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What’s Up Now, Breeders?

Written by PETA | September 11, 2007
Update: Phew! Where were all those comments coming from? Click here to find out.

PETA is ratcheting up our campaign against cat and dog breeders, and this beautiful billboard in New York is the first of a number of strong statements you can look for over the next few months designed to remind people that buying animals from breeders or pet stores when millions are dying in shelters is, simply put, irresponsible and cruel. Of course, the real villains here are the breeders themselves. Not only are these people directly contributing to the animal overpopulation epidemic in this country—they’re also making a tidy profit out of it (in case it’s not immediately clear, I don’t have an awful lot of sympathy for animal breeders). There’s some more information on this topic here, and I’ll keep you posted as this campaign progresses—we’ve got some great stuff on the way …


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  • Ursula says:

    I venture to say that in one or two decades people will have to pay huge amounts of money to breeders living outside of USA borders in order to own a pet . Good responsible breeders will be the first to disappear and eventually even the larger accredited breeders will disappear. Time will tell Its beyond me that the population at large is in the dark about this struggle I was not aware until I joined these yahoo groups how big of an issue it is. It seems hopeless people look at me like I am nuts when I talk about HSUS and PETA. Who will be able to kill this Goliath before it is to late??? Or have we missed the boat already?

  • Soliel says:

    Not everyone wants someone elses castoff pets which are the ones who end up in the shelters. Bonnie…that is HARSH and EXTREMELY SELFISH not to mention IMMATURE. When I rescued my dogs I didn’t care a wit whether they were “cast off” or not all that mattered is that they needed a home a love. You said so much in that ONE sentence…how SELFISH and AWFUL BREEDERS ARE and the people who BUY from them! God the selfishness and shallowness is unbelievable!!!

  • kelly says:

    The worst problems in the canine world are found in PUREBRED DOGS. The worst disease the worst behavior problems the worst of everything. Yes “show dogs.” Yes AKC dogs. Yes “health certified” dogs and vet checked dogs. Purebred dogs are the victims of INBREEDING which brings out problems. Dogs are bred for looks not genetic health. And to achieve a certain look inbreeding is necessary. Some of the most “reputable” breeders in the country have dogs afflicted with the most genetic disease.

  • vanessa Inman says:

    breeds really do not matteras all dogs canbe taught to be loving sweet and intelligent. Dog breedersshould go out of business since it is irresponsible of them. If dog owners SPAYED their dogs so the puppy numbers would decreasethen it wouldn’t be so bad OR breed no more than one litter and DO NOT breed second until all the homes are found for the puppies and check up on them. Cruelty starts with animals and ends with people. EVERY serial killer killed animals first do if someone takes a puppy raises it kills it then runs back to you for another with 2000 dollars do you think he will do the same thing? Yes. I live in okinawajapan and te japanese get a puppy then abandon it once it gets older. Why? puppies are cute they an be taugh. I have a dog now that will not run away will not stel my food if i eat only he floor knos when we are goign to the shopette and knows when to stop playing with my father so he can read before bed. Shes a mixed breed i got her for free she is the best pup ever. responsible breeders KEEP the excess puppies they do NOT tke them to the pound. the ONLY things a purebred dog can be used to guage behavior on is barking and size. a purebred chuaua will have a higherchance to be a barker so know that. ALL behavior for a dog is NURTURE NOT nature.

  • David says:

    I wanted a BOXER not a mix. My new Boxer came from a small breeder with Vet. health certification. Our first second boxer came from small breeders with health certifications.These dogs lived 13 years. PETA stay away from the pure breeds. Life isn’t black and white. Grow up !

  • Jim says:

    I have bred dogs for over 30 yrs…that said I have had less than 15 litters. I am a responsible breeder…I choose temperment and health over looks and size. I will and have taken back any and all pups or dogs regardless of age if they do not work out in the home I have chosen for them. I also want to know if there are no breeders who will be raising the dogs for the future? Why is it only dogs you seem to be targeting…when will you go after the next type of animal. With the kill record at your shelters I would not be blaming anyone for their actions. I do rescue also and have turned down dogs for aggresion…health problems that would end up getting them dumped in a shelter or put down shortly after being placed…Is PETA going to take the liabilty for a shelter dog of unknown bloodlines and personality killing a kid? I like to know that the dogs I own and share my life with come from mentally stable stock. Not some misused dog with issues…dont take me wrong on that statement I have met and owned one or two really great rescues all taken in as youngsters tho….I know how they grew up as they grew up in my home. Some of the best dogs I have met were mutts…others were pure breds. Dont place all breeders in the same catagory there are good ones and bad ones and middle of the road ones…and get off your high horse that youPETA are better than anyone else to choose who can and cant own a pet or if you will share their lives with a pet. Life without animals is no life at all for me.

  • Mary says:

    Ok so you want a dog…there are no breeders…just where are you going to get a pure bred dog? HUH? Good breeders are not the problem. Puppy mills impulse buyers not researching the breeds owners who do not know how to be a leader for the dog…and so on and so and so on…. They create and kill the shelter dogs. Puppy isn’t house broken by day three…toss it…find something else to toss away in a few weeks…the idea that life is disposable is the problem not the proper and responsible dog breeder.

  • Pam says:

    Where do rescueshelter animals dogs cats horses etc. mixes or purebreds come from? They ALL originally came from the union of purebred animals. If breeders want to be considered “responsible” in my world they will 1 Support licensing of breeders by a governing body. 2 Restrict their breed to only the number of animals per year that are necessary to preserve said breed. Note I say animals per breed not animals per breeder. Not all breeders would be allowed to breed in any given year. 3 Institute an inspection process to ensure that only the best are bred to the best. Only animals that meet the highest breed standards would be allowed to remain intact. All other animals from said matings must be spayedneutered before placement. Exception would be in species such as horses where males are gelded but females are left intact due to the fact that truly accidental breedings are slim and as a species they do not tolerate surgery well. But they would be licensed as not breedable and it would be enforced. When we get to the point where shelters and rescues are at a minimum then we can think about relaxing the rules and even allow some interbreeding to get the mixes that some of us so love and prefer. I also want to say that I am sick of people going after shelters without a nokill policy. GET REAL PEOPLE!!!! There aren’t enough of us to adopt them all even if we took a hundred each. A shelterrescue should only be a temporary stop in their lives not a forever home. Unfortunately humane euthanasia is the only option for many. I certainly consider it a better option than being adopted to an unsuitable home just to get them out. I have seen that happen. And it’s certainly better than starving freezing being abused andor becoming street pizza. ALL sheltersrescues should be mandated to perform pregnant spays for cats and dogs. Why allow more animals into the world that homes will need to be found for when it can be humanely prevented? And what if homes can’t be found? Which is highly likely. Lastly PLEASE take responsibility for your pets. They should be spayedneutered at an early age. It is proven to be better for them healthwise. And make plans for what will happen to them if something should happen to you. Put it in your will and entrust it to someone you can truly depend on to carry it through. If I should die before my pets they will be humanely euthanized. I will not trust anyone to rehome them for me. How many times have we seen this go awry?