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Why Do PETA Supporters Have Funny Tan Lines? (Photos of the Day)

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 3, 2014

Sometimes, in order to help animals, you have to get a little saucy. So that’s exactly what a PETA supporter did, just before the EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival.

Vancouver Close-Up

Virtually bare and covered with barbecue sauce, our volunteer made the massive lunchtime crowd consider that animals raised and killed for food are capable of feeling joy, love, pain, and fear, just as humans are. And just like us, they value their lives and don’t want to die.

Many people stood for a long time, contemplating the image, and many gladly took vegan starter kits home with them. The response was so positive that our demonstrators didn’t want to have to pack up and leave.

Vancouver Demo

And even though our saucy volunteer now has grill-mark tan lines, she would gladly do it all again.

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  • damian lovelace says:

    i give the so called carnivores this one irrefutable point..if we’re carnivores then try eating ALL of the animal skin,guts,meat anus etc etc and do it all completely RAW and uncooked without going into the hospital every week for botulism,ecoli,and salmonella treatment as well as emergency colon cleansing! one has yet to counter that fact so they whine and deflect as the cowards they’ll win everytime