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Welcome Home, Gracie!

Written by Alisa Mullins | January 11, 2012

It took months and several news stories about her plight, but Gracie, the spunky three-legged, earless dog who was rescued by an American soldier in Afghanistan and fostered by PETA staffers, has finally found a home.

After Gracie was featured in The Virginian-Pilot, her story touched the heart of Virginia Beach teacher Beth Hall, whose 13-year-old dog had died a couple of months earlier. Beth sent us an eloquent e-mail listing the many pros her home had to offer (“lots of love and attention,” a “3/4-acre fenced backyard,” and a “cat companion”). Under “cons,” she wrote, “N/A.”

Gracie moved into the Hall home on Friday and has already wriggled her way into the hearts of Beth; Beth’s 17-year-old son, Andrew; Beth’s brother, who acts as Gracie’s stay-at-home “uncle”; Beth’s mom, who pops in for daily visits; and, of course, Marmalade, Beth’s cat, who was adopted from a local animal shelter.

Gracie is safe, but tens of thousands of homeless dogs in animal shelters and at rescue groups are still waiting to be adopted. They don’t have the great P.R. that Gracie had—they are simply relying on people to do the right thing by adopting from animal shelters instead of buying from breeders or pet stores. If you have the time and resources, consider adopting an animal!

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  • sankalp says:

    God bless that american soldier who rescued the poor thing and also miz beth hall who.has adopted gracie .

  • Darcy says:

    Thats Awesome!!! Im so happy for Gracie and her new home.. Grace was my grandmothers name and she was a sweet,sweet lady who would have loved this story as she LOVED animals!!!

  • JKLINE79 says:

    I am sooo very happy for Gracie! If I could I’d take all those helpless babies that need a loving home. Beth and her family are incredible people for taking her in and giving her the love she so desperately needs. God love them and the soldier that made it happen!

  • Lisa says:

    I not only rescued my dog (one of the best friends I have ever had) from a nearby shelter I also had a three legged dog for many years. You will be surprised how well Gracie gets around on 3 legs! I hope your new family member brings you much love and happiness!

  • Lili Mironov says:

    A beautiful happy ending to a heartbreaking story. Gracie and the Halls will have a wonderful life together.