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Will Amazon Stop Selling Torture Guides?

Written by PETA | November 12, 2010

In light of news that has stopped selling a manual for pedophiles after a massive public outcry, PETA fired off a letter asking the online bookseller to protect other vulnerable beings by refusing to sell products that promote cruelty to animals, such as books on dogfighting and cockfighting.

Right now, anyone can visit and easily purchase books such as The Art of Cockfighting: A Handbook for Beginners and Old Timers and Dogs of Velvet and Steel, which encourage people to participate in cruel and illegal animal fighting—and which even show them how to do it. Dogs of Velvet and Steel advises readers, “These dogs will continue fighting even though most of their ear or a section of their mouth has been chewed off—or a leg rendered inoperable” and “[T]he pit bull is capable of taking a lot. It’s not cruel to them; it’s fun.”

I think this dog would beg to differ!

Will Amazon do the right thing and drop these torture manuals? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let’s make sure Amazon knows that it’s unacceptable to sell products that promote violence against any living being.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Jeeppers53 says:

    As an avid buyer on Amazon, I will be reconsidering my purchase store. I cannot in good concience support a company that facilitates this type of product..

  • nancy says:

    I kept my lists on Amazon but added info that they sell these guides as my “profile name” and I added this info to every list. I encourage others to do the same. We could let other customers know by putting this information as reviews for their items and encouraging boycotts.

  • nancy says:

    I no longer spend any money on Amazon. It doesn’t look like they have any plans to stop selling these books in my opinion. I’m one of those customers that made a ton of “lists” on their site. Should I take my lists down because they may influence someone to spend money on their site? This is a shame.

  • Barbara Battibulli says:

    Please stop this terrible practice of selling horrible, cruel and inhumane animal fighting videos. It is appalling and frankly, I am surprised at Amazon, who enjoys a good reputation, would condone something as horrible as this. You don’t need to be contributing to the evil.

  • Bonzilla says:

    If you click the link above to contact Amazon, you can “Live Chat” with someone. I did that this morning and brought this matter to their attention. I challenged them and also sent them a link to this page. They said they would forward it to the appropriate people. If we all dedicate ourselves to bombarding them on “Live Chat” and with emails at least once a day, I truly believe that we can make a difference…and fast!

  • Rita says:

    It’s not true, I just checked and the books are still for sale through other sellers. They are still on the site. I just sent an e-mail telling Amazon that I will not be buying anything from them until they definitely stop selling any book regarding animal cruelty.

  • nancy says:

    I still see the books available on Amazon so they didn’t remove them. Perhaps the person who responded confused these books with the pedophile book that was removed. I don’t think I can feel good about shopping on Amazon after this even if they remove these books. It just so disgusting. Of course they need to remove them first and then we’ll see.

  • lovemy3danes says:

    Just fired off an email to Amazon– No Christmas shopping for me on–

  • nancy says:

    Bethany, I just checked Amazon’s site and both books are still available for purchase.

  • Bethany says:

    I got an email back from Amazon about this issue and they said the book is no longer for sale. Not sure if they meant both books because I mentioned both books and they only said “book”.

  • 4mula1 says:

    why are companys so cold that even with all there (billions?) millions they can still only think of money. i heard on peta that youtube ban there video, glass walls. youtube is SICK.

  • Bethany says:

    I have emailed Amazon about this issue. Please do the same!

  • Valerie says:

    I will not be utilizing Amazon for any shopping needs now or int he future. This is disgusting promotion of vile ‘pasttimes’ with which I emphatically disagree. Promoting blood sports and violence against those who have no voice and cannot protect themselves. Unless all such materials are no longer presented for sale by Amazon, I will be eager to see they day they are put out of business. I am eagerly awaiting information from Amazon stating they are removing such materials. Unfortunlately I feel that just like most other businesses – as long as it makes them money they just don’t care.

  • paula says:

    Nobody should profit off the cruelty to an innocent animal. Just barbaric and shameful. I used to love Amazon.

  • paula says:

    Amazon needs to do the right thing and ban all pro-animal cruelty books. By the way they also sell bestialty videos, I found this out by trying to find dvd’s about horses.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    oh my god……. i did not realise amazon was this mean. i am hereby boycotting amazon until they change their ways!!!!!!!!!

  • aaron says:

    I am in agreement that Amazon needs to be boycotted. What possible reason can they have to be selling these torture manuals? Do you Amazon, make enough money on these to justify selling them? Come on now, do what you know is morally right, raise yourselves above this filth, and be an example. It will be more profitable to you if that’s your sole motive here. Utterly disgraceful!

  • Kerin O'Keefe says:

    I’ve sent several messages to Amazon regarding the sale of these blatant animal torture guides. I’m boycotting the site until they are removed and urge all animal lovers to do the same. Thanks to Peta for bringing this to public attention.

