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Weizmann Institute Protests in New York

Written by PETA | January 9, 2008

Following an undercover investigation which revealed unbelievable cruelty to animals at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, PETA members gathered outside the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science yesterday to express their outrage at experiments in which live cats and monkeys have holes drilled into their skulls and are confined in restraint chairs for up to 8 hours at a time. You can see pictures from the demonstration below, as well as footage of the investigation, which was conducted by the Israeli group Let the Animals Live.

The Weizmann Institute is funded in part by generous donations from people who probably have no idea of the torture that they’re paying for. You can be sure that we’ll be doing everything in our power to make sure these donors know exactly where their money is going.



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  • maxine stern says:

    This is an atrocity that no one should be involved in. Maxine Stern New Jersey

  • sam walton says:

    “Can anybody give me some hope please. for I am truly coming to the point where violent retribution is possibly the only way forward.” Considering the magnitude of the violence inflicted on nonhuman animals many have concluded that the only way to find and retain any hope of justice for our animal brethren is through “violent retribution”. There may even be internet sites that can aid in planning animal justice endeavors.

  • keith says:

    I have just made a donation to Let the animal live. Israel. and have asked them to update me on how things are working out in stopping this creature torture.

  • keith says:

    Just been watching this video footage. what type of human kind can inflict this cruelty words fail me how can it ever be stopped while you have people willing to torture in this fashion. Can anybody give me some hope please. for I am truly coming to the point where violent retribution is possibly the only way forward.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    These wonderful people are by far the finest. What an amazing group. Bless all of You.

  • Mystic Unicorn says:

    This Weizmann ‘Institute’ is a criminal institution and a shame for the whole world! I cannot understand how such a horror on earth is tolerated in Israel? The ‘holyer’ the country the devilisher it’s institutions! In Italy we say Dove ci sono campane ci sono putane! My compliments!

  • Susannah S says:

    There must be a very special hell for people who treat animals in this barbaric way. How anyone could DO these things and then go home to their families and get a good night’s sleep is totally beyond me. Kudos to “Let the Animals Live.”

  • John Carmody says:

    This demo looks great and it seems to be well attended by very great people well done from Animal Rights Action Network ARAN based here in good old Ireland!

  • kitty says:

    Those two protests were amazing! I’m glad I went up to NY. Down with animal testing!!

  • carol finelli says:

    I personally don’t understand how anyone can do these experiments and hearing the cries from these defenseless animals while they are doing it. can live with themselves what kind of people are they? I personally hope what goes around comes around. Alot of them are women doing the experiments How do they go home and take care of their children and not think about what they just did to those poor animals with no care.

  • Eric Silberstein says:

    Any kind of cruelty to animals goes against Jewish law not that you need a law to tell you to be humane and kind to all living beings. All you need is common sense. This is disgraceful.



  • liliana says:

    yes I am ashamed to be a human being after all the cruelty against animals I know now. Bravo PETA!

  • Gaspar says:

    I love it how when there’s undisputable evidence like video all those antiPETA morons don’t leave any comments on here but every other time they’re all saying “that doesn’t happen that’s not true all you animal rights people make a big deal out of nothing…” Where are you now you heartless drones? you don’t want to spit out your moronic dribble when it means condoning monkey torturing do you? ANYWAY it must have been so difficult for the undercover investigators getting this footage but what an amazing job they did!

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    Do your stuff PETA!!!

  • Cali says:

    It is so hard to look at these photos without becoming overcome with emotions. I cannot bring myself to watch the video. Thank you….for caring….and not turning your back on these lost souls.

  • farah says:

    im ashamed to be a human after watching this.

  • PeaceSurge says:

    Go PETA! Hit them in their pocketbooks! People mistreating animals is mostly about money The animal industries profit trillions of dollars using defenseless animals for food clothing entertainment and experimentation.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I read that the founder of Business Wire a man named Lokey just donated 30 million to the Institute this month. httpwww.reuters.comarticlepressReleaseidUS183166+07Jan2008+BW20080107 The article talks about the Institute’s “research”. While we’re on the topic I want to congratulate PETA on the Testing 1 2 3 video. It is very touching modern and smart. I like how there are people in the video talking directly to the viewer and how the video presents plain scientific facts. That way anyone can look up the info for themselves and make an informed decision. The video avoids any unnecessary in your face scenes and is understated as any effective video should be. People need to feel like they are making their own decisions. The video speaks for itself but presenting cold hard scientific facts gives people an objective reason to end animal testing while the video is still very compelling. Amazing work PETA and Jack and I hope this praise gets passed on to the talented folks who made the video.

  • Ana says:

    Great demo!!!! I hope these barbaric and unnecessary tests will come to an end immediately!!! The public needs to know that innocent cats and monkeys are being tortured all in the name of nonscience!!!

  • Carla says:

    Very disturbing!! There are still places like this one existing all over the world doing unnecessary “experiments” even in this day and age!? How can those people not see this is plain torture!! They must know there’s alternatives to this inhumane treatment! I don’t care if it’s a rat cat dog monkey frog rabbit human well unless it’s a vivisectionist they all have eyes ears nose mouth heart and even a brain! So in my opinion have every right as we do on this God given green earth to live free!!! And NOT die in vein!! Like sooo many have!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Fantastic absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful group of activists. I have never heard of this wonderful group “Let the Animals Live”. They are truly an inspiration for all. This madness must stop.


    i’m really grateful to PETA and the above animal protectors in sheding light on this new abominable crime and i put all my trust into PETA to help to stop this horror and to the address of those inside that ‘institute of horrors i tell this there are always people in this ruthless world which don’t learn neither from history nor from karma but step into the steps of the evildoers may death knock at their door soon!