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Whoopi Apologizes

Written by PETA | September 5, 2007

Well, that was quick! Here’s what she said on The View this morning:

“Let me really just reiterate this for everybody: I was not condoning nor was I saying I thought Michael Vick did anything right—I did not say that I thought he was good in what he did. … I watched the show on another network that is a sports show, and what I saw made me take a minute to think about what happened with this kid, because they were talking about the culture of dogfighting, and so I thought to myself—well, if you’re raised in it, that may be a reason why you’re acting the way you have been acting. So I went on to pose this as a discussion, and somehow—I don’t know how this happened, if you read the papers today—I’m eating dogs, I’m swinging them by their tail. … I love my animals. I have cats. I’ve adopted cats from various shelters, but I also believe that if there’s a problem out there that we can address by checking out where it stems from, that we need to take a look at this in this high-profile area so we can mark it for the future. That was my point, and I’m very, very sorry—PETA and I are very close and we’ve talked about it a lot.

Thanks for clearing that up, Whoopi, and keep up the great work. Your fans appreciate it.

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  • dawn says:

    she is a fool and always was. don’t like her movies…don’t like her…she has all the charisma of a lettuce. she should be fired before she comes out with any more brainless comments

  • Ann Clarke says:

    A MISTAKE? How many times should a person get forgiven for making the same mistake in 7+ years? On purpose. Michael started dog fighting operations in his parents’ garage while he was in his teens. His father begged him to stop and told him it was wrong. So much for Whoopi’s Theory of Culture.

  • Joan M. says:

    I was appalled when I read Whoopi Goldbergs comments yesterday but she has been gracious and thoughtful in her apology. I think its impossible for Ms. Goldberg to tailor an apology that will please everyone who was offended by her remarks. I was very angry that she used the Southern environment as if it were a legitimate point for Vicks unconscionable actions. In the calmer light of today I understand what she was attempting to say and I think her detachment when commenting on Vicks actions was nothing more than a person who thought she was having a discussion rather than someone who was holding Vick up for vindication because of his wonder years. She has apologized and this Southerner appreciates her timely and tactful apology. Thank you Whoopi!

  • alisa says:

    Cultural thing my ass!!! Just another poor attempt to excuse that piece of shit for what he’s done. Regardless of what the southern culture is when it comes to dog fighting its no secret that it is illegal. You cant excuse a felony with mere attempt to call it your “culture”.

  • janet godkin says:

    I wrote both “The View” “ABC” today regarding Whoopi’s comments on Vick. Whoopi gets a slap on the wrist from PETA AND THEN downplays her comments on The View today saw the video not the show which just makes me even angrier!! Furthermore not one Entertainment Talk show commented on Whoopi’s socalled “debut” today Sept 5th! Not even one! An ABC spokesperson even claimed to the NY Daily News this morning that they did not get “one single complaint.” Bullsht!! Over 300 angry posts lined ABC’s weblog yesterday 200 today! Talk about censorship protecting your pals in Hollyweird! No one wants to hear about Paris Hilton’s drinking binges anymore let Anna Nicole rest in peace already we’re sick tired of OJ’s mugshot on TV. Let’s see someone challenge Whoopi on why she thought it wise to start her new job defending a quack like Vick!

  • Aria says:

    Yeah yeah Whoopi you sound SOOOOOO sorry. In fact you sound only concerned for the condemnation that your comments have received and the effect that those comments are having on your public image. Let’s have a Real APOLOGY with some sincerity in it.

