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Wild Horses Need Your Voice Today!

Written by PETA | October 19, 2010
 RoyvanWijk/CC by 2.0


All across the Western U.S., our last remaining herds of wild horses are being violently rounded up by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and forced into government holding pens. The BLM rounds up wild horses and burros to keep millions of acres of public land available for lease to agribusiness for cattle grazing. The horses and burros are captured, housed in barren pens, and separated from their families. These horses are supposedly put up for adoption, but few are actually adopted into long-term homes. Most end up warehoused or shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

According to federal officials, the roundups are necessary because the land is overpopulated by wild horses and could become uninhabitable to other wildlife. The truth is that BLM has leased millions of acres of the wild-horse and burro rangelands to cattle interests. The cattle are eating all the forage and drinking up the scarce water supply, and the wild horses are being blamed and forced out of their homes.

The BLM is taking comments today about the latest plan to round up nearly 1,700 horses who are living on land designated for the future Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary, founded by philanthropist and activist Madeleine Pickens. These horses will be directly affected by what the BLM is calling a “gather.”

Please e-mail the BLM and let the agency know that the survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing. The comment period ends today, so take action right now. 

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Karin Shipman says:

    Check out Madeline Picken’s latest photos on her web. There is a new born foal with the umbilical chord still attached (it looks to have been ripped from the mother) being separated from its mother during one of BLM’s infamius round ups. They corral these animals for months sometimes years at a time, they ,anguish and perish AND the government pays for this. ENough that it requires millions of dollars, but the atrocities committed against these legends of the range needs to be hammered home in D.C. No one should tolerate that, no one.

  • Taybertot says:

    I totally agree with Cheryl Gnesda, They were here first like the Indians, they deserve the land, not us.  Not to mention the cattle that need the grazing are probably going to slaughter anyways! Wild horses are amazing and WILD, lets keep them that way.

  • clifford/christine schmutz says:

    Where is our humanity?

  • Berissa says:

    Another sad example of animal suffering as we spread cattle farming.Leave these beautiful and majestic horses on their own land!

  • Chris says:

    I have no doubts that the federal government is inept and corrupt, but in the US there is no such thing as a native horse or ass. These animals are feral. Just like the feral pigs that destroy native habitat in the American Southeast. They do not deserve cruel treatment, and the reason they are here is because of our ancestors, but they do need to be eradicated from the native habitat. Nothing annoys me more than cows on BLM land, but horses would be worse. Horses are actually even more destructive to habitat than cows as they are able to graze even closer (it’s their “lips”) and actually kill native grasses if they overgraze. I see a lot of knee jerk reactions here, but that’s common among activists. Do some research. Eradicating wild horses is evil, but it’s the lesser of two evils, no doubt. You have no idea how much money the government spends trying to correct the mistakes of the past. Fescue, Sericea, feral pigs, kudzu, Russian olive, asian lady beetles, carp, multifloral rose, were all introduced by man, sanctioned by government now being eradicated by government. It’s a mess. Let them try to fix it.

  • HorseLUVR says:

    keep your city away from my country! the horses deserve to live where they’ve been for years since the begining of america.

  • Suzanne Pastor says:

    This must stop now! The BLM manages land that belongs to the people. The wild horses also belong to the people. We should stop consuming beef for hundreds of reasons. The wild horses are part of America and must be preserved.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Two old movies I really recommend, may be hard to find but worth the effort: The Misfits, starring Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Montgomery Clift, and Little Big Man, starring Dustin Hoffman.  Both deal with the United States government’s mismanagement of people and animals.

  • lyssa skeahan says:

    please leave them be …..

  • Megan Speight says:

    This atrocious treatment of wildlife must stop.

  • Andrew Taylor says:

    Hopefully the American public develops greater anger and take more action over these kinds of situations. Institutions of greed have taken over public lands and All of this for more beef.

  • Dawn says:

    That’s the U.S government for you. Just like what they did to the Native Americans – take up our customs and be like us or else. Just like they do in other countries – live the way we live or else. Some one has to have some sense and stop what they are doing to the wild horses! Cows can graze on the property of the owners/corporations that own them. Food? For other countries? Hey how about if all of the government officials actually go to see how they slaughter them, or here is your dinner – horse meatloaf – how do you like it? Once you become a politician, somehow or another, all common sense and reason evaporates from your brain.

  • Laure Venara says:

    Stop it!

  • Nadine Aenis says:

    Please protect wild horses from cruelty and murder

  • Leslie says:

    they are being treated just like the indians! It was wrong then and it is wrong now! It needs to be stopped!

  • monique trolliet says:

    Comment un si grand pays que les USA, peut être aussi cruel avec ses chevaux sauvages?. SVP laissez-les vivre en toute liberté, votre pays est si grand, qu’il y a de la place pour tout le monde et en particulier pour les animaux qui ont autant le droit à cette terre que nous.

  • sarah says:

    to the sarah above these ARE not native animals there introduce a species that yes is butiful but not ment to live off the habitat of america they are competeing not just with cattle BUT native species deer,elk,antaloupe. I am a horse owner and love the animal but WE need to be responsible it is peoples fault that the feral horse is out there our ancestors let them go or they excaped to produce large herds. Dont Let PETA tell you there endangered there not I live in burns Or we have 10 herds JUST in my country the largest herd has betweeen 600 to 800 horses. they do a round up once a year and take between 50 and 100 horses many that are taken are excess studs that are gelded and RE RELEASED. the rest mares foals and yearlings are adopted out and belive me the corrals in my town dont keep horses around long the ranchers love the wild horse for there sturdyness,knowladge of the land and hardyness. we have one rancher who adopts half of the stock brought in just to run his land becuse he loves to see them and he does this every year! I have seen what has happend to the horses they are starving and dying of dehydration and its not just from the cattle and NO the ranchers dont pay lease to the BLM to use public land they pay a fee per cow called a grazing fee and this goes to HELP maintain the land. I would rather see the herds managed the Starve to death becuse people have this romantic idea of the wild horse.

  • Christof says:

    I sent an email from Switzerland.

  • georgia says:

    BLM stop this horrible thing….leave these animals there where they belong…you have no place there, and no rights,…animals been here way before us….you dont have the right to do this to them..respect them is all you have the right to do…shame on you….

  • Komal says:

    Pls stop snatching the natural habitat of these poor creatures. Pls show some humanity. Survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing.