiration.

  • Denise says:

    I agree with all of these comments what bothers me is we are preaching to the converted. Those of us who view and talk on these websites. How can we reach out further than ourselves to make changes to help all our animals fur feather fin? I just watched “The Cove” and it made me sick. I agree as one other person stated I am disgusted with mankind.

  • Stephanie Paul says:

    I agree completely with euthanasia to put an animal out of its misery. I can’t stand how people are just to lazy and don’t care about getting their animals spayed or neutered. Its strange how a criminal can sit in jail be given 3 meals a day and a place to sleep every night but yet our animals are abused and mistreated for no reason at all and its not considered inhumane. However if “we” were ever to treat a criminal or an animal abuser the way they have treated animals then its considered “inhumane”. It just doesn’t make any sense. Animals are living and breathing creatures that deserve our love and affection.

  • Mel Bonthuys says:

    My goodness! What awful photo’s! The human race is a really evil and sick one!

  • Anonymous says:

    What disgusts me is that overpopulation of domestic animals cats dogs guinea pigs etc is rife in a country like Australia a firstworld country. There is simply no excuse for people to avoid desexing their animals. If you can’t afford to do this fundamental part of pet ownership you can’t afford the pet. Pets were once only owned by the rich. Nowadays people think it’s their godgiven right to “own” animals regardless of their financial situation and sense of responsbility towards that animal. As a staff member at a large shelter I believe members of the public generally have no idea just how big this problem is. Yes it would be wonderful to have nokill shelters but who is going to fund this? Where are the facilities going to come from? Where are the homes that these animals are going to go to? The situation with partially governmentfunded shelters is bad enough! Sadly a lot of people coming through the shelter gates are looking for a nice small dog or a puppy or a kitten. Very few people are looking to “save” an animal that really needs it. Therefore many medium to large breed dogs or ‘ordinary’ looking cats sit at the shelter slowly going crazy with stress waiting for someone to adopt them. I believe euthanasia is a better option than this. Until you’ve worked in a shelter that is constantly at capacity you will have no idea how difficult this problem is to manage.

  • Jeanne Rasmussen says:

    I think PETA has a great idea in making spaying and neutering mandatory with the exception of breeders who have pay a license fee. I also think offenders should be fined if their pets aren’t neutered. I believe rescues play an important part in rehoming dogs and cats. I got my dog from a rescue and he is a wonderful pet. I think some people want a pedigreed dog for status breeding or to get a dog with temperament and characteristics of that particular breed. People need to be educated to go to a REPUTABLE breeder not a pet store puppy mill or back yard breeder to get their pedigreed dog. Just because it is licensed by AKC doesn’t mean it follows the standard of that breed. I’ve seen some pretty poor examples of pure bred puppies in the pet stores….these puppies come from puppy mills who don’t give a rip about breed standards genetics or health.

  • Joan Hilton says:

    Over the past 40 years we have rescued 18+ animals. In 1980 I heard that a dog and her seven 10 day old puppies were going to be killed because the boy who had taken her from his brother because of maltreatment stepfather didn’t like dobermans. I had known her since she was a puppy so we took them in. The mother was the most delightful dog we have ever had. She had been both physical and emotionally abused and had lost 2 litters because of malnutrition but dispite all that she was the best dog we have ever had. She never did anything wrong. She was 2 when we got her and we had her for 11 years. The puppies were a mix of pure doberman and german shepard. airdale. They were the smartest and well behaved puppies. Much smarter than the AKC german shephard puppies we had raised years before. We wormed them and had their shots and sold them for $20 just to cover the cost of the shots. We even heard back from some of the people that bought them. We would have bred her again to the same father because they were such great dogs but decided the world didn’t need any more mixed breed puppies. It’s sad that so many animals have to be put to sleep but sometimes it is the most humane thing to do. When a person buys and animal they are responsible for that animal for the rest of that animal’s life. The people that anger me the most are the ones the just turn them loose to fend for themselves. I could go on and on about the condition of some of the animals we have adopted but there isn’t enough room here. Please have your animals spayed or nutered. That is the kindest thing you can do. Take responsibility for that life you have chosen to take care of. They are not disposable.

