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They Did What?! Amazing Animal Stories

Written by PETA | July 27, 2011
digitalART72/cc by 2.0

Groovin’ on a Wednesday morning—these affectionate animals make this summer feel like the summer of love.

  • That’s what friends are for: Cows’ stress levels go down when they’re with their besties.
  • Put on a happy face—pigeons will remember you even if your barista doesn’t. Just remember to let pigeons be in peace.
  • Reunited, and it feels so good. Rascal is glad his 75-day odyssey is over.
  • If fish wanna rock, they rock.
  • Desperado no more: These eagle soul mates are miraculously together at last.
  • You must have been sent from heaven above. A rescued dog saves his family from a fire and gets a gift basket from PETA.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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