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Who’s Been Shooting Down the KFC Double Down?

Written by PETA | May 14, 2010
KFC Bloody Bucket

Just about everyone is badmouthing KFC’s vile new Double Down sandwich. (Gee, wonder why?) Guess which celebrity just called it the “double bypass” and said, “I just don’t see a need for it, it’s like handing people a gun”?

  1. Andy Dick
  2. Rachael Ray
  3. Lil Wayne
  4. Queen Latifah


Check out the CNN clip for the answer.

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Joann says:

    I too have loved the original recipe but once i found out what KFC did the the chickens i don’t eat there anymore and haven’t for years and never will again… to the person who gives into their cravings stand up for your convictions you either like them or you don’t you posted here for whatever reason but yet you still eat there…are you familiar with the term HIPPOCRITE ….YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME EATING KFC EVER !!!!!

  • Shian says:

    That sandwich is disgusting. Not only an unhealthy choice but a cruel one as well. But hey if you “rotting flesh” eaters out there want to clog your arteries and die from colon cancer more power to ya. and good riddance.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I took one look at that sandwich and my chest started to hurt. I don’t think I’ll come within 5 feet of that artery clogging concoction.

  • John J says:

    I gotta say and not proudly I have always liked the orginal recipe…being from the south fried chicken has got a hold on me! lol But I do my best not to double down try eating responsbiliy but cave in to KFC craving occasionally.

  • AAG says:

    Three species of animals tortured and slaughtered in the most violent and hideous manner for one gluttonous dispassionate animal. Sad! Go Vegan it is a moral imperative!

  • reason says:

    I agree food like that is not healthy but how can you make certain foods illegal over a preferance. If you start making laws about things of preference then where does it stop? … not a good idea

  • Ty says:

    Yea its pretty ridiculous that they came up with this but dear sweet jesus its so good

  • scott marquard says:

    are you freakin kidding me? the kfc double down is AWESOME!!!!

  • Toby says:

    It links to a ‘Gaza World Cup’ video on but I see the link is named Rachel Ray and after visiting Wikipedia I see she is a tv chef. I don’t think the gun analogy is very good but a harddrug analogy would fit if there was a harddrug taken from torture victims’ bodies by a KFC style corporation. Which reminds me… I heard on NPR that food addiction is about as difficult to get over as harddrug addiction it’s probably true in most cases at least.

  • Hayley says:

    Even if KFC killed their chickens humanely this sandwich is still disgusting. TWO fried chicken breasts … cheese … bacon. Geez. Someone really needs to start making foodsmeals like this illegal. Just go ahead and have your arteries clogged.

  • Ralph says:

    Yeah this one isn’t good for you but some “Veganveggie” options aren’t good for you either. You have to look at what they contain including oils and seasonings in order to have a balanced diet.

  • Caroline Kropka says:

    Dear fricking god… It’s like injecting yourself with drugs! No bun…?