  • Dianita says:

    Boycott Amazon…they are not that great anyway. Terrible that they justify the things they do…there is no justification in the world for the things they have been selling.

  • Nicolaas says:

    I have uninstalled the Amazon toolbar on my browser. I am with Lindsay, it’s time to boycott Amazon. There are a lot of other online retailers to visit. The best start is the PETA MALL.

  • Dianne Hillier says:

    Selling ANY KIND of material purporting violence/brutality in any way shape or form – is a total debasement of basic humanity! To be selling abominable material of animal violence sends out a very alarming and disturbing message that these senseless acts of brutaility is ok – IT’S NOT!!! People in socities the world over needs to be educated that thse sort of blood-sports is not only inhumane, immoral but that it most certainly negates any shred of compassion within humans!

  • Maryalyce says:

    Amazon….You say your “taking this into consideration” What is there to consider????? A manual for pedipholes … are you kidding? Are the owners/ceo of amazon pedophiles & sex offenders????? Amazon, who makes the decision as to what books you carry???? Do they have children? If so has child protective services interviewed these kids???? Do you teach your family to get involved in the dog & cockfighting ? How the hell do you sleep @ night? Is your mother proud of how you make a living destroying any living thing for $$$$. Give us your name & add & maybe we could gather @ your creepy house & express our right to free speech with signs explaining to your neighbors what you people do. Helping sickos to defile, rape, tortue, maime & scar defensless kids & animals for their ENTIRE life. I am 69 y.o. & still carry the nightmare. If you have the courage answer my questions.

  • jess says:

    what a sad thing. i can’t believe a website like amazon would even consider stocking books like this! =boycott until improvement happens. 🙁

  • nancy says:

    I just emailed amazon to ask them to stop selling these. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 2 decades. However, this is horrible. If they don’t stop selling these, I’ll have to stop shopping there. I hope they do the right thing.

  • cjcullen says:

    Urging all of my friends, family and coworkers to boycott Amazon. Also leafleting in my community.

  • Lisa says:

    What you are allowing to be sold on your website is the most apalling and stomach wrenching thing! I and everyone I know will be boycotting your website and the purchase there of until you remove such atrocities for sale…. Shame on you Amazon!

  • saurabhIBM says:

    Hello all, I am an employee of and we have taken this into consideration.Thank you for letting us know.

  • Lindsay says:

    Time to boycott Amazon…Can’t believe someone would have the audacity to call something so awful “fun”. That’s like writing a book on murder and saying how much your stab victim enjoys the knife plunging into their heart: “Don’t worry, the screaming just means they like it!”

  • pinkdawg says:

    Amazon must be a ring of tycoons that clearly have no business mission other than MONEY. There’s probably a lot of other horrific manual books being sold. Amazon must sell the tools these manuals require as well.

  • Nanjay63054 says:

    I have emailed Amazon and will not do anymore business with them in the future.

  • WireByte01 says:

    This is so corrupting it seems the federal government needs to get this child’s play umder control. I feel as if I was in school.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Not only are cockfighting and dogfighting cruel and inhumane, they are ILLEGAL!! I believe both are illegal in all 50 states so you are promoting criminal activity. We order a lot of stuff from Amazon but if they don’t stop this, we won’t be buying from them anymore!

  • Cathy says:

    That is absolutely appalling – as of now I’m boycotting Amazon till the ystraighten up their act

  • Cristie says:

    Hello, As being such a big corporation, I would think that you do not want to be associated with such items as books that encourage harm to helpless animals, such as The Art of Cockfighting: A Handbook for Beginners and Old Timers and Dogs of Velvet. It’s heartbreaking that you would do such a thing and appear to support it. I am a loyal customer to you and this makes me question using your site. PLEASE help those who cannot speak for themselves. This literally is cruel punishment you are encouraging. Thank you, Cristie Ayers Los Angeles, CA

  • jenny wooten says:

    To whom it may concern at AMAZON,

    I am appalled to learn that Amazon sells books that promote animal abuse. By selling these types of books you are promoting cruelty to animals. This is Amazon’s opportunity to take a stand against the abuse to innocent animals by refusing to promote and profit from this type of literature. I will NOT make any future purchases from Amazon until I know you are willing to stop selling  the books The Art of Cockfighting: A Handbook for Beginners and Old Timers and Dogs of Velvet and Steel or any books like them.


    Jenny Wooten

  • Lena says:

    Just like selling a book teaching people how to be a pedophile is horrible so is teaching others how to abuse animals. If amazon is marketing these books for people to buy then they are promoting these ideas in a sense. Until I see Amazon take action against selling books that promote the inhumane treatment of animals I will not be shopping at Amazon. Thank you Peta for opening up the public’s eyes about this matter.