  • Christopher H. says:

    Whoopi did not condone Vick’s actions at all…she simply pointed out that it was a cultural thing no matter how much you want to deny it it IS a cultural thing and that that is where the problem lies and that is where we need to attack this stuff…at the roots. We should all be happy that dog fighting is out in the open now as an abhorrent act. If nothing else comes of Vick’s conviction of this horrendous crime than a huge wake up call for the concentrated cultures in the south and midwest that think dog fighting is okay than this whole mess was a productive thing. I love Whoopi and know that her comments were not “prodog fighting”… If we respond to her insightful comments in such a hasty way screaming for a pound of flesh at our supporters…soon we will have no supporters for animal rights at all and become the crazed radical lunatics that many people believe PETA to be Penn and Teller anyone?. We need to rise above this angry vile lynchlike behavior…if we behave like the vengeful mob in the Frankenstein tale than we are not at all behaving in the “kind compassionate and crueltyfree” way that we claim to espouse. We need to be compassionate and understanding and thoughtful and forgiving…only through this behavior will we show what PETA is really all about. Let’s show some maturity and be kind to all animals…including humans. Let’s think before we scream eh?

  • Louise Ables says:

    I will never watch The View again. I cannot believe the comments Whoopi made….it probably doesn’t matter to her whether we watch her TV show or movies again but I’m just telling you she is so ‘OVER” as far as we’re concerned. She makes me absolutely sick.

  • Anne says:

    I also think she owes an apology to the South. We are one of the few groups left it is still PC to show bigotry against. I have lived in the Carolinas my entire life and have never been aware of anyone I know participating in dog fighting. The people I know who have dogs love them and consider them a part of the family. I am sick of ignorant people from other parts of the country perpetuating these ridiculous stereotypes.

  • VestaGirl says:

    Yes I think Laura Daltry is right. You know I hear that child prostitution is “cultural” in many places. And illegal drug use. And gang violence. And female genocide. And genital mutilation. And theft. And murder. And any kind of corruption. Hell any kind of crime can be deemed “cultural”. So yeah let’s just turn a blind eye to everything that’s criminal or I mean anything deemed “cultural” by the likes of Whoopi G. Where will that get us? Anarchy. Shame on her and her lame lame apology. Such ignorance.

  • LAURA DALTRY says:

    I sent ABC News a suggestion that they have Whoopi cool hip Whoopi host an hourlong “NEWS REPORT” on why it was and is great for Southern White Supremacists to lynch and torture black people and bomb black churches and kill black children because it’s their “culture.” She said it for one cynical reason a clear message to all the racist bitter black people that she’s right with them on the side of every black no matter how heinous their acts. Don’t be fooled her statement was for black “street cred” nothing else. Her “apology” is total b.s. exfan of Whoopi.

  • success says:

    First of all It is really sad that you people have wasted time on this issue. Michael Vick made a mistake…now how many of you all have made a mistake and has NEVER been caught? I am sure most of you PETA supporters and PETA itself have done wrong. You guys are judging other people but should cast the stone on yourself. I am not in support of hurting animals and I do think that people should be more considerate but to disband judge use racial slurs and degrading people is not the way to do it. In the south and anywhere else they are killing animals by dog fighting evreyday. You all just found peace in getting a celeb. There are a lot of underground operations that you do not know about. I suggest you get your funds together rent a truck and go scouting. If you think that you can end this because of one person you all are sadly mistaken. What about deers rabbits squirrels chickens ducks horses pigs…are you all activist for them? Do you find it easy in your heart to know that they are slawdered too? Humm you are probably thinking that it is ok cause its a source of food. But you are wrong they are God’s creatures too. Get a grip people…you are being judge too.

  • Kealey says:

    I adore Whoopie. I’m really glad she explained her comments. Please don’t crucify her for her thoughts at least she is keeping the subject very much in the face of the American public where it needs to be!

  • erika says:

    I wrote to the view stating the exact same thing as Peter did. Imus lost his job for bad taste comments about black women. I wonder if that team was white and he called them blonde bimbos would any action have been taken.

  • Ruth Kurth says:

    Dear PETA Whoopi’s comments are too little and too late. She was just using this topic to promote herself on the view to get very much exposure. She knew what she was doing and she DID NOT apologize for what she really said “that dogfighting is a part of southern culture” and therefore it should be excused. I would demand much more from a star of her calibre. I will never watch “the View” again until she is no longer a part of it.

