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Will You Nip Just One Birthing Machine in the Bud?

Written by PETA | February 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic photos below.

This blog post may shock you with its bluntness, but it is the truth. It’s also a call to action. This is your chance to weigh in and help the unloved, the unwanted, and the throwaways from our convenience-oriented society. I want to ask you to look at some photographs that may haunt you, but they may also prompt you to act.


After crawling inside a car engine, this kitten suffered gruesome injuries but was still alive and screaming in pain.


PETA never turns away an animal for being “unadoptable.” Ever. In fact, in our area, as is likely the case in yours, the “no-kill” facility is usually full—full of dogs and cats who have been sitting in cages for months and, in some cases, years. And that facility, while basking in the glory of its “no-kill” pledge, often refers animals to us and to the city pound. We receive calls from desperate people who cannot afford the “no-kill” shelter’s admission fee or can’t cope with its waiting list. We do not turn our back on these animals. Never have and never will. So we take in the animals no one wants, and we ease their pain so that they don’t languish unaided or fall into the wrong hands—which often would mean going right back to where they came from. We will always be here for animals who need and deserve a kind hand, a loving word, and a peaceful exit from a world that has treated them like trash.


A passerby called PETA after spotting this dog, who had a chain deeply embedded in her neck and reeking of infection.
embedded chain


Last year, PETA did many things: We helped countless dogs and cats in “our own backyard.” Our phenomenal mobile spay-and-neuter clinics sterilized 8,677 animals (562 of whom we picked up for surgery and then took back home in PETA’s Animal Birth Control van). We built and delivered more than 300 sturdy doghouses and delivered about 5,000 bags of straw to warm up cold dogs who were chained or penned outside in all weather extremes. We provided free veterinary care for animals with infections, wounds, and illnesses. And we did something else that made a difference: Our shelter of last resort took in 2,352 injured, ill, elderly, and unwanted animals for euthanasia. Our Community Animal Project staffers showered each of them with love and affection in their final moments, gave them their very first soft caress, in many cases, and told them, “Good puppy!” often for the very first time.


These two starving, abandoned puppies were suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange covering about 80 percent of their bodies. They were surviving off scraps that neighbors and passersby left for them. A veterinarian recommended immediate euthanasia to end their suffering.


No one feels anything other than crushed to euthanize animals; those who hate euthanasia the most are the truly kind people whose job it is to perform it—people on our staff and in other animal shelters. It’s so easy for some people to turn away, to condemn, or to create the very problem that these brave souls deal with, but they are only cleaning up after the people who neglected those animals; who never showed them a shred of commitment or an ounce of compassion, who thought nothing of crating, penning, or chaining them up with a tractor-trailer chain because it was inconvenient to walk them or secure daycare for them; who didn’t think twice about leaving them behind when their house was foreclosed on or dog food became expensive; or who left the door open and let the dog or cat get hit by a car. Our staff is grateful that people in our community know to call upon us when someone needs to do what’s necessary.


This rat’s guardian came to PETA to have the terminally ill animal euthanized after a local animal shelter turned her away.
hit by cat


The animals who come through PETA’s doors are but a tiny fraction of the estimated 6 to 8 million homeless dogs and cats who are handed over the counter in animal shelters nationwide every year. These animals are abandoned, and many are left to languish in cages—waiting, looking up anxiously and hopefully at every person who enters, in the hope that he or she will save them and take them home. A whopping half of them will be “put to sleep” because that someone never showed up (the girl who stopped at the cage and giggled, the man who said, “Isn’t he weird-looking?”—they moved on with their lives). The people who are kind enough to hold these animals and stroke their fur as they take their last breath are not to blame for any of it. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of each person who refuses or “forgets” to have his or her cat or dog sterilized and everyone who has purchased an animal from a pet shop or a breeder instead of adopting from their local shelter.


After being hit by a car, this cat suffered a prolapsed eye and serious internal injuries but was still alive when a passerby found her.
hit by cat


PETA is calling on the governors of all 50 states to endorse mandatory spay-and-neuter laws that would require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless their owners purchase an annual breeding permit, the cost of which would fund low-cost spay-and-neuter services. You can help—you have a governor, and you may know a state senator or council member—or perhaps you could get to know one. Please join us in this effort, and please recruit everyone you know to do so as well. We will provide language for model legislation, but please, talk to everyone in the dog parks, at the vet’s office, and on the street. Download our posters and fliers and hand them out and put them up; pick a low-income block and help the people there spay and neuter their animals; and please, go down to city hall or up to the statehouse and lobby so that next year the nation’s homeless animal population will be lower. Individual dogs and cats would ask you to do this if they could.

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • kayla says:

    how can people do this to animals? its horrifying. id like to see the owners of these animals put through the same pain

  • LIsa says:

    I’ve rescued many cats over the years and found homes for many. One of my saddest cases was a beautiful male tabby that was later kicked to death when the friend who adopted him were away. His “babysitter” thought she knew best and made a point of letting him out at night. It is sad that we live in a world that animals have to be kept inside to protect them from humans. It is the humans who do this who should be locked up never to feel the grass on their feet or smell the first flowers in the garden on a warm spring day.

  • Alejandro says:

    I’ve noticed that “nokill” advocates are invariably meateaters.

  • Jay says:

    Fantastic article! Wake the people up animals need someone who cares for them!

  • Shu says:

    Oh god! this is awful! Man some people ought to be more considerate on whowhat crosses the road! hmmpf!

  • Terri Wasylycia says:

    I believe that there should be a worldwide ban on all domestic or captive breeding unless to save the species from extinction of all animals. This would empty all the animal shelters and refuges that are bursting at the seams with cagecrazy and traumatised animals and put them into loving homes. Stop all breeding completely this will also put an end to the cruel and gruesome inbreeding done by “Show People” get the mongrel blood running I say. Let the Mutts of the world have a home. This will also stop the Pet Shop animal trade and end the ignorance that a lot of humans that own pets have towards animals natural and instinctual needs. Toby I don’t agree with your nonsupport of death penalty for humans. I hold that any human who had allowed any animal to suffer andor die in pain should be dealt the same treatment that they inflicted on the animal. If this means a slow painful death for as human…so be it. I suggest that all the rapists and violent criminals be used for lab. testing. It only makes sense to test products that will be for human use or consumption be tested on human beings. Long live the mutts.

  • venkat says:

    sniff poor creatures when i grow up and am probably rich i will so whatever i can to help countless animals no matter what the cost… sniff

  • Toby says:

    A misconception by human omnivores is that they’re doing what PETA does having suffering animals euthanised instead of paying to have more animals bred for death. I struggle with the ethics of having homeless animals killed if there was a surplus of humans who would be forever twoyears old like dogs walking the streets and suffering I suppose I would choose death for some of them too though I don’t support the deathpenalty for adult humans though so I have a bias against lessconscious animals in that regard.

  • RUKidding says:

    My apology to FriendBear the comment was from Derek that I wanted to address. I realize that the name for the comment is under the comment. Luke the reason it didn’t pass in CA was due to Bill Hemby. Since that time he has been charged with several crimes and therefore his ability to influence legislators is diminished. It might be different if it comes up again. Look for the dirt on those who oppose it usually is there.

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    psshould Florida’s low costfree spayneuter statewide intervention pass I will take it upon myself to keep tabs with the cost of animal control in each and every county at a yearly basis and provide such reports to ALL Florida law makers at a yearly basis and I can use this information as a template to spread low cost spayneuter proposals for other states proving how successful it is. As it stands now it cost tax payers in the State of Florida in the year 2008 $94 MILLION DOLLARS to run animal controlfor one year killing hundreds of thousands of companion animals as a means of population control and there are still five 5MILLION stray and feral cats in the State of Florida alone per the Florida Fish Game Commission. Cats breed faster than animal control can kill them. These animals are in trouble and it’s time for action. Make that call and let’s end the slaughter. It begins here httpwww.change.orgactionsviewaffordablespayneuterbillforcatsanddogs

