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A Week of Action for Animals on Factory Farms

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 14, 2012

Last year, PETA helped successfully defeat a series of “ag gag” bills, which would have made it a crime to film cruelty to animals on factory farms, in Florida, Minnesota, and New York. Now, another round of these unconstitutional bills has begun—in Missouri, New York, and Utah—and it’s up to us to squelch these measures again.

Time and time again, PETA’s undercover investigations of factory farms have produced video evidence of cruelty to animals that has helped authorities prosecute the offenders. Investigators have documented that workers slammed newborn piglets’ heads into concrete floors and left them to die in agony, employees at a foie gras farm drowned female hatchlings, and workers at a turkey farm jumped on turkeys’ stomachs to make them “pop.”

Don’t let factory farms hide animal abuse behind shady laws. Here are three ways that you can help animals on factory farms this week:

  • No matter where you live, you can urge Utah Gov. Gary Herbert to veto his state’s “ag gag” bill.
  • For five days, PETA will send out one text message a day with important information about factory farms. Please subscribe to receive these text messages, and forward them to your contacts. In the U.S., text the word FARM to 73822. In Canada, text the word FARM to 99099.*
  • Consider making a donation to PETA’s campaign to help the billions of animals who are suffering on factory farms.

*Standard messaging and data rates apply. For full terms, please click here.

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  • terrie chambers says:

    human … humane … how dare anyone harm any other living creature !! evil pure evil !! stop it now ! this is worse than any horror movie ever made.Iam so disgusted these are fellow humans !!!

  • Christine says:

    These “ag gag” bills are just another example of violations of our free speech!!!!

  • Julie Petrie says:

    I do not understand why practices like this are allowed to occur. It makes me so sick to my core. I am so ashamed of the human race.

  • Kari Kelsey says:

    What the hell is wrong with us? How can we do this to another living creature and feel nothing? I am so ashamed of us and what we do to these animals. Why isn’t this stuff more publicized?

  • Annie. says:

    Absolutely vile,investigations,must always be done,also,cameras everywhere,to watch out for these ghastly people and there cruel,vile acts of torture.

  • Shelia says:

    Please dont let these violent acts of cruelty go unnoticed!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Just WHAT have these so-called ‘farmers’ have to HIDE??? Obviously, they have to carry on hiding the abuse of all factory-farm animals from birth to slaughter. They have to hide the fact that they hire people who must have a degree in animal abuse and torture. They have to hide the fact that all the animals are pumped full of drugs to make them quicker, full of untreated disease, illness and wounds. Any more reasons why they want to hide behind closed doors???

  • Candace Brandenburg Fettig says:

    There is NO excuse for inhumane treatment of people OR animals in this day and age! Stop it!

  • Deborah Salonek says:

    Stop the suffering in factory farms, this can only be done by secret investigations.

  • Chrissy Halliday says:

    Thank you.


    una cosa es que se usen animales para alimentar a los humanos, eso hasta cierto punto es entendible, pero al menos lo que merecen los animales es un trato digno, una vida feliz y una muerte sin dolor.

  • Cassie Mayberry says:

    Slaughter houses need to be shut down!!

  • SUSANNA says: