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Whoopi Defends Dogfighting on The View

Written by PETA | September 5, 2007

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Whoopi Goldberg certainly didn’t shy away from controversy on her first appearance on The View—she came right out and offered the following defense of Michael Vick:

“He’s from the South, from the Deep South … This is part of his cultural upbringing”

I have no idea where she got that one from, but I can tell her right now that there are an awful lot of people in the South who’d be pretty upset by the implication that electrocuting animals is somehow “part of their heritage.” Or, as PETA President Ingrid Newkirk put it in the letter she wrote to Whoopi yesterday,

“Those who fight dogs do so in New York, Chicago and even the Republic of Ireland, and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness, not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast.”

Michael Vick needs a lot of things right now—some serious counseling for a start—but he doesn’t need anyone to give him lame excuses for his decision to torture dogs for pleasure and profit. He needs to face that horrible fact all by himself.

Ingrid spoke with Whoopi on the phone last night after she received the letter, since Goldberg actually has a good track record with animals outside of this incident, and Whoopi explained that she had never intended to appear accepting of cruelty. Let’s hope she makes up for it with some positive comments about animals on The View after this rocky start.


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  • J. M. Stovall says:

    I live in the deep south and I think dogfighting is horrific. Where you live has nothing to do with it. It continualy surprises me that many famous black celebrities have tried to excuse M. Vick and his activities almost like they feel it is racial somehow. I don’t get that at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could be green and red and he would still be a thug.

  • Skylarstar says:

    I always loved Whoopi both for her talent and her straight forward no bs attidue. I was appalled to hear her defending Vick’s inexcuseable cruelty. I will no longer watch The View. Too often the panelists make ignorant and off the wall comments just to garner ratings and attention. Whoopi I have completely lost respect for you.

  • Skylarstar says:

    I always loved Goldberg both for her talent and her straight forward manner. I was appalled when she made such a lame excuse for Michael Vick’s inexcuseable cruelty. I refuse to watch The View anymore. I am sick of the ignorant comments and arguements made to garner attention and ratings. I have lost all respect for Goldberg.

  • Amber Scida says:

    I can not believe Whoopi would say such a thing and believe it too. I had always loved Whoopi in her movies and the way she spoke her mind. INTELLIGENTLY!! That’s the key their. I know nothing of the South having lived in NY my whole life but all I can say is…if that is what the south is all about then the south should go the way of the devil. DOWN! Only sick ignorant people would enjoy and excuse the act of dog fighting or anything of it’s like. I will NEVER watch the view again. And to think Ms. Walters picked Whoopi makes me think twice about her too. Whoopi should be TOLD to leave the View ASAP. She made a disgrace of the show. I will be boycotting the show and her to everyone I can possibly think of. Whoopi I can’t believe I’m saying this but in a way I would like to see you end up like those dogs just for a day and see if you still stick to your remark.

  • Joyce says:

    To MF Power 91207 What does the MF stand for? I bet I know! You may think that your little tale about bringing your family to a dogfight for a night of entertainment is humorous. Obviously it’s not. It’s kind of sick. I think Wallace may be right about bringing back Colisseum combat with lions tigers and bears. And I think it might be good if you were the first combatant against either one of those animals. And then someone can tell your son that “those blue things” are your intestines. You are not a funny man.

  • Chris says:

    I am extremely appauled at Whoopi’s response to these charges. I have lived in the south my entire life as a matter of fact I live in Gainesville Georgia which is the same county that is home to the Atlanta Falcons training facility and I can assure everyone that dog fighting or any other cruelty to animals is NOT an accepted part of southern living. I was a fan of “The View” but after hearing this news I will no longer be a viewer of this show nor anything else Ms. Goldberg participates in.

  • trena shenk says:

    Wow… slavery is also a part of my deep southern heritage… Whoopie you want us to say that slavery is okay too????

  • misha says:

    “The earth was created for man to have dominion over the animals not for animals to have dominion of man.” Where does this come from? Who says? And why do people think that loving animals is exclusive of caring for the fate of children or fighting to bring an end to the war? Humane behaviour applies to all. Those who care for animals care for all the weaker misrepresented beings that live on this earth. Remember people. We are all animals!

  • Annabel says:

    I too have written to ABC. I hope if enough of us do they will force her to apologise.