  • andie says:

    well then i was never a fan anyway so that clears up my prob IM GOIN VEGAN AND I DONT APRECIATE THAT!!!!!

  • Mitch says:

    I never took Whoopi’s comments as an indication that she was defending Vick’s actions. I took it as an analysis of part of what would encourage Vick to engage in this illegal activity. I think this one was blown out of proportion a little. I also think Michelle Cho president of PETA need not combat Whoopi about stereotyping when she does the same thing with her comment “…and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast.” It’s alright to point out culturally how a breakfast meal may vary from region to region but not ok to point out more controversial incidents that actually do in some measures draw from the cultural influence where they occur? If Whoopi has reword part of her statements so does Ms. Cho!

  • carolyn says:

    apology not accepted keep your big mouth closed next time

  • Suzy says:

    JayThank you for standing up for Whoopi and shame on all of you who actually believed she was defending Michael Vick. Let’s recognize there is a problem with dog fighting and fix it. I am sure there was no implied insult to people who live in the south but rather to imply we should be aware of some cultural practices that should be corrected reguardless of the geographical location.

  • tspoon says:

    Thanks for the clarification Whoopi. I got her point when I first heard the comment on the View. I think people are losing the real battle for change by becoming too opinionated and judgmental. She stated a cold fact a truth. Someone has to say it and everyone else has to listen that is the responsibility. You have one mouth and two ears so maybe you should listen twice as much as you speak.

  • Tee says:

    Whoopi’s the one who defended buying her mom an ermine coat she eats meat wears leather breeds miniature horses defends her right to exploit animals in socalled women’s magazines. What’s up with “Peta and I talk..” ?? I’d like to hear from folks at my beloved PETA that this is true. Or was Whoopi just using PETA’s name rep.??

  • Lynda says:

    Ms. Cho should have as much respect for the rights of free speech as she does for animale rights. It was good of Whoopie to make an explanation since none should have been required. She gave an observation …. and since when does she not have the right to do so?

  • Eileen says:

    I was shocked by what Whoopi GOldberg said in defending Michael Vicks actions. I don’t care where you were raised you know that it is not appropriate to fight and torture animals. Dog fighting is barbaric! She is disgusting!

  • Christina de los Santos says:

    Whoopie needs to be responsible for what she says. I’m sorry but I don’t give a damn whether this guy Michael Vick had an upbringing where he was exposed to dog fighting or notNO ONE SHOULD EVER ABUSE ANIMALS! NO MATTER WHAT! Her statement to me makes it sound like Whoopie is making excuses for him or trying to bring about some public sympathy. No Way! Here was an extremely gifted and wealthy guy who is obviously scum and should be made an example out of.

  • Debbi says:

    In response to a post by Jay at 210 PM Sept. 5 2007. Right off the bat you must be an animal abuser or dogfighter with these awful and stupid comments! Believe me MANY people are trying to get animal abuse cruelty and especially dogfighting stopped! This is our main goal. These are the most beloved animals and will give it’s owner nothing but total unconditional love! I agree with ONE thing you said though and that is we should go after Cockfighting too! Correct we do! All fighting and all abuse and cruelty to animals is what it’s all about! Let me educate you … Dogfighting IS A FELONY! Got that? So it IS a big deal and I will keep sending money to the funds for rewards for people to keep turning these jerks in who dogfight! Let me educate you again … I was born and lived all my life in the North! I now live in the South! Dogfighting is out of hand everywhere! This is NOT just in the South you jerk! And Michael Vick has pleaded guilty to dogfighting which is the Felony! Gambling is in there of course as he bought all the property dogs paid for the purses etc… with his NFL money! So you are right it’s both of those and much much more. Please read the 19 page and see what else he did unlawfully! He is a low life scum! He is very lucky he had high priced lawyers to keep from going to prison for 5 years or maybe even 20 years under the RICO charges he could have been charged with. Therefore Whoopi needed to have not even made that comment and once she saw it was not good … then she made her apology! It’s not up to you to stick up for her! She can handle it herself. And did so! No one especially on TV should say to commit a FELONY is OK … as it is NOT! More and more are going to be going down on this charge too as they won’t have all the money Vick did. Plus don’t forget Vick has to turn some people in under his plea agreement! And one MORE thing I need to educate you about is HUNTING which is totally LEGAL with a hunting license! That is the BIG difference you are too stupid to think about. They regulate that there are huge fines punishment and a lifetime ban on hunting if you don’t follow ALL the rules. I have never known one person who legally went hunting to not bring it home immediately to have it processed and they eat it andor donate it to shelters where people are hungry! BIG difference! This is not just a “blood sport” to watch poor innocent dogs HAVE to tear each other apart for hours on end! That is a sickening gruesome fact! One legal shot from a gun while during the ONE week of deer hunting or whatever season and animal … is not illegal and this is the HUGE difference. I hope you may have learned a little from what I have attempted to sink into your pea brain! DOGFIGHTING is a FELONY and IS ILLEGAL! Period! Once you learn the facts then maybe make a more intellectual comment. You showed how ignorant you are and that you condone abusive behavior against animals and are racial against Southerners! you need to grow up as Michael said he needs to do! Ha! Right he is 26 years old and is STILL immature? Not for all the years from 2001 to 2007 in which he got busted. He knew exactly what he was hiding and lying about he is just sick to want to watch that as he surely didn’t need the money. I hope he never plays football again and that our VA. judge will charge him on more State charges too! And maybe you should visit all sites including and the and see how hard we all fight and write to try to get backing from our legislators to try to make more humane changes in the law for the good of ALL animals besides sending money to fight this also. You sure are not educated in anyway to have made these stupid WRONG comments.

  • Les Paul says:

    First off I want to say that Michelle Cho PETA is full of themselves. They constantly grandstand on this issue. Hum I just saw where theyre cracking down on dog fighting but no PETA supporters. See this is a bunch of bullshit. Thats right I said it. Someone needs to address this. You only jumped on the bandwagon because he was young black rich famous and stupid. Stupid thinking he had friends till the chips were down then he truely saw who his friends were. I knew your “clan” was full of bullshit when you marched in front of the Falcons training camp after he was told not to join the team. Again grandstanding. No one threatened you with a law suit but when a black prominent person speaks up you throw a law suit at them… hum more grandstanding. Yes im also throwing the race card in there too because its true. America is scared to admit this is racial profiling. Yes we dont condone the treatment of the animals the sport of dog fighting but you had bigger fish to fry. I hope he does NO TIME and tells you to kiss his black ass!!!!!!!!!! This situation did not warrant the major publicity it received but to bring prominent black folk down for a killing of a dog. He never killed a person wasnt caught drunk driving and crashed his vehicle yet those “white” celebrities are glamorized have cameras on them as they exit jail yet a young black man kills dogs and will do 18 months in jail yet you pounce on him and anybody who stands up for him. Well pounce on me. Im standing up for him in the fact that his skin is the same color as mine and is being treated unfairly throughout America where other so called prominent black a Americans are scared to say what they truly feel. Well im a very poor black American so not worried about Mr Cho suing me. For what even? Because im expressing my views. Tough titty. Yes im very upset at this organization Micheal Cho. If you didnt only stop here I could live wthis but there arent anymore “pep rallies” to get these crazy people on TV. You need to fair about what youre doing. Yes what he did was wrong. Dog fighting should be abolished. I dont condone the act of killing dogs because theyre not the top dog so to speak but my beef is wthe organization marching when its not necessary at the Training camp suing Whoopi Goldberg to to get this meaningless organization intentioned. Ms Goldberg is an American who was born here as were her ancestors. We can voice our opinion but Mr Cho is trying to take that away and im speaking up and out. Hell I never heard of your organization until Micheal Vick make a stupid mistake. Seems like you owe him. Now youre in the spot lite. Sit down Cho this is America. No one condones his actions and its repeated over and over but his story didnt need as much attention as it got. Whatever happened to the referee who was caught cheating on games….seems like it went under the radar. You should have marched there since you like grandstanding. Lp…….