  • kaitlin says:

    i am really discusted by how people treat there animals they would go to jail for what hey do to inisent animals

  • Frank says:

    These people should be jailed for the rest of their life. In a room length 1 metre width 1 metre high 1 metre. Not a single inch more!

  • Erin says:

    I thought i could handle anything but oh that cat got me. Who would hit a cat with a car and leave the poor baby alone? It’s completely demented and heartless. I would help any of them……

  • sheila says:

    I had been crying for hours when I saw these horrible pictures. Hopefully these people don’t have any kids of their own. The world becomes much better when this kind of people will die away. This is too bad for any further comment. I love cats very much. Tell me why animals have deserved this cruelty. I’ll be sure there is no any reason to do this to animals.

  • aiden says:

    this is absolutly disgusting anyone that is to be caught doing this sort of filth should get a life sentence. It’s killing living things therefore a murderer.

  • Helen says:

    Hell on earth is all that comes to my mind. Whoever does something like this is treating their children wife girlfreind coworkers the same way. They have no respect for life.

  • Maryke says:

    Hi there I am a big supporter of PITA but was quite upset with there point of view regarding dog breeders real serios dog breeders that life for nothing else in the world than dogs and donates more money to animal welfare than any other people I know. There is a difference between a registered serios dog breeder that spends about $20 000 on planning and breeding a litter of 4 puppies of witch 3 will ne spayed before they leave the breeders home and very rearly a dog will be bred from. These people run their own rescue organisations and you will never ever find one of our dogs in any shelter as we buy them back no matter what! We love dogs and cats and birds why should I be made a bad person for lifing a life with dogs. It is not my fault that there are so many dogs in shelters and I have adopted 4 already! If people want a pure bred dog they are ging to get one eather from me of a puppy mill! We are suppose to work together not against each other.

  • dinesh says:

    i love animals pets and wild just two days ago i been the place called udaipur and i been in forest and i see people cut many tree.. and continues more and more..they finish home of animals mostly birds last time i been there 5 years ago that time there was many sounds from birds but now there is a few birds… we have to stop this

  • jayme-lynn says:

    i cannot believe people could be so cruel to animals thankyou so much peta for helping these poor helpless animals god bless you and thankyou so much for everything you do please dont ever stop the animals need pople like you thankyou and again god bless

  • Sandra says:

    This is so cruel people are so evil if you dont want a pet dont get it and if you do take care of it! dont abandon it and hurt it ahh makes me so angery

  • Scott Adams says:

    I look at these hurt and abused animals and I cry as I know that many die alone. There is nothing more tragic to me than to see an innocent animals harmed in any way. I am not a violent person and I do not condone violence but I would lose control if I EVER saw anybody harming an animal in any way. I hurt inside as I am a hypocrite as I eat meat iecow etc. I see these creatures and look at there eyes and I wonder if they have any idea that they will be killed.

  • Rui Viegas says:

    And we call ourselves civilized !!!

  • Jasmine says:

    thats horrible. i love animals

  • Darraugh says:

    This is a dangerous time for animals with animals being killed at over 200 per minute today at pounds and kill shelters. At the same time people don’t have money to give to charities. Yes people not having their animals fixed and letting them run is a part of the problem. But the core of the problem is back yard breeders who get their animals from AKC CFA and ACFA breeders who are over breeding for the money too. But also the core of the problem is the AKC CFA and ACFA breeders who over breed inbreed and online breed for the GREED too. They only care about the Money. There should be a MORATORIUM today against the AKC CFA and ACFA breeders breeding period while other animals are being put to sleep at a high rate today in kill shelters and pounds and dumped. Not to mention people will take their animals when they might have taken one from the pound or shelter. Also the core of it is the obnoxious vet fees even when the quality care is not that good. When we have taken our cat to the vets it is always purebred dogs that are their patients. So the AKC CFA and CFA breeders backyard breeders are making the money of the backs of innocent animals. Even when times were good they did because they were too stupid or lazy to find a real job. So used the animals for money. But so are the vets and the newspapers for their ads. Before Christmas on the Chicago Tribune Newspaper and this is only one example there were l0 sheets of AKC dogs. They were asking 2300 for French bulldog $2000 for English Bulldog and $1000 for Irish Wolfhound. The puppy mills are on the classifieds too. On the same classifieds most of the houses and apartments for rent said no pets. See the same thing on the local papers here that the puppy mills ar on the classifieds. A miniture horse breeder said he was going to breed his Pinto 25 times. Is that what these backyard AKC CFA and ACFA breeders do to their cats and dogs too. A Himalayan breeder put her runts to sleep for her name. They could have been taken to a shelter in a different area and been adopted as soon as the doors opened. But then again people would have taken them over the other animals in the shelter. Cat breeders have to put up a shelf for the male cat so the female will not scratch his eyes out in pain because of the stone. How coldhearted do you have to be to be a cat breeder. Very coldhearted. Then breeders breed for a certain look or certain breed even though it may cause behavorial or physical problem where they could suffer and die from it. But they keep right on breeding them for the money and not talking about backyard breeders here. Although I don’t see any difference between backyards breeders and the AKC CFA and ACFA breeders. Just the initials. Fancy titles for doing the same thing The selling of a living being for profit. MORATORIUM on AKC ACFA and CFA breeders breeding while the other animals are being dumped and put to sleep in kill shelters and pounds big time. You can go after puppy mills lets see you go after them.

  • Charlie Lammers says:

    I would love to adopt a dog from a shelter but live in an apartment community where the management charges such outrangeous pet fees it’s too hard to come up with enough money. A one time fee of $200 then an extra $15 a month. It’s a lot of money for someone with a low fixed income. There needs to be a law setting limits on what landlords can charge for pet fees. Then maybe more people could adopt dogs and from shelters.

  • lesley says:

    If there’s a God in heaven he will see people who harm animals go through the same torture that they put these animals through before they die.

  • Krishnendu Dey says:

    It’s so painfull to know about the suffering and injured animals. I use to give food to two stary dog in my office for last 5 yearswhen they were puppys now a day they are healthy dogs live in my office preimises.I also have 1 doggy “Tuffy” at my homeand 11 catsI love them a lotbut my wife just hate the catswhich hurt me a lot.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I love animals and I don’t eat them. I love animals and I adopt from shelters and pounds. I love them animals and I feed the strays. I love animals and I protest my distaste for pet stores that sell dogs and cats when our shelters are over crowded. I love animals and I spay and neuter. I love animals so I will spread the word about the injustices that they face from humans that claim they are the most intelligent species.Love animals with me P.E.T.A. makes a difference and so can you!!

  • Thallita says:

    How can i help you? i’m an activist girl! i want to help!!! stan by me!

  • Mehrnaz Amintareshi says:

    Thank u. God bless you!

  • Stacie Stark says:

    I love cats and the last pic made me want to cry.

  • gail says:

    I feel that until our elected officials make animal cruelty a felony that this treatment will go on.

  • Bhavika Sicka says:

    I admire PETA for its great work protection of animal rights and advocation of animal welfare. I adopt stray cats myself and believe that each individual should take the initiative to better the life of atleast one animal by adopting from a shelter or from the road. Each drop makes an ocean. PETA has taken a step in the right direction and we should follow.

  • Eleonora says:

    This is horror! We all must do something in order to stop this!

  • janitsa says:


  • Kathryn says:

    Death is definitely not the worse thing that can happen to an animal. Thankyou PETA for doing this work for the animals until there are no unwanted animals left.

  • Ahrens says:

    Revolting. people who do this are not human but executioners

  • anastasia says:

    shame on the beasts acting like that!!!!!!!!!so much inhumanity in a human body I wonder how all this malice grew??????????

  • Jezreel del Rosario says:

    I saw all the pictures of helpless animals. I still DO NOT understand why some people do that kind of brainless IDEA to innocent animals. I thought it is ILLEGAL and ALL ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS. PEOPLE should think and understand that they have lives they feel pain and they HAVE HEART LIKE US TO THOSE ALL OF THE ANIMAL ABUSERS OR EVEN KILLERS THINK THINK AND UNDERSTAND