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Will Motorists See Red Over McCruelty Billboards?

Written by PETA | March 26, 2009

Our McCruelty campaign has been raging on for about a month now, with no word from McDonald’s about improving welfare standards for the animals killed for its restaurants. But since when has a little resistance stopped us? That said, we think it’s the perfect time to kick the campaign up a notch, don’t you agree?

Our latest efforts have us thinking big—as in billboard big. Check it out:


McCruelty Billboard


We plan to place the eye-opening billboard in select cities across the country. We’re certain it will have motorists seeing red once they learn that the biggest seller of chicken meat in the country refuses to compel its suppliers to switch to a better slaughter method.

Contrary to what Ronald would like consumers to believe, it’s not all Happy Meals and hamburger patches under the golden arches. Far from it.

Please take action now by urging McDonald’s to support only suppliers that use controlled-atmosphere killing.

I know if I were a parent, I certainly wouldn’t allow my child to visit the home of a scary giant-shoe–wearing clown with blood on his hands. But that’s just me.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Renee Mancino says:

    Which cities can you find this billboard campaign?

  • Dolly Austin says:

    Great idea!!! And I also think that more need to be put up of abused animals..ofcourse there will be screamers over that about ..”how awful” or “kids should not have to see that” but..maybe the kids will say..hey mom and dad..can we go get our pets fixed so they cannot have babies..or can we take our dog off of the chain?? could work!!

  • Amy L. says:

    I love this! Hopefully it will get people thinking about what they actually put into their mouths. Go Veg!

  • Sarah says:

    Karen Eliot Agreed!! My only issue with this billboard personally I’d be more inclined to “do something about it” if instead of stating the problem “chickens are still conscious…” supply the solution. I had no idea about the whole CAK thing… Maybe billboards should mention THAT in some way shape or form? Am I making sense?

  • ray says:

    You should place this add right next to a mcdonalds They should be ashamed.

  • fiona roberts says:

    You should also put that they are scalded alive….thats worse because the chickens are in pain much longer than that of having their throats cut but good on you anyway PETA.

  • Marissa Parent says:

    Billboards are legal in NH! I suggest putting a few around the Lakes Region Laconia Meredith Gilford just in time for Motorcycle Weekend which is a huge motorcycle rally that takes place in Laconia every year. Both Laconia and Gilford are home to a McDonald’s.

  • Kimberly B says:

    Who cares if its offensive to those that consume this garbage!People need to know what they are eating…in this day and age people think that saving money is the most important thing but I say you get what you pay for!I agree with above poster the ad campaign needs to emphasize not only the cruelty but also the distgusting conditions that are ultimately going into their kids mouths! I tried to simply TELL my friend about 2 documentaries I recently saw and she stopped me short saying “dont tell me I dont wanna know” this mentality is what drives those to continue to consume without a conscience thus supporting those that are the MOST CRUEL! I hope that its those that think that ignorance is bliss that finally see the light as they are stuck in traffic sucking down the coffee they just bought out of styrofoam cups! May they finally realize that they are the solution as well as the problem. I am a changed person after seeing these documentaries! I thought that it was OK if it was organicfree range…it is not unless its VEGGYS period! I already have more energy and feel better…thank you PETA for re educating me that donation isnt my only responsibility to the planets animals!

  • katherine says:

    I like it i just think there needs to be more information on how the chickens are tortured. I mean it is awful that they are still conscious when their throats are cut but there needs to be more info on how they are hung upside down and they often suffer broken bones severe bruising etc.

  • karen eliot says:

    Grandma killed chickens by cutting their throats while they were still alive and few people think of Grandma as evil. However people are more likely than ever to believe that a big corp is evil so you’re in luck. Unfortunately by not suggesting that viewers tell McD’s to change how they kill animals your article states that this is the goal you have wasted your ad budget. Advertising is all about creating a tension that can be released but the ad has to provide the tension and the means of it’s release. I’m surprised you haven’t gone after them over the sick cows and slaughterhouse contamination of meat by untrained illegals no less. Together they account for quite a bit of the rise of superbugs something blamed on human consumption of antibiotics but which is certainly far more of a problem in the food industry. Why that angle? Because in times of hardship people’s circle of concern narrows a lot. Caring about animals especially enough to radically change your eating habits is for most people a luxury. Worrying about the health of your family however… that’s timeless and probably a way a lot of folks express their anxiety you had a handle on a primal insecurity and went with something else instead. If you wanna hook Mom Dad and Mom Dad is where it all starts you show McD’s to be filthy not just cruel. These are cruel times after all. Urging viewers to demand saferhumane slaughter would have given people a concrete action they could do to relieve the stress this ad makes them feel. People don’t like feeling stressed and because you haven’t given them any way out they will end up by being angry with you for making them feel this way and will in the future discredit anything they see with your name on it. People are irrational that way. We need to work with that.