  • RJM says:

    I would like to know if you have a email address for Disney and ABC. I’m unable to find either. Please advise thank you

  • janet godkin says:

    Whoopi you’re right you were not saying that what M Vick did was right but you were implying “he must not have known it was wrong because of his cultural Southern upbringing!” Vick is not even from the “deep South for starters!” You go on in your apology to say “I watched the show … that is a sports show….what I saw made me take a minute to think about what happened with this kid …the culture of dogfighting and so I thought to myselfwell if you’re raised in it that may be a reason why you’re acting the way you have been acting.” You took a minute? “One minute” to comment on a very prickly issue that has raked the nerves of a civilzed pet loving nation? Only one minute? Then you say you “went on to pose this as a discussion and somehowI don’t know how this happened.” Are you serious Whoopi? Think before you speak and next time take more than a minute!

  • Brock White says:

    Whoopi you are a menace. Saying this is a problem in the south really? I’ve lived in the south for over 50 years and no one I have ever known has ever mentioned this cruel act or condones it. Let’s talk about your beloved big northern cities guess what they are not above reproach either. I used to love you now I ignore you and the show.

  • terry says:

    I heard Whoopie Goldberg’s statement pertaining to the Michael Vick accusation and ultimate guilty plea for dogfighting among other things. In no way did I find her comments to be in defense of Vick she was merely pointing out that many situations have root problems as opposed to what we see on the surface.Because she wasn’t screaming for a pound of flesh from Vick dosen’t mean she condones his actions.Besides anyone who can gain any amount of pleasure from this cruel and heartless act albeitfor entertainment financial gain or for sport must have some deep seeded problems in there hearts and minds.Just in the public eye Whoopie does alot for human and animal kind alike and there’s no telling what she does privately. So don’t be so quick to Judge because that makes you no better than the ones you so hastily condem.

  • Misty says:

    Its not enough. She is only apologizing now because things started to get hot!! You can not take back the things you say on TV. Think before you speak. Yes I WAS a fan to. Now however…

  • terry says:

    I heard Whoopie Goldberg’s statement pertaining to the Michael Vick accusation and ultimate guilty plea for dogfighting among other things. In no way did I find her comments to in defense of Vick she was merely pointing out that many situations have root problems as opposed to what we see on the surface.Because she wasn’t screaming for a pound of flesh from Vick dosen’t mean she condones his actions.Besides anyone who can gain any amount of pleasure albeit entertainment financial gain or for sport must have some deep seeded problems in there heart and mind.Just in Whoopie’s public eye she does alot for human and animal kind alike and there’s no telling what she does privately. So don’t be so quick to Judge because that makes you no better than the ones you so hastily condem.

  • Cindy Black says:

    I am not a pet owner and I have nothing against them but I wish that we had a group like “PETA” in america that would protest the rights of unborn babies who are being killed and slaughtered like animals in the name of having an “Abortion”. Some have killed not 1 or 2 but 3 or more babies all because they were ashamed or mere selfish in wanting to bring an innocent child into the world. Why not go after the doctors who are making big bucks on taking an innocent life. Any women who have killed their unborn child and is mad at Michael Vick I put you both in the same category. One has murdered anminals and One has murdered babies. So if the shoe fit wear it. Peace…..

  • Sharon says:

    I’m just tired of hearing everyone make excuses for Michael Vick. The NAACP will stand behind anyone that is African American regardless of what they do. It just seems like a lot of famous African Americans are standing behind him. Maybe people in the African American culture don’t see anything wrong with torturing innocent dogs but most people do. So let’s not put this on Southern Culture. I am Southern and I believe Hell has a special place for people who mistreat animals. If Whoopie wants to blame a culture for Michael Vick’s actions maybe she should look at her own.