  • lunavanillavegan says:

    If one uses the argument “he’s from the south so it’s his heretage to fight dogs” is like saying “soandso is from NY it’s his heretage to be a crackhead.” … it just doesn’t add up to me. Cruelty exisits in every state… in every country. It’s not isolated and it’s certainly not excuseable because of “cultural standards.” It’s not right for people to kill animals for profit andor pleasure no matter where they were born and raised. Excusing the abuse of animals because it’s “standard practice” in any given area is like excusing the abuse of women and children just because it is a “cultural norm.” Cruelty and murder is wrong no matter where it happens and no matter whether the victim has 2 legs or 4. And by the way just because we care about animals doesn’t mean we are blind and indifferent to the suffering of human beings. I rather resent the implication that being a “tree hugging animal rights activist” means that I don’t care about homeless children in the gutter. On the contrary I care quite a bit. ALL CREATURES are worthy of compassion animals and people alike. If you really care about the hungry masses of the world then stop eating meat… that makes more food and water for the rest of the human population. It’s really quite simple. There’s lots of info about this availble on the internet and on your local bookstore shelves. Educate yourself about the global values of being vegan… then talk to me about caring for the starving orphans. But back to Whoopi… I’ve always been a fan of Whoopi but I think her comment was really insensitive to the issue at hand tortured and murdered dogs! and I really don’t think she thought it through before she said it. If she is sorry about saying it or feels that her statement was misunderstood then she needs to make a public apology andor statement about how she really feels about dog fighting and the criminals who perpetuate it. I’ve seen a few episdoes of The View and having never been impressed I don’t care to ever watch it again reguardless of what Whoopi does or doesn’t say. I live in France now so it’s really a moot point since my cable company doesn’t carry it anyways. Whoopi wake up.

  • Marlene Beck says:

    Shame on any one who advocates dog fighting ….Let them get in and fight and be maimed if it is such jolly fun……evil…evil…evil…

  • Tricia Fedrizzi says:

    I am surprised at Whoopi’s response about culture in the south where Michael Vic is concerned. We also supported slavery and segregation of African Americans at one time. I doubt she thought that was acceptable then nor would that be acceptable now. Michael Vic and anyone involved with his horrific crime need serious help. Anyone capable of repeatedly torturing and killing anthing have definate mental problems and should be made incapable of ever committing this type of haneous act again.

  • Debra Le says:

    They same day I heard the comment from Ms Goldberg I sent an email to ABC. I will never watch the View again. She sickened me. What was Barbara Walters thinking by hiring her? She and anyone else that defends Mr. Vick are sick individuals. I am a pit bull owner. I look at my baby at want to cry for all of the abused pitties out there.

  • Lynn Chambers says:

    I am THRILLED that so many people are standing up for helpless innocent animalsthey give people unconditional love no matter how they are treatedHumans could learn a LOT from them!! I am not surprised at Whoopis commentsguess she figured she would get a lot more attention that way.. Bravo for all the decent people who are trying to put an end to that barbaric heartless act of inexcusable violenceanimals have a right to share our world without being tortured by brainless jerks like Michael Vick etc..

  • carol Wallace says:

    Okay for all who wrote in that ANY arranged combat between animals is Aokay Let’s go one better for the delight and enjoyment of these folk. Let’s bring back the Coliseum atmosphere and arrange combat between lions or tigers or bears and unarmed humans! I emphasize “unarmed” as the animals are when exploited. Cheering throngs can watch and even make wagers as human beings are shredded and eventually devoured by wild animals hey that has got to beat dogfights and cockfights. This country has been compared to decadent Rome more than once lately and why waste time get on with the decline! Mankind is supposed to be caretaker of this planet and protector of his fellow inhabitants. Inhumane brutal and egotistical behaviour is not part of the big picture!

  • C.T says:

    That is really sad Whoopi. Stop supporting Evil people. Animals are gods babies.

  • Meagan says:

    I think that the letter was beautifully written. I am absolutely sick of the Michael Vick story. He needs to have to book thrown at him enough said. What he did was not only wrong it was animal abuse to the extreme. This man should be forever banned from playing professional sports. The idea that people are defending him and saying that “he’s a black football player they’re just making an example of him” is WRONG! Race does not play an issue here. The ISSUES are those poor defenseless animals.

  • Ori says:

    “See you in Hell Michael Vick…All cruel brainless idiots who support you and take this EVIL act as part of their family gatherings and culture…You’ll be in HELL with him.” It’s so sad how low and godless human race has gotten after all these years.

