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West Hollywood Goes Fur-Free!

Written by PETA | November 9, 2011

West Hollywood’s City Council is sending a strong message to pelt peddlers: Go faux or get out. In a monumental step for animals, the Council approved a ban on the sale of new apparel fur jackets, vests, stoles, and boots in stores within the city limits.

The City Council heard from people in the fur industry who opposed the ban, but it was also bombarded with calls, letters, and e-mails from PETA supporters, both local and outside the city, urging it to pass the measure. Ellen DeGeneres showed her support for the ban by tweeting, “I just heard West Hollywood has banned the sale of fur. Good for them!” And Stella McCartney penned a letter to the Council saying, “The ban on the sale of fur in West Hollywood is a true example of the kinds of efforts we need to make to influence people that will hopefully lead to positive change.”

A PETA member who lives in West Hollywood spoke at Monday night’s Council meeting, explaining that all fur is cruel, no matter how the fur industry‘s PR people try to spin it. She said, “Numerous undercover investigations from China, the U.S., and just about everywhere in between have revealed that foxes, minks, coyotes, and rabbits—and even dogs and cats—are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and often skinned alive for their pelts.”

PETA has named WeHo the Most Compassionate U.S. City of 2011 for its progress in seeking to become “the humane capital of the United States.” Banning fur sales is just the latest compassionate action for the city, which has already halted pet stores from selling dogs and cats, banned declawing, and officially recognized people with companion animals as “guardians” rather than “owners.” We hope that many other cities follow in WeHo’s inspiring footsteps.

You can make your home a no-fur zone by signing PETA’s Pledge to Be Fur-Free today.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Alexander says:

    Go faux or get out – it is a fun!

  • Erica Shelton says:

    we are all connected as one.

  • Maria de Oliveira says:


  • Erin says:

    I so agree with you on that too,I hate that these poor animal’s are getting this done too them and they didn’t anything too desever it too,They are God’s creature too not for us too wear and too kill either

  • Erin says:

    Please tell West Hollywood too go fur free and STOP killing animal’s for it ty

  • Poor Animals says:

    What is so appealing about wearing an animals skin? Can we just toss Hollywood in the ocean and forget about these quaks once and for all?

  • oledihard says:

    Nice to hear some people still care about life!

    The only reason to kill animals for their fur is for survival. Today, no one needs to kill wildlife to keep warm – material is now warmer than fur ever was. Anyone wearing skins knows a grip of animals were caged, abused, suffered and then died to make that coat. If one wants to look like they have money, buy and wear gold.

    Today’s material keeps mankind warmer than animal fur ever did.

  • Tina Favale says:

    Please stop cruelty to the animals its just not right. They are so innocent and how can they defend themselves against this cruel world! So stop the madness and fight for these poor creatures that are so helpless. Thank You!

  • John and Jewell says:

    Be cool – say NO to fur. Who needs fur-trimmed boots and capes? No one, ever !!!!

  • Sandy Sundquist says:

    There is plenty of fake fur that looks and feels like animals fur. Save the animals.

  • Grady says:

    VEGCON (VEGetarian CONscious)are formerly vegan is a person that doesn’t eat,wear,use any animal products. Vegconism is a humane and alternate lifestyle to assist and defend animals by associating themselves with animal and environmental protection and rights organizations. Common sense dictates that the Creator made the furs and skins for the very animals that He created, not for humans.

  • marni says:

    Compassion is the new fashion and I pray this message goes out to all the world

  • Donna Darnell says:

    With all the material on the market, I don’t think killing innocent animals makes you more out standing,. I had a rabbit coat once and it shel like crazy. Wearing a dead animal does not make you special.

  • Suzana says:

    It is said that God loves everything that He has made. How wonderful that the people of W. Hollywood are so kind and caring to God’s creative act -the animals. Compassion is a beautiful gift and you have it.

  • Victoria Monaco says:

    Congrats! Though this is only one city, it demonstrates the difference we can make. There’s no need for fur. Wear fake fur or fake leather. It’s not impressive that you’ve helped kill over 50 different animals for that one jacket your wearing, and you probably have 30 more in your closet. Thank you, West Hollywood!

  • No Fur says:

    What about the interior design showrooms and firms which are based in West Hollywood? Will they no longer be able to resell fur throws and rugs to clients and customers? I remember seeing a fox stole at Alexander McQueen on Melrose last year and was horrified.

  • Pam says:

    Congratulations West Hollywood for having the GUTS to stand up to the cruel fur industry and make a MONUMENTAL and HISTORIC stand against cruelty! What an evolved and forward thinking city you are! I hope this brings change to many cities across America!!!

  • Brenda Lee says:

    Fantastic news everybody! Lets pass the message on to Beverly Hills!!!

  • Curtis says:

    Way to go WeHo!