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    It’s virtually impossible to institute mandatory spayneuter laws on a State level. Last year I tried in the State of Florida and the law makers shot it down in five seconds. California tried twice and it was shot down. However it is possible on a statewide level to institute a low costfree statewide spayneuter proposal that has a better chance of passing. Making spayneutering FREE and dirt cheap has been proven to get a lot of this intervention done. The 1 cause for not sn is due to COST. I have created a “template” or generic petition you may use at a Statewide level which proposes using state tax forms like driver’s license renewal andor home owner’s state tax a check mark box is provided to voluntarily donate a dollar toward low cost and free spayneutering. It’s legal for the State of Florida to have causes on such forms and I was told by several law makers such an intervention will be discussed during the 2010 legislative term. It merely has to be voted and approved as an administrative decision. Please feel free to use my “generic” low costfree spayneuter petition and use it for YOUR State. You may use the exact wording and spread it around! Go here httpwww.change.orgactionsviewaffordablespayneuterbillforcatsanddogs

  • Justin day says:

    I would just like to say that these pictures are terrifying and just shows that human beings are the worst thing to ever happen to this world we drive all life to extinction and instead of trying to repair the damage we have sone we are paying the goverment billions to find fast and better way to kill each other please the shining examples of are race help these anamals we all need to see what we have done if you hit an animal while driving your car Stop go see if it can be helped if you keep driving then you really are a monster and don’t deserve a place in this world I just hope that people see this site an change their attitudes donate money help do something !

  • Yanik says:

    Myshkin I totally agree with you and couldn’t have said it better. Some people talk about PETA euthanizing animals but each day as the problem gets worse and more animals are abandoned That is the only way to help them THANK YOU PETA

  • Andrea says:

    Animals are always there to give love and affection unconditionally. What the hell do we give them in return? It makes me ashamed to be human.

  • Domino says:

    I am thankful for the information PETA gives all of us who want to help animals but I’m here because I love animals and I’m sensitive to their suffering. I want to read what you have to say about them and how to help them but these photographs affect me profoundly to the point of tears. I would appreciate it if you could post a warning instead of the pictures and then link the pictures rather than embed them. That way everyone who wants to see them can and those of us more sensitive you’ll keep us from crying.

  • Cat Guardian says:

    The problem with this is that these sick monsters are getting away with this!!! THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE IN PRISON. The laws HAVE to change and be upheld. WHY do we ALLOW innocent little creatures to be tortured like it is OK? Humans are ANIMALS!

  • RUKidding says:

    Friendbear did you not read the article? Or are you just out there pimping the NKE? No kill is a marketing term always has been to distinguish between private closed door limited admission shelters who pick and chose and those shelters who don’t have the option of picking and chosing so they don’t have to euthanize. Roger Caras long time President of the ASPCA put it best when he called it a hoax. A decade of focusing on adoptionsno kill has put us back into the dark ages with increased euthanization and increased impounds. Where do you get the info that San Francisco is no kill? Never has been except in one little man’s mind. All last year the SF animal commission was debating becoming no kill with this little man begging them to do so. They have always euthanized pit bulls because the SPCA would not take them. And Tompkins County is a joke handling about 3000 animals a year and losing their contracts. Just recently it was announced that they are broke. Seems people just don’t see the same as you see on how wonderful TC is. TNAbandon is the ultimate cruelty to cats. It attracts owned cats getting them killed or attacked getting to feed stations. Do you support leaving animals outside without shelter with ant ridden food at the mercy of coyotes and neighborhood punks? And what about the suffering when these cats do get injuried or get a disease? If an individual treated cats the way TNAbandon does they would be charged with abuse. Go look at the pictures again those are nothing compared to what cats in colonies go through. There are far worse things that can happen to animals than being euthanized far worse but those supporting are blind to the suffering.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    It’s just horrible what people do to animals. I will post fliers where I go.

  • Debby Jones says:

    What is wrong with this world. After I cry and throw up. Please don’t let this happen any more. I hope people who do this never get a peaceful nights sleep.

  • Margo Raprager says:

    We have probably 3 dozen feral cats that we feed trap and fix. We have been able to adopt into our own home 4 but the rest we are trying to tend to……….we have had 13 alteredspayedneutered. It is expensive to us as we are both on a fixed income but people who turn these poor things outside to fend for themselves should also “be turned outside to fend for themselves.” We feed all of them and I think they live in the woods in back of our home. We try to keep them fed and safe but I refuse to call anyone to come pick them up because I don’t know what will happen to them then. They know we care about them because they are gradually “warming up” to my husband and I. We will have another 4 or 5 fixed in March. It is too sad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E says:

    Very well written article. I would have liked to have seen reference to decisionmakers in Canada too.