  • M F Power says:

    Though I may be in the minority I feel that dogfighting is wholesome educational family entertainment for kids of all ages. There’s nothing quite like taking the wife and kids to an exciting Saturday night dogfight watching the glee in my children’s eyes while two vicious hulking canine beasts their muscles rippling with adrenaline tear each other to pieces fighting to their glorious deaths in the pit like latterday animal gladiators. The excitement builds when the dogmen arrive after sundown often driving expensive SUVs pulling custom trailers containing their prized fighting dogs. One by one the contenders are led from the trailers while others look on in admiration some among them wishing that they too were dogmen. Others size up the contenders determining the amount they will place in bets. Bookmakers quickly jotting odds on small chalkboards start collecting money as enthusiastic bettors yell “Two thousand on Imperator” or “Put me down for five hundred bucks on Lucky Lady.” Victory or death is the nature of the sport of dogfighting each dogman thousands invested in the breeding training and care of his fighter petting and giving his beloved champion animal encouragement before they are placed in the pit. A referee is in the pit before the fight his job is to start the contest by placing the dogs within fighting distance of each other once the fight starts the referee exits the pit and joins in the amusement. Illustrating the educational value of the family sport of dogfighting one evening while watching two dogs in a particularly bloody match my youngest son asked me what were those purplish veiny things hanging from the belly of one contender. “They’re intestines son” I replied admiring the dying canine’s gameness as it continued to fight on unto the death. At another match my eldest son smiled and watched in amusement while a dog called King Odin blinded in both eyes during the fight clumsily latched on to the right foreleg of the opponent. Using all his strength King Odin clamped down and bit the leg off at the shoulder tearing the joint from the socket. Staring in astonishment with the rest of the crowd I had never seen such incredible power come from the jaws of a game bull terrier. Curiously at the end of the match King Odin though blinded and ostensibly retired due to his injuries was declared the winner while the opposing animal a three year old four time champion bitch called Silver Streak bled to death in one corner of the pit. Another plus with regard to dogfighting is the community atmosphere promoted by the sport friendly neighbors and fellow church members all gathering around the pit for conversation good food and entertainment. Many of the wives make tasty dishes to bring to the dogfights and cold kegs of Coors and Budweiser are always a welcome addition. The local police chief often brings these beverages along with coolers of soft drinks for the kids. Dogfighting has been a part of American culture since before the beginning of the Republic and is as American as apple pie and the 4th of July. Thomas Jefferson Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin were avid dogfighters each keeping kennels of ferocious canines for their amusement often pitting beasts from their kennels against each other in exciting contests of animal strength and endurance. Drawing on the long history of the sport I feel that some soul searching is in order and after careful debate and reflection it should be proposed that dogfighting be again made legal in all fifty states and territories of the United States of America. See you in the end zone next year Vick! The black community supports you!

  • Mars says:

    “Slavery was also a cultural trait of the Deep South ” And just as much in the north. Anybody up for Pokemon?

  • oscar mosqueda maldonado says:

    hola yo pienso que es de lo peor tratar un animal por que no se puede defender o lo peor a un no puede parar 1 bala que mal que el muno piense que sube de clase por un animal que para la jente de uso de razon no tiene valor ya.

  • Patricia says:

    I know I’m a day or two late but I just wanted to say that I am from the South and African Americanand I was horrified by her implying that dogfighting is part of our identityheritage down here. Most people that I know in this area were equally appalled by the dogfighting charges against Vick.

  • John Yamrus says:

    this poem from my new book sums up what i think about dogfighting. feel free to copypaste and send it to your friends. i want the world to know that these poor pooches are sweet loving animals…often even having been handled by the likes of Vick… and all the sick perverted bastards of the world deserve to die an awful bloody death i was picking my dog up at the vet today and while i was waiting for them to bring her out i looked over at the big white dog on my right and was shocked to see it had an ear missing and part of its skull was gone. it looked like an old wound that had healed over and i nodded at the owner and asked what happened to your pooch? she get hit by a car or something? nah he said shes a rescued dog. rescued? yeah we found her in the road thrown out with her ear gone and her head half torn away. what happened? the cop said they see it all the time. they figure she was raised by people who fight pit bulls and you can tell by looking at her that shes real sweet and i guess when she wouldnt fight she was probably just used. used? for what? bait. neither one of us said a word. i knelt down and gave her a hug and scratched her neck and when i did she turned real quick and gave me a great big wet sloppy kiss. right on the face. and all the sick perverted bastards of the world deserve to die an awful bloody death. …John Yamrus from SHOOT THE MOON

  • Daniel D says:

    Let’s not make this Michael Vick case a barrier between black and white. The reason the Vick case received so much attention has nothing to do with race. Through his athletic achievements he became a public figure and a public figure receives more praise as well as more criticism from the general public. Michael Vick’s case received much attention because he not only is a high income public figure but the crime involved many victims. So the attention he received was due to a combination of him being a public figure the number of victims involved and the degree of the crime. A good friend of mine is half African American half Caucasian. He told me that if Paris Hilton were of African American descent many would have made a race case from her Jail sentence. Yes she did spend more time in Jail than others and there are some reasons for it. Being late to the court hearing sure didn’t help. But his point is we shouldn’t make everything a racial case. He admits that racial stereotyping does take place but he also said that often it’s exaggerated a bit. I think it’s time to put race aside. No matter if black or white let’s judge by the actions. Both good and bad. And Michael Vicks actions in dogfighting were a crime a horrible one and he deserves all the negative attention and the punishment.

