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My Weekend Snuggling With Animals

Written by PETA | October 6, 2009

Who needs a spa treatment when you can rejuvenate your soul by nuzzling 800-pound piggies at an animal sanctuary?

Well, a group of us kids from PETA and the PETA Foundation were lucky enough to do just that over the weekend. An hour north of D.C. lies a spectacular oasis called Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. It consists of 400 acres devoted entirely to the rehabilitation of abused and/or neglected animals. This past Sunday, Poplar Spring hosted its annual Open House and Fundraiser. I don’t think anyone could turn down yummy vegan nosh and cuddle time with the cuties pictured below, do you?




This is Bobby and yours truly. Before coming to the sanctuary, he and his friend Harry had lived their entire lives in cages and were used in insulin experiments. When they arrived at Poplar Spring, both of them were white as snow because they had never seen a single ray of sunshine. The first thing they did when they arrived at Poplar? They dove into a mud pool and stared up in amazement at the trees and stars. What a lucky guy, and such a looker too!

I’m telling you, folks, I highly recommend finding your nearest animal sanctuary and visiting. Or better yet, volunteer! With Thanksgiving coming up, most farm sanctuaries have special Thanksgiving celebrations that honor their turkeys. If my picture doesn’t convince you, maybe these will.

Written by Missy Lane

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  • David Allen Cobb says:

    Awwww….. man these PETA girls are… h. o. t.

  • DMan says:

    I rather go to a zoo.

  • simara says:

    soo coool!hooray for all ethical and moral animal rescues and sanctuaries were people who love animals care for them!!what angelsthe humans who work their and the non humans who live there so sublime and uplifting!

  • Chris says:

    How sweet!!! I will never understand how people can hurt such loving animals. Of course I don’t understand how people can abuse children either but I guess it’s because I actually have a heart.

  • carla says:

    I am going to find an Animal Sanctuary and do just what these wonderful people are doing. I would much rather cuddle with them than any man who abuses an animal. Who needs them anyway????

  • ACarLessFamily says:

    I LOVE farm animals!! We have 4 rescued hens well 3 rescued one destined for the table ran away and found US!!They are so smart and so cuddly I love them to bits. My family will only eat the eggs from our rescue girls in the winter when they stop laying we use eggless recipies for baking yum . Pigs are up there with my all time favourite animals as well. Anyone who has ever been up close to a pig can tell you their eyes are so human and they have the biggest SOH!! Lovely pics guys x

  • NT says:

    Yeah! my new goal is to visit a sanctuary and snuggle with the farm animals. They are the sweetest!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    These evocative and emotive pictures should convince any person with a heart and soul to cease and desist from being affiliated with all forms of animal abuse.

  • Kelley says:

    Anyone who still eats animals should have to meet them and get to know them. I bet that would change a few minds.