  • Ishan says:

    Nice billboard but don’t you think the McDonald’s logo with the ‘McCruelty’ next to it should be larger?

  • Katie says:

    my boyfriend used to work for McDonald’s as a manager. he told me that if you try to cook their burgers on a regular grill they melt. how disgusting is that!?

  • JamesCipollone says:

    I like it. Posting those in the South should have an impact. I believe we eat more fast food here in the SE than any other area. Although I could be wrong I didnt research it.

  • Jean says:

    Great Ad I think the M should should be much bigger because it stands for MURDER. Plain and simple

  • Claire Abrams says:

    I love the photo it’s really engaging. But doesn’t the line “still conscious when their throats are cut” make it sounds like we think it would be OK as long as they were made unconscious first? How about a line like “Chickens are miserable every moment of their lives locked in battery cages unable to stretch even one wing. And when they see the knife about to cut their throats they are miserable.” I know that welfare is extremely important but I also don’t want people to think eating “happy” chickens is OK either because meat is murder in every single case.

  • Felipe says:

    God Mc Donald is delicious but I can not eat food from a company who does not believe in animals.

  • Sam says:

    This is great! Are these just in the US or do you have some in Canada as well? People seriously like to believe McDonalds is all happy and shiny. So far from the truth.

  • Justine says:

    Great idea! You know how some companies or causes have more than one ad or bilboard for the same idea product or service? I think you should do that too! You could have this one plus one about chickens being boiled alive even another one if necessary. Spread the word about McDonald’s cruelty!

  • Carly says:

    Great billboard! It really grabs your attention. I’m sure it will have a positive impact towards our cause.

  • Saucy says:

    The eyeball is especially effective. This is something that will remain in peoples consciences. Your eyeballs are your windows to the world and something we see on each other everyday. You don’t see inside the body but you do see the eyeballs on the body. People are so callous and hardhearted when it comes to animals as if they don’t matter. Well they’re wrong! What disgrace is the human race. How in the name of God can they treat animals this way and then actually EAT what has suffered so mercilessly?

  • AAG says:

    …and boiled alive” should have been included. Whatever method is used in slaughter practices the creatures are still being slaughtered. Less monies wasted on promoting welfare methods and more funds and effort should be implemented to change hearts towards sentient beings who deserve to live just as humans do .Encouraging others not to eat them and exempliflying the beauty and peace of a nonviolent diet is imperative.

  • Susan Hoppler says:

    Great billboard I hope it works. I worked for McDonald’s as a manager for over ten years. I am appalled that they are so stubborn about this issue thank you Peta!!!!!

  • SHARI says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT IS SO TRUE!!! THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!! Thank you PETAthis is going to get people thinking!!!

  • Julie Zserdin says:

    I think the billboards will help. That is one of my grips is not enough advertizing is done to alert the public to the cruelty that is part of using animals for food. I think it is great that poeple are trying to get McDonal’s to use more humane methods to slaughter chickens. but I think the money used to get more welfare action is wasted. we need to get poeple to stop eating chickens totally. no animal should be used for food. It is barbaric unnessary cruel and inhumane. We need to pust to ban all animals from being used for food not just more humane methods of killing them.

  • Brad says:

    I love it!!

  • Aneliese says:

    I really like it but the golden arches need to be huge to really catch anyone’s eye. That will make people really look and bother to read the billboard.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great adtotally riveting. Noone will be able to resist reading the accompanying text.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    McDonalds exemplifies the inhumanity and irreverent greed of corporate America.

  • Dori says:

    Awesome! PETA should place one near downtown Austin TX. I would love to see one down here. I personaly don’t think that they should have to kill chickens at all. Most of their meat is synthetic and disgustingor so I’ve heard anyways.

  • Michelle says:

    I agree with the first comment. I think it should say that chickens are boiled alive instead of their throats being cut while they are alive. Most people already know that animals throats are cut during a slaughtering but there is something more morbid about the thought of being boiled alive just the same as drowning or suffocating.

  • Pepsi One Is Fun says:

    I like this billboard better than the “Payback is Hell” shark billboard so good luck with this one.

  • Canaduck says:

    Nice. Eyecatching. I like it! You should add…”and then they’re often boiled alive.” Well maybe notthat’s obviously not as snappy. But it just adds another element of horror.