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For Weezy: Breaking the Chain of Cruelty

Written by PETA | October 8, 2012

As we’ve mentioned recently, PETA is working overtime—literally—to restrict or outlaw the chaining of dogs in the cities that make up its Hampton Roads home turf in Virginia. One of those cities that still hasn’t passed an anti-chaining ordinance is Newport News—and that has to change.

Chaining Hurts

Here’s why: Just weeks after PETA discussed the possible adoption of a tethering ban with representatives from the city of Newport News—who declined to take up any chaining regulations at this time—a PETA fieldworker looking for animals in need in Newport News found this dog, Weezy, chained in someone’s backyard:

Dogs aren’t objects that can be dumped outside, chained, and forgotten about—they’re sensitive, social beings who require good care and consideration. Like those of many lonely and vulnerable chained dogs whose owners can’t be bothered to spare more than minimal attention or care, Weezy’s collar was so tight that it had become embedded in his neck, resulting in a deep, painful, and infected wound.

Weezy was seized by law-enforcement authorities and treated by a veterinarian, and the cruel man responsible for Weezy’s suffering has been charged with cruelty to animals. But there is a way to prevent other dogs from experiencing this same type of pain: by passing a restriction or an all-out ban on chaining. PETA’s out in front on this issue because its cruelty caseworkers have witnessed time and again how dogs suffer at the end of chains. Chained dogs are psychologically and physically neglected. They often suffer from exposure, dehydration, starvation, untreated injuries, maddening flea and tick infestations, flystrike, heartworm disease, and more. It’s not uncommon for chained dogs to hang to death after becoming entangled in their tether or to accidentally hang themselves on objects around them. Chaining also puts the public at risk since chained dogs often unleash their frustration on other people, including children.

What You Can Do

Please join PETA in politely urging the Newport News mayor and City Council members to join neighboring Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Portsmouth, and Smithfield in passing an anti-tethering ordinance before another animal suffers like Weezy. And if your community lacks a chaining ban, please encourage local authorities to take up legislation immediately.

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  • Francesco Banda Jasso says:

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  • an american 6th grader says:

    Hearme out, i am a 6th grader and i can truly look down on this GROWN ADULT as immature. shame on you him, SHAME ON ALL THE ANIMAL ABUSERS! – a 6th grader

  • Denise Bowen says:

    May God forgive us for what is being done to the creatures of the world. I have made it a life goal to advocate for the animals every day I’m alive but sometimes it’s so overwhelming! I appreciate reading messages of love for animals of all types from compassionate people because it gives me some comfort and strength in the deep well of sadness and shame of our race.

    • J. Scott says:

      Bless you, Denise Bowen, others like you and PETA, for your compassion and actions for animals. Sometimes it seems just too overwhelming for people and they turn away from the problem. Kudos to you for standing firm and continuing the struggle to make this world a better place for animals. We humans have a lot to answer for in that regard.

  • Mary Roberson says:

    PETA thank you for being there for those animals who can not speak for themselves. It just isn’t possible for a dog who was receiving care or attention to be found in that condition (unless the owner was blind)!! This is animal cruelty and neglect!

  • Roe says:

    yes change the law to include punishment to fit the crime ie whatever was done to the poor defenseless animal is done to it’s cruel “owner” see how fast all this b.s. stops

  • Daniel says:

    I would happily chain up the person who did this outside and leave them to die with no food, water, or shelter. I wouldn’t even feel guilty about it.

  • Melissa1125 says:

    This picture makes me so sad. How can his owner not see the damage that he is inflicting??? Sometimes, I am so embarassed by the human race but then there are groups like PETA, who uplift me again!!!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Why, oh why, do moronic, indifferent, ignorant owners even bother to get a dog if all they’re going to do is leave it chained up outside. Why do they bother if they just leave it outside in all weather conditions, mostly with no water, no food and certainly no companionship for days on end. This is nothing but blatant animal abuse and cruelty, ban chaining and enforce this law vigourously.

  • Mimi says:

    Sick, Sick, Sick, let the punishment fit the crime…Put that jerk in a collar and chained outside forever…Then they will know the true meaning of pain and suffering…

  • Richard says:

    I dont know what to write but ….THANKS PETA YOU ARE AWESOME

  • Priyanka says:

    Every being has the right to live. People please have some pity for these innocent creatures…

  • Mary Johnson says:

    There needs to be a law that is enforced.

  • Liane Pree says:

    Bitte beendet diese Tierquälerei.

  • honey says:

    this is against animal laws .. the inhuman insane people harming animals like this should be charged for their cruelty …

  • neda says:

    please help dogs

  • rachna says:

    please please stop this inhuman activity.

  • Sunita says:

    Please ban such cruelty to animals!!! A society that behaves like that is a sign of non-civilisation and a non-thinking and non compassionate society. Is that how you want to be viewed or is that how you want your kids to grow up? You have a choice, CHANGE NOW AND BAN IT!

  • Makiko Fujji says:

    IamVEGAN Love animals & EARTH…

  • Tara says:

    Please pass an anti-tethering ordinance and prosecute the abusers for the fullest extend possible!! It is our moral duty as humans to be care takers of this earth, NOT ABUSERS and USERS!!!! NO MORE SUFFERING!!!

  • hh says:

    how can someone do this

  • huskysrule says:

    May the punishment to this person fit the crime. How in God’s name can someone let this happen to their pet. I am so sad for this poor dog. God bless those who fought to save him. God Bless!!!

  • Nicole Bauman says:

    This is unacceptable some humans should not be allowed to care for animals bc they don’t know how! Please ban chaining its not on!

  • Carmina Sanchez says:

    Please stop that cruelty, dogs don’t deserve to be in a chain, it’s painful and it must stop.

  • Darlene Ross says:

    I would like these people to have a tight colour put around their necks and be chained to a tree in a muddy back yard and have to walk in their own excrement. They should see how it feels.

  • Louise Jodoin says:

    Dogs chain is cruelty please help dogs

  • Jakartarose says:

    This is so inhumane and cruel to impose on an innocent feeling creature. Why humans do this animals I cannot relate to. I strongly feel that there should be stricter laws imposed upon those monsters who treat animals like this. If they did this to a human they would get the death penalty. Why are animals not given this right also for they also feel pain and emotions just like we humans? They are not garbage to be disposed of … this so infuriates me to no end!!!

  • Sue Brooke says:

    Chaining dogs is a cruel practice. Poor dogs live out their miserable, painful lives, never knowing a bit if freedom or kindness. Owners should be chained to a pole for six months. We, as a society, are kidding ourselves if we think we are a kind society if we allow this practice to continue.

  • georgi turer says:

    Please help end domestic pet abuse by passing an anti-tethering ordinance and prosecute the offenders

  • Ashley says:

    Please pass an anti-tethering ordinance before another animal suffers like neighboring Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Portsmouth, and Smithfield have!

  • rocco giovanna says:

    Are unworthy of the living conditions of these poor dogs. Please do something!


    The degree of neglect and cruelty here to another living being is shocking. How long did this poor animal have to suffer with open wounds and severe pain?! Please lend a voice to the innocent animals that are abused by sick individuals and support the anti-tethering legislation.

  • Cheryl says:

    We can make a difference! You do your part! Thank you!