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Small Town Takes Big Step for Dogs

Written by Alisa Mullins | April 18, 2014

Have you ever wondered how much you can do personally to effect change for animals? The citizens of the tiny town of Weldon, North Carolina, have the answer. After some of them expressed concerns at town board meetings about neglected and abused chained dogs in their community, Chief of Police Mark Macon and Mayor Julia Meacham took those concerns seriously.

“I found a dog that was tied to a porch had fallen off and hung itself several years ago,” Chief Macon said. “[M]y concern [is] for the well-being of the animals.”

After learning that Weldon was considering a tethering ordinance, PETA met with Chief Macon and Mayor Meacham to offer our support for a ban as well as our assistance with public education and enforcement. PETA’s fieldworkers frequently work in Weldon, and we’ve seen firsthand the suffering of chained dogs there.

Sad Chained Dog in Weldon, NC

On April 1, dog defenders got their wish: Weldon enacted a total ban on chaining, one of the strictest anti-tethering laws in the state. Good to our word, PETA is providing assistance by going door to door educating residents about the new law, offering expert advice on transitioning “outdoor dogs” to the indoors, providing free transport and spay/neuter services, and more. Our vans are mobile billboards with magnets on them, and we’ve made identical magnets for the Weldon police cruisers in order to advertise the ban:

Weldon, NC Anti-Chaining Van Magnets

Even the Weldon Fire Department helped spread the word!

Fire Station Weldon, NC Dog Tethering Sign

We also just erected this educational billboard:

Anti-Chaining Billboard in Weldon, NC

Chained dogs are more likely to attack passersby, including children, so from a public-safety perspective, it is critical to enact a ban on chaining dogs now, before anybody in Weldon gets hurt,” Chief Macon said. “Mayor Meacham and I will continue to work with PETA to determine the best ways of enforcing this essential new ban.”

What You Can Do

If your town doesn’t already have a law restricting or banning chaining, approach your city council about enacting one. We have all the information that you’ll need to get started.

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  • Robyn says:

    Wow, what a town! Other places need to follow in their footsteps, how fantastic to be famous for such a compassionate act. We need more heroes in this world like the individuals who took a stand. Dogs contribute to our society in countless incredible ways and need us to protect them from ignorant so called dog owners

  • Stuart Goodall says:

    All respect to the Weldon governors. Some of our local councillors here in the UK could do with some of this compassion and awareness of animals’ lives. Great news!

  • Angela says:

    Love it! I would love to introduce this same legislation locally!

  • K. Schwarz says:

    Well done Weldon, NC. No animal should ever have to spend it’s life at the end of a chain.

  • Nancy Shepheard says:

    Good job Weldon, NC. You have displayed respect for all life. You have set a standard that should challenge us all to follow.

  • lora says:

    Thank you god!! No dog should ever be chained.


  • Liza says:

    There should be law against animal abuse and chaining your dogs up world wide.

  • j Jausman says:

    So very glad to hear about this….Bravo Weldon,

  • Animal Care & Control of Maine says:

    Hopefully they have a law about dogs running at large also

  • Thank you!!!!! I am a Rescue Angel for a large Rescue Group. Hopefully this will save some lives, the animals and any human that might get to close to an animal that dose not know most humans are ok, and just want to pet you. Great Day in Weldon, NC.

  • Rita Campbell says:

    Wow! That’s fabulous. You must have some really great forward-thinking people on Council.
    Wish we had the same here in Canada. Hopefully, you’re leading the way.

  • Lori Elia says:

    That is just AWESOME! Now we need to work on catersville, Georgia.

  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    Weldon, North Carolina, thank you for doing something beautiful for God. You are a special community…..kudos for your kindness and compassion.

  • Well Done Weldon !!! You proved your name !

  • The REST of North Carolina needs to jump on this bandwagon!!

  • lisa says:

    Completely agree. was just talking about dogs being chained like a bike or something. It is animal abuse. To all that think it isn’t chain yourself up your whole life and see how it feels

  • Bobbi says:

    Yay! Working on it here in Roanoke, Va.

  • maria says:

    What a great news.

  • Linda Horsfield says:

    How wonderful – and well done Weldon officials for showing such compassion for animals that cannot speak for themselves.

    I cant understand why every town in the US doesn’t do the same!

  • carol chang says:


  • Patricia Janssen says:

    Way to go Weldon! What a compassionate town!

  • Sierra Shasta says:

    Way to go Weldon!!! Congratulations on this ban, saving the animals and residents of Weldon from possibly getting injured. Please bring your dogs inside. Hoooray for Weldon. Hopefully other states will follow your lead. Keep up the good work! :-).

    • Kim Stern says:

      I agree that this is so wonderful and I agree that there should be a world wide ban on chaining any animal for that matter. We must be ever viligant in enforcement of bans such as these because of the individuals who do chain there dogs are often not interested in giving there animals a better life. Another words they either don’t give a —- or they are ignorant of the proper way to care for there animals. They have a low regard for there animals well being. With that said there is no better agency than PETA to help the police of Weldon NC educate ,police and enforce this compassionate new law. I give praise to all involved parties here.You certainly have your work cut out for you. I agree that a stiff penalty needs to be given out to make this law work. Perhaps jail time or making the offender do community service with peta on there visits to checking on these animals could have far more reaching effects than just a silly fine as one bloger stated. You never know what effect you may get from an offender if he’s faced with actually seeing how these dogs lives improve by serving his time working with PETA caring for the dogs. On lick on his face from a grateful animal and it just might melt his heart. In that case you have a WIN WIN situation! Who knows maybe that person will become a PETA worker, representative for his community.I wish all of you the best of luck and every change we make like this or any other really does matter, however little it seems to be. Its like dominions falling.GO WELDON!!!!