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What’s in a Hot Dog?

Written by PETA | March 10, 2010
Mike Johnson – / CC by 2.0
Hot Dog

Q: If “Happiness Is a Dead Animal,” then what does that make a malnourished, exhausted, or mistreated animal?

A: A hot dog, according to the meat industry, which recently admitted that it uses dark, firm, and dry (DFD) meat—which “can be the result of prolonged stress in animals prior to slaughter, either because the animals have been underfed, or they are overly fatigued due to transportation and mishandling, or both”—to make “high-quality” products like hot dogs.

Makes perfect sense, right? If an animal is destined for slaughter, why bother treating him or her humanely when you can use his or her underfed and overly fatigued flesh to make hot dogs? I’m thinking that all the antibiotics, dioxins, and hormones that are loaded into meat have finally gotten to those industry officials’ heads.

Instead of chowing down on DFD flesh, maybe they should try some DDF (that’s “darn delicious faux”) meat instead?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Pro-Protein says:

    I’m going to a ball game tonight. I will eat 6 or 7.

  • Celina Osorio says:

    I think people should not eat animals period.It’s wrong and not fair to them. I honestly don’t care whats in the meat. If eating meat made us super human. It wouldn’t make a difference. killing against own will is just wrong. They don’t have a choice we do. We have so much more selection to eat. I appreciate animals and i will be there voice. Because they have a purpose to live. Most humans are born because people just have sex. Who do humans think they are. Making decisions because the animals cant talk. If some1 in your family was unable to speak for themselves. Would you want them to be slaughtered or used for entertainment, Sport hunting, Lab testing. Think again before you eat meat!

  • Evelyn says:

    No matter what kind of animal meat it is the most awful part is the pain and suffering they have all gone through for all of their pitiful lives and people are to blame – very very cruel people…..

  • 32ghetsies says:

    Oh, God! I always eat hotdogs before going to work. I stopped because I know it is process food and i know how unhealthy it is, but this just awakened me to new information.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks for article.

  • Nigel says:

    I can’t believe I used to eat this as a youth. Its amazing how they market this junk. I’m so glad I can find an alternative, however, salt is high in both, so I have to limit my intake. But I’m wondering if there are bits of unwanted matter in vegi dogs? It seems that the anything could find its way into any food product from a factory. So how do we know?

  • G2013 says:

    My friends know that I am a VEGAN and that I SHARE everything that needs to be shared! This is Disgusting and it gets worse!

  • Tedde says:

    To Andre Inglis. Please check up on your facts before you run your mouth? The Jungle was written in 1906 beofre there were many food safety laws in effect. After the book came out the nation realized what was in their food. That’s when food laws and regualtions came along. There is no human blood in our hot dogs. The Jungle is not up to date and severely inacurate. Thanks

  • jamie says:

    EWWWWWW! i never eat them but still I never knew all of that was in them.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Ewww… I prefer my veggie dogs thank you very much.

  • Brahm Mauer says:

    My taste buds must be directly opposite yours I buy my chickenless strips at Trader Joes and I LIVE on that stuff I put in my salad as well as make rolls with it and tofutti cream cheese. But I find the faux hot dogs tasteless. But that’s okay as long as we are both not eating things with faces we are on the same team. Soy ice cream ROCKS!! the cherry soy ice cream with chunks of chocolate and cherries is a perfect substitute for Ben Jerry’s Cherry Garcia also the mangovanilla is great too!!

  • Judy Marinetti says:

    I just recently became vegetarian. Can anyone suggest a really tasty faux dog? I stopped eating hot dogs a long time ago when I heard what was actually in them. Disgusting! Can’t understand how anyone can eat them!

  • moo.lennon. says:

    “goodquality” hot dogs my a.whats in the hot dogs?has anyone ever read the jungle?oh yeah..theres human blood in your hot dog too!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I had an interview with a slaughterhouse worker who delt with hot dogs. He told me about what they call the ‘yellow racks’ which was racks of yellow meat that had been in a far stage of rotting. This was common. They’d use that meat. As well the gravy they made was from the blood that spilt onto the floor and into a drainage hole and into a holding tank. Bon Appitite! … Faux dogs are awesome! I think they actually taste better. Not to mention that I don’t have that nausous feeling like I used to when I ate animal hot dogs. Bully You don’t like the faux meat? This surprises me. Perhaps some of the mock meats about 510 years ago were not up to expectations but they certainly are now and they continue to come out with more variety and better tasting products. And soy icecream!!! d

  • BullyDawg says:

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of ALL fake meat out there the grilled faux chicken strips? Thanks but I’ll just go without but the faux hot dogs are wonderful! Makes you wonder what was in those “real” ones in the first place…of course the old John Candy movie “The Great Outdoors” told us…lips and aholes and not the kind of lips you kiss with either ewww.