  • VANNA ROCHA says:

    I am very disapointed with Whoopi. Nobody should ever aprove the wrong and evil a friend does. He did that to the dogs because it is what he has in his heart he has an evil soul and deserves to be punished. Cultural birth is not an excuse ! vanna from Rio de Janeiro

  • maggie says:

    I live in the deep south and I don’t think cruelty knows any geographic areas. Its a heart issue and not a “cultural” issue at all. Get real Whoopi.

  • cheyenne says:

    She was wrong to say that. I don’t care where he’s from alaska florida… dogfighting is cruel sick and those who engage in such cruelty will pay for it.

  • Ana says:

    Tiffany Blah blah blah. Guess what dogfighting was brought over to the states by the WHITE Brits who enjoyed the carnage. It became illegal in the 19th century in England because it was considered so despicable and because it was enjoyed by the common and vulgar classes. Using culture as an excuse for cruelty is a lame excuse. In a word it is cruelty no more no less. Hispanics are involvwed in dog fighting it is not culture it is violence cruelty and ignorance. Those involved in dog fighting have not developed sensibilties to acknowledge the pain of other sentient beings. As you quoted it may be “unfortunate for Mike” but it was deadly for the dogs. As far as “cast more stones” so what who cares about your biblical quote. Enough with the selfrighteous biblical quotes. Take your own advice and stop judging PETA. This is a PETA ANIMAL RIGHTS FORUMBLOG and animal advocates care about justice for animals. This is not a court of law there you can say innocent until proven guilty or the person with the best expensive lawyer goes free. Whatever sentence Vick gets will never be enough justice for what he did to MANY dogs as well as the other creatures used for “training”.

  • satinka says:

    Tiffany that’s your problem you need to stop idolizing your idols and start holding MV accountable for his heinous detestable “MISTAKE” puhleeezze a failed attempt at that to defend his monstrous savage killings. It’s pretty pathetic when people try to justify his savageness with KATRINA the DEEP SOUTH RACISM PUTTING ANIMALS ABOVE HUMANS….blah blah blah. He knew it was WRONG and yet still continued to participate in this vicious barbaric act. So stop your bible thumpin on deaf ears. Whats “SAD SO VERY SAD” is when you take beautiful animals and abuse them to perform in a ring and when they do not “perform” well then you hang them and when that doesn’t work you drown them and when that doesn’t work you electrocute them I don’t know when the slammin comes in. And when the dust settles all the racist people try to make it a racist issue to justify his barbaric killings. SAD! SO VERY SAD!

  • Baby K says:

    I am glad to know that the people on this forum value animal life more than human life. My comments are not stupid they are my own and any person who calls my comments stupid or any other name needs to check themselves. I say what I say from experience. I do not condone cruelty to animals but I would not put an animals life ahead of human life. I do not denigate what animal advocates do I just said if they are going to prosecute people for dog fighting then do to everyone and not just people who get caught. Get involved everywhere and where it goes on all the time and then when it stops in all those prominent areas then come talk to me. PETA does do good but they need to do better. Peace and Love to all

  • Amanda says:

    i am 15 years old and i am writing a paper for opne of my classes on animal cruelty. and it makes me sick to read some of these comments. Animals should be treated with respect. MV did a terrible thing and i am sure everyone agrees with that. but to saty that some animals dont at al? is sad! animals dont deserve respect? well its sad to see what the world has come to…

  • animal pride says:

    to Tiffany please don’t think that i didn’t realize that you want to put your ‘christian’ foot on our free necks! you are talking out of a special standpoint of some grizzly churches! me i’m a hindu and we respect all forms of life in the same way! this means we don’t put an animal before a human but the two have exactly the same right to a respectful life and a respectful death! and as vaisnavas we never kill an animal! wrongly understood bible messages of selfstyled pastors are a desaster for the entire world mission! and i’m sorry to say this but uneducated oneeyed christians should better shut up if not we should hear the intelligentsia of all the religions because no one has more rights than the other! but please understand what i’m saying we need to hear the intelligentsia not some halfcooked ritzy bigwigs with their hand in the purse! i let you with a good advice read iob isaiah and the ecclesiast if they are not already taken out of the book like tobit judith and the whole socalled apokryphs because they don’t like to hear what’s there inside! so no disrespect for the whole creation and don’t talk ‘asinine’! this is speciesist did you ever have a donkey? so first go to live some time with a donkey and then you shall show some different feelings! nevertheless i’m a big fan of whoopi and as we can see on the next page she didn’t mean it that badly!

