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Who’ll Be Next to Snub Cruel Aussie Wool?

Written by PETA | August 4, 2009
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Next! The British fashion giant Next, that is. The mega-retailer has announced that because the nefarious Australian wool industry has reneged on its promise to ban the mulesing mutilation (which involves hacking hunks of flesh off lambs’ backsides) by 2010, Next will now only “source wool from outside Australia or from Australian sources which guarantee that mulesing with shears or clips has ceased.”

“Next believes that the continuation of mulesing beyond the 2010 deadline previously self-imposed by the Australian sheep industry is unacceptable,” the company announced in a statement. Next joins other leading retailers and designers—including Abercrombie & Fitch, Timberland, H&M, American Eagle, Liz Claiborne, Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis International, Coldwater Creek, and many more—that have pledged not to use wool from mulesed lambs.

You can help stop this unnecessary mutilation by encouraging Talbots (one retailer that has failed to take action) to follow in Next’s footsteps and stop purchasing Australian wool.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Vladislav says:

    Da comrades this is good. Very good. Now if only we could stop this torture in my land of Russia..

  • giovanna says:

    I am happy that the cruel practice mulesing mutilation is coming to work fine. Nice work PETA giovanna italia

  • Richard says:

    Still gonna eat their flesh though. I mean I’m an animal lover and I don’t dig on all this cruelty goin’ on but we all still have leather wallets and shoes and jackets and we all still eat meat and drink milk. Only that the American consumer prefers more humanely kept animals and their by products. Sounds grisly I know but its true. Right?

  • candice says:

    screw wool use synthetic!

  • bet says:

    Lance.. I believe the poor sheep have been genetically bred by humans.. who else.. to grow far more excess skin than they would normally have. in this way in order to produce more wool.. get it?.. now.. the fact the poor sheep are fodder now in hot weahter for flies to lay their eggs in their crinkly skin folds.. well I can only say.. its the HUMANS fault and carving off big slabs of their skin is no solution.. they caused the problem htey have to solve it.. ie. how about remodifiying genetically the poor sheep so they dont’ grow all this excessive crinkly skin?? ps.. I think it’s you are ill informed.. not peta.. dont’ blame the sheep and then starve carving slabs of its skin and flesh.. can you even BEGIN to imagine the immense pain and continuing pain??.. you dont’ problems with more cruelty. and this is a def. cruelty case. if ever if you ask me..

  • raoul lenders says:

    Time is endless. Moral intellect too. So…

  • Ross says:

    I don’t think this is cruel because when that skin is not taken off their poop sticks to the wool and their bottoms start to rot it’s called fly blown. It’s the same as docking a lamb’s tail it’s not to be cruel it’s so they don’t die painful slow deaths. Personally I think there has to be some give and take to make this work. There is a big difference between torture and keeping an animal safe and healthy in the long run.

  • Lance says:

    Well obviously none of you have seen what happens to a sheep that hasnt been mulesed. The flies lay their eggs in the sheeps backside and when they hatch they proceed to eat the sheep from the inside and there is nothing that the poor old sheep can do. So ask yourselves please would you prefer this or some useless strips of flesh cut off. Its like you believe that they do this for fun. Very uninformed but thats what everyone expects from peta

  • Ravi Pandya says:

    If the Queen and Pope follow next as the high profile next onesone hopes that will send a signal to christiandom to be humane and kind to all Gods Creation.Don Williams of Christian Vegetarian Society of UK has joined Ghandi King Foundation of USA and by being shoulder to shoulder in humanity and compassionhope folks top down will make the world a better place for our childrens children.

  • Wendy King says:

    Brien Comerford It’s all very well to sit in judgement but what about coming up with an alternative? Have you ever seen a flyblown sheep? I have and never want to see it again!!!! Your criticism of Australia as a whole is a bit rich your country is animal cruelty free right?

  • lizbet says:

    you know.. I can’t remember the last time I bought wool anything.. Australian or no Australian wool.. hmm.. and if I ever did have a mad urge to buy something woollen I’ll make it a conscious decision NOT to purchase it if sourced from down under!! I guess that makes it safe for me to shop at Next then now.. that’s good..

  • Margreet Steendijk says:

    Shame on you.

  • Peter says:

    Stop wearing wool period. Stop eating all animal products stop wearing all animal products and let everybody around you know why you’ve done this.

  • yanna athanassiadi says:

    we must respect all animalslove them and protect them

  • HOLLMANN says:

    stop all torture of animals how would you feel being tortured? one day Karma will catch up on you and you will suffer more than these wonderful animals. Then we cannot help you it will be too late because Karma the law of cause and effect is infallible gaby

  • Julian says:

    So to stop mulesing immediately what would be the effect on the sheep? What are the alternatives to mulesing? Do people realise that there is huge pressure within the wool industry to phase out mulesing and to use more labour intensive but animal welfare sound practices like crutching? A bucolic nation? Please do not judge us by our minority of sheep graziers our animal rights movement is strong and very well established we don’t need PETA we have the RSPCA Animal Rights and Rescue Animal Rights Australia Animal Liberation the list goes on.

  • Audrey says:

    HM! Nice! I love that store!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The animal rights movement most improve and spread in Australia. It’s a bucolic nation replete with majestic terrestrial and aquatic wildlife species.

  • tinkerbellrae says:

    I always thought ambercrombie and fitch was evil ill start wearing there stuff now that I know they are antianimal cruitly

  • John Carmody says:

    This announcement was well timed PETA well done again!