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Will Lucy Survive Edmonton’s Stonewalling?

Written by PETA | August 23, 2010
Lucy the elephant

In February, PETA and Zoocheck Canada, filed a lawsuit against the City of Edmonton, Alberta, on behalf of Lucy, an ailing and lonely elephant whose wretchedly sparse and unsuitable housing in the Canadian city’s Valley Zoo is causing her health to deteriorate. Now Associate Chief Justice John Rooke has dismissed the case!

The judge ruled on a procedural issue, not the merits, saying that we should be calling on local officials to ensure that Lucy is being cared for humanely. But we’ve tried and tried to do just that, so we had to take legal action because Lucy is still living alone in the same cramped enclosure.

We’re busy planning our next move, but meanwhile, please urge city officials to do the right thing without a court order and send Lucy to sanctuary now, before the harsh Canadian winter sets in and she is left staring at the four walls of the Edmonton barn where she will be sequestered. Lucy needs to retire and spend what’s left of her life in comfort and in the company of other elephants.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • sheila says:

    This is appalling!! I am ashamed to say I am canadian. Lucy certainly deserves better thyan this!!! The judge is an idiot.

  • kelly says:

    louise said she will let you put her in her house she has enough to pay for it and all lucys expenses, but honestly get her better living conditions her age wont permit the move she would not survive . but if you need money ask louise for help she has tons of money

  • louise says:

    lucy will no like liv 4 anothr year thr if she iznt moved 2 anothr zoo wr itz hot evrytime i go2 edmonton i like vizit her and cry whn i see how sad she iz she cant be made 2 stay thr i like giv $$$ 2 peta and v4a and 2 try 2 save her and sum1 like jazz guess haz never seen her in her like cold cage and concreet floor sooooooo crool

  • Jazz says:

    She has been at the zoo for 30 years, better to try to ge better living conditons for her then to move her..she will never survive the move.

  • louise frm alberta says:

    valey zoo suc and they r gonna kill lucy if she duznt get free way soon i hav seen her and she iz like sooooooooo sad with reel sad eyes

  • Susan says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Lucy needs to be moved to a better enviroment like the santuary with other elephants. They are social creatures. I applaud you for your persist efforts to make sure Lucy is in a better atmosphere. I also am very proud of Peta for their stand on compassion and love for our furry feathery and scaly friends. Thank you. God smiles on you.

  • Mr. Fruit says:

    “please urge city officials to do the right thing without a court order” Unfortunately that won’t happen. City officials will only do one of 2 things. 1. Follow the law. 2. Do as they are told by the law. Seeing as there is no law concerning an elephant being ripped out of some location before winter comes they won’t do anything. Secondly seeing as they haven’t been told by the law to remove the elephant and actually in fact the Judge just dismissed this case.. the officials aren’t gonna do anything about this. It is unfortunate but this is the sad state of affairs. Higher ups so to speak are lazy and only take action sometimes when something involves a human not some other animal. Therefore you’re going to have to try and have this decision appealed or something before anything can be done I am afraid…

  • Rachel A says:

    This is really tragic… Lucy is a highly intelligent feeling creature and she deserves better than this life of slavery and deprivation. SHAME on the judge that did that!