  • Anna Kepshire says:

    I too have boycotted the view and sent letters. Her remarks are horrible. The only thing I would like to see on the view is her and vick tortured. I have 4 rescue dogs that were abused and considered special needs and the fact that one of them could have easily been cast aside leaves a pit in my core. I cant believe a dog lover like Barbara Walters didnt boot her on the spot.

  • Sharon Adair says:

    I was saddened by Whoopi’s remarks. I previously thought she was intelligent and funny. She sure lost a fan here no matter what happens next. Her remark about the South was totally ridiculous and I lost any and all respect for her right then. Bye bye Whoopi that’s all for me.

  • sherri says:

    I too can go find old articles about dog fighting busts. However I suppose the difference will be that I don’t care if they are white black purple green or striped or if they live north south east west or on Mars. They all should be prosecuted. I guess I listed too closely to Whoopi since she specifically stated it was the south. bMedia reports since the day Michael Vick was indicted on dogfighting charges show that law enforcement is increasingly cracking down on dogfighters as this list of recent arrests demonstrates. While the welcome new attention on the issue is leading to more police activity these caseswhich broke up just a small fraction of the animal fighting operations still lurking in the shadowsshould be only the beginning. The dogfighting problem in this country is much bigger than Michael Vick and will not go away when his case has been resolved. Dogs bred and exploited for this bloodsport will continue to suffer long after the sports headlines turn to a different topic. These dogfighting busts are a step in the right direction and thousands more dogs will be abused and killed if law enforcement does not maintain its new momentum against this crime. August 20 2007 In Atchison Kan. law enforcement arrested two people and seized 12 dogs. They planned to file dogfighting charges. August 19 2007 Police arrested two teens in Toledo Ohio for dogfighting and seized five dogs. August 17 2007 The authorities seized three dogs as well as drugs ecstasy and crack cocaine and arrested two men in Ford Heights Ill. on dogfighting charges. August 17 2007 Officials raided a home in Mount Vernon N.Y. twice in one week charging two people with dogfightingrelated charges and seizing a dozen dogs in all. August 11 2007 Law enforcement interrupted a dogfight in Detroit Mich. The participants ran off but officials seized three dogs along with a fighting pit and medication commonly given to fighting dogs. August 10 2007 Following up on the raids in N.M. from the previous day officials hit two locations in El Paso Texas and seized approximately 25 dogs. August 10 2007 A man in Greensboro N.C. faced dogfighting charges upon his arrest. The authorities seized 14 live dogs and found a dead dog on the property. August 9 2007 Law enforcement raided two locations in Chaparral N.M. and seized 38 dogs. Officials arrested two men associated with Southwest Kennels. August 8 2007 Police arrested a Beaufort Ga. man for dogfighting. At the scene they found 12 live pit bulls three dead pit bulls a dead raccoon and conditioning equipment of the type often used by dogfighters. August 8 2007 In Fresno Calif. officials arrested five people and seized 11 pit bulls in addition to drugs and firearms. At the scene officials found six graphic videos of dogs fighting. August 8 2007 A drug raid in Buffalo N.Y. turned up ten dogs who authorities believe were being used for fighting. They seized the dogs. August 7 2007 A car crash in Indiana County Pa. led to the discovery of a pit bull in the back seat who had bite marks and other injuries consistent with dogfighting. Official seized the dog and arrested the driver. August 3 2007 The law caught up again with a convicted felon in Portland Ore. during an arrest which netted 11 dogs. The accused dogfighter ran an operation called Dead Game Kennels. August 3 2007 In Indianapolis Ind. officials arrested a man for dogfighting and seized six dogs. August 3 2007 Law enforcement charged a woman in Salem County N.J. with dogfighting after her landlord found a fighting pit and an injured dog in her basement. August 2 2007 Police arrested two men in Austin TX for dogfighting and seized two dogs. August 2007 In the first week of the month officials arrested five people in Saginaw Mich. for dogfighting and seized three dogs. July 30 2007 Officials arrested a man in Rochester N.Y. for dogfighting and seized an injured pit bull. July 30 2007 Authorities raided a dogfighting operation in Tallahassee Fla. They arrested one man and seized 32 dogs. July 27 2007 Police arrested three men in Philadelphia Pa. on dogfighting charges. They seized four dogs. July 27 2007 In Beaufort County S.C. law enforcement arrested a man on animal cruelty charges and are investigating him for dogfighting. Officials found three dead pit bulls in addition to 12 live dogs seized. July 26 2007 Brian Bailey a prominent dogfighter who runs a transport company and has served prison time for dogfighting was arrested with one other person in Burbank Ill. while making a transport run. Officials seized 12 dogs. July 19 2007 Police in Houston Texas arrested one adult and a juvenile on dogfighting charges using a confiscated videotape to identify the suspects. The video showed young children watching the dogfight. July 18 2007 Officials arrested a deputy sheriff in St. Martin’s Parish La. on charges related to dogfighting and seized more than a dozen dogs. July 2007 In the last week of the month police in Fort Pierce Fla. arrested a man and seized 30 dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation.b

