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What’ll It Be–the Puppy or a Knuckle Sandwich?

Written by PETA | May 21, 2008

Save A Pet / CC

Wait … I don’t know … wait … why, yes, this is the cutest yet most unsettling thing I’ve seen all week. What’s not to love/fear about the juxtaposition of a fuzzy widdle puppy nuzzled against the tattooed face of a Hell’s Angel? Gives you a smile with a shiver.

Actually, these ominous-looking, hog-riding, crime-fighting softies call themselves Rescue Ink and are the latest recipient of PETA’s Compassionate Action Award.

In New York City and surrounding areas, this burly clan responds to emergency calls day and night. And for no charge, they will show up at the doors of any would-be animal abusers to strike knee-knocking fear into what’s left of their hearts in behalf of voiceless animals.

In addition to making abusive animal guardians piddle themselves, their service to the community is far-reaching. From search and rescue missions to giving out free doghouses or simply providing the elderly with cat food, no animal is overlooked.

You can read more about these freedom fighters here. Note the tragic failure to make mention of our illustrious award anywhere in the piece. I suppose recognizing two heavyweight animal-defending groups in one article might imply that there’s a whole movement going on or something.

—MissyPosted by Missy Lane, Public Information Specialist

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  • chance.Q. says:

    Thank you peta and blog maker for giving people a chance to share pure happines and compasion with others. And with lovetears of shivering happines from all living creatures and me THANK YOU ALL WHO CARE AND DO WHATEVER YOU CAN FOR ALL. .PEACE. LOVE IS ALL .PEACE.

  • radish says:

    those guys r the greates!!! what there doing is fantastic its exactly wat some of these idiot pet owners need a fist between the eyes to convince them wat they’re doing is wrong and to show them just how the poor inocent animals feel in response to such treatment. is there some way to fund them money to help in wat they’re doing? P.S the only reason people are under the impression pitbulls are a vicious breed is because they are favoured by dog fighters. being forced to fight other pitbulls and continuously beaten and abused it is no wonder they have such a bad reputation. how would any one react after such treatment? if someone had a pitbull pup and raised it with luv and care it would be just as loving back as any collie or staffy would be raised in the right conditions its like stereotyping 4 dogs

  • Tucker says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MY KIND OF PEOPLE!!!!! LETS SAVE AND RESCUE ANIMALS AND THROW THE KEY AWAY ON PEOPLE WHO DO NOT RESPECTLOVECARE FORCARE ABOUT AND TREAT THEM WITH NOTHING BUT KINDESS AND ALL GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THESE PEOPLE AND ALL ANIMAL LOVEING PEOPLE AS MY SELF!!!!!!!!!!! CONTNIUE TO AND DON’T EVER STOP DOING SO SAVEHELP AND RESCUE ANIMALS FROM PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS THAT NEED TO BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla says:

    These guys are FANtastic!! Love the name and it would fit well as a reality series! And Mike Tattoo is mentioned he’s vegetarian just all around good guys!! Keep up the great work!!

  • kelly says:

    Tom perhaps you are unaware that there are people who are WILLFULLY and intentionally doing the things that you describe? No “training” is going to change someone who is making a fast buck breeding their dog. These people are running criminal taxfree businesses running puppy mills and dogfighting breeding. “Training” doesn’t solve those problems. And as far as your fervor against breed specific legislation you are feeding right into the hands of the people who breed and abuse pit bulls and don’t want any laws to cramp their style or slow them down. Breed specific laws can HELP protect pit bulls. Look on any dog fighter site and you will see these torturers screaming against breed specific legislation. The biggest problem facing pit bulls is that all the “pit bull lovers” are helping the breeders and dogfighters overbreed and abuse these dogs. You’re playing right into their hands.

  • tom says:

    lately ive read alot of good and bad things about peta i am not a vegetarian however i feel as though i agree with some of what you do. have you thouhgt about setting up training for pet owners. it has been my experience that alot of ill informed or first time pet owners get frustrated and take it out on their pets because they dont know any better way.. pitbulls are a good example they are one of the most difficult dogs to train and are often abused because people dont know what they are in for. i think if their where more resources for pet owners their would be a decrease in need for shelters. and i think people should be responsible for the dogs they breed maybe then people wouldnt churn a litter of pups out of a female on every heat cycle until she was balding titts dragging the ground and sickly with half the puppies in the pound. when someone realizes that certain breeds need alot of compassion and interaction with other dogs and humans a group of people and myself meet once a year at the park and bring out our pitbulls to show the public that with proper training pitbulls are a great breed .and we raise money to ban breed specific legislation targeted at banning pitbulls and ultimately killing a member of our families and we try to warn people of how stupid it is to breed dogs wrecklessly thus making homeless dogs

  • laura says:

    that is so amazing. i love them!

  • lynda downie says:

    This is my kind of BAND OF ANGELS!

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    That’s awesome. Sounds like a great group.

  • wm_h_1000 says:

    oh that is so sweet. seeing these people saving and helping animals. brings a tear to my eye.

  • Kelley says:

    Too cool! They should get their own TV show!

  • Austin says:

    Yay!! I wanna join the animal rescue gang!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Amazing bunch of animal warriors. Only their hearts are bigger than their biceps. I love the line from Big Ant “We don’t do paperwork.” In other words they just dispense with the BS and red tape. They would be perfect for the next “Think Ink Not Mink” campaign.

  • bet says:

    ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ !!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Beautiful beautiful and beautiful!!!!! Never judge a book by it’s cover. You rule brothers and sisters! Peace for all animals!

  • kelly says:

    The real TRUE tough guys seem to always have a heart for the animals.