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Whoopi Apologizes

Written by PETA | September 5, 2007

Well, that was quick! Here’s what she said on The View this morning:

“Let me really just reiterate this for everybody: I was not condoning nor was I saying I thought Michael Vick did anything right—I did not say that I thought he was good in what he did. … I watched the show on another network that is a sports show, and what I saw made me take a minute to think about what happened with this kid, because they were talking about the culture of dogfighting, and so I thought to myself—well, if you’re raised in it, that may be a reason why you’re acting the way you have been acting. So I went on to pose this as a discussion, and somehow—I don’t know how this happened, if you read the papers today—I’m eating dogs, I’m swinging them by their tail. … I love my animals. I have cats. I’ve adopted cats from various shelters, but I also believe that if there’s a problem out there that we can address by checking out where it stems from, that we need to take a look at this in this high-profile area so we can mark it for the future. That was my point, and I’m very, very sorry—PETA and I are very close and we’ve talked about it a lot.

Thanks for clearing that up, Whoopi, and keep up the great work. Your fans appreciate it.

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  • kim says:

    oh come on people! get over it she expained her self if your still mad get a LIFE

  • Bud Lynch says:

    Being from a family that comes from the Republic of Ireland I was deeply insulted by Whoopi’s comments. It’s not the Irish who are big into fighting dog….it’s another minority group here in the US. To me it is an obvious case of reverse discrimination on Whoopi’s part. She saw a black man under fire and instinctively she tried to defend or minimize his actions appalling as they were. Nauseating….but sadly par for the course. I think they should toss Whoppi in with what remains of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs let them have their way with her.

  • Tracy Dixon says:

    Anyone who can fight animals and tolerate the abuse towards animals has no feelings or heart. Instead of giving him time or probation why not throw him in a ring with about 20 pitbulls and see how he feels when they get done with him that may sound cruel but from what I read I cried for those dogs and for the people who are heartless as him they deserve punishment beyond my control.

  • Mitzi says:

    Instead of attacking those who voice their view point I thought our organization was meant to protect our animals. Go after the ones who actually have dog and Cockfighting..also go to Chinatown in your area and see the beautiful birds and turtles for sale as food..then cast you stones. That is what she was trying to tell us all and by the way I also find bullfighting fight our fight fair and stop going after people prior to knowing the facts

  • phil auerbach says:

    for the love of God please get some protestors out there to reveal the heartless comments she made. She was a sham. No apology was made. She ought to watch the clips again and pretend they were her precious cats that were slaughtered. What has she ever done to help PETA? or any other animal rights organization? She is a disgrace and should be protested out of that studio until she makes it clear that she did not think before she spoke. This was an abominable act that she sanctioned with her philosophy and it hurt this cause greatly. Dont let her off the hook with polite letters

  • Sheryl says:

    I knew Whoopi was not an animal lover because on a previous show she talked about how she bought a family member a new MINK COAT! Thats sick and I know she is only apologizing to cover her butt. She does not mean it. The view has lost a viewer.

  • Julie says:

    Just like Whoopie. An empty apology. I love my animals and then she talks about cats. Maybe she is a dog hater. I won’t waste my time trying to dissect her words. she apparently didn’t waste any time either when she spit the venom at the South. So go on Whoopie you research this huh? Get out there and find out what made that poor boy Michael Vick watch in excitement as he hung dogs then watched them struggle. And the darned things wouldn’t die so the executioner orders drowing them. You take the time to find out why he did that. And get back to us okay? Maybe you’ll find the answer on the golf course with OJ.

  • Amanda says:

    Why is the View still on TV is anyone still watching it? It seems to be getting worse by the day and I don’t know why it is allowed to continue.

  • April says:

    I heard what she said on the View and I didn’t feel that she was defending Vick. She was simply saying that there is a culture out there where dogs are not viewed as intelligent feeling creatures. It’s no different than cock fighting or bull fighting cultures around the world. People need to stop and think before reacting. We don’t all live the same experiences and don’t all feel the same about issues. I think that is a huge flaw the AR movement fails to addressunderstand! I totally disagree with what Vick did but I have to beg the question is he getting all of this spotlight because he’s black? Until the AR movement stops coming at every issue from a white perspective it will never understand that we are not all viewing the world in the same way.

  • sherri says:

    Anonymous it might be in YOUR nature but it’s not in mine to abuse animals. You also have no idea as to how everyone posting here feels on issues that are not related to animals so stop speaking for me and others. Oh you will now treat me as inferior so boo hoo I guess I will have to go cry now. Jackass. Yes I put animal life above Michael Vick because in my opinion someone such as he is lower than shit. Now just what can you do about it? Oh that’s right the “inferior” thing. You have no idea how I or others here feel about any other human being. It’s obvious you have not read over the comments in this nor other postings. By the way this is the PETA blog. You may want to learn how to use that little thing called a mouse and use it to direct yourself to blogs that support your cause and if I ever meet Vick in person he will get more than a kicking.