  • SATINKA says:


  • Jake B says:

    I am so frustrated by the comments on this page. It is evident that many of you didn’t see the show or have listening problems. Never once did Whoopie say she was defending or excusing what M.Vick did. She talked about the cultural differences in the US. And by the way cultural doesn’t mean only race. It can pertain to location generation and yes race. If I recall correctly she was talking about location and not the color of his skin. Open your eyes people. Race isn’t the only issue. You don’t have to discuss racial issue every time some one other than white speaks. Also if you go to You Tube you can listen to the conversation that took place yesterday on the view. She never said it was acceptable. She referred to this moment being a time for others to realize it is wrong. Learn to listen think and then speak. this is a comment from another blog from someone who listened to the whole thing. just like DMX and drugs and dead dogs. Black people aren’t allowed to have care takers for their animals according to the posts I read. And msn came back with the police reporting that it wasn’t drugs. another post was just waiting to see how long it took for the racists to bring OJ into this thread. Well here it is below folks! I wonder if wkc is just as concerned about the wife of Robert Blake. Even though she wasn’t as pretty the cases are very similar in that 1. both wives had seedy reputations 2. both wives were murdered 3. both husbands were tried and acquitted in criminal court 4. both husbands were found to be liable in civil court 5. OJ is reviled while Robert Blake goes unnoticed Hmmm! The prize goes to the person who can discern the very obvious difference between these two cases.

  • Jake B says:

    I am so frustrated by the comments on this page. It is evident that many of you didn’t see the show or have listening problems. Never once did Whoopie say she was defending or excusing what M.Vick did. She talked about the cultural differences in the US. And by the way cultural doesn’t mean only race. It can pertain to location generation and yes race. If I recall correctly she was talking about location and not the color of his skin. Open your eyes people. Race isn’t the only issue. You don’t have to discuss racial issue every time some one other than white speaks. Also if you go to You Tube you can listen to the conversation that took place yesterday on the view. She never said it was acceptable. She referred to this moment being a time for others to realize it is wrong. Learn to listen think and then speak. this is a comment from another blog from someone who listened to the whole thing. just like DMX and drugs and dead dogs. Black people aren’t allowed to have care takers for their animals according to the posts I read. And msn came back with the police reporting that it wasn’t drugs.

  • Jake B says:

    Busts Rout out Dogfighters in Texas and Florida Click to view image Click to view image Click to view image January 14 2005 Click to view image 2005 Laura BevanHSUS A latenight SWAT team raid in Marion Texas on January 8 has resulted in the state’s largest dogfighting bust in the last decade. Acting on information provided by The HSUS’s Southwest Regional Office SWRO Bexar County Sheriff’s department investigators SWAT agents and representatives of the SPCA of Texas seized 90 pit bull dogs and arrested five men on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. Click to view image Busts Rout out Dogfighters in Texas and Florida Click to view image Click to view image Click to view image January 14 2005 Click to view image 2005 Laura BevanHSUS A latenight SWAT team raid in Marion Texas on January 8 has resulted in the state’s largest dogfighting bust in the last decade. Acting on information provided by The HSUS’s Southwest Regional Office SWRO Bexar County Sheriff’s department investigators SWAT agents and representatives of the SPCA of Texas seized 90 pit bull dogs and arrested five men on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. Authorities raided the property of Brian Bailey about 25 miles northeast of San Antonio after SWRO staff alerted them to a suspected dogfighting ring. The HSUS monitors intelligence that indicates animal fighting activities. Thanks to that vigilance HSUS staff were able to tip law enforcement off about the planned Saturdaynight fight. Bailey and his son Brad Bailey were charged with felony animal cruelty and dogfighting a Class A misdemeanor in the state. Three other men were also arrested on felony charges and authorities issued 20 citations to others for being spectators at a dogfight. SWRO Coordinator Jay Sabatucci who teaches a class to police officers on how to combat animal fighting noted that the sheriff’s office “really stepped up to the plate on this one.” He explained that the raid was a good example of how law enforcement can make a bigger dent in crime by pursuing suspected animal fighters. “We’re making them understand that it’s a crime issue” he said noting that dogfighters are often charged with other illegal activities such as gambling drug sales and weapons possession. “This is a great way for them to get criminals.” Animals seized in the raid are being held at an undisclosed location until a judge decides their fate. Many of the dogs were undernourished and lacked veterinary care Sabatucci said. Because the animals were bred and trained to be vicious he believes many of them will have to be euthanized. “It’s a great tragedy because it’s the only way to guarantee that they won’t die in the pit” he explained. When the dogs are not fighting “their whole life is being chained to a stake in an eightfoot circle of dirt. Their only future is to be in that pit.” Another dogfighting bust in Gadsden County Florida on December 30 took advantage of a state law that permits investigators to make arrests based on the possession of dogfighting implements. During a drug investigation at a property near Quincy Gadsden authorities discovered a bloodied fighting pit dogfight training tools veterinary medical supplies and 19 dogs most of whom carried scars from fighting. William Randall the owner of the property was charged with 19 counts of using animals for fighting and 19 counts of animal cruelty. If convicted he could face up to five years in prison. Dog Fighting Kingpin Toppled in Louisiana Raid Click to view image Click to view image Click to view image March 23 2005 Click to view image 2005 HSUS He’s been called the “Godfather of dog fighting” the “dog fighting don” and even the “Babe Ruth of dog fighting.” Since March 9 Floyd Boudreaux is being called something else an accused felon. On that day Louisiana State Police arrested Boudreaux one of the most infamous dog fighters and breeders in the United States along with his son Guy. The arrests which sent shock waves through the dog fighting world were the culmination of a threemonth effort by state and federal law enforcement agents The Humane Society of the United States and the Louisiana SPCA. httpwww.riospitbull.comn it’s the culture and if you look further at these people on the website they are white in the south and the guy is holding a big pitbull. so it didn’t start with MV and the reactions of “he should be tied to a rape post he murdered those dogs and should spend the rest of his life in jail are pathetic due to the silence of the real perpectrators. I don’t like dog fighting one bit but the reaction is overboard. Just like the other couple who neglected the Katrina animals. How many years did they get? and yes it is a couple of years ago but I have found 2007 pics of white people abusing their animals. one even took a puppy rubbed it down with oil and gave it to his snake to eat in front of two boys. he said it was the same as feeding a rat or rabbit to the snake.

  • Tiffany says:

    To all my fellow vegans who are highly judgemental and have the audacity to compare slavery white supremacy and dog fighting please just STOP! Again there is NO comparison to the value of a human life vs. an animal’s life. For anyone to try and make such an asinine connection you are not trying to think about this rationally or how to work towards a resolution. Who would’ve thought a debate about dogfighting would warrant the vitrolic commentary that people have been spewing at Whoopi Goldberg or any other person with a rational brain their head. I am an african american woman vegan vegetarian and proud NON PETA member! for 15+ years…and I am patently offended by all of the horrible and racist commentary being knocked about in this forum. I mean c’mon how do you get from Whoopi’s comments to not voting for Obama because he is black and voting for Hillary because she is white just to spite Whoopi for pointing out a different point of view? HUH?? And to those “southerners” who feel they deserve an apology because of some perceived cultural myopia on Whoopi’s part I challenge all of you to drive to the remotest areas of your states and just do a simple listening tour of what “cultural dynamics” are played out outside of the glare of the media and metropolitan areas. I am convinced that you will find a very different south compared to the metro areas in which you were raised. Having been born and raised in the north Phildelphia spending countless summers of my formative years in the South e.g. metro Atlanta and Tuscaloosa AL to having attended college in the rural parts of northern N.E. I have been fortunate and blessed to see and understand a lot walks of life. Until you have been able to assess and understand people where they are coming from you really are not in a position to judge. Finally at the risk of vilifiying another of my football idols who is african american and also has had an embattled past on and off the field here is an excerpt of an article I read today on Terrell Owens WR Dallas Cowboys HAS been where Michael Vick has been he is corroborating that dog fighting as well as hunting was a part of his “cultural lexicon.” T.O. attended ‘cultural’ dog fights Posted Thursday September 06 2007 0838AM ET Terrell Owens said he saw some dog fights growing up in Alabama. In a recent radio interview with Jim Gray Owens said he witnessed his uncle fighting dogs and said it is part of a culture. Owens who said he loves animals said people need to put dog fighting in perspective. “When I mentioned cultural thing it’s just like when people go out and they hunt deer” he said. “I don’t condone Michael Vick’s actions with the dog fighting” Owens said. “I’ve been exposed to it and it’s something that’s very unfortunate for Mike. I think he’ll learn from this situation and move on from it.” The Bible says that “we suffer for what we don’t know.” Now more of you do know and should learn more before you cast more stones! What a country we live in where we are all guilty until proven innocent at least that is what I am extrapolating is the PETA form of justice. SAD! SO VERY SAD!

