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WeHo: WooHoo!

Written by PETA | February 1, 2010

This week, West Hollywood may become the first city in the country to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, potentially dealing a major blow to puppy mills, where constant confinement and a lack of adequate veterinary care and socialization often lead animals to become unhealthy and difficult to socialize. In a world in which U.S. animal shelters must put 3 to 4 million dogs and cats to death every year because of the overpopulation crisis, this ordinance would remind residents that adoption is the only responsible choice for people who are looking to welcome companion animals into their homes.


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cat and dog


With its history of pioneering animal rights legislation and its influential role as a cultural and political trendsetter, West Hollywood is poised to lead the movement against pet stores and puppy mills. But you don’t have to wait for WeHo to make its move. Urge your local legislators to end the exploitation of cats and dogs in your own community immediately.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Alli says:

    amazing!!! i can’t believe it

  • Christine says:

    BRAVO! Now more cities and hopefully the rest of the nation will follow ASAP. This is something host Alec Baldwin could mention at the Oscars since The Cove and Food Inc are nominated. This is a standing ovation from me for all threeand PETA! And of course Alec for his PETA support all these years! Every little bit helps animals no matter what kind of abuse is happening to them or where it’s happening.

  • Patty says:

    YOU GO Hollywood!!! It’s about time!! Set the bar high and others will follow. How great this could be if adopted all over the country. Woo Hoo!!

  • Joren says:

    I got my dog from a shelter too when we first got it he was affraid of really everything people don’t know how much animals can suffer! But now he’s the most amazing animal ever! It’s a Jack Russel but really calm! But recently I heard he’s got cancer! ‘ He could die anytime now. I’m really sad! So please people all massively support Peta! And Peta do you have a headquarters in BelgiumEurope cause I’d like possessing caging… any animal to be illegal!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Hollywood is crazy and insane but it’s also compassionate and humane.

  • Ann says:

    Attn If you live in Missouri! Missourians for the Protection of Dogs is spearheading a new citizenbacked ballot initiative The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. The measure will improve the lives of dogs in commercial breeding operations in Missouri. Specifically the measure will require largescale dog breeding operations to provide each breeding dog under their care with the basics of humane animal care.

  • ciara says:

    goo hollywood! Both my dogs are resuced ! 3

  • kate says:

    Goodie!! In Norway its illegal to sell cats dogs iguana etc in pet store and there are no “mills”. All the animals come from Breeders with the animals in their own home. That said there is no market in Norway for selling such an amount of animals anyway. But then again we don’t have shelters or spca. working on convincing the government I hope ALL mills in the US are shut down it seems they all abuse torture and treat these gorgeous little creatures like a pair of old sock ready for the dump!! Unacceptable!!! Go get’em tigers!!

  • NT says:

    Good news! Hopefully people will now get out and ADOPT!

  • Marissa says:

    thats great but im confused because recently the shelter I volunteer at in Oregon has been getting tons of dogs in from Cali yesterday they got in 47 small dogs from la as part of the shelters second chance program because those dogs most likely would of been put to sleep because cali shelters from what I understood had high kill rates for shelter animals. maybe this will help though. either way this is a great thing and I hope Portland will be next.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Oh this is amazing news!! I really hope these plans to through we have to shut down pet stores!!