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Who’s Who? Zee Attack of ‘Z’ Fur Hagz

Written by PETA | February 11, 2010

Time once again to play “Who Wore It Worse?” First, try to identify today’s contestants, each of whom makes a point to let everyone know she’s married … to cruelty to animals.


Worst Dressed


On the left: When she’s not au naturel in her garden, she’s flaunting fur in the concrete jungle. If only she’d turn over a new leaf and join PETA’s “Rather Go Naked” campaign …

And on the right: Television has shown us both “real” and “desperate” housewives. Apparently this one is “real desperate”—for an ethical makeover, that is. Need a hint? No wonder Bethenny is my favorite.

Go cast your vote today—and check back tomorrow to find out who is taking home top dishonors.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Madisonnn says:

    Let’s skinwear THEM!

  • Animal Defender says:

    I agree with susan

  • Pamela says:

    Because she is much younger than her husband Michael Douglas she is obviously trying to look like an old “hag” so she’ll look closer to his age and she succeeded in looking like an ugly hag.

  • Lulu says:

    Gotta go with CZJ. She was on Letterman a couple of weeks ago blabbing about how her husband the always revolting Michael Douglas had a purebred puppy ‘Fed Exed’ to her as a gift. She’s just another ugly celebrity inside and out who thinks the world revolves around her every want and whim.

  • susan says:

    Who the hell is Jill Zarin? I never heard of her.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Maybe someone should take their skins off and wear them.

  • Jay says:

    Fur makes ugly!!!!!!!!

  • Carla says:

    Fur is vile and discusting just as vile as the “hagz” who wear it.

  • ocean17 says:

    what Marnie said. obviously these selfish souls don’t fully realize how ridiculous fur looks and the unbelievably cruelty behind fur.

  • John says:

    Look Fat With Fur!! Honestly why do women wear fur? It makes them look pudgy swollen and like they have 5p extra pounds

  • Marnie says:

    It’s terribly sad that people who really could give a positive example are so awfully ignorant…

  • Saucy says:

    Oh dear fame and fortune does come with a price. My vote goes to Catherine Zeta Jones. I wish it were me instead of my boyfriend whens the last time you had a piece of beefcake like that Catherine walking little Klhoe along Broadway when Catherine made a beeline for was it the doggie or the boy Catherine. Either way stay away from my boy and my doggie who suffered so much at the hands of vile human beings like yourself.