  • Jello says:

    While I don’t always agree with PETA’s views this issue hits home with many people on the left or right who are dog owners. The thought of my dog being taken away as bait for some sort of twisted dog training makes me sick. I find it ironic that Whoopi who was brought in by ABC as the voice of the left would start off pissing more liberals off than Limbaugh on a good day. I believe this shows a racial divide that exists strongly on both sides of the aisle. Would she have said the same things if a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees type would have done the same thing. No absolutely not. Also the letter from PETA is not as strongly worded as it could have been but I applaud PETA for sending it. As I said I don’t always agree with PETA positions but sending that letter shows integrity and lacks the hypocrisy usually exhibited by the left.

  • Ana says:

    To all the PETA and animal haters Well I have a life just like many PETA members and animal advocates do also. If you don’t like our advocacy of animals then go away. If you are angry about the war go talk to Bush if you are worried about any human angst caused by HUMANS then do something about it!!! You are wasting time writing in this ANIMAL RIGHTS blogforum. Animal advocates do just that advocate! You don’t like it go to a human rights blog and vent all of your phony concern for people. You write STUPID comments in an effort to denigrate animal advocates and all of the work they do to help the other animals and claim you care so much for humans. You care so much that you can’t wait to insult animal advocates because they are compassionate. You don’t like humane advocacy for animals too bad but don’t insult us here. THIS IS AN ANIMAL RIGHTS BLOG. I hate the war but I don’t post that here I meet with my representatives to express my views. That ‘s the intelligent thing to do. It also was part of ALL cultures to keep women in a subservient position and with no rights. Want to bring back that cultural tidbit???

  • sherri says:

    PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Just for those who do not understand that this is not a blog for the Iraq war antiabortion etc. People have a choice as to what they wish to do regarding the Whoopi remark even if that is to do nothing and you do not have to like it but who cares if you don’t like it? I just love how so many people assume they know how everyone here feels about other issues not involving animals.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you Ms Goldberg for explaining that dog fighting isn’t all that bad. Normal in some parts of the South? Where? This is the USA it is illegal in addition to atrocious sick. The accused has an education a lawyer managers agents contracts $100 million indosementsKNOWS BETTER.

  • Anna says:

    I just cannot believe what Whoopi said. Didn’t expect it and certainly didn’t agree with it. She’s entitled to her opinions but she needs to get her facts straight. We southern people do NOT believe in fighting dogs. How outrageous and inexcusable trying to make people believe it’s ok. Totally idiotic!!

  • Keely VanDuzee says:

    Iam not shocked. Alot of people look at animals as they’re there for our pleasure. Not as living breathing and feeling little and big earthlings. We are all earthlings and until we all stop hurting and enslaving humans then there will be no hope for our furry freinds. We need to make our own Peta TV channel. I beleive thats the only way we will educate!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH EARTHLINGS !!!!!!!!! Whoopi you better hope you don’t come back as a pitbull in your next life HA HA!!!!

  • Baby K says:

    I find it so funny that all the people who have commented on this issue say they wont watch the show or they wont watch abc again. what do you really think that is going to do. I totally agree with what Tiffany and Bill Cambell have posted. Until PETA takes all issues instead of the ones that are in the spotlight for now I have no respect. There are men and women dying in Iraq for a war that should have never been started and children dying at the hands of parents and caretakers and you mean to tell me that dog fighting is more important. Give me a break. Wake up people your priorities are all screwed up!

  • Stephanie says:

    I am disgusted that Whoopi would condone dogfighting and then backpeddle her way out of it. She needs to be thrown off the show and Vick needs to be banned from ever playing foot ball again.

  • Baby K says:

    First off let me say I do not condone dog fighting or cruelty to any animals at all. But I just feel that if everyone is so upset by what Michael Vick did then everyone should go to every city where dog fighting goes on and get rid of it from everywhere. Just because he got caught does not mean dog fighting will not end. In some cities it goes on all the time and will not end. I personally have witnessed it and it was horrendous. If you want to stop it then stop it everwhere and don’t just make it a big thing because he is a celebrity and got caught. I feel that peta is good organization and does good things but the organization should go after everyone not just celebrities. I know I am going to get alot of flack for this posting but that is the way I feel. So in a way I understand where Whoopi’s comments were coming from.

  • shaeon says:

    kick whoopi off the view she is so sick to defend vick. people should protest abc.