  • Amy Bitting says:

    I agree too late Whoppi. You should have stated how wrong dog fighting is and calling it a sport is no excuse. I don’t believe in killing any animal but dogs and cats are companion animals in this country and this is not accepted. I’m so tired of hearing people say “well in this country they eat dogs in this country cock fighting is acceptable in that country they eat cats”. Guess what people in the USA none of this is acceptable here!!

  • sipboy says:

    I think this is a bunch of you know what.The only reason anything she said is such a big deal is because he is michael vick. I not saying what he did was right but at the same time you have people every year shoting and killing animails for sport but i guess thats ok cause those animals are wild.If your going to act all a wow about this problem let see how many of you will be out there on a pickett line while hunting season is goning on.

  • Canaduck says:

    Well said sherri. She needs to apologize to the south too. If I were from there I’d be seriously insulted. I still think it’s good that she apologized though.

  • Herbert says:


  • Erica says:

    I think everyone in America appreciates this apology. Thank you PETA for everything you do!

  • sherri says:

    It’s all well and good that she straighted out the fact that she is not defending Michael Vick but I think she needs to apologize to the people she actually insulted.

  • Jay says:

    I think this is really ashame!!!! Whoopi has given one of the most politically correct responses to this Mike Vick situation I have ever heard And PETA Prez sends her a rebuttal? Why doesnt any one go after cock fighting in PR like Whoopi said? Or people eating cats and dogs in china like Whoopi said? Honestly? Why would you attack a persons opinion when she gave such pure fact!!! Working people in the south don’t appreciate that? Who cares!!! Its a fact that dog fighting is all over and especially in the south!!!! Comics even made jokes about people making animals fight in the past even before Mike Vick. Mike Epps just did it about a year ago on his stand up special on HBO!!! This is pure crap and it’s so sad how we have be come such a sensitive country now you can’t even state your opinion with out issuing an apology!!! That sucks!!! PETA also needs to realize that the gov’t isn’t going after Vick because of the dogs and dog fighting is not just illegal for the sake of the animals but for the pure fact of gambling!!! Thats it!!!! You guys really need to leave Whoppi alone for this one. And what about hunting animal for sportgame? Killing an innocent animal just for fun? Why isn’t the media attacking that?

  • Mary Tropeano says:

    Whoopi needs to think before she opens her mouth. Evil is evil regardless of where you’re from. Stop looking for excuses for what Michael Vick did! It’s revolting.

  • Stephen Wagner says:

    And she gets off the hook that easily. Why because she is black and they are hands off even when they are wrong? She should get the IMUS treatment! Anything less is racial prejudice!

  • Peter says:

    I am glad that Whoopi apologized however it is difficult to believe that she did not think through her comments before the show.

  • Tena Faruque says:

    Well I’m sorry but nowhere in this apology do I see any mention of the derogatory statement about the south and southerners and our culture.

  • kelly says:

    Thank You Whoopi! and thank you for caring and clearing it up I just wish that more celebs could get involved in trying to educate our society about things like dog fighting that NO child should witness.

  • animalfriend says:

    whoopi i still love you and your photography still stands in my library! i knew that you didn’t mean it like that!!!

  • Desiree says:

    I agree with Whoopi. We should address it from the roots get to the source of the problem and educate these kids that grow up in that environment where they think these types of things are normal and are ok. Once they are accustomed to that way of life it’s hardier to change thier viewpoints. Michael Vick is only sorry that he got caught he’s not sorry for what he did!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Too late Whoopi. You have lost a great fan. Judith

  • carole stroupe says:

    she said nothing to the millions of people in the South that she insulted yesterday in her comments. actually i think her comments were on the lame side.