  • Debs says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me what some cruel and ignorant people do to animals. It upsets me and angers me a great deal but look at what people do to each other. Until all human animals start respecting each other I guess the rest of the animal kingdom is going to struggle. I fully support PETA and its aims and will campaign and strive to support animal welfare and respect wherever I go but I am constantly faced with a care less attitude even from seemingly decent and intelligent people. So I often feel like I’m trying to climb up Everest with my arms and legs tied together. But it won’t stop me. I couldn’t live with myself if I gave up. No creature whether human or animal chooses what form it comes into the world as. The sooner we all realise that and learn to respect all life the better it will be for all living things.

  • kathy says:

    whenever I see images of animals like this it breaks my heart I get teary eyed as if they were my animals…I would help an animal over a homeless person anyday.

  • pam says:

    After having worked in an animal shelter for more than 2 years I have seen far worse injuries than this. One was a three year old cat that had been torn in half by a fan belt and the poor animal was still alive.

  • Rachelle Sparro says:

    All I can say is wow. I couldn’t get past the first photo. This really upsets me and I do not understand we as a society aren’t doing more to prevent this.

  • Janice says:

    I do think there needs to most places to help those who cannot afford to spay and neuter. I just spent about $100 on exams and shots and have to wait for the neuter and the vet wants $300. Yeah not a lot but something that will tkae a couple months to aquire. I know some states have spay and neuter clinics where its cheaper. wish there was more.

  • Carol says:

    I always go through the RSPCA royal society for the prevention of creuely to animals in NSW australia. I actually just adopted a beautiful male kitty!

  • jodi carter says:

    I’m an animal lover always have been. I’m a full supporter of PETA!

  • Chris says:

    “nokill” is a sham. euthanasia is a kindness.

  • Jane says:

    I WORKED IN NO KILL!!! One of the best known No Kill sanctuaries in the country And let me assure you it is a fraud just designed to get donations out of people while the truth is hidden and animals suffer. No Kill turns animals away animals that are suffering while they pack up with animals that go crazy from being warehoused. It’s a big crock and I’m ashamed that for a time I fell for it. No Kill is Slow Kill!

  • Jessica Meyer says:

    This is sad. Animals love unconditionally! They don’t care what you look like how you smell they always want to be with you! Why so much cruelty? People who are cruel to animals should face charges as well. Animals have everything the same inside as humans. Cruel people suck.

  • Carla* says:

    Once again thanks Derek well said!!

  • Marnie says:

    Phew… good article to wake people up! Why are many people so fixated on pure bred less unique and mostly totally overbred… and why do people have animals when they don’t want to care for them??? This story makes me toss my cookies…

  • Aneliese says:

    The people that make fun of PETA or don’t agree need to read these blogs and actually see what they are not bothering to care about.

  • Andrea says:

    I worked as an animal control officer for LA’s ASPCA. Sadly gruesome things such as these were a common if not everyday occurrence.

  • iloveanimals says:

    omg..i hate that people!

  • mansi jain says:

    jeez! whats wrong wid us?!! i wish i could give a home to all he discarded unwanted lonely animals of the world. sick sick

  • Audrey Verite says:

    I think these people are so cruel to the animals. make no sense. i believe they should change law to stop people hurting these animals. its so cruel. and they should pay for these that vet help them get better and for their medications and care. They should change the law make it more stricter. like if not want t hem drop off them at any vet like they do with young teens if not want the baby they can drop off any hospital as like that. its so sad seeing these animals suffer for no reason. People are sickos. Has no heart at all.

  • Linda says:

    .. I am disgusted with my own species .. absolutely disgusted.

  • cathy culp says:

    Some People are just sick “Fers”..Sorry But anyone who can treat a poor animal like that could KILL A HUMAN BEING…They need to be dealt with the same as if it were a PERSON…JAIL TIME for as long as possible.

  • Erica says:

    How can people do such things against animals……….Respect all living creatures!!!!!!!!!

  • Janice says:

    I’ll never understand how people can be so mean and cruel to such innocent and loving living beings. I am a strong supporter in favour of much harsher penalties for animal abusers. Studies show a strong correlation between animal abusers and SERIAL KILLERS…HELLO LAW MAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek says:

    The only animals that should ever be euthanized are those that are terminally ill with no chance of recovery. It’s disgusting to murder a healthy animal for the most illegitimate reasons. Nokill shelters perform a vital role in saving lives. I’m sure like any culture creed group or organization there are “bad apples” but don’t let this spoil the work that good nokill shelters do. It’s been proven time and time again that a nokill policy adopted by an entire district dramatically reduces homeless animal populations increases the quality of life ensuring the shelters maintain the highest standards which does NOT happen at murdershelters and provides revenue in the form of increased local support and donations. This was proven in Tompkins county as well as San Francisco. Let’s not forget that mandatory spayneuter laws on their own will do nothing. The people that are most likely to not spay or neuter their animals are those of lowincome and so lowcost and free spayneuter clinics are essential and should be paid for through government taxes. I’d be happy to pay a few dollars per paycheck to ensure this service was available and to fund nokill shelters. The other groups of people least likely to spayneuter their animals are breeders backyard or registered and people who just don’t care. Of all of these groups of people only 1 is likely to follow the laws of mandatory spayneuter the registered breeders. However if included with mandatory spayneuter a policy is adopted to guarantee spay neuter services for free to those of low income a dramatic change would occur. And don’t forget to include TNR trap neuter release programs within the budget. A TNR program is THE proven most successful means of feral cat population control and should be adopted by all shelters and cities in the USA.

  • friendbear says:

    in britain we have mercy dashes. an alert will be passed that a shelter which destroys animals is full somebody answers the alert adopts the animals then delivers them safely to the dogs trust. who don’t kill we have blue cross for our animals so no matter how poor or sick the owner they will get treatment and although the recent recession has had loads of animals left at shelters the word has gotten out NOT to leave them with death row shelters thanks to tv shows and news bulletins. no need for this heartbreak

  • Lorraine Kassarjian says:

    We have a “humane society” here who proclaims it is nokill. So what they do is tell people who drop off animals that they will transfer the dog to another facility. That other facility is the county pound where they get euthanised but the “humane society wont tell them that. I refuse to support them because of this instead supporting smaller rescue groups who take animals from the county shelters foster them in their own homes then adopt them out. Until we stop having homeless pets euthanasia is a necessity for the sake of the animals!

  • Brian Cernius says:

    Not spayingnutering your animal is not just lazy or to expensive it is murder

  • Sheila Tornatore says:

    i am horrified by what animals whom we are the guardians of must go through. it is wonderful that strangers have come to rescue of these unfortunate situations that have happened to the sweetest of the living species. i wonder if any of these cats are now up for adoption if so i can only hope a wonderful home is in there future.

  • Noreen Sait says:

    this is exactly why i will always go through an animal shelter or rescue organization for my animals. i absolutely refuse to go through a breeder. both my cats are rescues and i have the sweetest pure bred basset hound that i adopted from a shelter. mutts are the best but if people insist on having a pure bred they can be found in shelters as well… you just have to do the leg work…

  • Myshkin says:

    I am going to send this to everyone I know who has ever said “I love animals!” or “I do care about animals that’s why I support nokill” or “I can’t support PETA because PETA euthanizes.” This is one of the best and bravest things I have seen on the internet and I hope it shakes people up wakes people up and makes people face the problem. Sop turning away and blaming others. If you buy an animal from a breeder or pet store you are directly responsible for killing an animal in a shelter. Period. If you allow your animal to breed you are directly responsible for several animals getting euthanizedmaybe HUNDREDS if your puppieskittens go on to breed themselves. Stop whining people and start rescuing adopting spaying and neutering and yes euthanising to release these gentle souls from pain. If you are against euthanasia then do something about it. Get involved in spayneuter work and start speaking up LOUDLY against breeders. If you’re not doing these things then you have no right to be angry at he people who perform the euthanasia.

  • Lulu says:

    After I throw up I’m going to go make copies of this eyeopening information to share with others. Thank you for this post. People need to see the painful consequences of their indifference.